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Classic Rock Concerts

Toledo, Ohio, United States

map of Toledo and surrounding area
map of Toledo and surrounding area

Who has been to Toledo (31 total)

MarkMark714 3 times
redFender 6 times
UncleSalty 1 time
uneak1 1 time
Bear 84 times
dolfantimmy 1 time
BastardOfYoung 9 times
DetroitDave 1 time
JRZ1964 4 times
Skelator 23 times
carolwasthere 1 time
keo21 38 times
greg9959 5 times
JonDill 4 times
Zigger1962 3 times
mdloomis 1 time
TheRocker 59 times
Stratman 1 time
FarmerBob44883 1 time
detdie1956 1 time
CarolATB 5 times
johnliddle 1 time
OhioMike 1 time
yockster1964 1 time
irish5150 3 times
DancingTheBlues 1 time
earloftwirl 1 time
Blueeyedsoul 1 time
houdini 4 times
westgagehood 6 times

Venues in Toledo

Other cities near Toledo

Oregon 1 venue 2 concerts
Maumee 1 venue 3 concerts
Bowling Green 3 venues 11 concerts
Monroe 2 venues 7 concerts
Wauseon 1 concert

Concerts in Toledo [add one]

1965 May 20The Beach Boys, Sports Arena
1966 Aug 6Paul Revere & the Raiders, Sports Arena
1967 Jun 1Tommy James & the Shondells, Sports Arena
1967 Sep 1Neil Diamond, Sports Arena
1968 Feb 24The Amboy Dukes, Sports Arena
1968 Mar 30Jimi Hendrix, University of Toledo Fieldhouse
1968 Nov 15The Paul Butterfield Blues Band, University of Toledo Armory
1969 Mar 1The MC5, Almond Cookie
1969 Mar 9Janis Joplin, University of Toledo Fieldhouse
1969 Apr 10Iron Butterfly, University of Toledo Fieldhouse
1969 Apr 29The MC5, Firehouse
1969 Jun 15The Frost, Sports Arena, Toledo Pop Festival
1969 Jun 17The Amboy Dukes, Firehouse
1969 Jul 11Bob Seger, State Theater
1969 Jul 12The MC5, State Theater
1969 Jul 20Three Dog Night, Sports Arena
1969 Aug 15Steppenwolf, Sports Arena
1969 Sep 14Toledo Pop Festival, Raceway Park, Toledo Pop Festival
1969 Sep 21The James Gang, Ingman Room, Student Union, University of Toledo
1969 Oct 19Vanilla Fudge, University of Toledo Fieldhouse
1969 Dec 28The MC5, Sports Arena
1970 Feb 26Renaissance, Ingman Room, Student Union, University of Toledo
1970 Feb 28Bill Haley & His Comets, University of Toledo Fieldhouse
1970 Apr 16Tony Williams' Lifetime, Ingman Room, Student Union, University of Toledo
1970 Apr 19Chicago, University of Toledo Fieldhouse
1970 Apr 21Tom Paxton, University of Toledo Fieldhouse
1970 May 8The Byrds, University of Toledo Fieldhouse
1970 Aug 22Brownsville Station, Ottawa Park, Free Concert
1970 Sep 22John Sebastian, University of Toledo Fieldhouse
1970 Oct 10The Amboy Dukes, State Theater
1970 Oct 17Alice Cooper, State Theater
1970 Oct 31Delaney and Bonnie & Friends, University of Toledo Fieldhouse
1970 Nov 1Delaney and Bonnie & Friends, St Mark’s Church Coffee House
1970 Nov 6Catfish, State Theater
1970 Nov 13Country Joe McDonald, Firehouse
1970 Nov 14Country Joe McDonald, St Mark’s Church Coffee House
1970 Dec 11Jerry Jeff Walker, Firehouse
1971 Feb 6Alice Cooper, State Theater
1971 Feb 19The Amboy Dukes, State Theater
1971 Mar 5Badfinger, University of Toledo Fieldhouse
