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GreatSouthwest 2015 Apr 5

Nugent Blew Aerosmith Away

on The Ramones, 1979 Jul 2

I'm sorry to hear this site will disband in June. Classic Rock concerts need sites like this.
So I'm a rocker from the Detroit area (but on the Canadian side), who found myself at this concert. The reason this site/concert caught my eye is because of the recent book by Marky Ramone - "Blitzkrieg", wherein he mentions how the Ramones got booed off this stage. I saw it. He's right. A bombardment of debris hit the band and they left, having hardly had the opportunity to show their stuff. In the book Marky Ramone mentions that Steven Tyler came up to them backstage and told them they were ahead of their time and that eventually, those people who booed them off the stage would be buying their records. Bingo! Score one for Tyler! Ramones are in the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame and for good reason. Although I didn't participate in the shooing of the Ramones off the CNE stage, I didn't really' get them', but now do find their Ramonesmania a go-to CD. By the way, Ted Nugent DID blow Aerosmith (who apparently were at ta low, druggy spot in their careers) off the stage that day.

daviddio 2015 Apr 3

Fleetwood Mac On With The Show Tour 2015!!!

on Fleetwood Mac, 2015 Mar 21

This Band has always been one of my Ultimate favorite Rock bands! Last time i saw them was back in 1990 at the Miami Arena. It was great to see The Mcvies (John and Christine) Mick Fleetwood, Lindsey and the Beautiful Legendary Stevie Nicks reunite once again! i got floor tickets and was able to move all the way to the front of the stage! The Band was great playing all their hits, Stevie was beautiful as usual and her voice was great! The whole band put on an incredible performance! Super happy i was able to see this band once again!!!

daviddio 2015 Apr 3

Motley Crue Final Tour 2014!!!

on Motley Crue, 2014 Oct 18

Another Kick Ass Show from one of my favorite Hair metal Bands of the 80's. Even though Tommy Lee did not bring his massive drum kit to this venue here in Florida, it was still an incredible show! Amazing pyrotechnics as usual! The band was great! Had an awesome time! Looking forward to see them again here in miami in september 2015!

Soonerrock 2015 Apr 2

Balcony rocking

on Boston, 1978 Sep 23

Was my first huge concert, will never forget the sights and sounds! I remember the food fights and the trash cans of water and the smell of vomit due to heat but other than my favorite memory of Van Halen coming out in parachutes was the rocking and bouncing up and down of the balconies!! The more the announcers said stop, the worse it got! I was on the grass towards the front so I cAred less! One of my all time amazing memories. Life was good in SoCal ;)

clay 2015 Mar 29

Roach & I

on Bruce Springsteen, 1981 Feb 28

Probably my 5th time seeing The Boss. Always a GREAT show. Jill and Fantasy were with us.

MelvinToast 2015 Mar 27

Humble Pie

on gentile giant/ humble pie, 1973 Apr 5

I was in the front row with a very attractive woman from Wetzel Hall. I wonder whatever happened to her . ..

Doc 2015 Mar 24

on Dave Edmunds, 1990 Mar 24

Guests in The Rock & Roll Revue included Dion, Steve Cropper, Graham Parker, Kim Wilson, Phil Chen, Dave Charles, Terry Williams and The Miami Horns.

DVics 2015 Mar 23

Great first Concert for a 12 year old!

on Rush, 1979 Jan 17

My uncle took my sister and me to this show when we were kids. She was 14, I was 12. 11th row center, I think. Great seats, and pretty close in any case. Center for sure. I was in the aisle seat and remember watching dry ice fog roll over the stage and even partway up the walk toward me. Very cool experience for an impressionable kid, watching his heroes. I remember a funny smell, ears ringing, and feeling happy all the way home, laughing in the back seat. Probably a result of inhaling the funny smell.

To this day Rush is still my favorite band; a huge inspiration and influence on my life. Growing up with other kids mocking and bullying me at school, it was good to have the escape of clever fantasy books, and the words and music of Rush to make me think a little differently.

