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Classic Rock Concerts

Austin, Texas, United States

map of Austin and surrounding area
map of Austin and surrounding area

Births & deaths in Austin

Buddy Miles died February 26, 2008

Who has been to Austin (20 total)

ACICERockStarPR 3 times
redFender 4 times
moon1287 1 time
gmark29 1 time
greglittlefield 29 times
cmilazzo 1 time
jbo 1 time
Birdieguy 5 times
tomwilly 1 time
Triumph11 14 times
oldjawbone13 1 time
Mbomer 3 times
Geepus 1 time
Scotty700 11 times
willezoom05 1 time
bbwayman 2 times
anhisr 1 time
sfearll 2 times
hanfrac 1 time
cocoabeachbaby 8 times

Venues in Austin

KLRU Studios 1 concert
Liberty Lunch 1 concert
Manor Downs 3 concerts
Metro 2 concerts
Mugshots 1 concert
Municipal Auditorium 4 concerts
Music Hall 12 concerts
One World Theatre 2 concerts
Pecan Street Ale House 1 concert
Performing Arts Center 3 concerts
Sneakers 1 concert
South by Southwest 3 concerts
South Park Meadows Amphitheatre 9 concerts
Stubb's 19 concerts
Tunnel 1 concert
Waterloo Park 2 concerts
Zilker Park 2 concerts

Other cities near Austin

MANOR (MANOR) 1 venue
Maxwell 1 venue 1 concert

Concerts in Austin [add one]

