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Classic Rock Concerts

Huntington, West Virginia, United States

map of Huntington and surrounding area
map of Huntington and surrounding area

Who has been to Huntington (7 total)

WVHillbilly 28 times
gamemaster7600 2 times
Wolfgang 1 time
AlKendall 78 times
jhill1202 2 times
kiki 5 times
leppardnyc 5 times

Venues in Huntington

Calamity Cafe 5 concerts
Civic Center 53 concerts
Drop Shop 2 concerts
Gumby's 9 concerts
Harris Riverfront Park 18 concerts
Huntington's Kitchen 1 concert
Keith Albee Theater 11 concerts
Memorial Fieldhouse 15 concerts
New Baptist Church 3 concerts
Palladium 2 concerts
Porch Unplugged 1 concert
Ritter Park Amphitheater 4 concerts
Rock-n-Roll Cafe 10 concerts

Other cities near Huntington

Proctorville 1 venue 1 concert
Ona 1 venue 5 concerts
Ashland 1 venue 3 concerts

Concerts in Huntington [add one]

1968 May 15Cream, Memorial Fieldhouse
1971 Apr 22Black Oak Arkansas, Memorial Fieldhouse
1971 Apr 22Iron Butterfly, Memorial Fieldhouse
1971 Sep 24The James Gang, Memorial Fieldhouse
1972 Feb 26Ike & Tina Turner, Memorial Fieldhouse
1972 Apr 20the carpenters, Memorial Fieldhouse
1972 Sep 26Cheech & Chong, Keith Albee Theater
1972 Oct 1Earl Scruggs, Keith Albee Theater
1972 Nov 8Yes, Memorial Fieldhouse
1974 Feb 2Spirit, Memorial Fieldhouse
1974 Feb 2Richie Havens, Memorial Fieldhouse
1975 Mar 14Earth, Wind & Fire, Keith Albee Theater
1975 Mar 14luther allison, Keith Albee Theater
1975 Nov 26Rush, Memorial Fieldhouse
1977 Aug 6Kiss / Nightranger, Civic Center
1977 Sep 23Sanford Townsend Band, Civic Center
1977 Sep 23Heart, Civic Center
1978 Jan 20Average White Band, Memorial Fieldhouse
1978 Feb 5Ted Nugent, Civic Center
1978 Feb 5Sammy Hagar, Civic Center
1978 Feb 5Golden Earring, Civic Center
1978 Feb 8Sha Na Na, Memorial Fieldhouse
1978 Feb 8Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show, Memorial Fieldhouse
1978 Apr 5Godz, Civic Center
1978 Apr 5Angel, Civic Center
1978 Apr 5Blue Oyster Cult, Civic Center
1978 Apr 7Rudy Vallee, Keith Albee Theater
1978 Apr 16Grateful Dead, Civic Center
1978 Jun 21Frank Sinatra, Civic Center
1978 Oct 18Aerosmith, Civic Center
1979 Feb 1Firefall, Civic Center
1979 Feb 1Heart, Civic Center
1979 Feb 7Cheech & Chong, Civic Center
1979 Apr 14 Yes, Civic Center
1979 Sep 21Harry Chapin, Ritter Park Amphitheater
1979 Oct 21Michael Stanley Band, Civic Center
1979 Oct 21Blue Oyster Cult, Civic Center
1979 Nov 16Gamma, Civic Center
1979 Nov 16Molly Hatchet, Civic Center
1979 Nov 16Point Blank, Civic Center
1979 Dec 29New Riders of the Purple Sage, Civic Center
1979 Dec 29Charlie Daniels Band, Civic Center
1981 Feb 6The Charlie Daniels Band, Civic Center
1981 Jul 1The Beach Boys, Civic Center
1981 Sep 22Def Leppard, Civic Center
1981 Sep 27Blackfoot, Civic Center
1981 Dec 29The Rossington-Collins Band, Memorial Fieldhouse
1981 Dec 29The Charlie Daniels Band, Memorial Fieldhouse
1982 Aug 24Greg Kihn Band, Civic Center
1982 Aug 24Rick Springfield, Civic Center
1982 Sep 28Iron Maiden, Civic Center
1982 Sep 28Judas Priest, Civic Center
1982 Dec 11Aerosmith, Civic Center
1982 Dec 12Aerosmith, Civic Center
1983 Feb 15Ozzy Osbourne
1983 Feb 15Vandenberg, Civic Center
1983 May 10Red Rockers, Civic Center
1983 May 10Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, Civic Center
1984 Jun 17Duke Jupiter, Ritter Park Amphitheater, Ritter Rock
1985 Oct 1Cock Robin, Civic Center
1985 Oct 1Bryan Adams, Civic Center
1986 Apr 27Sly Fox, Harris Riverfront Park
