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Classic Rock Concerts

Houston, Texas, United States

map of Houston and surrounding area
map of Houston and surrounding area

Births & deaths in Houston

Billy Gibbons born December 16, 1949

Who has been to Houston (67 total)

alwizard99 3 times
ACICERockStarPR 1 time
Skippy 2 times
classicrocker 4 times
greglittlefield 1 time
seanpjam 1 time
bluzdawg 3 times
leonalvarado 6 times
Paesano 1 time
AJB857 1 time
DrummerDoll 2 times
wsmshell 2 times
beeman777 1 time
mikeg 1 time
wrwilliams 1 time
Clem 40 times
laboarder 1 time
delobo 1 time
Birdieguy 1 time
nightrider7 2 times
Triumph11 13 times
msynative 2 times
fshrman01 3 times
Wallingford 1 time
medicineman 9 times
rlynchiii 2 times
dzylzzrd 3 times
Jeffd 1 time
kimbo1997 1 time
jameyb40 1 time
Sue 1 time
ddgest 2 times
ottomarcos 1 time
just1american 2 times
RussellCastro1957 1 time
musicman1 2 times
aev35 6 times
Mbomer 8 times
JonDill 12 times
CaptBasilio 1 time
Geepus 7 times
rwhite 41 times
ocampojr 1 time
gr6y6f6fn 11 times
taralphjr 65 times
roostertail7 4 times
1962dude 51 times
Katwoody40 1 time
Aldocella1 1 time
rocknrollsteve 1 time
lollyw 5 times
Brick 1 time
jasonLew 1 time
Southpaw299 1 time
Rabbit119 1 time
katman 1 time
Rugrash 34 times
180shun 1 time
geauxlsu225 1 time
leekellerking 3 times
jaldape 1 time
Mark12758 1 time
mag86slg 1 time
leslieaugust 1 time
sharoncea 1 time
cocoabeachbaby 1 time

Venues in Houston

The Abyss 6 concerts
Arena Theatre 3 concerts
Astroarena 3 concerts
The Axiom 8 concerts
Back Alley 1 concert
Bayou City Theatre 2 concerts
Cardi's 2000 1 concert
The Channel 1 concert
Compaq Center 1 concert
The Engine Room 4 concerts
Fitzgerald's 1 concert
Ft. Bend County Fairgrounds 2 concerts
Goat's Head Soup 1 concert
Hofheinz Pavilion 11 concerts
House of Blues 9 concerts
Houston Summit 1 concert
International Ballroom 5 concerts
Jones Hall 2 concerts
Lakewood Church Central Campus 75 concerts
Lone Star Amphitheatre 3 concerts
Meridian 5 concerts
Music Hall 21 concerts
Numbers Night Club 4 concerts
Reliant Arena 1 concert
Reliant Astrodome 32 concerts
Reliant Stadium 3 concerts
Rice Stadium 2 concerts
Robertson Stadium 2 concerts
Sam Houston Coliseum 67 concerts
Scout Bar 5 concerts
Southern star amphitheater 8 concerts
Toyota Center 26 concerts
Unicorn Ballroom 4 concerts
The Vatican 2 concerts
Verizon Wireless Theater 15 concerts
Warehouse Live-Ballroom 10 concerts
Warehouse Live-The Studio 1 concert
Westpark Entertainment Center 1 concert
Woodlands Pavillion 30 concerts

Other cities near Houston

Webster 1 venue 1 concert
La Porte 1 venue 1 concert
Spring 1 venue 2 concerts

Concerts in Houston [add one]

