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mrdurand 2014 Jul 17


on Bryan Adams, 1985 Jul 7

....Kim Mitchell opened the show and was pretty entertaining...a fellow Canadian rocker of Bryan's.

mrdurand 2014 Jul 17


on Aerosmith/Megadeth, 1993 Jul 4

My friend won tickets on a Kenosha radio station while we lived on the South side of Milwaukee. The deal, I drive and I had a seat. Pretty good deal...Aerosmith was classic and so was the MILF scenery.

mrdurand 2014 Jul 17


on KISS, 1996 Aug 10

Of all the times I have seen KISS, my favorite show 29th birthday in Milwaukee...great times.

mrdurand 2014 Jul 17


on Def Leppard, 1996 Jun 30

Not a fan of this album but loved the show down on the Lakefront and had 2nd row seats thanks to a scalper friend of mine.

mrdurand 2014 Jul 17


on Def Leppard, 1992 Nov 16 the old Mecca Arena and this show was a powerful Def Leppard performance, maybe the best of the all of the times I have seen them.

mrdurand 2014 Jul 17


on KISS, 1992 Nov 30

I was sitting on the side opposite Gene in the 200 sections but close enough to enjoy the show. I prefer KISS with make-up but the bikini babes on stage and a solid music performance by all bands still made it worth while to attend.

mrdurand 2014 Jul 17


on thompson twins/berlin, 1984 Aug 19

Unlike two days earlier for Laura Branigan, the weather was much better for this show. One of my friends and I bought GA tickets for this show and waited for nearly 5 hours first in line at the gate. When they opened we were right against the stage. Muggy night but worth being pushed against the stage to shake Tom Bailey's hand and look up Terri Nunn's skirt all night. This was one of the more entertaining concerts I have been to.

mrdurand 2014 Jul 17


on laura brannigan, 1984 Aug 17

For August, it was unseasonably cool with a constant drizzle during the entire show but Laura didn't falter one bit...the show was incredible and as an upcoming senior in high school, it was hard not to fall in love with her during that show.

bignomisp 2014 Jul 15

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on The O'My's, 2014 Jul 17

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mossmangene 2014 Jul 14

on Jerry Jeff Walker, 1976 Jul 4

please remember this was 1976. ok i was there. so were jerry jeff, and charlie daniels. george carlin canceled but was replaced by cheech and chong live on stage. i can't remember who else played. if anyone remembers.... i was put on the video screen wearing a t shirt that said "i'm a f@#king genius" before the music began.the dome went silent for a second then the crowd blew the top off . i really would like to know the rest of the bands that played.....anyone?

SteveSeger50 2014 Jul 14

I was a "Highway Star" hitchiking to Boston 1974

on Deep Purple, 1974 Jul 28

My friends, and I loved Deep Purple, and we lived in Worcester, Ma
back in the 70's without a car, so 4 of us decided to hitchiked to Boston in pairs, and we all got there, and met up.

A band called "Curved Air "opened up the show outside on the Boston Common. We were about 20 feet from the stage, and witness one of
the greatest bands of all time. I wish I had brought a camera, but back in the day, just hearing the music was all we wanted.

This concert was in July of 1974, and not many people can remember but it was on the Boston Common in the middle of the summer.

5lampboys 2014 Jul 14

Who was the opening act that night?

on The Boomtown Rats, 1980 Mar 28

Great show. An old movie theater. They opened with Windchill Factor Minus Zero, which was perfect for Chicago in March! I can't recall the band which opened for them. If you know who the band was, please post it. Thanks!

preladeas 2014 Jul 13

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on bobby vee/ brian hyland/ rhonnetts/ little eva/ myron& the caddies/ linda scott/ jimmy clanton/ the jaynettes/ the tymes/ paul& paula, 1963 Jul 12

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inomria 2014 Jul 12

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on bobby vee/ brian hyland/ rhonnetts/ little eva/ myron& the caddies/ linda scott/ jimmy clanton/ the jaynettes/ the tymes/ paul& paula, 1963 Jul 12

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PeterNeedham 2014 Jul 11

My first date with my wife (before we were married)

on Mike Bloomfield, 1974 Jan 11

I had met Margaret a few month before. We had gone out with a group of people from work, but this was the first time we had ever gone out on a date with just the two of us. The Egress was a small club and we got a table not far from the stage. We shared a bottle of wine. Mike Bloomfield gave a low key performance but he played some amazing guitar solos.