1971 Mar 14Fleetwood Mac, Sports Arena
1971 May 9The Youngbloods, University of Toledo Fieldhouse
1971 May 29The Stooges, Sports Arena
1971 Jun 18Alice Cooper, Sports Arena
1971 Jul 18Rod Stewart & The Faces, Sports Arena
1971 Oct 1The Frost, State Theater
1971 Oct 20Sugarloaf, The Agora
1971 Oct 22Cactus, State Theater
1971 Oct 25Jethro Tull, Sports Arena
1971 Oct 31Pink Floyd, University of Toledo Fieldhouse
1971 Dec 1The James Gang, Sports Arena
1971 Dec 12Alice Cooper, Sports Arena
1972 Jan 30The J Geils Band, University of Toledo Fieldhouse
1972 Feb 11Mitch Ryder & Detroit, Sports Arena
1972 Apr 19It's a Beautiful Day, University of Toledo Fieldhouse
1972 Jul 11Black Sabbath , Sports Arena
1972 Sep 16Ginger Baker/Buddy Miles, Sports Arena
1972 Oct 2Chicago, Sports Arena
1972 Nov 26Uriah Heep, Sports Arena
1972 Dec 17The Amboy Dukes, Sports Arena
1973 Mar 5The James Gang, Sports Arena
1973 Mar 10Buddy Miles, University of Toledo Fieldhouse
1973 Mar 17Santana, Sports Arena
1973 May 13King Crimson, The Agora
1973 Oct 31The Edgar Winter Group, University of Toledo Fieldhouse
1973 Nov 3Joe Walsh, The Agora
1973 Dec 3The J. Geils Band, Sports Arena
1973 Dec 3Various Artists, Sports Arena
1973 Dec 13Alice Cooper, Sports Arena
1973 Dec 29Mahavishnu John Mclaughlin& THE MAHAVISHNU ORCHESTRA, Sports Arena
1974 Jan 12The New York Dolls, Sports Arena Exhibition Hall
1974 Jan 19Slade/James Gang/Iggy & the Stooges, Sports Arena
1974 Jan 19Slade/Iggy & the Stooges, Sports Arena
1974 Feb 9Jo Jo Gunne/ Spooky Tooth, Sports Arena
1974 Feb 25Humble Pie, Sports Arena
1974 Mar 23Joe Walsh, Sports Arena
1974 Apr 2Rory Gallagher, The Agora
1974 Apr 6Ted Nugent and the Amboy Dukes, Sports Arena, Battle of the Guitars
1974 Apr 19Dr John the Night Tripper, Sports Arena
1974 Apr 20Frank Zappa, Sports Arena
1974 Apr 21Steely Dan, University of Toledo Fieldhouse
1974 Apr 27The J. Geils Band & Peter Frampton, Sports Arena
1974 Apr 30Stories, The Agora
1974 May 8Mountain, Sports Arena
1974 Jun 4Johnny Winter, Sports Arena
1974 Jun 4Johnny Winter & Golden Earring, Sports Arena
1974 Jun 20David Bowie, Sports Arena
1974 Aug 24Aerosmith and guest, Sports Arena
1974 Sep 16Kansas/Whizz Kids, Renaissance Valentine Theater
1974 Sep 27Hawkwind and Guest, Sports Arena
1974 Oct 19KISS, Renaissance Valentine Theater
1974 Oct 25Todd Rundgren's Utopia, Sports Arena
1974 Nov 2Lou Reed, University of Toledo Fieldhouse
1974 Nov 23Ted Nugent and the Amboy Dukes, Sports Arena
1974 Nov 28Gregg Allman, Sports Arena
1974 Dec 7Blue Oyster Cult/Manfred Man, Sports Arena
1974 Dec 11Alice Cooper/zz top, Sports Arena
1975 Jan 22Corky Siegel, Ingman Room, Student Union, University of Toledo
1975 Apr 11Aerosmith, Sports Arena
1975 Apr 24Electric Light Orchestra, Sports Arena
1975 Jul 14Black Sabbath, Sports Arena
1975 Aug 27Ten Years After/Peter Frampton/Sassafras, Sports Arena
1975 Nov 22Black Oak Arkansas, Foghat, Montrose, Sports Arena
1975 Dec 15Rush, Sports Arena
