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Classic Rock Concerts

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

map of Montreal and surrounding area
map of Montreal and surrounding area

There are concerts coming up in Montreal!

2015 Jun 21 Rush, Bell Centre
2015 Aug 31 AC/DC, Olympic Stadium

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Births & deaths in Montreal

Benoît David born April 19, 1966

Who has been to Montreal (42 total)

santes 25 times
soulhealer 9 times
bbboomer 11 times
Shakingman 2 times
abb 1 time
surfinsam 5 times
TheRockCollector 1 time
Julie 1 time
Les_F 1 time
Aixkan 1 time
glendrover 1 time
babbs49 35 times
PaulW 9 times
ahdd007 2 times
Cloudy6468 1 time
kanudiggit 4 times
fluently 1 time
TheFakeItalian 1 time
emiko04 1 time
Zook 1 time
tmjm 2 times
irishcan 12 times
zepmansam 40 times
clashcityrkr 1 time
stew 10 times
Airhead1 1 time
garyk1955 3 times
K6V4L6 29 times
jimmvv 1 time
GismoRay 4 times
plaws 5 times
blowingsmoke 1 time
jcp_ont 2 times
Taon 35 times
Michel_B 1 time
Catsy53 1 time
jocad 17 times
gbouthillier 1 time
slcstarman 2 times
james_shesko 1 time
Emiko 1 time
SpiritGuy 1 time

Venues in Montreal

Autostade 6 concerts
Bell Centre 79 concerts
La Brique 2 concerts
Centre Sportif 3 concerts
CEPSUM 12 concerts
Club Soda 7 concerts
Expo Theatre 4 concerts
Finjan Club 1 concert
The Forum 103 concerts
Foufounnes 2 concerts
La Sala Rossa 1 concert
Les Katacombes 1 concert
Metropolis 15 concerts

Concerts in Montreal [add one]

