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jackrainman 2015 Jan 25

Hottest Day of the Year!

on Van Halen, 1988 Jun 19

Kingdom Come, Metallica, Dokken, Scorpions and Van Halen. Dokken broke up right after the tour.

jackrainman 2015 Jan 25

Great Day

on Grateful Dead/Bob Dylan/Tom Petty, 1986 Jul 4

Petty/Dylan is available as bootleg titled "Rich For Poor". Portion of show broadcast for Farm Aid, and is available as video. Big T-storm interrupted Grateful Dead's set. Everyone played great.

MikeD 2015 Jan 25

Alice Cooper 1971 - my first concert

on Alice Cooper, 1971 Jun 24

BobP nailed it, that was an amazing night for a couple hundred kids that were jammed into the YMCA outdoor skating rink. We were pretty close to the front and had been pushed toward the stage by the surging crowd. So, we wound up actually sitting on the edge of the stage, turning to see the band. Absolute truth. I was 16 and had no idea who Alice Cooper was, had no idea that makeup was involved, or leather, none of it! Just as BobP recalled, I remember the introduction, "from Hollywood California (although I don't believe that they were), the world's most glamorous band, Alice Cooper!!" The stage had been dark when the members came onto it, Alice was facing away from the crowd. I still hadn't seen his face. I was a few feet from him. When the introduction was completed, in an instant the band started Sun Arise, Alice spun around to face the crowd with the spotlight hitting him, giving me my first look. I believe that I nearly jumped back off the edge of the stage. It scared the shit out of me! From that moment, until the encore when the chicken feathers flew (yes, that happened), it was the start of an amazing musical journey for me. Hundreds of concerts later, I will never forget that one. They played Chicago's Auditorium theater 5-6 months later, a much larger venue. The YMCA show doesn't even show up in most Alice Cooper historical concert lists. It's as though the YMCA show never happened, but we all know better. I'm so happy to have found this site and to hear the other memories of that show.

Evad1 2015 Jan 25

Pink Floyd in Concert with Moog Synthesizer ( 1970's I Think)

on Pink Floyd , 1970 Jan 25

All sorts of Posts on Google but none mention this concert at all ! I was in front row of upper balcony with my Fiancee ( or wife lol ) and certainly remember a gorilla on stage doing a "natural thing " liquid based !!! The Moog was used to demonstrate sound effects and if I am not mistaken , we had helicopter sounds flying from speakers all over the auditorium and and steam train going from right to left across the upper balcony ! Also the music was brilliant too !

rfkrox 2015 Jan 24

Yes and Jethro Tull concert

on Yes / Jethro Tull, 1971 Jul 11

This was an amazing concert! Two great bands played that night. The Alexandria Roller Rink had no chairs. Everyone sat or stood on the rink.

grouptixne 2015 Jan 24

General Manager

on Willie Nelson/Emmylou Harris, 1978 Jul 15

WOKQ presented this giant Country Music event!

K6V4L6 2015 Jan 24

Sonny Rhodes Blues Band - London Bluesfest - London Ont. July 16, 2000

on Sonny Rhodes Blues Band, 2000 Jul 16

I don't remember very much about this set other than the fact that he was wearing some sort of turban...That's all folks. K6V4L6.

K6V4L6 2015 Jan 24

Leon Russell - London Bluesfest - London Ont. - July 16, 2000

on Leon Russell, 2000 Jul 16

very good set from Leon, great voice and much talent at the keyboard. He's a real pioneer of music back to the mid 50s. the Cocker period was interesting along with several projects that followed. K6V4Y6.

K6V4L6 2015 Jan 24

Colin James - London Bluesfest - London Ont. July 16, 2000

on Colin James, 2000 Jul 16

He came on with a mini big band in the style of Brian Setzer, and played out some blues, swing, R&B, and rock. Overall good performance, good song selection, tight band, solid drive and overall good sound. Colin is quite good on guitar so all of the above are good formulas for a good set.K6V4Y6.

K6V4L6 2015 Jan 24

Rick Emmett - London Bluesfest - London Ont. - July 16, 2000

on rick emmett, 2000 Jul 16

He came on unaccompanied, just him and his guitar. In spite of the fact that Rick is a very talented guitarist, this performance didn't cut it. I was hoping that every song he was playing would be his last of the set. It became time for a nice cold beer. K6V4L6.

schwy9 2015 Jan 24

ZZ Top in the early days

on ZZ Top, 1972 Jan 24

Not sure of the date, probably the early 70's. It was on the weekend, Saturday or Sunday. It was Park Center in those days. The only album I knew of was Rio Grande Mud, and I liked it.
The most memorable fact of this event for me was the crowd, or lack of. There were less than 1000 people at this event. I guess it was due to the fact they were very new. I want to think it was some kind of holiday weekend that kept people away.

schwy9 2015 Jan 24

Early 70's Rod Stewart, Ron Wood and Faces also Free

on Rod Stewart & Faces, 1972 Jul 4

Remember attending 2 events in this venue, not sure about the dates or which was first.
I remember Rod Stewart and Faces being the last act and being within 100 feet of the the stage. The speakers on the left hand side of the stage began swaying during the performance and stage hands stabilizing the speakers as they could have fallen on the crowd. No doubt about that event. Rod Stewart and Faces put on a great show. I believe Free was the previous band.
I do not remember any acts from the other event I attended at Memorial Stadium. I remember the weather threatening and possibly raining. We were taken to Park Center, now The Grady Cole Center. I don't think anyone performed there a we returned to the stadium later.