1965 Aug 19The Beatles, Sam Houston Coliseum
1968 Mar 17The Who
1968 Aug 4Jimi Hendrix, Sam Houston Coliseum
1968 Dec 7Steppenwolf, Sam Houston Coliseum
1969 Aug 3Led Zeppelin, Music Hall
1969 Dec 18Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Hofheinz Pavilion
1970 Feb 27Elvis Presley, The Astrodome, 2 shows at 2pm and 7.45pm
1970 Feb 28Elvis Presley, The Astrodome, 2 shows at 2pm and 7.45pm
1970 Mar 1Elvis Presley, The Astrodome, 2 shows at 2pm and 7.45pm
1970 Mar 29Led Zeppelin , Hofheinz Pavilion
1970 Mar 29Led Zeppelin, Hofheinz Pavilion
1970 Jun 20The Who, Hofheinz Pavilion
1971 Aug 25Led Zeppelin, Sam Houston Coliseum
1971 Sep 26The Allman Brothers Band, Sam Houston Coliseum
1971 Nov 12Elvis Presley, Hofheinz Pavilion
1971 Dec 1The Who, Sam Houston Coliseum
1972 Jun 25The Rolling Stones, Hofheinz Pavilion
1972 Nov 12David Bowie, Music Hall
1973 Mar 23The Allman Brothers Band, Sam Houston Coliseum
1973 Mar 31Foghat, Sam Houston Coliseum
1973 Mar 31Foghat, Sam Houston Coliseum
1973 May 16Led Zeppelin, Sam Houston Coliseum
1973 Jul 15Jethro Tull, Sam Houston Coliseum
1974 Mar 3Elvis Presley, The Astrodome, Two Shows at 2pm and 8.30pm.
1974 Apr 26Montrose, Hofheinz Pavilion
1974 Jun 30The Allman Brothers Band, Jeppesen Stadium
1974 Jul 28Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young, Jeppesen Stadium
1974 Aug 30Deep Purple, The Astrodome
1974 Oct 4Rush, Music Hall
1975 Feb 24Humble Pie, Sam Houston Coliseum
1975 Feb 25Rush, Sylvan Beach Pavillion LaPorte outside Houston
1975 Feb 27Led Zeppelin, Sam Houston Coliseum
1975 Mar 21Barry Manilow, Music Hall, Barry Manilow
1975 Apr 25Black Oak Arkansas, Hofheinz Pavilion, Black Oak Arkansas and Foghat
1975 Jun 4Elvis Presley, Hofheinz Pavilion
1975 Jun 5Elvis Presley, Hofheinz Pavilion
1975 Jun 10Bad Company, Sam Houston Coliseum, Bad Company and Maggie Bell
1975 Jun 17Bachman Turner Overdrive, Sam Houston Coliseum, Bachman Turner Overdrive, Styx and the Climax Blues Band
1975 Jul 24Aerosmith, Sam Houston Coliseum
1975 Aug 2Jethro Tull, Sam Houston Coliseum
1975 Nov 20The Who, The Summit
1975 Nov 27ZZ Top, The Summit, ZZ Top and REO Speedwagon
1975 Nov 29Marshall Tucker Band, Sam Houston Coliseum, Marshall Tucker Band and Charlie Daniels Band
1976 Jan 10The Allman Brothers Band, Sam Houston Coliseum
1976 Jan 25Bob Dylan, The Astrodome, Bob Dylan at the Astrodome
1976 Feb 5Foghat
1976 Feb 5The J. Geils Band, Sam Houston Coliseum, Sam Houston Coliseum (Houston, TX)
1976 Feb 22nazereth/deep purple, Sam Houston Coliseum
1976 Mar 20Chicago, The Summit
1976 Jun 24Aerosmith, Sam Houston Coliseum
1976 Aug 11KISS, The Summit
1976 Aug 28Elvis Presley, The Summit
1976 Dec 15Al Stewart, Music Hall
1977 Jan 6Rush, Music Hall
1977 Apr 21Gary Wright / Head East / Starcastle, Sam Houston Coliseum
1977 May 21Led Zeppelin, The Summit
1977 Jun 11Heart, The Summit
1977 Jun 24Aerosmith, The Summit
1977 Jun 25Aerosmith, The Summit
1977 Aug 20Rush, Music Hall
1977 Sep 2KISS, The Summit
1977 Oct 1Yes, Sam Houston Coliseum
1977 Oct 20Rush, Music Hall
1977 Oct 31Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Sam Houston Coliseum
1977 Nov 5Blue Oyster Cult, Sam Houston Coliseum
1977 Nov 9Jethro Tull, Sam Houston Coliseum