1958 May 4Buddy Holly, The Forum
1962 Jul 2Bob Dylan, Finjan Club
1964 Sep 8The Beatles, The Forum
1964 Oct 29Dave Clark Five, The Forum
1965 Oct 29The Rolling Stones, The Forum
1966 Jun 30The Rolling Stones, The Forum
1967 Jan 7The Mothers of Invention, New Penelope
1967 May 29The Paul Butterfield Blues Band, New Penelope
1967 Jul 3percy sledge, Expo Theatre, The Annual Shower of Stars
1967 Jul 3the bar kays(solo), Expo Theatre, The Annual Shower of Stars
1967 Jul 3Arthur Conley, Expo Theatre, The Annual Shower of Stars
1967 Jul 3Otis Redding, Expo Theatre, The Annual Shower of Stars
1967 Aug 6Jefferson Airplane, Free concert Place Ville Marie Plaza
1967 Aug 6Grateful Dead, Fee concert, downtown Montreal at Place Ville Marie
1968 Apr 2Jimi Hendrix, Paul Sauvé Arena
1968 May 14Eric Burdon & The Animals, Paul Sauvé Arena
1968 Jun 11Cream, Paul Sauvé Arena
1968 Jul 17The Troggs, Autostade, Summer Pop Festival
1968 Jul 17The Who, Autostade
1968 Aug 3The Beach Boys, Paul Sauvé Arena
1968 Sep 10J.Geils Blues Band , New Penelope
1969 Jul 5Vanilla Fudge, Place des Nations
1969 Aug 16Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention
1969 Sep 14The Doors, The Forum
1969 Nov 16The Band, Place des Arts
1970 Apr 13Led Zeppelin, The Forum
1970 May 9Grand Funk Railroad, The Byrds, Amboy Dukes, Frijid Pink and many others, The Forum
1970 May 24Johnny Winter, Autostade
1970 May 24Van Morrison, Autostade, One Day Pop Festival at The Autostade (Various Artists)
1970 May 24Mountain, Autostade, One Day Pop Featival at The Autostade
1970 May 24Jethro Tull, Autostade
1970 Aug 1The Youngbloods, Place des Nations
1970 Oct 10Johnny Winter, Place des Arts
1971 Feb 22Van Morrison
1971 Mar 17Grand Funk Railroad, The Forum
1971 Jul 5Chicago, Place des Nations
1971 Jul 5Frank Zappa, Paul Sauvé Arena
1971 Jul 30April Wine, Place des Nations
1971 Jul 30The Guess Who, Place des Nations
1971 Aug 20Procol Harum, The Forum
1971 Aug 20Ten Years After, The Forum
1971 Sep 3The Allman Brothers Band, Place des Nations
1971 Nov 9Pink Floyd, CEPSUM
1971 Dec 29April Wine, Pierrefonds Arena
1971 Dec 31Mountain, The Forum, New Year's Eve show with other artists
1972 Jan 13Alice Cooper, CEPSUM
1972 Apr 14Jethro Tull, The Forum
1972 Apr 21April Wine, Pierrefonds Arena
1972 Apr 28Emerson, Lake and Palmer, The Forum
1972 Jun 7Led Zeppelin, The Forum
1972 Jul 15Procol Harum / Eagles, Pierrefonds Arena, (date is approximate)
1972 Jul 17The Rolling Stones, The Forum
1972 Sep 8T. Rex / The Doobie Brothers, Pierrefonds Arena
1972 Sep 20Leon Russell, The Forum
1973 Jan 25Mahavishnu Orchestra, Place des Arts
1973 Feb 21Santana, The Forum
1973 Nov 10Genesis, CEPSUM
1973 Dec 2The Who, The Forum
1974 Jan 11Bob Dylan and The Band, The Forum
1974 Jan 12Bob Dylan and The Band, The Forum
1974 Apr 20Genesis, CEPSUM
1974 Apr 21Genesis, CEPSUM
1974 May 3Robin Trower and King Crimson, The Forum
1974 Jun 14David Bowie, The Forum
1974 Jun 29Frank Zappa, The Forum
1974 Oct 1Eric Clapton, The Forum
1974 Dec 8George Harrison, The Forum
1975 Feb 6Led Zeppelin, The Forum
1976 Feb 25David Bowie, The Forum
1976 Mar 11Cat Stevens, The Forum
