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Classic Rock Concerts

May 15, 1970

Pink Floyd \ The Allman Brothers Band \ Country Funk
at The Warehouse, New Orleans

Date May 15, 1970
Band Pink Floyd \ The Allman Brothers Band \ Country Funk
Venue The Warehouse
City New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

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Bobby 2010 Dec 7


Didn't Pink Floyd have a quadraphonic PA system? I remember a guy onstage with a box with a joystick, and when he moved it, the sound swirled around the room and seemed to come from behind. People were freaking out and falling down. We lay on our backs on the carpet and it was like we were floating.

bhowell 2011 Apr 15

Awesome once in a life time event

they did have surround sound even then. I remember the big gong centered on the stage. If I remember right they got their equipment stolen after the second concert on the 16th


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