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Classic Rock Concerts

East Rutherford, New Jersey, United States

map of East Rutherford and surrounding area
map of East Rutherford and surrounding area

There are concerts coming up in East Rutherford!

2015 Aug 26 AC/DC, Met Life Stadium

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Who has been to East Rutherford (27 total)

mmarovitch 1 time
altobelli 1 time
numbnuts 1 time
Godfather33 1 time
tweetyktg 2 times
marvinmelvin 1 time
RRJackson 2 times
willie10c 15 times
Zook 42 times
Embepropa 19 times
gr6y6f6fn 11 times
boboradice 1 time
RebMoish 1 time
tgraham 1 time
steviek18 4 times
CK 4 times
mixerdude 21 times
Chitown13 3 times
keithd62 1 time
Gary61 3 times
ssargele 1 time
Dayplayer 1 time
DaveinNJ 16 times
jetboy66 14 times
BrownCoat 1 time
misterconcert 8 times
ddppmm 2 times

Venues in East Rutherford

Giants Stadium 88 concerts
Izod Center 194 concerts
Met Life Stadium 4 concerts

Other cities near East Rutherford

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Hoboken 2 venues 4 concerts
New York City 123 venues 1601 concerts
Teaneck 2 venues 6 concerts
Jersey City 2 venues 9 concerts
Montclair 2 venues 13 concerts
Newark 2 venues 8 concerts
Englewood 1 venue 2 concerts
nyc 1 concert
Bronx 4 venues 29 concerts
Paramus 1 venue 2 concerts
New York 1 venue 34 concerts
Brooklyn 8 venues 8 concerts
Elizabeth 2 venues 5 concerts
Forest Hills 3 concerts
Flushing 4 venues 24 concerts
River Vale 1 venue 1 concert
Mount Vernon 1 venue 1 concert
Staten Island 1 venue 1 concert
Palisades 1 venue 1 concert
Queens 2 concerts
Pearl River 1 venue 1 concert
Piermont 1 venue 1 concert
Madison 1 venue 1 concert
Parsippany 2 concerts
Greenburgh 1 venue
Scotch Plains 1 venue 1 concert
Tarrytown 1 venue 3 concerts
Spring Valley 3 venues 6 concerts
Morristown 1 venue 1 concert
Suffern 1 venue 7 concerts
White Plains 2 concerts
Roslyn 1 venue 3 concerts
Rye 1 venue 4 concerts
Port Chester 2 venues 10 concerts
Hempstead 3 venues 17 concerts
Rockville Centre 1 venue 1 concert
Westbury 1 venue 23 concerts
Island Park 1 venue 1 concert
Uniondale 1 venue 120 concerts
Sayreville 1 venue 18 concerts
Hazlet 1 venue 1 concert
Lido Beach 1 venue 1 concert
New Brunswick 3 venues 9 concerts
Greenwood Lake 1 venue 2 concerts
Wantagh 2 venues 152 concerts
Old Bridge 1 venue 3 concerts
Stamford 1 venue 1 concert

Concerts in East Rutherford [add one]