1977 Nov 27Golden Earring/Rex, Music Hall
1977 Dec 10Robin Trower/Wishbone Ash/Starcastle, Sam Houston Coliseum
1977 Dec 11Queen, Houston Summit, Queen in Concert
1978 Jan 11Kansas, The Summit
1978 Jan 15Ted Nugent / Angel, The Summit
1978 Mar 25Foghat, Sam Houston Coliseum
1978 Mar 26Foghat/Bachman Turner Overdrive/Judas Priest, Sam Houston Coliseum
1978 Apr 9David Bowie, The Summit
1978 Apr 15Journey/Ronnie Montrose/Van Halen, Music Hall
1978 Apr 27Mahogany Rush, Music Hall
1978 Jun 3Little Feat, Hofheinz Pavilion
1978 Jun 15Heart, The Summit
1978 Jul 2Aerosmith, Compaq Center
1978 Jul 19The Rolling Stones, Sam Houston Coliseum
1978 Aug 17Blue Oyster Cult / U.F.O., The Summit
1978 Sep 3Electric Light Orchestra, The Summit
1978 Oct 8Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band, The Summit
1978 Oct 19Genesis, The Summit
1978 Oct 22Genesis, The Summit
1978 Nov 2Styx / Ambrosia, The Summit
1978 Nov 17Billy Joel, The Summit
1978 Nov 19Black Sabbath / Van Halen, Sam Houston Coliseum
1979 Mar 1April Wine, Sam Houston Coliseum
1979 Mar 1Rush, Sam Houston Coliseum
1979 Mar 7Nazareth/Thin Lizzy, Sam Houston Coliseum
1979 Mar 15UFO / JUDAS PRIEST, Music Hall
1979 Apr 18Alice Cooper, Sam Houston Coliseum
1979 Apr 22Rod Stewart, The Summit
1979 Apr 28Jethro Tull, Sam Houston Coliseum
1979 Apr 30Bad Company, The Summit
1979 May 5Supertramp, Sam Houston Coliseum
1979 May 12Keith Richard's The New Barbarians, Sam Houston Coliseum
1979 Jun 3Yes, Sam Houston Coliseum
1979 Jul 11Van Halen, Music Hall
1979 Oct 3Judas Priest, Music Hall
1979 Oct 14The Doobie Brothers, The Summit
1979 Oct 21KISS, The Summit
1979 Dec 3Kansas, Sam Houston Coliseum
1979 Dec 11Blue Oyster Cult, Sam Houston Coliseum
1980 Feb 5Rush, Sam Houston Coliseum
1980 Mar 24Robin Trower, Music Hall
1980 Mar 29Heart, The Summit
1980 May 3UFO / Triumph, Sam Houston Coliseum
1980 May 30Genesis, The Summit
1980 May 31Judas Priest, Sam Houston Coliseum
1980 Jun 27Ted Nugent / Scorpions / Def Leppard, The Summit
1980 Jun 28Foghat, Sam Houston Coliseum
1980 Jul 5The Who, The Summit
1980 Aug 28Van Halen, Sam Houston Coliseum
1980 Oct 21Frank Zappa, Sam Houston Coliseum
1980 Oct 24The Doobie Brothers, The Summit
1980 Nov 1The Allman Brothers Band, Sam Houston Coliseum
1980 Nov 14Bruce Springsteen, The Summit
1980 Nov 15Bruce Springsteen, The Summit
1980 Nov 15Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, The Summit
1981 Apr 5Pat Travers, Sam Houston Coliseum
1981 Apr 7Rush, Sam Houston Coliseum
1981 Apr 8Rush, Sam Houston Coliseum
1981 Jun 14Judas Priest/Iron Maiden, Sam Houston Coliseum
1981 Aug 14Genesis, The Summit
1981 Sep 12Van Halen, Sam Houston Coliseum
1981 Oct 28The Rolling Stones, The Astrodome
1981 Oct 29The Rolling Stones, The Astrodome
1981 Nov 21Blackfoot, Music Hall
1981 Nov 21Def Leppard, Music Hall
1981 Nov 28Stevie Nicks, The Summit
1981 Dec 5Triumph, Sam Houston Coliseum
1982 Jan 17Rod Stewart, The Summit
1982 Mar 20The Police/Joe "King" Carrasco & the Crowns, The Summit, Ghost in the Machine Tour
1982 Jun 13Journey/Santana/Sammy Hagar/Joan Jett/Point Blank, The Astrodome, Texas World Music Festival
1982 Jun 30Asia, The Summit
1982 Aug 13Scorpions/Girlschool, The Summit