1970 Jun 18The Who, Hogg Memorial Auditorium
1970 Sep 12The Allman Brothers Band, Clark Field
1971 Sep 28The Allman Brothers Band, Municipal Auditorium
1975 Mar 7Led Zeppelin
1975 Oct 29Rush, Armadillo World Headquarters
1975 Oct 30Rush, Armadillo World Headquarters
1976 May 2Peter Frampton, Sunday Break
1977 Jan 11Rush
1977 Mar 28Elvis Presley, Municipal Auditorium
1977 Oct 17Rush
1978 Oct 17Funkadelic, Armadillo World Headquarters
1978 Oct 17Parliament, Armadillo World Headquarters
1978 Oct 29Aerosmith, Armadillo World Headquarters
1979 Feb 23Elvis Costello & The Attractions, Austin Opera House
1979 Feb 25Rush, Municipal Auditorium
1979 Jul 16Van Halen, Performing Arts Center
1979 Jul 27Randy Hansen, Armadillo World Headquarters, Randy Hansen live in concert featuring Opening Act Stevie Ray Vaughan
1979 Jul 28The Allman Brothers Band, Manor Downs
1980 Feb 7Rush, Municipal Auditorium
1980 Jul 3The Who, Frank Erwin Center
1980 Nov 9Bruce Springsteen, Frank Erwin Center
1981 Oct 2Van Halen, Frank Erwin Center
1981 Oct 15The Allman Brothers Band
1982 Mar 22The Police, Frank Erwin Center
1982 May 15Bonnie Raitt \ Charlie Daniels, Frank Erwin Center
1982 Jul 31The Grateful Dead, Manor Downs
1982 Jul 31Grateful Dead, Manor Downs
1982 Sep 26REO Speedwagon , Frank Erwin Center
1982 Nov 20Van Halen, Frank Erwin Center
1983 Feb 13Ry Cooder, Frank Erwin Center
1983 Feb 13Eric Clapton, Frank Erwin Center
1983 Mar 1Pat Benatar, Frank Erwin Center
1983 Aug 20David Bowie, Frank Erwin Center
1983 Aug 28Rick Springfield, Frank Erwin Center
1983 Sep 21Robert Plant, Frank Erwin Center
1983 Oct 21Lionel Richie, Frank Erwin Center
1984 Jan 23Genesis, Frank Erwin Center
1984 Feb 10Duran Duran, Frank Erwin Center
1984 Apr 9Scorpions, Frank Erwin Center
1984 May 17Randy Hansen, Cardi's Club
1984 Jun 10Van Halen, Frank Erwin Center
1984 Jun 22Neil Young, Austin Opera House
1984 Jul 10Van Halen, Frank Erwin Center
1984 Sep 8The Cars, South Park Meadows Amphitheatre
1984 Nov 23Bruce Springsteen, Frank Erwin Center
1985 Apr 9Roger Waters, Frank Erwin Center
1985 Apr 27Hall and Oates, Frank Erwin Center
1985 Jun 23Robert Plant, Frank Erwin Center
1985 Nov 2Tina Turner, Frank Erwin Center
1986 Jan 18Rush, Frank Erwin Center
1986 May 17Charlie Sexton, Charlie Sexton
1986 Jul 24Steve Hacket & Steve Howe, City Coliseum
1986 Aug 23ZZ Top, Frank Erwin Center
1986 Oct 4Van Halen, Frank Erwin Center
1987 Jan 23Iron Maiden, Frank Erwin Center
1987 Feb 9The Pretenders, Frank Erwin Center
1987 Feb 9Iggy Pop, Frank Erwin Center
1987 May 22Dave Edmunds, The Back Room
1987 Nov 19Pink Floyd, Frank Erwin Center
1988 Jan 30Rush, Frank Erwin Center
1988 Feb 12Aerosmith, Frank Erwin Center
1988 Feb 12Dokken, Frank Erwin Center
1988 Feb 24The Grapes of Wrath, The Back Room
1988 Mar 18Whitesnake, Frank Erwin Center
1988 Apr 15Bruce Springsteen, Frank Erwin Center
1988 Jul 30Iron Maiden, Frank Erwin Center
1988 Sep 5The Moody Blues, Zilker Park
1988 Nov 13Van Halen, Frank Erwin Center
1989 Feb 28The Toll, The Back Room
1989 Jul 14Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Frank Erwin Center
1989 Jul 14The Replacements, Frank Erwin Center
1989 Aug 10Eric Johnson, Auditorium Shores, Aquafest
1990 Feb 10Nine Inch Nails, Tunnel
1990 Feb 20Aerosmith, Frank Erwin Center
1990 Jun 6David Bowie, Frank Erwin Center
1990 Jul 4Willie Nelson's 4th of July Picnic, Zilker Park
1990 Aug 19Edgar Winter/Rick Derringer/Whitenin', Sneakers
1991 Oct 9Pearl Jam
1991 Dec 8Red Hot Chili Peppers, City Coliseum
1991 Dec 10Pearl Jam, City Coliseum
1992 Jan 27Metallica, Frank Erwin Center
1992 Jan 29Van Halen, Frank Erwin Center
1992 Feb 20Rush, Frank Erwin Center
1992 Apr 28Pearl Jam, City Coliseum
1992 Dec 5Asia, The Back Room
1993 Feb 13Def Leppard / Tesla, Frank Erwin Center
1993 Aug 29The Allman Brothers Band, The Backyard
1994 Jan 25Rush, Frank Erwin Center
1994 Feb 24The Moody Blues, Frank Erwin Center
1994 Feb 25The Offspring, Emo's
1994 Aug 12Jimmie Vaughan, KLRU Studios
1994 Sep 16Gin Blossoms, South Park Meadows Amphitheatre
1994 Sep 16Spin Doctors, South Park Meadows Amphitheatre
1994 Oct 1Aerosmith, South Park Meadows Amphitheatre
1994 Nov 9Steve Howe, Babe's on Sixth
1994 Dec 8Johnny Cash, Frank Erwin Center
1995 Apr 4Danzig, City Coliseum
1995 Apr 4Marilyn Manson, City Coliseum
1995 Apr 4Korn, City Coliseum