1976 Apr 30The Beach Boys/Chris de burgh, The Forum
1976 Aug 4Rick Derringer, Place des Nations
1976 Dec 15Rush, The Forum
1976 Dec 15Aerosmith, The Forum
1977 Mar 13Iggy Pop, Le Plateau Auditorium
1977 Mar 31Rush, The Forum
1977 Apr 9Tangerine Dream, Place des Arts
1977 Jul 6Pink Floyd, Olympic Stadium, Pink Floyd Animals Tour
1977 Aug 26Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Olympic Stadium
1977 Oct 22The Vibrators
1977 Dec 12Aerosmith, The Forum
1978 May 3David Bowie, The Forum
1978 Nov 8bruce springsteen& the e street band, The Forum
1978 Dec 26Rush, The Forum
1978 Dec 27Rush, The Forum
1979 May 3David Bowie, The Forum
1979 Jul 28Supertramp
1979 Oct 7Jethro Tull, The Forum, Storm Watch
1979 Oct 30The Cars, The Forum
1980 Jan 20Rush, The Forum
1980 Jan 21Rush, The Forum
1980 May 7The Who, The Forum
1980 May 10Blind John Davis, CEPSUM, Living Legends of The Blues
1980 May 10James Cotton Blues Band, CEPSUM, Living Legends of The Blues
1980 May 10Koko Taylor and her Blues Machine, CEPSUM, Living Legends of The Blues
1980 May 10John Lee Hooker, CEPSUM, Living Legends of The Blues
1980 May 10B.B. King, CEPSUM, Living Legends of The Blues
1980 May 10Muddy Waters, CEPSUM, Living Legends of The Blues
1980 Jun 20Genesis, The Forum
1980 Jul 15Van Halen, The Forum
1980 Aug 7Chuck Berry, Place des Nations
1980 Aug 30Yes, The Forum
1980 Sep 3Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band, The Forum
1980 Sep 9Elton John, The Forum
1981 Jan 23Bruce Springsteen, The Forum
1981 Mar 27Rush, The Forum
1981 Apr 3Shawn Phillips, Theatre St-Denis
1981 Jun 29Santana, The Forum
1981 Aug 5Van Halen, The Forum
1981 Sep 26The Kinks, The Forum
1981 Oct 16Chris de Burgh, Theatre St-Denis
1981 Oct 17Chris de Burgh, Theatre St-Denis
1981 Nov 6Frank Zappa, The Forum
1982 Apr 13Mike Oldfield, Place des Arts
1982 May 7Asia, Verdun Auditorium
1982 Sep 4The Clash , Verdun Auditorium
1982 Oct 27Van Halen, The Forum
1983 Feb 25Aerosmith, The Forum
1983 Mar 7Duran Duran, The Forum
1983 Apr 8Rush, The Forum
1983 Apr 9Rush, The Forum
1983 May 24The Kinks, The Forum
1983 Jul 12David Bowie, The Forum
1983 Jul 13David Bowie, The Forum
1983 Aug 2The Police, The Spectrum
1983 Sep 8Robert Plant, The Forum
1983 Oct 13Jean-Luc Ponty, The Spectrum
1984 Apr 19Van Halen, The Forum
1984 Jul 14Rush, The Forum
1984 Jul 15Rush, The Forum
1984 Jul 21Bruce Springsteen, The Forum
1984 Aug 11Aerosmith, The Forum
1984 Aug 17Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble, The Spectrum
1986 Mar 4Rush, The Forum
1986 Aug 20Van Halen, The Forum
1987 May 29Billy Idol / The Cult, The Forum
1987 Aug 2The Cure, The Forum
1987 Aug 30David Bowie, Olympic Stadium
1987 Sep 13Pink Floyd, The Forum
1987 Oct 1U2, Olympic Stadium
1987 Oct 22Aerosmith, The Forum
1987 Nov 6Roger Waters, The Forum
1988 Feb 10Alice Cooper, The Forum
1988 Feb 12Sting, The Forum, Nothing like the sun tour
1988 Mar 10Rush, The Forum
1988 May 7Robert Plant, The Forum
1988 May 7Stevie Ray Vaughn, The Forum
1988 May 11Pink Floyd, Olympic Stadium
1988 Aug 20Kreator, The Spectrum
1988 Aug 20D.R.I., The Spectrum
1988 Aug 20Holy Terror, The Spectrum
