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Classic Rock Concerts

August 10, 1974

The Allman Brothers Band
August Jam
at Charlotte Motor Speedway, Charlotte

Other headlining acts: Emerson, Lake & Palmer
Opening acts: Black Oak Arkansas, Foghat, The Marshall Tucker Band, The Ozark Mountain Daredevils, Grinderswitch

Date August 10, 1974
Band The Allman Brothers Band
Event August Jam
Venue Charlotte Motor Speedway
City Charlotte, North Carolina, United States

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33rpm 2011 Mar 8

August Jam 1974

This was a festival with many bands including: The Allman Brothers Band, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Foghat, Black Oak Arkansas, The Marshall Tucker Band, The Ozark Mountain Daredevils, Grinderswitch & PFM. The Eagles were to perform but canceled.
Tickets were $12.00 and people were let in to the speedway the afternoon before the concert. The day of the show people ended up breaking down the fence and it became a free show. I've heard estimates of 200K to 300K people were there. All I can tell you is you could not move and they did not have enough food, drink or bathroom facilities.
The show was amazing. ELP was incredible and set off a 30 minute fireworks display.
This was truly one of the best times ever!

doctorsteve 2012 Aug 31


there were more drugs than I had ever seen.
it was the southern version of woodstock.
I was right there when the fence came down.
Gregg Allman was wasted and had to be carried offstage.
ELP had a quadraphonic PA system.


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