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chance0804 2015 Mar 8

on Robert Plant, 1993 Sep 17

attended this concert

SpiritGuy 2015 Mar 7

Van Halen rocked the stage...and Angel Dust made its debut

on Black Sabbath / Van Halen, 1978 Sep 8

This was the first time I saw Van Halen. They opened for Black Sabbath.

The crowd came mostly for Black Sabbath but we were eager to see Van Halen after getting their first album. At one point in the show David Lee Roth , after thanking everyone for coming, said "we're going to play every song we know....that should take about 20 minutes" (lol!).

After Van Halen's set, Black Sabbath came on stage and bedlam broke out - all of the pushing and shoving that once marked general admission shows which became pretty rare in many cities during the ensuing decades.

On the bus trip home to London, Ontario I witnessed a guy lose his marbles for a few minutes on Angel Dust (PCP). He started to get violent kicking and thrashing. The group on the bus were otherwise pretty mellow and after a few minutes the calls to "throw him off" abated and the key cooled down. About two weeks later 60 Minutes did an expose and told us all about the dangers of this drug which was being variously peddled as mescaline, mda and anything else the buyer might believe.

Years later I did some shows on the first Monsters of Rock Tour in stadiums around North America which was conceived (in part) by Ozzie's wife, Sharon Osbourne. Funny thing was that those shows featured Van Halen and Metallica. Just as the crowd changed completely back in Niagara Falls, they did the same thing in stadiums with what appeared to be hundreds of fans leaving after the metal set while several thousand more were arriving for Van Halen

SpiritGuy 2015 Mar 7

US'83 and the Van Halen pre-party

on Van Halen, 1983 May 29

For me, the US Festivals in 1982 and 1983 were among the best events ever staged despite the huge challenges presented by holding shows of this size at a site not intended for the use and located in the middle of a desert. God bless Steve Wozniak for being rich and crazy!

I worked on the '83 Festival and remember that Van Halen, at the height of their power and fame, cut a most favored nation deal that meant no one could get paid more than they for a performance at the Festival. That meant that with each new addition (like David Bowie), the deal just got better for Dave, Eddie ahd the gang. Their artist rider was the most impressive with at least 1 helicopter emblazoned with their logo flying in and out of the site all weekend. They staged a huge party the night before their performance (I guess it was following the Clash and company on Friday night) and they invited hundreds of guests including more hot looking ladies than was fair for any rock band. Unfortunately the private soiree was held down in the backstage/sidestage area which was physically lower than the main stage fan area. Sitting just above the VIP area were about 50 port-o-potties which were ripe and filled to overflowing after a long day serving perhaps 100,000 new wave music fans.

I still have to laugh when I saw those beautiful girls and their slick dates stumbling around with their hot pants and wet feet during the party. Hopefully they didn't realize what was making all of that mud until they were safely home!

The actual Van Halen show was a massive bright and loud extravaganza - bigger than life and perfectly suited to a headliner in one of the biggest and most expensive shows in rock'n roll history. The crowd on Saturday night, rumoured to be more than 300,000 strong was amazing - but these young kids who came wearing t-shirts and shorts froze themselves blue as the throng waited for what seemed like hours to get back out to the remote car parks late into the night. Smart fans came prepared and slept over in our little tent city or took a bus home without the hassle.

SpiritGuy 2015 Mar 7

The most stunning lineup ever...

on Pink Floyd, Paul McCartney, Mark Knopfler, Eric Clapton, Elton John, Phil Collins and Genesis, Robert Plant and Jimmy Page, Cliff Richard and The Shadows, Status Quo, Tears for Fears., 1990 Jun 30

People can say what they like about the amazing line up we saw at Live Aid on both sides of the Atlantic and at countless other mega gatherings over the years but the Knebworth Festival of 1990 was truly an amazing gathering of the tribes. Here we had so much rock'n roll nobility that artists like Cliff Richards and Status Quo were so far down the line up they would seem way less important in British rock history than they are.
I was in England that week ahead of a Rolling Stones gig at Wembley and had the unbelievable good fortune to get an invite up to Knebworth with some well-connected pals. We got the VIP treatment which no one does better than the Brits. Lunch in an air conditioned tent was followed by various trips in and out to a very cool viewing area.There were too many musical highlights to mention but I can tell you, it was a memory that will last a lifetime. As with so many gigs in Europe, getting in and out of the place was a challenge but my friends had a small bus chartered for us so it turned out to be just the perfect day!