1982 Aug 14Genesis, The Summit
1982 Aug 17Rainbow/Saxon/Riot, Sam Houston Coliseum
1982 Aug 20Queen w/Billy Squier, The Summit
1982 Sep 23Van Halen, The Summit
1982 Sep 24Van Halen, The Summit
1982 Sep 27Fleetwood Mac, The Summit
1982 Dec 3The Who, The Astrodome
1982 Dec 11Peter Gabriel, Music Hall
1983 Mar 6Rush/Golden Earring, The Summit
1983 Mar 6Rush, The Summit
1983 Mar 7Rush, The Summit
1983 Mar 7Rush / Golden Earring, The Summit
1983 Apr 16Triumph, Sam Houston Coliseum
1983 Jun 19Triumph, The Astrodome, Texxas Jam
1983 Jun 19Styx - Mr. Roboto Tour, The Astrodome, Texxas Jam
1983 Jun 19Sammy Hagar, The Astrodome, Texxas Jam
1983 Jun 19Ted Nugent, The Astrodome, Texxas Jam
1983 Jun 19Uriah Heep, The Astrodome, Texxas Jam
1983 Jul 23Iron Maiden/Saxon, Sam Houston Coliseum
1983 Aug 21David Bowie, The Summit
1983 Oct 15Loverboy/Zebra, The Summit
1983 Nov 16The Police, The Summit, Syncronicity Tour
1983 Dec 30Heart/The Romantics, The Summit
1984 Mar 16Yes, The Summit
1984 May 15Randy Hansen, Cardi's 2000
1984 Jun 8.38 Special, The Astrodome, Texxas Jam
1984 Jun 8Rush, The Astrodome
1984 Jun 8Ozzy Osbourne, The Astrodome, Texxas Jam
1984 Jun 8Bryan Adams, The Astrodome, Texxas Jam
1984 Jun 8Gary Moore, The Astrodome
1984 Jun 13David Gilmour, The Summit
1984 Jul 11Van Halen, The Summit
1984 Jul 12Van Halen, The Summit
1984 Jul 30Ratt/Twisted Sister/Mama's Boys, Sam Houston Coliseum
1984 Sep 11The Cars, The Summit
1984 Sep 14Sammy Hagar, Sam Houston Coliseum
1984 Oct 11Jethro Tull, Sam Houston Coliseum
1984 Oct 20Quiet Riot/Whitesnake/Helix, Sam Houston Coliseum
1984 Nov 29Bruce Springsteen, The Summit
1984 Nov 30Bruce Springsteen, The Summit
1984 Dec 11Neil Diamond, The Summit
1984 Dec 12Aerosmith
1985 Jan 31Kiss / Zebra, Sam Houston Coliseum
1985 Feb 27U2, The Summit
1985 Mar 28Toto, The Summit
1985 Apr 8Roger Waters, The Summit
1985 May 12Bryan Adams, Southern star amphitheater
1985 Jul 19Power Station, Southern star amphitheater
1985 Aug 16Whitney Houston/ Luther Vandross, The Summit
1985 Aug 17Dire Straits, Southern star amphitheater
1985 Aug 18Heart, Southern star amphitheater
1985 Sep 4Wham, Southern star amphitheater
1985 Sep 20Neil Young, Southern star amphitheater
1985 Oct 12AC/DC, Southern star amphitheater
1986 Jan 15Rush, The Summit
1986 Jan 16Rush, The Summit
1986 Feb 21Aerosmith, The Summit
1986 May 2Heart, The Summit
1986 Jun 12Neil Diamond, The Summit
1986 Jun 21Laurie Anderson, Music Hall
1986 Aug 27 zz top, The Summit
1986 Aug 27ZZ Top, The Summit
1986 Sep 29Van Halen, The Summit
1987 Jan 16Genesis, The Summit
1987 Apr 8U2, The Summit
1987 Oct 7David Bowie, The Summit
1987 Oct 8David Bowie, The Summit
1987 Nov 18Pink Floyd, The Astrodome
1988 Jan 29Rush, The Summit
1988 Feb 15Aerosmith, The Summit
1988 Apr 12Bruce Springsteen, The Summit
1988 Apr 13Bruce Springsteen, The Summit
1988 Jun 7Robert Plant , The Summit
1988 Jul 2Van Halen, Rice Stadium
1988 Jul 21Rod Stewart, The Summit
1988 Sep 11Jimmy Page, The Summit
1988 Oct 12Santana, Music Hall
1988 Nov 18Little Feat, The Summit
1988 Dec 7Steve Miller, Jones Hall
1988 Dec 10Voivod, The Axiom
1989 Jan 3Night Ranger, Club Xcess
1989 Mar 23R.E.M., The Summit