1988 Nov 5Nine Inch Nails
1989 Oct 27Jethro Tull, The Forum
1989 Dec 9Paul McCartney , Molson Centre
1989 Dec 12The Cult, The Forum
1989 Dec 13The Rolling Stones, Olympic Stadium
1989 Dec 14The Rolling Stones, Olympic Stadium
1990 Jan 4Aerosmith, The Forum
1990 Jan 5Alice Cooper, The Forum
1990 Mar 6David Bowie, The Forum
1990 Mar 12Nine Inch Nails, The Spectrum
1990 May 14Rush, The Forum
1990 May 14Voivod, The Forum
1990 May 29Bob Dylan, CEPSUM
1990 Jul 20Nine Inch Nails, Foufounnes
1990 Oct 4Robert Plant, The Forum
1990 Oct 13ZZ Top, The Forum
1991 Apr 24 Yes, The Forum
1991 Nov 3Van Halen, The Forum
1991 Nov 17Metallica, The Forum
1991 Nov 19Rod Stewart, The Forum
1991 Nov 28Rush, The Forum
1991 Dec 1Tin Machine, La Brique
1991 Dec 2Tin Machine, La Brique
1992 Mar 13Johnny Winter, The Spectrum
1992 Aug 27U2, Olympic Stadium
1992 Aug 27Disposable Heroes of Hipoprisy, Olympic Stadium
1992 Aug 27Primus, Olympic Stadium
1993 Aug 19Pearl Jam, Verdun Auditorium
1993 Nov 23Robert Plant, The Forum
1994 May 6Rush, The Forum
1994 May 23Pink Floyd, Olympic Stadium
1994 Jul 29Aerosmith, The Forum
1994 Jul 30Aerosmith, The Forum
1994 Aug 4Soundgarden, Verdun Auditorium
1994 Aug 23Collective Soul, The Spectrum
1994 Dec 5The Rolling Stones, Olympic Stadium
1994 Dec 6The Rolling Stones, Olympic Stadium
1995 May 6Van Halen, The Forum
1995 Jun 4The Vandals, Centre Sportif
1995 Jun 4The Offspring, Centre Sportif
1995 Jun 4Lunachicks, Centre Sportif
1995 Oct 18Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, The Forum
1996 Jan 7Bruce Springsteen, Place des Arts
1996 Mar 21acdc, The Forum, ACDC
1996 Sep 13Def Leppard, Molson Centre
1996 Sep 27Ozzy Osbourne, Molson Centre, Ozzfest
1996 Nov 21Deep Purple, Theatre St-Denis
1997 Mar 28Metallica, Molson Centre
1997 Jun 28Rush, Molson Centre
1997 Jul 4Aerosmith, Molson Centre
1997 Jul 28The Who, Molson Centre
1997 Sep 24David Bowie, Metropolis
1997 Sep 25David Bowie, Metropolis
1998 Jan 6Backstreet Boys, Molson Centre
1998 Apr 19The Rolling Stones, Molson Centre
1998 Apr 20The Rolling Stones, Molson Centre
1998 Jun 19Yes, Okoumé -- Alan Parsons Project -- Yes
1998 Aug 12Van Halen, Molson Centre
1998 Sep 18Eric Clapton, Molson Centre
1998 Oct 20Aerosmith, Molson Centre
1999 Mar 4The Offspring, Molson Centre
1999 Jun 8Santana, Molson Centre
1999 Aug 22Black Sabbath, Molson Centre
1999 Nov 8Incubus, Metropolis
1999 Nov 8Primus, Metropolis
1999 Nov 8Buckethead, Metropolis
2000 Apr 1John Paul Jones, Club Soda
2000 Aug 19Red Hot Chili Peppers, Molson Centre
2000 Oct 4Pearl Jam, Molson Centre
2001 Jul 27Ringo Starr & His All-Starr Band, Molson Centre
2001 Oct 31Aerosmith, Molson Centre
2002 Apr 10Nelly Furtado, Metropolis
2002 Apr 21Dave Matthews Band, Molson Centre
2002 Sep 4Supertramp, Molson Centre
2002 Oct 18Rush, Molson Centre
2002 Oct 21Cher, Molson Centre
2002 Nov 23April Winewine, The Spectrum
2003 Jan 8The Rolling Stones, Bell Centre
2003 Feb 8The Great White, Hommage a Led Zepplin
2003 Apr 19Bruce Springsteen, Bell Centre
2003 May 15Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bell Centre
2003 Jun 29Pearl Jam, Bell Centre