1995 Jul 2Pearl Jam, South Park Meadows Amphitheatre
1995 Aug 30Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown, Frank Erwin Center
1995 Aug 30Eric Clapton, Frank Erwin Center
1995 Sep 16Pearl Jam, South Park Meadows Amphitheatre
1995 Sep 30Van Halen, South Park Meadows Amphitheatre
1995 Sep 30Van Halen, Frank Erwin Center
1995 Oct 14David Bowie, South Park Meadows Amphitheatre
1995 Oct 31The Allman Brothers Band, Music Hall
1996 Jan 25Bruce Springsteen, Music Hall
1996 Apr 26Primus, Music Hall
1996 Apr 26Weapon of Choice, Music Hall
1996 Oct 1James Taylor, Frank Erwin Center
1996 Nov 5KISS, Frank Erwin Center
1996 Nov 27Soundgarden, Music Hall
1996 Nov 27Pond, Music Hall
1996 Nov 27Rocket from the Crypt, Music Hall
1997 Oct 2The Allman Brothers Band, The Backyard
1997 Dec 4Aerosmith, Frank Erwin Center
1998 Mar 21Sean Lennon, Liberty Lunch, SXSW
1998 May 8Indigo Girls, The Backyard
1998 Jul 25Phish, South Park Meadows Amphitheatre
1999 Mar 19Tal Bachman, Pecan Street Ale House, SXSW
1999 Apr 9The Offspring, Music Hall
1999 Apr 9The Living End, Music Hall
1999 Apr 9D Generation, Music Hall
1999 Apr 18Natalie Merchant, The Backyard
1999 Jul 25The Allman Brothers Band, The Backyard
1999 Dec 30ZZ Top, Frank Erwin Center
1999 Dec 30Lynyrd Skynyrd, Frank Erwin Center
2000 Apr 17Bruce Springsteen, Frank Erwin Center
2000 May 2Red Hot Chili Peppers, Frank Erwin Center
2001 Apr 20The Offspring, Waterloo Park
2001 May 10Savatage, Metro
2001 May 10Fates Warning, Metro
2002 Sep 27The Allman Brothers Band, The Backyard
2003 Mar 2Bruce Springsteen, Frank Erwin Center
2003 May 8Charlie Daniels Band / Willie Nelson, Stubb's
2003 Jun 13ZZ Top, Frank Erwin Center
2003 Aug 14Blue Man Group, The Backyard
2003 Aug 20Bob Dylan, The Backyard
2003 Sep 18Steve Winwood, Stubb's
2004 Apr 27David Bowie, The Backyard
2004 Jul 6Simon & Garfunkel, Frank Erwin Center
2004 Jul 6Everly Brothers, Frank Erwin Center
2004 Sep 3Metallica, Frank Erwin Center, with Godsmack
2004 Sep 3Metallica / Godsmack, Frank Erwin Center
2005 Mar 11Big Head Todd, Stubb's
2005 Apr 17Audioslave, Music Hall
2005 Sep 23The Allman Brothers Band, Austin City Limits Music Festival
2007 Aug 4Dream Theater, The Backyard
2008 Apr 23Rush, Frank Erwin Center
2008 May 15ZZ Top, The Backyard
2008 Nov 9Bad Brains, Waterloo Park
2009 Apr 5Bruce Springsteen, Frank Erwin Center
2009 May 6Lady Gaga, Music Hall
2009 May 12Nine Inch Nails, Frank Erwin Center
2009 May 19The Offspring, Stubb's
2009 Aug 26Blood, Sweat & Tears, One World Theatre, KW Cares Fundraiser
2009 Aug 27Blood, Sweat & Tears, One World Theatre
2009 Oct 1Them Crooked Vultures, Stubb's
2009 Oct 2Them Crooked Vultures, Austin City Limits Music Festival
2009 Oct 4Pearl Jam, Austin City Limits Music Festival
2009 Oct 24Dinosaur Jr., Stubb's
2009 Oct 24Built to Spill, Stubb's
2009 Nov 6AC/DC, Frank Erwin Center
2009 Dec 4KISS, Frank Erwin Center
2010 Feb 12Outlaw Nation, Emo's
2010 Feb 12Fishbone, Emo's
2010 Feb 12The English Beat, Emo's
2010 Mar 26Testament, Stubb's
2010 Mar 26Megadeth, Stubb's
2010 Mar 26Exodus, Stubb's
2010 Nov 18Social Distortion, Stubb's
2011 Mar 8Motorhead, Stubb's
2011 Mar 18CROWBAR , South by Southwest
2011 Mar 18Saint Vitus, South by Southwest
2011 Mar 18Helmet, South by Southwest
2011 Apr 19Rise Against, Stubb's
2011 Apr 19Four Year Strong, Stubb's
2011 Apr 19Bad Religion, Stubb's
2011 May 6Danzig, Stubb's
2011 May 17Destruction, Mugshots
2011 Jun 12Rush, Frank Erwin Center
2011 Jul 1D.I., Dirty Dog Bar
2011 Aug 14Sublime With Rome, The Backyard
2011 Aug 14311, The Backyard
2011 Aug 17Bush, Stubb's, KROX radio show
2012 May 5Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Frank Erwin Center
2012 May 6Riverboat Gamblers, Stubb's
2012 May 6Social Distortion, Stubb's
2012 Nov 9Glen Hansard, Performing Arts Center
2012 Nov 9Eddie Vedder, Performing Arts Center
2013 Jan 19Don Henley, Frank Erwin Center
2013 Jul 27Black Sabbath, Frank Erwin Center
2014 Jul 12KISS, Austin360 Amphitheater
2014 Jul 12Def Leppard, Austin360 Amphitheater
2014 Nov 18Exodus, Austin City Limits Live
2014 Nov 18Suicidal Tendencies, Austin City Limits Live
2014 Nov 18Slayer, Austin City Limits Live
2015 Apr 27The Who, Frank Erwin Center
2015 May 16Rush, Austin360 Amphitheater

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