1978 Jun 17Boston / Todd Rundgren / Poco, Giants Stadium
1978 Aug 6Aerosmith, Giants Stadium
1978 Aug 6Aerosmith/Ted Nugent/Journey/Mahogany Rush, New Meadowlands Stdium
1979 Jun 17Boston, Giants Stadium
1981 Jul 2Bruce Springsteen, Brendan Byrne Arena
1981 Jul 3Bruce Springsteen, Brendan Byrne Arena
1981 Jul 5Bruce Springsteen, Brendan Byrne Arena
1981 Jul 6Bruce Springsteen, Brendan Byrne Arena
1981 Jul 8Bruce Springsteen, Brendan Byrne Arena
1981 Jul 9Bruce Springsteen, Brendan Byrne Arena
1981 Jul 10Ted Nugent, Brendan Byrne Arena
1981 Jul 10Blackfoot, Brendan Byrne Arena
1981 Aug 21Styx, Brendan Byrne Arena
1981 Nov 2The Moody Blues, Brendan Byrne Arena
1981 Nov 5The Rolling Stones, Brendan Byrne Arena
1981 Nov 6The Rolling Stones, Brendan Byrne Arena
1981 Nov 7The Rolling Stones, Brendan Byrne Arena
1981 Dec 6AC/DC, Brendan Byrne Arena
1981 Dec 21Rush, Brendan Byrne Arena
1981 Dec 22Rush, Brendan Byrne Arena
1982 Mar 29Ozzy Osbourne, Brendan Byrne Arena
1982 May 22Ozzy Osbourne, Brendan Byrne Arena
1982 May 22Magnum, Brendan Byrne Arena
1982 Jul 9Foreigner, Brendan Byrne Arena
1982 Aug 9Queen, Brendan Byrne Arena
1982 Aug 13Crosby, Stills & Nash, Brendan Byrne Arena
1982 Aug 22Black Sabbath, Brendan Byrne Arena
1982 Sep 13Fleetwood Mac / Men At Work, Brendan Byrne Arena
1982 Sep 30Saga, Brendan Byrne Arena
1982 Sep 30Jethro Tull, Brendan Byrne Arena
1982 Oct 10The Who, Brendan Byrne Arena
1982 Oct 15Van Halen, Brendan Byrne Arena
1982 Oct 16Van Halen, Brendan Byrne Arena
1982 Oct 22Judas Priest/Iron Maiden, Brendan Byrne Arena
1982 Nov 6.38 Special, Brendan Byrne Arena
1982 Nov 6Jefferson Starship, Brendan Byrne Arena
1982 Nov 14Van Halen, Brendan Byrne Arena
1982 Nov 15Van Halen, Brendan Byrne Arena
1983 Feb 13Aerosmith, Brendan Byrne Arena
1983 Feb 13Pat Travers, Brendan Byrne Arena
1983 Feb 22Eric Clapton, Brendan Byrne Arena
1983 Mar 27Def Leppard, Brendan Byrne Arena
1983 Apr 16The Grateful Dead, Brendan Byrne Arena
1983 Apr 17Grateful Dead, Brendan Byrne Arena
1983 Jun 24Stevie Nicks / Joe Walsh, Brendan Byrne Arena
1983 Jun 28Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band, Brendan Byrne Arena
1983 Jul 14Hall & Oates / Scandal, Brendan Byrne Arena
1983 Aug 25Asia, Brendan Byrne Arena
1983 Sep 1Neil Young, Brendan Byrne Arena
1983 Oct 22The Moody Blues, Brendan Byrne Arena
1983 Oct 22Stevie Ray Vaughan, Brendan Byrne Arena
1983 Oct 29Black Sabbath / Quiet Riot, Brendan Byrne Arena
1983 Dec 13Aerosmith, Brendan Byrne Arena
1984 Apr 1Van Halen, Brendan Byrne Arena
1984 Apr 2Van Halen, Brendan Byrne Arena
1984 Apr 3Van Halen, Brendan Byrne Arena
1984 Aug 5Bruce Springsteen, Brendan Byrne Arena
1984 Aug 6Bruce Springsteen, Brendan Byrne Arena
1984 Aug 8Bruce Springsteen, Brendan Byrne Arena
1984 Aug 9Bruce Springsteen, Brendan Byrne Arena
1984 Aug 11Bruce Springsteen, Brendan Byrne Arena
1984 Aug 12Bruce Springsteen, Brendan Byrne Arena
1984 Aug 16Bruce Springsteen, Brendan Byrne Arena
1984 Aug 17Bruce Springsteen, Brendan Byrne Arena
1984 Aug 19Bruce Springsteen, Brendan Byrne Arena
1984 Aug 20Bruce Springsteen, Brendan Byrne Arena
1984 Sep 29Rush, Brendan Byrne Arena
1984 Oct 13Jethro Tull, Brendan Byrne Arena
1985 Mar 25Deep Purple, Brendan Byrne Arena
