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RockFan69 2014 Oct 13

Hendrix / Vanilla Fudge / Amboy Dukes

on Jimi Hendrix (1st show), 1968 Aug 17

There were two shows on this date, an afternoon show and an evening show. I attended the afternoon show. Opening act was the Amboy Dukes, with a then-pretty-much-unknown Ted Nugent on lead guitar. They put Vanilla Fudge to shame, so much so that the AD were removed from the bill for the evening show.

I remember that during Purple Haze, Hendrix pointed at Noel Redding when he sang, "Excuse me, while I kiss the sky," which led me to believe for many years that the lyrics were, "Excuse me, while I kiss this guy."

RockFan69 2014 Oct 13

on The Rolling Stones, 1994 Nov 16

Opening act was Bryan Adams

RockFan69 2014 Oct 13

on Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers , 2008 Jul 9

Brought Tom Leadon on stage to perform a Mudcrutch song

stitoutal 2014 Oct 9

Pop Test Earth Day Quiz College of the Atlantic

on the robbs/ tommy roe/ paul revere& the raiders, 1966 Oct 9

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riodisno 2014 Oct 9

Two events claim win in Mexico elections after campaign marred by simply violence

on the robbs/ tommy roe/ paul revere& the raiders, 1966 Oct 9

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hippiechk 2014 Oct 7

It was my Birthday!

on Rick Wakeman, 1974 Oct 7

It was a great concert, I saw him several times!

jackallen 2014 Oct 7

Still the King

on Elvis Presley, 1971 Nov 10

Elvis was putting on weight and was a little bit forgetful but boy the man could still put on a show. He will always be the King. Was happy I got to see him.

jackallen 2014 Oct 7

Purple Haze

on The Jimi Hendrix Experience, 1968 Nov 16

Awesome show. Hendrix played with his teeth, guitar behind his back, smashed guitar on stage. When Purple Haze came on, yeah, there was a lot of it floating in the air above the audience.

Cock flavored
111Nos 2014 Oct 6


on Pink Floyd, 1977 Jun 19

The sheep balloons falling from the sky

Cock flavored
111Nos 2014 Oct 6

Pink Floyd

on Pink Floyd, 1977 Jun 19

What a great concert. Sheep balloons floating to the ground, a giant pig on a wire over the audience. A round projection screen behind the band. Was tripping on strawberry mesculin and smoking some good green.

kenmcmac 2014 Oct 5

led at the new york pavilion

on led zeppelin aug 22, 1970, 2014 Oct 5

Was great show! a few friends and I slipped in through the slotted columns.

kenmcmac 2014 Oct 5

1st. concert

on Jimi Hendrix, 1968 Aug 23

I had just turned 15 and this was my first concert.Needless to say it was amazing intro that led me to experience (have you ever been) many more shows through the years. As I read Reilly's discription I to remembered Janis J. slugging the Southern Confort and saying " whoa, let me know next time" when the stage moved. for me every act was great. Opening was Soft Machine, Then Chambers Bros. singing "Going uptown to Harlem". Then Janis w/ big brother and the holding co. And then of course Jimi. I also remember anti war protest that dropped leaflets from a helicopter. We were in the first row. Due to a friends fathers connections. great to remember

athzyni 2014 Oct 4

MarieClaire Alain Organist and also Teacher Is Deceased at eighty six

on new colonyVI/ the real blues/ the dontays, 1968 Oct 4

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profhemispheres 2014 Oct 3

VH sounded like crap this night!

on Van Halen, 1984 Mar 25

I saw them in the same venue back in 1982 (Diver Down tour) and they played much better then. I was so psyched for this show, and so disappointed. The band sounded drunk and they played super sloppy. This was not a good show at all. And no, this was not "general admission" at all…they stopped those concerts after The Who tragedy. It was ticket seating.

profhemispheres 2014 Oct 3

Fastway rocked….

on Iron Maiden /Fastway & Coney Hatch, 1983 Aug 20

I could care less about Iron Maiden. I went to this show to see Fastway, and they sounded great…too bad they fizzled out.