SpiritGuy 2015 Mar 7

Bono brilliant in his grief

on U2, 2001 Aug 25

I have attended more than 100 U2 concerts over the years but the first show at Slane Castle on August 25, 2006 stands out as something very special. The show took place just days after Bono buried his Dad and a week before the second show which was enshrined into a great DVD. This show presented a profoundly human connection that has stuck with me ever since. Bono stood up and sang his heart out but it had to have been very difficult since he had been commuting home to see his Dad constantly since the Tour started months earlier.
Slane is an amazing site.That day other bands including Coldplay and the Red Hot Chili Peppers performed as well - and the audience was truly primed for their beloved boys from Dublin. One thing that felt strange was to be at a huge outdoor rock concert and barely encounter anyone imbibing in any calming pot...although there was plenty of alcohol around as you can imagine!

We were blessed with wonderful weather and the excitement just kept growing all day as the crowd continued to grow.

U2's show was as passionate and powerful as you might expect. When Bono performed Kite, which he had dedicated to his Dad throughout the tour, it was enough to bring tears to the eyes of any dedicated fan. The closing songs One and then Walk On were totally brilliant - and left us stunned.

My senses were somewhat dulled after the excitement of the show and I was not being attentive enough to make sure the ladies in our party hustled out to the car part. Footdragging at the loo put us in the VIP carpark too late and we learned that being closer to the stage makes for the slowest trip home if you dawdle! We sat in the car, without a beer, a snack or even a bottle of water for about 90 minutes waiting for all of humanity to clear the roads ahead of us.

When we got back to Dublin around 2am the place was totally alive with all manner of crazy partiers. When some drunk stumbled into the street and nearly walked into our car he stopped, he saw my Slane pass as I sat behind the wheel. His face lit up, and he cried loudly "Slane! ...You've been to Slane, OMIGOD, you saw the boys at Slane!: He got the buzz and didn't even attend.

Slane is one of my great memories. The boys were at their best that night.

SpiritGuy 2015 Mar 7

Debut for Music Mann

on The Eagles, 1977 Mar 30

From 1977 through to 1982 I worked with a tour company based out of London Ontario called Music Mann Tours. Music Mann was a rock'n roll business which specialized in getting fans from small towns into and safely home from important concerts (and sports events) taking place in larger centers like Toronto, Detroit and Buffalo. The Eagles show at MLG on March 30 1977 was a high point since it was the first time we took about 110 hard core fans up aboard our freshly painted new/old buses proudly painted Music Mann. That fleet grew to nearly 30 coaches over the next years and what made them special was that they always had stereos, cool drivers and a fun attitude. Our drivers made stops so that we could smoke a doobie in an era when everyone else would rather transport drunken maniacs. The Eagles may have been at the mellow end of the spectrum but, as always, they put on a great show.

SpiritGuy 2015 Mar 7

Ted Nugent and the terrifying "symbol frisbees"

on Grand Funk Railroad, The Byrds, Amboy Dukes, Frijid Pink and many others, 1970 May 9

At the time I did not know Ted Nugent or Amboy Dukes but he made an indelible impression on me when, in his full blown craziness of the moment,he started breaking everything on stage including the drum set. At the moment just before he dove headlong off the stage he took a symbol and whipped it into the audience like a frisbee...or at least that was how it looked to me.

