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jaldape 2014 Jul 21

on Foo Fighters, 2003 Apr 30


jaldape 2014 Jul 21

Projekt Revolution 2004

on Linkin Park, 2004 Aug 10

Snoop Dogg

jaldape 2014 Jul 21

American Tour 1981

on The Rolling Stones, 1981 Oct 11

George Thorogood
The J Geils Band

Wesco 2014 Jul 20


on Gloria Estefan & The Miami Sound Machine, 1990 Mar 24

Concert was cancelled after Gloria suffered a fractured spine on March 20, 1990 in a bus accident.

hamersville75 2014 Jul 19

Too Hot To Handle!

on Jorma Kaukonen, 1986 Jul 17

Jorma was great,as he usually was in those days.He played a lot of material from the 1st Hot Tuna disc,such as Winin' Boy Blues, and did a few things off his then current release"Too Hot too Handle".He was joined by the lead guitarist from a local jam band called the Swimmers for a few songs too.I used to love to see concerts at this venue-it was a great old hole in the wall place that held maybe 200 people and had vibe and history for days!I was truly sorry to see it condemned in 1997,and then torn down.

Gergggg 2014 Jul 19

One of my first Tull concerts

on John Miles, Jethro Tull, 1976 Aug 4

Very happy with the show.Tull rocked like tomorrow wasn't expected.

grunosti 2014 Jul 19

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on Tommy James and the Shondells, 1969 Jul 19

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jaldape 2014 Jul 18

Front Row, Guitar Picks & Photo on Official Website

on cheap trick(SOLO), 2014 Jun 7

Me, my wife & daughter were up front along the railing and were able to get 11 guitar picks. My wife and I were also able to get our picture taken, of the crowd, that was posted on Cheap Trick's Official website.

jaldape 2014 Jul 18

Go-Go's Drumstick

on David Bowie, 1983 Sep 9

I actually have a drumstick by the Go-Go's from this concert. I never saw it coming and it just landed in my hands.

Tylerdurden1011 2014 Jul 18

Ayatollah !!! I'm just another kid In the "crawl"

on steve dahl& teenage radiation, 1984 Feb 17

Teenage radiation and Steve Dahl & Garry Meier visited merrillville Indiana twice in the early 1980's
It was early 1980's
Steve Dahl was to Chicago what Howard stern would become to New York
Dahl had completed disco demolition and totally destroyed the white sox ball field. Dahl had tried out and failed to be cast as horror host son of svengoolie. He was hired by (& eventually fired by) wls radio
Garry Meier was his radio sidekick
Dahl (like weird al yankovic) recorded many parody songs and had a band called teenage radiation
A favorite was called HEAL ME sung to blondies CALL ME

anyway Dahl did a great show and I remember the first one costing $8 a ticket. The second time he came around he doubled ticket prices to $17 or more
Now in 1984 minimum wage was like $4
And I might've made $6 an hour at the lumber yard I worked for.
Long story short. Dahl got greedy. Thinking he was charo or some Vegas act.
Garry Meier quit him and Dahl was relegated back to obscurity. But for one brief period he was king of the northwestern Indiana Illinois area.

He recorded an EP called PET FISH STICKS
Hard to find.

He did a good show. For $8!!!

Tylerdurden1011 2014 Jul 18

My first concert ever. Smells like weird al.

on Weird Al Yankovic, 1984 Jun 29

I was born in early 1960's and grew up listening to doctor demento
He played an accordion player named al yankovic
I remember the song being either
Another Rides the Bus
My bologna

Anyway so I recall that in 1984 it was discovered that this same weird al was coming to shit stain Indiana (I moved the $&@? Out of Indiana in October 1984) ...
Anyway he came to merrillville which was about 20 miles from me in Valpo Indiana.
He came and it was my first official concert.
He played 60-70 minutes and his songs were excellent.

This is before

MTV had barely been invented and he just played on sheer talent

Like I say. I discovered him at the beginning and have always been a fan. He's like three years older than I am.

Gawd I'm old.

Grapost 2014 Jul 17

With Muddy Waters And James Cotton

on Johnny Winter, 1977 Mar 6

I liked Johnny's Rock N Roll records which is why I went to this show, and was surprised to find this was an all blues show, which I didn't care for at the time. I brought my camera and kept busy taking photos but the lighting was so low most of the time only 2 came out that were any good. I posted them here

stlblues67 2014 Jul 17

RIP Johnny Winter

on Johnny Winter, 2014 Jun 23

This was one of Johnny Winter's final live performances before he passed away on July 17, 2014.

mrdurand 2014 Jul 17


on Bryan Adams, 1985 Jul 7

....Kim Mitchell opened the show and was pretty entertaining...a fellow Canadian rocker of Bryan's.

mrdurand 2014 Jul 17


on Aerosmith/Megadeth, 1993 Jul 4

My friend won tickets on a Kenosha radio station while we lived on the South side of Milwaukee. The deal, I drive and I had a seat. Pretty good deal...Aerosmith was classic and so was the MILF scenery.

mrdurand 2014 Jul 17


on KISS, 1996 Aug 10

Of all the times I have seen KISS, my favorite show 29th birthday in Milwaukee...great times.

mrdurand 2014 Jul 17


on Def Leppard, 1996 Jun 30

Not a fan of this album but loved the show down on the Lakefront and had 2nd row seats thanks to a scalper friend of mine.

mrdurand 2014 Jul 17


on Def Leppard, 1992 Nov 16 the old Mecca Arena and this show was a powerful Def Leppard performance, maybe the best of the all of the times I have seen them.

mrdurand 2014 Jul 17


on KISS, 1992 Nov 30

I was sitting on the side opposite Gene in the 200 sections but close enough to enjoy the show. I prefer KISS with make-up but the bikini babes on stage and a solid music performance by all bands still made it worth while to attend.

mrdurand 2014 Jul 17


on thompson twins/berlin, 1984 Aug 19

Unlike two days earlier for Laura Branigan, the weather was much better for this show. One of my friends and I bought GA tickets for this show and waited for nearly 5 hours first in line at the gate. When they opened we were right against the stage. Muggy night but worth being pushed against the stage to shake Tom Bailey's hand and look up Terri Nunn's skirt all night. This was one of the more entertaining concerts I have been to.


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