1989 Apr 21New Order, Southern star amphitheater, Senior Night At Astroworld
1989 Apr 28Dark Angel, The Axiom
1989 Apr 28Death, The Axiom
1989 May 14Academy Black, The Axiom
1989 May 14Beowulf, The Axiom
1989 May 14Dark Reign, The Axiom
1989 Aug 3The Allman Brothers Band, The Summit
1989 Aug 8Julian Lennon , The Summit
1989 Aug 23Little Feat/Jeff Healey, Music Hall
1989 Aug 28Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman & Howe, The Summit
1989 Sep 2The Fabulous Thunderbirds, The Astrodome
1989 Sep 2The Who, The Astrodome
1989 Sep 2The Who/Fabulous Thunderbirds/Stevie Ray Vaughan, The Astrodome, Miller Lite's "Biggest Party In History" / The Who's Tommy 25th Anniversary Tour
1989 Sep 2Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble, The Astrodome
1989 Sep 16The Cure, The Summit
1989 Oct 8Kreator, The Axiom
1989 Oct 8Coroner, The Axiom
1989 Nov 8The Rolling Stones, The Astrodome
1989 Nov 29Jethro Tull, The Summit
1989 Nov 29It Bites, The Summit
1990 Feb 11Nine Inch Nails, Numbers Night Club
1990 Feb 26Rush, The Summit
1990 Mar 13Joe Satriani, Sam Houston Coliseum
1990 Apr 24Eric Clapton, The Summit
1990 May 14America, The Summit
1990 May 14The Beach Boys, The Summit
1990 May 14Three Dog Night, The Summit
1990 Jun 3Crosby, Stlls and Nash, Woodlands Pavillion
1990 Jun 7David Bowie, Woodlands Pavillion
1990 Jun 13Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble, Woodlands Pavillion
1990 Jun 28Nine Inch Nails, Numbers Night Club
1990 Jul 1Chicago, Hermann Park Free Concert at Miller Outdoor Theater
1990 Jul 7Huey Lewis & the News, Road Party 2
1990 Jul 13Steve Miller, Woodlands Pavillion
1990 Aug 3Robert Plant, The Summit
1990 Aug 21Kiss/Winger/Slaughter, The Summit
1990 Aug 25Moody Blues, Woodlands Pavillion
1990 Sep 6Bad Company, Sam Houston Coliseum
1990 Nov 23Billy Joel, The Summit
1990 Dec 14King's X with Galactic Cowboys, Tower Theater
1990 Dec 18ARMORED SAINT / WRATHCHILD AMERICA , Numbers Night Club, I don't remember shit.
1991 Feb 9Vince Gill, The Astrodome, Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo
1991 Feb 9kathy mattea, The Astrodome, Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo
1991 Feb 12AC/DC, The Summit
1991 Mar 13Neil Young & Crazy Horse / Sonic Youth, The Summit
1991 Apr 25ZZ Top, The Summit
1991 Apr 27ZZ Top/John Mayall, The Summit
1991 Apr 28ZZ Top/John Mayall, The Summit
1991 May 19Bob Weir & Rob Wasserman, Unicorn Ballroom
1991 Jun 21Dan Fogelberg, Woodlands Pavillion
1991 Aug 2Yes, Woodlands Pavillion
1991 Oct 11Pearl Jam, The Vatican
1991 Oct 22Rod Stewart, Woodlands Pavillion
1991 Dec 7Red Hot Chili Peppers, Unicorn Ballroom
1991 Dec 7Pearl Jam, Unicorn Ballroom
1991 Dec 8Pearl Jam, The Vatican
1991 Dec 10Tin Machine, Back Alley
1992 Jan 25The Cult, The Summit
1992 Jan 31Van Halen, The Summit
1992 Feb 13Dire Straits, The Summit
1992 Feb 18Rush, The Summit
1992 Apr 30Pearl Jam, Unicorn Ballroom
1992 May 9Genesis, The Astrodome
1992 Aug 2Dan Fogelberg, Woodlands Pavillion
1992 Aug 21Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Woodlands Pavillion
1992 Sep 4Metallica, Stadium Tour w/GNR
1992 Sep 5Red Hot Chili Peppers, Ft. Bend County Fairgrounds
1992 Sep 14Lynyrd Skynyrd, Woodlands Pavillion
