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Classic Rock Concerts


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Hec_The_Wreck 2015 May 8

Great Show!

on Foghat / Wet Willie , 1977 Nov 13

I won tickets on Zeta for this one, I was a young kid and it was my first show I went to by myself, Foghat was killer that day.

Hec_The_Wreck 2015 May 8

Saxon ruled the night

on Triumph/Saxon, 1982 Mar 6

Saxon blew Triumph off the stage that night one of the best shows ever.

dbird 2015 May 5

Opened for Grateful Dead

on New Riders of the Purple Sage, 1973 Mar 31

Show was at Memorial Auditorium. The New Riders opened for the Grateful Dead. First time I believe the Grateful dead played in buffalo.

gpchoochoo 2015 May 4

I think this is the right date

on Kenny Rogers, 1985 Mar 13

Can't find my stub for this one but Crystal Gayle opened and it was an "In the round" stage.

sugarkrush 2015 May 2

Pro Aerosmith, Pro Slash, Anti Axl

on Aerosmith, 1988 Sep 3

Yeah, I was at this concert. A few fights broke out, people were stomping the floors as hard as they could for an encore...Slash dropping his guitar pick at the beginning of "Sweet Child O' Mine" in which he restarted the song from the top, and the as usual obnoxious whats-his-name bitching about St. Louis cops. Who knew that his overblown ego would be an omen of what was to come at the then-called Riverport Amphitheater show on July 2, 1991? I thought Aerosmith was awesome but even better when they came back in 990.

jimka1 2015 May 1


on Emerson, Lake & Palmer, 1977 Jun 4

you couldn't ask for more elp foghat jgeils clmax blues band,hotter than hell high as hell but a good time if you could get water

meterman13 2015 Apr 30

Kiss/ Alice in Chains

on KISS, 1996 Jun 28

One of Alice in Chains last shows with Layne Staley, and their show was OK due to Laynes problems.

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redassmusic 2015 Apr 28

1st major rock concert

on The Jimi Hendrix Experience, 1968 Aug 1

My first (of many, many) rock concerts. Last summer of high school (CHS) before leaving for college. Totally blew me away & I have still not recovered (& pray I never will)! Concert was just a few months after Axis: Bold As Love came out-still my favorite Hendrix album (love 'em all- incl. some of the bootlegs).
Soft Machine was really great, intro to Progressive Rock -keys, bass/guitar, drums (pre ELP)-"Hope For Happiness", "Lullaby Letter", "Why Are We Sleeping?"

Tomgato 2015 Apr 27

on Johnny Winter, 1974 Dec 7

I just remember I was there ,and so stoned I could barley stay awake .

Tomgato 2015 Apr 27

on Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young, 1974 Aug 25

I was at that concert . It took 41 years ,but I got to see Stills and Young again the other night April 25 2015 ,at the Pantages in Hollywood ,and they were just the same , Great!

Chicken hens - 20150419 - 00018 head only
TomFawls 2015 Apr 27

I agree with thaisteve...

on Be Bop Deluxe, 1977 Oct 6

I loved (and still do love) their albums, but this one time I saw them live concert was such a disappointment. :(

Their "Live in the Air Age" album had a well adjusted tone; this concert was horrid. Voices were lost in the bass and the space.

For me, their mix was horrid for a live concert. This was back when I could actually hear (doesn't getting old suck in some ways? :D ), and the bass completely overpowered the rest of the music. It was hard to actually hear their lyrics and the high end was completely lost. :(

And, actually, tjohnusa, I think it was Be Bop Deluxe who was booed off the stage. :(

Chicken hens - 20150419 - 00018 head only
TomFawls 2015 Apr 27

Not Mr. Clapton's Best Show

on Eric Clapton, 1979 Jun 1

He had Muddy Waters opening for him - a guy who'd been making his living playing the blues since WAY before Eric was born.

Honestly, Eric Clapton should have been opening for Muddy Waters. :)

Chicken hens - 20150419 - 00018 head only
TomFawls 2015 Apr 27

Great Show

on Emerson, Lake and Palmer, 1978 Feb 1

But I'm trying to remember who opened for them. :(

mikematijevic 2015 Apr 26

Memorabilia off this concert for sale?

on Steelheart, 1991 May 22

Hi guys,
I am interested in memorabilia from this concert you attended (pics, ticket stub, flyer, recordings).
I accept copies if you don't get rid of your originals.
Please write me!


cocoabeachbaby 2015 Apr 24

Ithaca College

on Santana, 1985 Apr 28

Student Union

cocoabeachbaby 2015 Apr 24

Great Concert & Venue

on Indigo Girls, 1998 May 8

With: Shawn Colvin, Steve Earle, Ricki Lee Jones.

cocoabeachbaby 2015 Apr 23


on The Moody Blues, 1994 Feb 24

Accidentally spilled my spiked Sprite on the guy in front of me...sorry :-(

cocoabeachbaby 2015 Apr 23

Fun, Sun, Free!

on The Talking Heads, 1982 Sep 22

Last concert of the tour - Free, outdoors, on the U. of Miami patio. Tina Weymouth very pregnant and rockin' out - you go girl!

cocoabeachbaby 2015 Apr 23


on The Rolling Stones, 2015 Jun 12

I know, it's only rock-n-roll, but I like it!

cocoabeachbaby 2015 Apr 23

Holleder Stadium

on The Police, 1983 Aug 7

This venue was not listed. Holleder Stadium was demolished in 1985.


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