2003 Jul 20Metallica, Parc Jean Drapeau, Summer Sanitarium Tour
2003 Dec 12April Wine, The Spectrum
2003 Dec 13David Bowie, Bell Centre
2004 Feb 12Nickelback, Bell Centre
2004 Apr 20Aerosmith, Bell Centre
2004 May 25The Offspring, Metropolis
2004 Aug 21Rush, Bell Centre
2004 Nov 9Van Halen, Bell Centre
2004 Nov 27James Brown, Metropolis
2005 Mar 28The Eagles, Bell Centre
2005 Apr 1Various Artists, Bell Centre, Quebec Rock
2005 Jul 31Vanilla Fudge, Bell Centre
2005 Jul 31Pat Travers, Bell Centre
2005 Jul 31Doors of the 21 Century (D21C), Bell Centre
2005 Sep 12Robert Plant
2005 Sep 15Pearl Jam, Bell Centre
2005 Dec 14Bon Jovi, Bell Centre
2006 Mar 19Cheap Trick, Bell Centre
2006 Mar 19Aerosmith, Bell Centre
2006 Aug 18Ian Gillan, The Spectrum
2006 Sep 21Roger Waters, Bell Centre
2006 Sep 28Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bell Centre
2006 Nov 8Bob Dylan, Bell Centre
2006 Dec 5Motley Crue, Bell Centre
2006 Dec 5Aerosmith, Bell Centre
2007 Jul 25The Police, Bell Centre
2007 Jul 26The Police, Bell Centre
2007 Aug 7Daft Punk, Bell Centre
2007 Sep 15Rush, Bell Centre
2007 Oct 28Australian Pink Floyd Show, Bell Centre
2007 Nov 10Van Halen, Bell Centre
2007 Nov 12The Police, Bell Centre
2008 Mar 2Bruce Springsteen, Bell Centre
2008 May 28Eric Clapton, Bell Centre
2008 Jun 12Rush, Bell Centre
2008 Jul 22Crosby,Stills and Nash, Place des Arts
2008 Dec 1Neil Young, Bell Centre
2009 Mar 25Fleetwood Mac, Bell Centre
2009 Mar 28Lady Gaga, Metropolis
2009 Apr 21All American Rejects, Club Soda
2009 May 21John Fogertry, Bell Centre
2009 Jun 3Elton John, Bell Centre
2009 Jul 13KISS, Bell Centre
2009 Aug 8Blink-182, Bell Centre
2009 Oct 1KISS, Bell Centre
2009 Nov 11Megadeth, Bell Centre
2009 Nov 11Slayer, Bell Centre
2009 Nov 22The Cranberries, Olympia Theatre
2010 Jan 27Guns N' Roses, Bell Centre
2010 Feb 22Eric Clapton, Bell Centre
2010 Feb 22Jeff Beck, Bell Centre
2010 Mar 13Dillinger Escape Plan, La Sala Rossa
2010 Mar 14SNFU, Les Katacombes
2010 Mar 16Alice in Chains, Metropolis
2010 Mar 19Bon Jovi, Bell Centre
2010 Mar 20Bon Jovi, Bell Centre
2010 Apr 8Gordon Lightfoot, Place des Arts
2010 Jun 4Musical Box, Bell Centre, Genesis-Trick of the Tail
2010 Jun 16Babe Ruth, Metropolis
2010 Jul 7Dream Theater, Bell Centre
2010 Jul 7Iron Maiden, Bell Centre
2010 Jul 15Santana, Bell Centre
2010 Jul 16U2
2010 Sep 24Rick Springfield, Olympia Theatre
2010 Nov 12Downschild, Metropolis, 40th Anniversary
2011 Apr 17Sabaton, Club Soda
2011 Apr 17Accept, Club Soda
2011 Apr 20Rush, Bell Centre
2011 Apr 25April
2011 May 9Destruction, Foufounnes
2011 May 12Jason Bonham, Metropolis
2011 Jun 25Robert Plant & The Band Of Joy, Place des Arts
2011 Oct 11Primus, Metropolis
2012 Mar 15Van Halen, Bell Centre
2013 Nov 2Overkill, Club Soda
2013 Nov 2Kreator, Club Soda
2013 Nov 2Warbringer, Club Soda
2013 Nov 18Tedeschi Trucks Band, Metropolis
2014 Jul 1Vintage Trouble, Montreal Jazz Festival
2014 Jul 2Lady Gaga, Bell Centre
2014 Jul 3Vintage Trouble, Virgin Mobile Corona Theatre
2015 Jun 21Rush, Bell Centre
2015 Aug 31AC/DC, Olympic Stadium

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