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Classic Rock Concerts

August 31, 1975

The Allman Brothers Band / Marshall Tucker / Wet Willie / Charlie Daniels
at Louisiana Superdome, New Orleans

Date August 31, 1975
Band The Allman Brothers Band / Marshall Tucker / Wet Willie / Charlie Daniels
Venue Louisiana Superdome
City New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

Photos from this concert

Dickie betts

Stories from this concert

MatthewsPhotos 2010 Feb 9

The Allman Brothers Band at the New Orleans Super Dome!

I recall that at the time of this show, I didn't have enough money for tickets. The good thing was my then girl friend surprised me by buying tickets for us to go! It was one of the opening events in the Super Dome and this was gonna be a good one! Festival seating on the floor of the dome wasn't a bad place to be, but sitting on concert wasn't much fun either.

As I recollect, the concert was: Charlie Daniels band, the Wet Willie band, the Marshall Tucker band and finally the Allman Brothers band! What a concert! For Many years this was The Largest attended event in the Super Dome, somewhere around 80,000 announced in attendance.

It was a night to remember is all I can say! One that remained with me to this very day!

alwizard99 2010 May 16

Long Show

I remmeber this show lasting forever . I made a few new Friends watched a guy fall over and bust his butt while singin the Wet Willie song keep on smiling he just fell over and passed out. I hitch Hiked Home with a good Friend of mine that next am all the bands played thier hearts out all i know it was after daylight when we got back to New Orleans East.

donnaaashburn 2012 Apr 17

Oh what a nite there

I can't remember all that night because it was so awesome. I thought the rolling stones where there also. If any one has any pictures of that night please post them. All mine were burned...My sister and I were wasted on life that night..

Indica 2012 Jul 22

10 hour concert for $10.00

I can remember going to this concert. We paid $10.00 a ticket, we were up in the stadium but had a great time. We had binoculars and could see Cher sitting behind a huge speaker on the stage for The Allman Brothers. The Allman Brothers entered the superdorm in a limo.

striketheset 2012 Aug 11

Wrong Photos

The two photos attributed to this concert are not correct. That's Dickey Betts on the left and Duane Allman on the right. Both of these pictures are taken at The Fillmore East in 1971(Duane passed away in Nov/1971)

cayogator44 2013 Jun 7

What a concert !

Yep, we were there, 4 0f us with "brownies' , weed ans beer
One of the best shows I ever attended

Jeff_Georgia 2014 May 9


The thing I remember the most is the Allman's were about an hour late for the show and they only played 30-45 minutes before they walked off the stage...

I was stunned as I'd seen them a year earlier in Evanston, IN and they were great.

But at the Super Dome, they sucked.

Josedinero 2014 Jun 2

The cement floor was hard

We traveled there form Charleston, SC after we were discharged from the Navy 2 days earlier. Allman Bros took their time getting up to the stage, they were the last band. Good concert but that Superdome floor was pretty hard.


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