1985 Apr 25Eric Clapton, Brendan Byrne Arena
1985 May 9The Firm, Brendan Byrne Arena
1985 May 10Triumph, Brendan Byrne Arena
1985 May 10Mountain, Brendan Byrne Arena
1985 Aug 18Bruce Springsteen, Giants Stadium
1985 Aug 19Bruce Springsteen, Giants Stadium
1985 Aug 21Bruce Springsteen, Giants Stadium
1985 Aug 22Bruce Springsteen, Giants Stadium
1985 Aug 31Bruce Springsteen, Giants Stadium
1985 Sep 1Bruce Springsteen, Giants Stadium
1986 Mar 31Rush, Brendan Byrne Arena
1986 Apr 1Rush, Brendan Byrne Arena
1986 Apr 12Ted Nugent, Brendan Byrne Arena
1986 Apr 12Aerosmith, Brendan Byrne Arena
1986 Jul 28Van Halen, Brendan Byrne Arena
1986 Jul 29Van Halen, Brendan Byrne Arena
1986 Jul 31Van Halen, Brendan Byrne Arena
1986 Aug 1Van Halen, Brendan Byrne Arena
1986 Sep 13Emerson, Lake & Powell, Brendan Byrne Arena
1987 May 4Billy Joel, Brendan Byrne Arena
1987 May 12U2, Brendan Byrne Arena
1987 May 15U2, Brendan Byrne Arena
1987 Jul 12Grateful Dead / Bob Dylan, Giants Stadium
1987 Aug 2David Bowie, Giants Stadium
1987 Aug 3David Bowie, Giants Stadium
1987 Oct 10Pink Floyd, Brendan Byrne Arena
1987 Oct 11Pink Floyd, Brendan Byrne Arena
1987 Nov 13Aerosmith, Brendan Byrne Arena
1987 Nov 22Jethro Tull / Fairport Convention, Brendan Byrne Arena
1987 Dec 6Rush, Brendan Byrne Arena
1987 Dec 19Yes, Brendan Byrne Arena
1987 Dec 20KISS, Brendan Byrne Arena
1987 Dec 20Ted Nugent, Brendan Byrne Arena
1988 Mar 30Grateful Dead, Brendan Byrne Arena
1988 Mar 31Grateful Dead, Brendan Byrne Arena
1988 Jun 3Pink Floyd, Giants Stadium
1988 Jun 26Van Halen/Scorpions/Dokken/Metallica/Kingdom Come, Giants Stadium, Monsters of Rock Tour
1988 Jun 26Van Halen, Giants Stadium, With Scorpions,Metallica,Dokken,Kingdom Come
1989 Jun 29The Who, Giants Stadium
1989 Jun 30The Who, Giants Stadium
1989 Jul 2The Who, Giants Stadium
1989 Jul 3The Who, Giants Stadium
1989 Oct 14Grateful Dead, Brendan Byrne Arena
1989 Nov 9Jethro Tull, Brendan Byrne Arena
1989 Nov 9It Bites, Brendan Byrne Arena
1990 Jan 22Aerosmith, Brendan Byrne Arena
1990 Apr 20Rush, Brendan Byrne Arena
1990 Apr 25Rush, Brendan Byrne Arena
1990 Apr 25Mr. Big, Brendan Byrne Arena
1990 Apr 28Don Henley, Brendan Byrne Arena
1990 Jul 26Aerosmith, Brendan Byrne Arena
1990 Jul 29David Bowie, Giants Stadium
1990 Aug 6Eric Clapton, Brendan Byrne Arena
1991 Apr 1George Thorogood, Brendan Byrne Arena
1991 Apr 14Yes, Brendan Byrne Arena
1991 Jun 16Grateful Dead, Giants Stadium
1991 Jun 16Little Feat, Giants Stadium
1991 Jun 17Grateful Dead, Giants Stadium
1991 Jun 17Little Feat, Giants Stadium
1991 Oct 24Van Halen, Brendan Byrne Arena
1991 Oct 25Van Halen, Brendan Byrne Arena
1992 May 8Eric Clapton, Brendan Byrne Arena
1992 Jun 19Rush, Brendan Byrne Arena
1992 Jul 23Bruce Springsteen, Brendan Byrne Arena
1992 Jul 25Bruce Springsteen, Brendan Byrne Arena
1992 Jul 26Bruce Springsteen, Brendan Byrne Arena
1992 Jul 28Bruce Springsteen, Brendan Byrne Arena
1992 Jul 29Guns N' Roses, Giants Stadium
1992 Jul 30Bruce Springsteen, Brendan Byrne Arena
1992 Jul 31Bruce Springsteen, Brendan Byrne Arena
1992 Aug 2Bruce Springsteen, Brendan Byrne Arena
1992 Aug 4Bruce Springsteen, Brendan Byrne Arena
1992 Aug 6Bruce Springsteen, Brendan Byrne Arena
1992 Aug 7Bruce Springsteen, Brendan Byrne Arena