1993 Feb 6The Black Crowes, Sam Houston Coliseum
1993 Mar 13Arc Angels
1993 Mar 14Arc Angels
1993 Aug 28White Zombie, Lone Star Amphitheatre
1993 Aug 28Anthrax, Lone Star Amphitheatre
1993 Aug 28Quicksand, Lone Star Amphitheatre
1993 Oct 23Arc Angels
1993 Oct 29Robert Plant , Woodlands Pavillion
1994 Jan 26Rush, The Summit
1994 Feb 27The Offspring, Goat's Head Soup
1994 Mar 18Scorpions/King's X/Bonham, The Summit
1994 Apr 5Pink Floyd, Rice Stadium
1994 May 5Anthrax/Fight, Tower Theater
1994 Jul 4REO Speedwagon
1994 Sep 10Dead Horse, Numbers Night Club
1994 Sep 30Aerosmith, The Summit
1994 Nov 5ZZ Top/Gatemouth Brown, The Summit
1994 Nov 13The Rolling Stones, The Astrodome
1995 Mar 16Type O Negative, Astroarena
1995 Mar 16Pantera, Astroarena
1995 Mar 26Van Halen, The Summit
1995 Jul 7Boston, Woodlands Pavillion
1995 Aug 31Eric Clapton, The Summit
1995 Sep 5John Fogerty, Woodlands Pavillion
1995 Sep 29Van Halen, Woodlands Pavillion
1995 Oct 3The Allman Brothers Band, Woodlands Pavillion
1996 Jan 23Bruce Springsteen, Jones Hall
1996 Apr 25Primus, International Ballroom
1996 Apr 25Weapon of Choice, International Ballroom
1996 Jul 12Pantera/White Zombie/EyeHateGod, The Summit
1996 Nov 26Rocket from the Crypt, International Ballroom
1996 Nov 26Soundgarden, International Ballroom
1996 Nov 26Pond, International Ballroom
1996 Dec 5Rush, The Summit
1997 Oct 11Aerosmith, The Summit
1997 Nov 29Pantera/Anthrax/Coal Chamber, Westpark Entertainment Center, "Official Live 101 Proof" Tour
1998 Feb 12The Rolling Stones, The Summit
1998 Feb 13The Rolling Stones, The Summit
1998 May 2Pitbull Daycare, The Abyss
1998 May 2King Diamond, The Abyss
1998 Aug 3John Fogerty, Woodlands Pavillion
1998 Aug 15MERCYFUL FATE, The Abyss
1998 Aug 15Final Xit, The Abyss
1998 Aug 15Simon Barr Sinister, The Abyss
1998 Aug 15Destiny's End, The Abyss
1999 Apr 10The Living End, Verizon Wireless Theater
1999 Apr 10D Generation, Verizon Wireless Theater
1999 Apr 10The Offspring, Verizon Wireless Theater
1999 Jun 2Neil Young, Verizon Wireless Theater
1999 Sep 5Red Hot Chili Peppers, Ft. Bend County Fairgrounds
1999 Dec 21Megadeth, Verizon Wireless Theater
2000 Mar 3chris cornell, Verizon Wireless Theater
2000 Mar 6Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Compaq Center
2000 Apr 18Bruce Springsteen, Compaq Center
2000 Jun 5Red Hot Chili Peppers, Compaq Center
2000 Aug 27Sting, Woodlands Pavillion
2000 Aug 29The Who, Woodlands Pavillion
2000 Sep 16A Perfect Circle, Verizon Wireless Theater
2001 Mar 25Pantera/Morbid Angel/Soulfly, Astroarena
2001 Mar 29jerry cantrell, The Engine Room
2001 Jul 14Depeche Mode, Woodlands Pavillion
2001 Aug 3Three Doors Down, Woodlands Pavillion
2001 Aug 30Aerosmith, Woodlands Pavillion
2001 Oct 28Tool, Woodlands Pavillion
2002 Jun 29Superjoint Ritual, The Engine Room
2002 Aug 1Judas Priest, Verizon Wireless Theater
2002 Nov 4Bruce Springsteen, Compaq Center
2003 Jan 10Hank Williams III, The Engine Room
2003 Jan 25The Rolling Stones, Reliant Stadium
2003 Aug 2Metallica, Reliant Stadium, Summer Sanitarium Tour
2003 Aug 17Superjoint Ritual, The Engine Room
2003 Aug 17Blue Man Group, Woodlands Pavillion
2003 Nov 1A Perfect Circle, Reliant Arena