profhemispheres 2014 Oct 3

Best concert ever!

on Rush, 1979 Jan 20

My first Rush show…and the best setlist they ever played. Words cannot describe how truly great the band played this night. The vibe in the arena was very high! I've seen them 10 times and this was the best show ever!

profhemispheres 2014 Oct 3

Great concert!

on Van Halen, 1982 Oct 12

My first VH concert. They were awesome! This was a rocking show…they don't have concerts like this anymore. Like SimmerDown stated, VH had a party after the show. My sister was a bartender at Hammerjacks in Baltimore at the time, and she went to this party at the Sheraton with some of her friends. VH had rented an entire floor for themselves. My sister told me that the other members of VH were not very friendly toward David Lee Roth at the party….that he stuck to himself. Obviously, the end of that era for them was just beginning.

profhemispheres 2014 Oct 3

I was there!

on Rush, 1981 May 17

This was the Moving Pictures tour when Rush was at their zenith! I do believe they sold out two nights at the Capital Centre. We sent a friend off the day the tickets went on sale and he came back empty-handed because the first show had sold out. Luckily, they added another show the next day, and we all hooked school and went and bought tickets for it at a Hecht Co. in downtown Baltimore. You could tell that Rush' audience was changing at this point. It was no longer a bunch of long-haired freaks waiting in line for tickets. There were lots of nerdy types and new wave rockers buying tickets…a shade of things to come.

The show was great! Went with a bunch of my old friends. We were all in 12th grade and getting ready to graduate…it was spring! Rush sounded awesome this night, and played a great setlist. This was the end of an era for them. One of my friends who sat with us got totally drunk on JD before the show and passed out when Rush came on. Can you imagine? He threw up all over our aisle. We left him alone, and me and his girlfriend left him in his seat, and wormed our way up close to the front of the stage. We found great seats, and enjoyed the concert from an awesome view.

After the show, we were all pretty trashed, and walked into the parking lot forgetting where we parked. We walked around Capital Centre's parking lot for quite a while, as it emptied out. We saw a small crowd of folks standing near the down ramp that takes you under the Cap Centre to the loading area. Turns out the Rush bus was sitting at the bottom waiting for the band members to board it. Finally, Neil, Alex and Geddy emerged and hopped onto the bus and it drove to the top where we were all gathered. One of their security guys got off the bus and announced that the band was going to come out and sign autographs, but they requested that absolutely no photos be taken of the band. I met and shook hands with all of them…Alex being the nicest (all smiles), but Geddy and Neil weren't exactly very friendly at all. I remembered thinking how small they appeared in person. A couple people snapped photos and if looks could kill Neil Peart was not happy about this. My friends stoned girlfriend was so taken by Geddy Lee, that she lurched at him for a hug…"Ohhhhh, Geddy Lee." He looked horrified, and backed away and his bodyguard grabbed her and pushed her away. It was kinda comical. We stammered off into the parking lot with their autographs, amazed that we met them…..anyway, that was my brush with Rush…..spring of 1981……fond memories.

maryt 2014 Oct 3

1975 Concert

on Led Zeppelin, 1975 Jan 18

Senior in high school, in the nose bleed seats at the old Met Sports Center. Great concert, we couldn't believe Jimmy Page , he played phenomenally with broken fingers. Plant's vocals were divine. One of my favorite concerts of the 70's.

starbucks107 2014 Oct 3

Moving Concert!

on The Beach Boys, 1976 Jul 3

The Beach Boys at Anaheim was the Most I ever saw a Crowd get into! The Concrete-Steel Horizontal Spans of the upper decks must have been moving 4-8 inches VERTICALLY! I kinda thought, Crap! I hope this dame thing doesn't Fail! It did not! The Band Members really knew how to play To-The-Crowd like Rod Stewart and other Showmen! Every song You wanted, remembered, listened too Over and Over again....These guys Played for Us! I will Always regard it as one of the Best Concerts Ever! Thanks....


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