1976 Jan 18Ted Nugent, Sports Arena
1976 Mar 30Peter Frampton, Sports Arena
1976 Apr 7Foghat, Sports Arena
1976 Jul 31KISS/ Starz, Sports Arena
1976 Oct 8Blue Oyster Cult & Uriah Heep, Sports Arena
1976 Nov 13Frank Zappa, Sports Arena
1977 Mar 10Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, Sports Arena
1977 Apr 8Rush, Sports Arena
1977 Apr 23Elvis Presley, Centennial Hall
1977 Oct 15Todd Rundgren & Utopia, Sports Arena
1977 Dec 4Dan Fogelberg/Tim weisberg, Centennial Hall
1978 Jun 5Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, Sports Arena
1978 Jul 30MC5, Sports Arena
1978 Jul 30Cheap Trick, Sports Arena
1978 Jul 30The Cars, Sports Arena
1978 Oct 6Santana, Sports Arena
1978 Nov 11Steve Martin, Centennial Hall
1978 Nov 18Heart, Sports Arena
1978 Nov 25Doobie Brothers, Sports Arena
1978 Nov 25Doobie Brothers/Ambrosia, Sports Arena
1978 Dec 3Rush, Sports Arena
1979 Mar 15Angel/The Godz, Sports Arena
1979 Mar 15Angel, The Godz, Sports Arena
1979 May 8Van Halen, Sports Arena
1979 May 26Journey, Sports Arena
1979 Sep 20Bad Company, Centennial Hall
1979 Sep 28Ian Hunter/John Cougar, Sports Arena
1979 Sep 28Ian Hunter Band/John Cougar, Sports Arena
1979 Oct 20AC/DC, Pat Travers Band, Sports Arena
1979 Oct 20AC/DC w/Pat Travers, Sports Arena
1979 Dec 16KISS, Sports Arena
1980 Mar 20ZZ Top/The Rockets, Sports Arena
1980 Mar 20ZZ Top / Sammy Hagar, The Rockets, Sports Arena
1980 Apr 24Rush, Sports Arena
1980 Apr 24.38 Special, Sports Arena
1980 May 13Journey \ Thin Lizzy, Sports Arena
1980 May 14Journey \ Thin Lizzy, Sports Arena, First Show of two sold out concerts
1980 Jun 6Mahogany Rush/ Angel/ Humble Pie/ Missouri, Sports Arena, Rock and Roll Marathon
1980 Jul 11Van Halen, Sports Arena
1980 Jul 13Heart/J.Geils/Triumph/Joe Perry Project, Toledo Speedway
1980 Aug 17ZZ Top/AC-DC/Sammy Hagar/Kingbees, Toledo Speedway
1980 Oct 4Black Sabbath/Saxon, Sports Arena
1980 Oct 4Black Sabbath, Sports Arena
1980 Oct 11Blue Oyster Cult/The Rockets, Sports Arena
1980 Oct 11Blue Oyster Cult/ The Rockets, Sports Arena
1981 Mar 15Ted Nugent/HUMBLE PIE, Sports Arena
1981 Mar 15Ted Nugent/ The Rockets, Sports Arena
1981 Apr 26Rainbow/ Pat Travers/Krokus, Sports Arena
1981 May 10Blizzard Of Ozz/Motorhead, Sports Arena
1981 Jun 1Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers , Centennial Hall
1981 Aug 23REO Speedwagon/Foghat/Danny Joe Brown, Toledo Speedway
1981 Aug 23REO Speeedwagon, Toledo Speedway Jam
1981 Sep 29Blackfoot/Def Leppard/DC Hawks, Sports Arena
1981 Oct 17Nazareth/Joe Perry Project/Vic Vergot, Sports Arena
1981 Oct 21Blue Oyster Cult/Foghat/Whitford-St.Holmes, Sports Arena
1981 Nov 24The Moody Blues, Centennial Hall
1981 Nov 28Black Sabbath/ Alvin Lee Band, Sports Arena
1981 Dec 11J.Geils Band/Red Ryder, Sports Arena
1982 Jan 30Blizzard Of Ozz/Starfighter, Sports Arena
1982 Feb 19Rod Stewart, Centennial Hall
1982 Feb 25Triumph, Sports Arena
1982 Apr 17Sammy Hagar/Aldo Nova, Sports Arena