1986 Apr 27The Movies, Harris Riverfront Park
1986 May 30Ready for the World, Harris Riverfront Park
1986 Sep 22Jets, Civic Center
1986 Sep 22Nu Shooz, Civic Center
1986 Oct 26Cinderella, Civic Center
1986 Oct 26David Lee Roth, Civic Center
1987 Aug 23Victory, Harris Riverfront Park, River Rock
1987 Aug 23Liking the Idea, Harris Riverfront Park, River Rock
1987 Aug 23Starship, Harris Riverfront Park, River Rock
1987 Aug 23Cutting Crew, Harris Riverfront Park, River Rock
1987 Sep 3Whitesnake, Civic Center
1987 Sep 3Motley Crue, Civic Center
1987 Nov 1Helix, Rock-n-Roll Cafe
1988 Jan 18Ted Nugent, Civic Center
1988 Jan 18KISS, Civic Center
1988 Feb 20Laaz Rockit, Rock-n-Roll Cafe
1988 Feb 20L.A. Guns, Rock-n-Roll Cafe
1988 Apr 27Long Ryders, Ritter Park Amphitheater, MU Springfest
1988 May 7Leatherwolf, Rock-n-Roll Cafe
1988 May 25Adrian Belew and the Bears, Rock-n-Roll Cafe
1988 Jun 5Taylor Dayne, Harris Riverfront Park
1988 Jul 2Cucumbers, Rock-n-Roll Cafe
1988 Jul 10Poison, Civic Center
1988 Jul 10David Lee Roth, Civic Center
1988 Aug 18Wrathchild America, Rock-n-Roll Cafe
1988 Sep 16REO Speeedwagon, Civic Center
1988 Sep 17Soul Asylum, Rock-n-Roll Cafe
1988 Sep 20Guadalcanal Diary, Rock-n-Roll Cafe
1988 Oct 6Stairway To Heaven, Rock-n-Roll Cafe
1988 Oct 25Nine Inch Nails
1989 Apr 14The Romantics, Ritter Park Amphitheater, MU Springfest
1989 Apr 30Jodi Bongiovi, Harris Riverfront Park
1990 Apr 19Judy Collins, Keith Albee Theater
1991 Mar 21Hasil Adkins, Gumby's
1991 Sep 19B.B. King, Keith Albee Theater, Marshall Artists Series
1992 Feb 13Tiny Lights, Gumby's
1992 May 2Drunken Boat, Gumby's
1992 Aug 12The Afghan Whigs, Gumby's
1992 Oct 3New Duncan Imperials, Gumby's
1992 Oct 7Skankin' Pickle, Gumby's
1992 Oct 10Big Hat, Gumby's
1992 Oct 21Wavy Gravy, Gumby's, Nobody for President
1994 May 13Eek-A-Mouse, Gumby's
1994 Jul 26REO Speeedwagon, Harris Riverfront Park, Huntington Regatta
1994 Jul 30David Lee Roth, Harris Riverfront Park, Huntington Regatta
1994 Oct 6Diamond Teeth Mary, Palladium
1994 Nov 11Peter Criss, Palladium
1995 Mar 5 moe., Calamity Cafe
1995 May 16Ted Nugent , Civic Center
1995 May 16Bad Company, Civic Center
1995 May 16Slick Lilly, Civic Center
1995 May 19Daniel Cartier, Calamity Cafe
1996 Aug 2Starship, Harris Riverfront Park, Huntington Regatta
1997 May 11Chalk FarM, Drop Shop
1997 May 11Thrush Hermit, Drop Shop
1997 May 22Dexter Grove, Calamity Cafe
1997 Sep 13Wally Pleasant, Calamity Cafe
1998 Jul 11Turtles, Harris Riverfront Park, Huntington Regatta
1998 Jul 11Gary Puckett, Harris Riverfront Park, Huntington Regatta
1998 Dec 13Aerosmith, Civic Center
1999 Aug 20Bare Jr., Harris Riverfront Park, Huntington Ribfest
2000 Jul 26Cheap Trick , Harris Riverfront Park
2000 Jul 26Evan Dando, Harris Riverfront Park
2002 Nov 12Laura Minor, Calamity Cafe
2006 Nov 3Guns N Roses, Civic Center
2008 Apr 17George Huff, Keith Albee Theater
2010 Oct 19daniel tosh, Civic Center, Marshall Artist Series
2011 Apr 16Chris Sligh, New Baptist Church
2011 Apr 16Illuminate, New Baptist Church
2011 Apr 16Big Daddy Weave, New Baptist Church
2011 Nov 27Alice Cooper, Keith Albee Theater
2011 Dec 17Julian Velard, Huntington's Kitchen
2012 Aug 9Get the Led Out, Harris Riverfront Park
2012 Oct 20Brian McSweeney, Porch Unplugged
2013 Feb 16Smokey Robinson , Keith Albee Theater, Marshall Artist Series
2013 Oct 23Alice Cooper, Civic Center
2013 Nov 12Blue Man Group, Keith Albee Theater

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