1992 Aug 10Bruce Springsteen, Brendan Byrne Arena
1992 Aug 12Primus, Giants Stadium
1992 Aug 12U2, Giants Stadium
1992 Aug 12Disposable Heroes of Hipoprisy, Giants Stadium
1992 Aug 13Disposable Heroes of Hipoprisy, Giants Stadium
1992 Aug 13U2, Giants Stadium
1992 Aug 13Primus, Giants Stadium
1992 Aug 30The Allman Brothers Band, Brendan Byrne Arena
1993 Jun 24Bruce Springsteen, Brendan Byrne Arena, Concert to Fight Hunger
1993 Sep 11Aerosmith, Brendan Byrne Arena
1994 Apr 22Rush, Brendan Byrne Arena
1994 Jun 25Phil Collins, Brendan Byrne Arena
1994 Jul 17Pink Floyd, Giants Stadium
1994 Jul 28Elton John/Billy Joel, Giants Stadium
1994 Jul 28Elton John and Billy Joel, Giants Stadium
1994 Aug 12The Rolling Stones, Giants Stadium
1994 Aug 14The Rolling Stones, Giants Stadium
1994 Aug 15The Rolling Stones, Giants Stadium
1994 Aug 17The Rolling Stones, Giants Stadium
1994 Aug 17Rolling Stones, The, Giants Stadium
1994 Aug 23Eagles, Giants Stadium
1994 Dec 16Aerosmith, Brendan Byrne Arena
1995 Apr 25Van Halen, Brendan Byrne Arena
1995 Sep 27David Bowie, Brendan Byrne Arena
1995 Sep 28David Bowie, Brendan Byrne Arena
1996 Oct 7Neil Diamond, Brendan Byrne Arena
1996 Nov 19The Who, Brendan Byrne Arena
1996 Dec 15Rush, Brendan Byrne Arena
1996 Dec 31KISS, Brendan Byrne Arena
1997 May 1U2, Giants Stadium
1997 May 31U2, Giants Stadium
1997 Jun 15Powerman 5000, Giants Stadium, Ozzfest 1997
1997 Jun 15Ozzy Osbourne , Giants Stadium, Ozzfest 1997
1997 Jun 15Marilyn Manson, Giants Stadium, Ozzfest 1997
1997 Jun 15Pantera, Giants Stadium, Ozzfest 1997
1997 Jun 15Type O Negative, Giants Stadium, Ozzfest 1997
1997 Jun 15Fear Factory, Giants Stadium, Ozzfest 1997
1997 Jun 15Machine Head, Giants Stadium, Ozzfest 1997
1997 Jun 15Down Set, Giants Stadium, Ozzfest 1997
1997 Jun 15Neurosis, Giants Stadium, Ozzfest 1997
1997 Jun 15Coal Chamber, Giants Stadium, Ozzfest 1997
1997 Jun 15Black Sabbath, Giants Stadium, Ozzfest 1997
1997 Oct 16The Rolling Stones, Giants Stadium
1997 Oct 17The Rolling Stones, Giants Stadium
1998 Dec 27Aerosmith, Continental Airlines Arena
1999 Jul 15Bruce Springsteen, Continental Airlines Arena
1999 Jul 18Bruce Springsteen, Continental Airlines Arena
1999 Jul 20Bruce Springsteen, Continental Airlines Arena
1999 Jul 24Bruce Springsteen, Continental Airlines Arena
1999 Jul 26Bruce Springsteen, Continental Airlines Arena
1999 Jul 27Bruce Springsteen, Continental Airlines Arena
1999 Jul 29Bruce Springsteen, Continental Airlines Arena
1999 Aug 1Bruce Springsteen, Continental Airlines Arena
1999 Aug 2Bruce Springsteen, Continental Airlines Arena
1999 Aug 4Bruce Springsteen, Continental Airlines Arena
1999 Aug 6Bruce Springsteen, Continental Airlines Arena
1999 Aug 7Bruce Springsteen, Continental Airlines Arena
1999 Aug 9Bruce Springsteen, Continental Airlines Arena
1999 Aug 11Bruce Springsteen, Continental Airlines Arena
1999 Aug 12Bruce Springsteen, Continental Airlines Arena
1999 Oct 9P. Diddy, Giants Stadium, Net Aid
2000 Jun 27Ted Nugent, Continental Airlines Arena
2000 Jun 27Skid Row, Continental Airlines Arena
2000 Jun 27KISS, Continental Airlines Arena
2001 Nov 15Aerosmith, Continental Airlines Arena
2002 Aug 7Bruce Springsteen, Continental Airlines Arena
2002 Sep 28The Rolling Stones, Giants Stadium