Marksy 2015 Jan 23

My all time favorite show

on The Doobie Brothers, 1973 Nov 13

I remember Billy Joel engaging the audience with great stories between songs including his tongue in cheek country song.My fave was Billy The Kid.He was new to everybody there and we loudly brought him back for an encore.After 42 years,his writing,singing,playing and vast range of songs i believe is unsurpassed.This year he will fill Madison Square Gardens in concert once EVERY month!Then the double drumming Doobies blasted off on a smoke filled stage with hit after hit!From my side balcony seat,it became my favorite concert to"Listen to the music".

K6V4L6 2015 Jan 23

Jeff Healey Band - London Bluesfest - London Ont. - July 13, 2001

on The Jeff Healey Band, 2001 Jul 13

Of course he had his own style of playing guitar but he came through real fine. The band was good and the people dug the set. Jeff was very knowledgeable with Blues music especially. Had a radio show where he presented real, real obscure material....very talented individual. k6V4L6

K6V4L6 2015 Jan 23

Johnnie Johnson - London Bluesfest - London Ont. - July 13, 2001

on Johnnie Johnson, 2001 Jul 13

Another great music legend, Johnnie Johnson, the real "Johnny B. Goode" he played with Chuck Berry for 20 years starting in 1952. He was on all of Chuck's hits and he could play the blues like nobody's business. Actually at the very beginning it was Chuck who joined Johnnie's band and not the other way around. Chuck sort of took over from that point on. Glad to have seen him again. K6V4L6.

K6V4L6 2015 Jan 23

The Fabulous Thunderbirds - London Bluesfest - London Ont. - July 13, 2001

on The Fabulous Thunderbirds, 2001 Jul 13

To be perfectly honest I don't remember much of this set, probably because I wasn't paying too much attention. I know they were one of the earlier bands of this festival. K6V4L6.

jvpIII 2015 Jan 23

Def Leppard first appearance in Des Moines

on Def Leppard opened for Ted Nugent, 1980 Jun 12

I didn't attend the concert, but my band was playing at 'The Limit' on the south side of Des Moines and Def Leppard came into the bar after the concert while we were playing. I knew it was them because one of the guys was wearing a floor length leopard pattern coat. We were around the same age at the time--20-ish. We had one Def Leppard song on our set list--'Wasted'....!

MaxMetal4Life 2015 Jan 22

eh.. that show was ok.. I guess??

on Six Feet Under, 2013 Jul 21

Haha... yeah right, that show kicked ass!! That guy who was up there growling into the mic for Six Feet Under... was thee one and only, Chris "f**kin" Barnes...!! Legendary, brutal ex.. front man of Cannibal Corpse!!
\m/ Death Metal Royalty!! \m/

Airhead1 2015 Jan 22

Ted Nugent

on Grand Funk Railroad, The Byrds, Amboy Dukes, Frijid Pink and many others, 1970 May 9

I believe that Steppenwolf closed the concert. My particular memory was that when the Amboy Dukes finished their 3 song set, Ted Nugent was not happy that they were given only 30 minutes, and he proceeded to throw himself face-first into the audience at the end of their last song (Prodigal Son)
A friend of mine was scheduled to interview him the next morning for a R&R mag in Montreal. HE was really scared to meet this "madman". Anyhow, when he went up to their room the next morning, Ted Nugent excused himself while he took a call from his mom and went on to apologize to her for not being able to see her on Mother's buddy was so confused - Ted had milk and toast for breakfast!! True story!

jvpIII 2015 Jan 22

Rush in Des Moines, September 1982

on Rush, 1982 Sep 8

The crowd was very rowdy in anticipation of Rush coming out. Hundreds were crushing up against the stage and knocked down part of the barrier. Roadies came out 3 times before Rush and told everybody to take a step back. The 3rd time they came out, they actually said 'I thought Des Moines had some brains!---Everybody take a step back or Rush isn't coming out!' Rush finally played, but I don't think they have come back to Des Moines since then. It's too bad, because there are quite a lot of a serious Rush fans in Des Moines and Iowa. They have played in Ames at Hilton Coliseum since then.


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