1982 May 18.38 Special/Rainbow/Iron Maiden, Sports Arena
1982 Jun 14Asia, Centennial Hall
1982 Jun 27Triumph, Toledo Speedway Jam III
1982 Jun 27Donnie Iris, Toledo Speedway Jam III
1982 Jun 27Foreigner, Toledo Speedway Jam III
1982 Jun 27Loverboy, Toledo Speedway Jam III
1982 Nov 6Chicago, Centennial Hall
1982 Nov 9Crosby Stills and Nash, Centennial Hall
1982 Nov 12Rush, Sports Arena
1982 Nov 17Billy Squire/Nazareth, Sports Arena
1983 Jan 8KISS, Sports Arena
1983 Jan 20Judas Priest/Heaven , Sports Arena
1983 Mar 6Daryl Hall and John Oates, Centennial Hall
1983 Jul 3Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band, Toledo Speedway Jam
1983 Jul 3Loverboy , Toledo Speedway, Toledo Speedway Jam
1983 Jul 3Quarterflash , Toledo Speedway, Toledo Speedway Jam
1983 Aug 5The Animals, Stranahan Theater
1983 Aug 23REO speedwagon/ Foghat/ Danny Joe Brown, Speedway Jam
1983 Sep 2ZZ Top/Axe, Sports Arena
1983 Sep 10Iron Maiden/Fastway, Sports Arena
1984 Jan 16Blue Oyster Cult / U.F.O., Sports Arena
1984 Feb 17Rodney Dangerfield, Stranahan Theater
1984 Feb 24Black Sabbath/Night Ranger
1984 Apr 24Ozzy Osbourne/Motley Crue, Sports Arena
1984 May 22Ted Nugent/Pat Travers/Alcatrazz, Sports Arena
1984 Jun 27Scorpions, Sports Arena
1984 Jul 23Aerosmith, Sports Arena
1984 Oct 14Sammy Hagar, Sports Arena
1984 Oct 18Rush, Sports Arena
1985 Feb 17Willie Nelson, Centennial Hall
1985 Mar 28Hall & Oates/Till Tuesday, Centennial Hall
1985 May 18Quiet/Whitesnake, Sports Arena
1985 Jun 9Bryan Adams, Sports Arena
1985 Jun 11Iron Maiden/Accept, Sports Arena
1985 Aug 22George Thorogood & The Destroyers, Sports Arena
1985 Sep 18Motley Crue , Sports Arena
1985 Sep 26AC/DC/Cheap Trick/Nantucket, Sports Arena
1985 Oct 1Stevie Ray Vaughn/Larry Miller, Stranahan Theater
1985 Oct 23Humble Pie/Cub Koda, Glass City Boardwalk
1985 Oct 23Dio/Rough Cutt, Sports Arena
1985 Nov 11The Guess Who / John Kay & Steppenwolf, Kip's South
1985 Nov 11John Kay & Steppenwolf/ The Guess Who, Kip's South
1985 Nov 25Three Dog Night/Luis Cardenas, Glass City Boardwalk
1986 Feb 26Three Dog Night/BTO, Stranahan Theater
1986 Mar 28KISS/King Kobra, Sports Arena
1986 Mar 31Nazareth/Poison Dollys, Kip's South
1986 Apr 12ZZ Top/Jimmy Barnes, Centennial Hall
1986 May 3The Firm/Mason Rufner, Centennial Hall
1986 May 6Aerosmith, Sports Arena
1986 May 18Robert Palmer, Stranahan Theater
1986 Jun 8Mahogany Rush/Montrose, Kip's South
1986 Aug 3Stevie Wonder in the round, Centennial Hall
1986 Sep 14Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band/John Eddie, Centennial Hall
1986 Sep 24Robin Trower, Glass City Boardwalk
1986 Oct 30David Lee Roth/Cinderella, Sports Arena
1986 Nov 1Alice Cooper/Vinnie Vincent Invasion, Sports Arena
1986 Dec 5Stevie Ray Vaughn, Sports Arena
1987 Jan 2Ratt / Billy Squier, Sports Arena
1987 Feb 10Mark Farner, Glass City Boardwalk
1987 Mar 16Bo Diddley, Ingman Room, Student Union, University of Toledo
1987 Mar 27REO Speedwagon/Georgia Satellites, Centennial Hall