Years later (1983) I met Ted when he was performing at the Texxas Jam in Dallas (the Cottonbowl). I was introduced to him after his rehearsal the night before the show and I reminded him of that stage diving moment in Montreal. He smiled and said, "we used to call that "felony rock"....

meterman13 2015 Mar 7

The Stooge returns

on Iggy Pop, 1977 Mar 25

Wow what a show, Iggy walked on stage and got a 5 to 10 min. standing ovation ,the place went wild! Bowie was totally amazed and just scratched his head in shock. Was a fantastic show. Blondie opened,first time in Detroit I think.

DrJung 2015 Mar 6

Super Bowl Sunday 1983

on Neil Young Solo, 1983 Jan 30

This was the Trans tour. The Bluenotes were not there

duke50 2015 Mar 6

pink floyd st louis

on Pink Floyd, 1973 Mar 6

I was there!!!! we got to the concert early waiting for the doors to open. the band was a little late I guess. Anyway the the folks started pushing shoving. it was scarry thought we were going to be crushed. Finally somebody kicked in the glass at the door and people started piling in. Rough start but show was fantastic

skydog6121 2015 Mar 5

Roy Buchanon

on Roy Buchanon, 1973 Jul 5

Can't really remember what year-date this was but went with friends. Sat up front maybe within the first ten rows. Got his autograph after the show. Can't locate it. Just remember being blown away by his playing. One I'll always remember.

skydog6121 2015 Mar 5

Allman Brothers

on Allan Brothers band, 1972 Jun 23

First time seeing ABB. Hitchhiked to show with a friend. We were down there from PA on a vacation. Scored some blond hash from a young kid (14-15) from NYC. Really good. After concert we were hitching back to our hotel & couldn't get a ride & were bit-up by mosquitos. Hailed a cab who really saved us but charged a fortune. Had 2 chances to see Duane in Pittsburgh but alas never did. Big regrets!

NormM 2015 Mar 4

on Led Zeppelin, 1969 Aug 18

My ticket ($2.50) was bought for me by the members of my brothers band for having helped them slug gear at their gigs. The 5 of us attended the later show and were completely blown away by the band and it's members performances. Bonham goofing around trying to throw John Paul Jones off rhythm; Page hunched over his guitar, hair hanging down nearly to his knees; Plant attacking the vocals; Bonham's solo including hitting drums and cymbals with his hands and climbing over his kit......and the VOLUME in that small hall was incredible. We felt fortunate to have witnessed this amazing event.

Shaggy 2015 Mar 4


on The Faces, 1970 Mar 28

We drove down from Sudbury the day before and slept in the car. We lined up for the Noon opening and sat on the concrete floor for 12 hours without getting up....then we ran down to the bus station and went back to Sudbury, MC5, Canned Heat, The Small Faces, what a great day.
There's nothing on the web about the festival.

Reddca 2015 Mar 4

on 10cc, 1978 Nov 27

Remember the band talking about how horribly hungover they were.

skidmark 2015 Mar 3

Iron Butterfly

on Iron Butterfly, 1969 Aug 8

My first concert too (unless you count REO Speedwagon at a teeny bop place). Thought Tommy James was pretty lame, Iron Butterfly rocked,

Reddca 2015 Mar 3

on The Supremes, 1966 Jun 20

Won tickets to see The Supremes through a 1050 CHUM contest!

glgrizz 2015 Mar 1

Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band

on Fleetwood Mac/Firefall/Jeff Beck/John Sebastian, 1977 May 1

Bob Seger and his band were there too. I think I have a couple of pics from the concert. If any interest I could scan them in and post them.

bobstockwell 2015 Feb 28


on The Who, 1982 Sep 26

Dating a girl who's step-dad worked for Rich Stadium. We got employee passes, and were able to be at the front row. during the Clash's set some idiot threw up on my girlfriend...we had to go to employee locker room, get a change of clothes (which made us miss most of clash) and then sit at seats behind the stage .......saw back of Who's heads, sound was terrible. Could have been great day, instead so so concert and lots of tension between us.

bobstockwell 2015 Feb 28

never ending encores

on Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band, 1980 Sep 6

fantastic show, seger sang his heart out, so many encores. We left after 4th or 5th and I swear he did 2 more we listened to on radio. and boy did he sweat.


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