2002 Nov 6Rush, Continental Airlines Arena
2003 May 19Red Hot Chili Peppers, Continental Airlines Arena
2003 Jul 8Metallica , Giants Stadium, Summer Sanitarium Tour
2003 Jul 15Bruce Springsteen, Giants Stadium
2003 Jul 17Bruce Springsteen, Giants Stadium
2003 Jul 18Bruce Springsteen, Giants Stadium
2003 Jul 21Bruce Springsteen, Giants Stadium
2003 Jul 24Bruce Springsteen, Giants Stadium
2003 Jul 26Bruce Springsteen, Giants Stadium
2003 Jul 27Bruce Springsteen, Giants Stadium
2003 Aug 28Bruce Springsteen, Giants Stadium
2003 Aug 30Bruce Springsteen, Giants Stadium
2003 Aug 31Bruce Springsteen, Giants Stadium
2004 Jun 22Van Halen, Continental Airlines Arena
2004 Jun 23Van Halen, Continental Airlines Arena
2005 Apr 1Eagles, Continental Airlines Arena
2005 Apr 13Cher, Continental Airlines Arena
2005 May 19Bruce Springsteen, Continental Airlines Arena
2005 Nov 10Aerosmith, Continental Airlines Arena
2005 Nov 10Lenny Kravitz, Continental Airlines Arena
2005 Nov 16Bruce Springsteen, Continental Airlines Arena
2005 Nov 17Bruce Springsteen, Continental Airlines Arena
2006 Jun 1Pearl Jam, Continental Airlines Arena
2006 Jun 3Pearl Jam, Continental Airlines Arena
2006 Oct 17Red Hot Chili Peppers, Continental Airlines Arena
2006 Oct 18Red Hot Chili Peppers, Continental Airlines Arena
2007 May 24Roger Waters, Continental Airlines Arena, The Dark Side of The Moon Tour
2007 Jul 7Roger Waters, Giants Stadium, Live Earth Concert. Meadowlands.
2007 Jul 7The Smashing Pumpkins, Giants Stadium, Live Earth
2007 Jul 7The Police, Giants Stadium, Live Earth concert for North America
2007 Aug 5The Police, Giants Stadium
2007 Sep 28Rehearsal: Bruce Springsteen, Continental Airlines Arena
2007 Oct 9Bruce Springsteen, Continental Airlines Arena
2007 Oct 10Bruce Springsteen, Continental Airlines Arena
2007 Nov 3Van Halen, Continental Airlines Arena
2008 Mar 13Van Halen, Izod Center
2008 May 13Van Halen, Izod Center
2008 Jul 27Bruce Springsteen, Giants Stadium
2008 Jul 28Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band, Giants Stadium
2008 Jul 31Bruce Springsteen, Giants Stadium
2008 Oct 29The Who, Izod Center
2008 Nov 19AC/DC, Izod Center
2008 Dec 13trans siberian orchestra, Izod Center
2009 Mar 21Fleetwood Mac, Izod Center
2009 Apr 28Grateful Dead, Izod Center
2009 Apr 29Grateful Dead, Izod Center
2009 May 21Bruce Springsteen, Izod Center
2009 May 23Bruce Springsteen, Izod Center
2009 Jun 10Eric Clapton, Izod Center
2009 Jul 31The Answer, Giants Stadium
2009 Jul 31Anvil, Giants Stadium
2009 Jul 31AC/DC, Giants Stadium
2009 Sep 23U2, Giants Stadium
2009 Sep 30Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band, Giants Stadium
2009 Oct 2Bruce Springsteen, Giants Stadium
2009 Oct 3Bruce Springsteen, Giants Stadium
2009 Oct 9Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, Giants Stadium
2010 May 26Bon Jovi, Izod Center
2010 May 27Bon Jovi, Izod Center
2010 May 29Bon Jovi, Izod Center
2010 Jul 19U2, Izod Center
2010 Nov 3Roger Waters, Izod Center
2011 Jun 20U2, New Meadowlands Stdium
2011 Nov 17Guns N' Roses, Izod Center
2012 Sep 21Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band, Met Life Stadium
2015 Aug 26AC/DC, Met Life Stadium

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