1987 Apr 29The Plasmatics, Glass City Boardwalk
1987 Jun 23Johnny Winter, Glass City Boardwalk
1987 Oct 28Boston, Centennial Hall
1987 Nov 25Aerosmith, Sports Arena
1987 Nov 25Aerosmith/Dokken, Sports Arena
1987 Dec 7KISS/White Lion, Sports Arena
1987 Dec 12Heart, Centennial Hall
1988 Mar 19David Lee Roth/Cinderella, Sports Arena
1988 May 1Guns-n-Roses/U.D.O./Zodiac Mindwarp, Sports Arena
1988 May 31AC/DC w/Yngwie Malmsteen, Sports Arena
1988 Aug 10Robert Palmer, Stranahan Theater
1988 Aug 19Judas Priest/R Zombie/Anthrax, Sports Arena
1988 Aug 19Judas Preist/Cinderella, Sports Arena
1988 Oct 16Penn and Teller, Stranahan Theater
1988 Oct 26Robert Plant/Joan Jett, Centennial Hall
1988 Nov 15Metallica/Queensryche, Sports Arena
1989 Mar 1Poison / Tesla, Sports Arena
1989 Mar 18Chicago, Savage Hall
1989 Aug 4David Sanborn/ Brenda Russell, Zoo Amphitheater
1990 Mar 20The Cult/Bonham/Dangerous Toys, Sports Arena
1990 Apr 14Don Henley, Savage Hall
1990 May 19Kiss/Slaughter/Danger Danger, Sports Arena
1990 Oct 12Poison/Ratt, Sports Arena
1991 Jan 16Judas Priest/Dokken, Sports Arena
1991 Apr 16George Thorogood/Elvin Bishop, Stranahan Theater
1991 Jun 16Steve Winwood/The Robert Cray Band, Savage Hall
1991 Nov 16Rush, Savage Hall
1992 Feb 5Ozzy Osbourne/Motley Crue, Sports Arena
1992 Nov 2Jethro Tull, Stranahan Theater
1993 Feb 24Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Stranahan Theater
1993 Apr 11Kenny G., Savage Hall
1993 Nov 14Robert Plant, Savage Hall
1994 Feb 25Aerosmith, Sports Arena
1995 Feb 10NRBQ, The Main Event
1996 May 12The Rippingtons/Kim Waters, Centennial Terrace
1996 Sep 22Pearl Jam, Savage Hall
1997 Jul 4Santana, Zoo Amphitheater
1998 Oct 26Aerosmith, Sports Arena
2000 May 9KISS, Savage Hall
2000 Aug 1The Allman Brothers Band, SeaGate Convention Centre
2001 Feb 23Buddy Guy, Stranahan Theater
2001 Mar 19Matchbox Twenty, Savage Hall
2004 Oct 2Pearl Jam, Sports Arena
2005 Jul 6The Allman Brothers Band, Stranahan Theater
2005 Nov 6John Mayall/Roben Ford, Renaissance Valentine Theater
2007 Mar 8John Mellencamp, SeaGate Convention Centre
2007 Apr 14Kenny Wayne Shepherd & Double Trouble, GATOR'Z
2007 Jun 5Steely Dan, Zoo Amphitheater
2007 Oct 19Drew Hastings, Renaissance Valentine Theater
2007 Nov 2John Mellencamp/Los Lobos, SeaGate Convention Centre
2009 Jun 7Crosby, Stills & Nash, Zoo Amphitheater
2009 Aug 2Alice Cooper, Centennial Terrace
2010 Jul 2The Moody Blues, Zoo Amphitheater
2010 Oct 20Eagles, Lucas County Arena
2010 Nov 6Styx, Stranahan Theater
2011 Mar 31Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band, Huntington Center
2011 Apr 6Rush, Huntington Center
2011 Jul 24Tedeschi Trucks Band, Centennial Terrace
2012 Jan 24Tool, Huntington Center
2012 Jul 11Santana, Zoo Amphitheater
2012 Aug 14Train, Zoo Amphitheater
2012 Nov 1ZZ Top, Stranahan Theater
2013 Jul 26Buddy Guy/, Zoo Amphitheater
2013 Nov 13Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Huntington Center

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