RJKoenn 2015 Mar 22

Only date with a young British lady

on The Moody Blues, 1979 May 4

I had started work in Jacksonville, FL and got setup with a date near my hometown of Tarpon Springs for a blind date with a very attractive British lady so I decided to catch the Moody Blues in Lakeland. I must have left work very early to get back to Pinellas county and pickup her up for the hour drive to Lakeland. It was a great concert and she was extremely attractive but alas it ended up being a one time date. But the music and the lady made it a great evening. I also saw them two other times over the years and those concerts were great as well.

RJKoenn 2015 Mar 22

Early Joel

on Billy Joel, 1977 Oct 28

I had become a Joel fan with the release of the Piano Man album in 1973 which I bought because the cover looked interesting. Of course the album was great and I became a full fledged fan. His second album did not do as well but I liked it and so when me and a college buddy saw he was coming to Tampa we made a trip over. It was in a small venue, the Jai-Alai fronton. and Joel was very good as I recall. He did some odd antics with a huge net strung up from floor to ceiling but his music was great and the small venue made it even better than stadium type shows.

RJKoenn 2015 Mar 22

Nice at a smaller venue

on Jethro Tull, 2002 May 10

My wife and I went just 25 miles south of where we live to see Tull at the King Center at BCC. It was a very nice show and the venue is relatively small which makes it that much nicer. As I recall it was a very good show and I believe Anderson did Aqualung to close out the show. Definitely worth seeing and my only Tull show I ever saw or will see.

RJKoenn 2015 Mar 22

My first date with a new girlfriend

on Jimmy Buffett & The Coral Reefer Band, 1975 Nov 14

I was a student at USF and this was my first date with a new gf. I really was only a modest Buffet fan but with the concert either free or very cheap because of being a student I decided to take her. Buffet was good, as best I can remember, but it was back in the days when Florida could get quite cold in November and it was very cold that night out on the grass. We stayed for about 80% of the show but it was getting so cold and so late we left early. It was fun and she became my first serious gf for a year or so.

DaveinNJ 2015 Mar 21

Awesome show

on Blue Oyster Cult, 2015 Mar 20

They did a great set with a lot of old tunes mixed in. Al Bouchard, original drummer, came on stage for last two songs and played drums and sang on "Cities on Flame with Rock and Roll".

davidrobert2 2015 Mar 19

Great Show, My First Time in the Superdome

on Willie Nelson, 1977 Nov 18

Love Willie and Linda. Bought a Willie Nelson black bandana that when rolled up for a headband said Willie on one side, state of Texas in front and Nelson on the other side. Badass!

davidrobert2 2015 Mar 19

Great Show Outdoors, Food, Beer

on Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble, 1986 Apr 28

Great show with great New Orleans food and beer and plenty of room to move. Great place to hear Dr. John in his home town. I liked it so much I stayed 6 years.

mikeb33 2015 Mar 15

Rick Derringer opened

on The Who, 1980 May 3

Rich Derringer was the opening act.

mikeb33 2015 Mar 15

In the round

on Yes, 1979 Jun 9

The stage was in the center of the arena and was round and rotated the entire show. Every seat was good.

Blondegurl62 2015 Mar 11

Eagles Met Stadium 1978


I was 15 and this was my first rock concert ever, I will never forget it! Steve Miller Band and Pablo Cruise were opening acts. It started pouring rain when the eagles were playing. My friends and I weasled our way close to the stage as we could get. The next morning in the Mpls. Star Tribune the headline read: "They came to the Met for Sun, Drugs and Rock and Roll" In the picture under the headline I picked myself out in the crowd. I kept the paper, it's all yellow now, and once in a while I will pull it out to look at it and reminisce.

dangerousdannyc 2015 Mar 11

Worked it .

on Rush, 1977 Dec 10

UFO opened I think ......

QCConcerts 2015 Mar 10


on Genesis, 1974 Apr 3

This concert was canceled due to lack of ticket sales.


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