PeterNeedham 2014 Jul 11

Last minute arrival led to fantastic seat!

on Dead Can Dance, 1996 Aug 9

I went to this show with 2 friends. We arrived late because of a Bart delay. The show was about to start, A scalper was trying to sell his last ticket. Since we already had tickets, my friends continued to their seats. The Scalper seemed desperate to sell his last ticket, so I stopped to talk to the scalper to see what he was offering. He had a a seat in the 2nd row near the center of the stage, which he was offer at a decent price. I made him a low-ball offer, but he refused saying at that price he would just use the seat himself. I offered him my ticket & $30 which he accepted! So I got to sit very close to the stage!
It was a great show - it was the first time I had seen Dead Can Dance live.

PeterNeedham 2014 Jul 11

Third and final night at The Fillmore.

on Eric Clapton & his Band, 1994 Nov 9

Story for both nights documented on my entry for Nov 7th show

PeterNeedham 2014 Jul 11

The first night of EC’s US “Club Tour”.

on Eric Clapton & his Band, 1994 Nov 7

There were rumors of Eric Clapton at the Fillmore, but nobody was advertising tickets. Looking at Clapton's tour schedule at the time, the most likely possibility was a the week of Nov 7th. I tried calling the Fillmore, but there was no answer. Since I lived in San Francisco at the time, I decided to go to the Fillmore to see if there was anyone in line on Saturday morning. There was indeed a small line, so I parked my car and joined the line. No one in line seemed to know for sure that tickets would go on sale, but the line steadily grew. After about an hour, someone from the Fillmore came out and confirmed there would be a show, stating that there would be limited seating. He started giving everyone in line a ticket that representing an entry to a ticket lottery; eventually they started calling numbers the person holding that number and the next 24 would be able to go inside to buy tickets. after about 4 numbers called (100 people) I was able to go in to purchase up to 2 tickets. I bought 2 tickets - one for the first night, and 1 for the 3rd night. There were only about 600 seats sold for each night. Instead on the normal seating (on the dance floor), They set up round tables and chairs.
The show was very intimate. Eric was paying homage to blues greats that had helped to shape his career.(I posted the set-list). He gave a great performance with an brief intermission between 2 sets.
I managed to get 2 additional seats for the 3rd night shows for 2 of my friends. Because I had been at the first night's show & understood where to sit, we managed to get great seats for the 3rd night show.
During the intermission, one of my friends spotted Eric going upstairs to the poster room. Knowing that it was a small room, I decided to go upstairs. Sure enough I saw Eric, so I walked up and chatted with Eric for a while. Although he wouldn't give me an autograph (he said he didn't want to start a "scene") he shook my hand and smiled while glancing to his right. I saw a group of girls giggling; I then then realized the whole reason he was up in the poster room was to meet groupies!
At the end of the show, I managed to snag a second poster, which I gave to one of my friends at the show, since I had one from the first night's show.

PeterNeedham 2014 Jul 10

Corrected the date

on Cream, 1968 Jun 5

Thank you for the correct date. I lost a box containing my old ticket stubs over 20 years ago and relied on a date for Cream that I found on a site that must have used the original scheduled date. I corrected the date for this concert.

I remember seeing Cream at Massey Hall with a friend. We were supposed to be studying for Physics exam the next day, instead we went to the concert. I remember being in awe at finally seeing Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce & Ginger Baker live! We we sitting to the left of the stage on the main floor. The April date would have coincided with a mid term exam, but the June 5th date meant it must have been a final exam Fortunately I did well on the Physics exam - not because I was prepared, but fortunately Physics was a subject that came naturally to me.

feuprinin 2014 Jul 9

Television Assessment The Bletchley Circle about PBS

on sue thompson/jimmy davis/red foley/ oak ridge boys/ tex ritter, 1967 Jul 9

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