2004 Jan 17Hank Williams III, Fitzgerald's
2004 Apr 28The Offspring, Verizon Wireless Theater
2004 Sep 23Van Halen, Toyota Center
2004 Sep 26The Cramps, Meridian
2005 Feb 20Duran Duran, Toyota Center
2005 Jun 25The Offspring, Reliant Astrodome
2005 Sep 10John Mellencamp/John Fogerty, Woodlands Pavillion
2005 Sep 25The Allman Brothers Band, Verizon Wireless Theater
2006 Jan 23Lenny Kravitz, Toyota Center
2006 Jan 23Aerosmith, Toyota Center
2006 Mar 14Hank Williams III, Meridian
2006 Nov 18The Who, Toyota Center
2007 Mar 7Red Hot Chili Peppers, Toyota Center
2007 Jun 2Stevie Nicks
2007 Jun 29The Police, Toyota Center
2007 Nov 13Down , Meridian
2008 Jan 28Van Halen, Toyota Center
2008 Apr 14Bruce Springsteen, Toyota Center
2008 Dec 14AC/DC, Toyota Center
2009 Feb 9Yes, House of Blues
2009 Mar 6Dokken, Scout Bar
2009 Mar 19Elton John, Toyota Center, with Billy Joel
2009 Mar 22ZZ Top, Reliant Stadium
2009 Apr 4Foreigner, Arena Theatre
2009 Apr 8Bruce Springsteen, Toyota Center
2009 Apr 14Joe Cocker, Arena Theatre
2009 May 2Fleetwood Mac, Toyota Center
2009 Jun 24Eric Clapton, Toyota Center
2009 Aug 27Heart, Arena Theatre
2009 Oct 23Built to Spill, Warehouse Live-Ballroom
2009 Oct 23Dinosaur Jr., Warehouse Live-Ballroom
2009 Dec 5KISS, Toyota Center
2010 Feb 14Fishbone, Warehouse Live-Ballroom
2010 Feb 14Outlaw Nation, Warehouse Live-Ballroom
2010 Feb 14The English Beat, Warehouse Live-Ballroom
2010 Feb 19D.R.I., Meridian
2010 Feb 24Yes, House of Blues
2010 Mar 13Hank Williams III, Meridian
2010 Mar 25Megadeth, Verizon Wireless Theater
2010 Mar 25Exodus, Verizon Wireless Theater
2010 Mar 25Testament, Verizon Wireless Theater
2010 Mar 28Fear Factory, The Channel
2010 Apr 24Jeff Beck, Verizon Wireless Theater
2010 Apr 24The Jeff Beck Group, Verizon Wireless Theater
2010 Jun 26Chicago/The Doobie Brothers, Woodlands Pavillion
2010 Nov 19Social Distortion, House of Blues
2010 Nov 20Roger Waters/ The Wall, Toyota Center
2011 Jan 18Ozzy Osbourne, Toyota Center
2011 Mar 6Down , Warehouse Live-Ballroom
2011 Mar 14Stryper, Scout Bar
2011 Apr 29The Moody Blues, Woodlands Pavillion
2011 May 7Accept, Scout Bar
2011 May 7Sabaton, Scout Bar
2011 May 17Bon Jovi, Toyota Center
2011 Sep 8Hank Williams III, Scout Bar
2011 Oct 22Dead Horse, Warehouse Live-Ballroom
2011 Nov 4Buckcherry, Toyota Center
2011 Nov 4Guns N' Roses, Toyota Center
2011 Nov 13Tesla, House of Blues
2011 Dec 18Eddie Rabbitt, Reliant Astrodome
2012 May 4Social Distortion, House of Blues
2012 May 4Riverboat Gamblers, House of Blues
2012 May 18The Dave Matthews Band, Woodlands Pavillion
2012 Jun 24Van Halen , Toyota Center
2012 Jun 24Van Halen, Toyota Center
2012 Sep 1Def Leppard/Poison/Lita Ford, Woodlands Pavillion
2013 Jan 11Down , Warehouse Live-Ballroom
2013 Apr 24Bullet for My Valentine, House of Blues
2013 Apr 26Sevendust, Warehouse Live-Ballroom
2013 Jun 13Tesla, House of Blues
2013 Jul 25Black Sabbath, Woodlands Pavillion
2013 Aug 30The Cult, House of Blues
2014 Jan 10Phillip H. Anselmo & The Illegals, Warehouse Live-The Studio
2014 Jul 16Lady Gaga, Toyota Center
2014 Dec 15Fleetwood Mac, Toyota Center
2015 Apr 29The Who, Toyota Center
2015 May 20Rush, Toyota Center

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