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Classic Rock Concerts

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States

map of Pittsburgh and surrounding area
map of Pittsburgh and surrounding area

There are concerts coming up in Pittsburgh!

2015 Oct 23 The Who, Consol Energy Center

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Who has been to Pittsburgh (53 total)

gmark29 64 times
seanpjam 1 time
rich10e 33 times
badborn44 24 times
sass 3 times
MackA 23 times
TAlbert860 8 times
mas 8 times
jackmillion 1 time
lem6611 3 times
6611lem 3 times
Oldrockerfrom62 1 time
4tuneagent 1 time
tsrock 2 times
DKDrocker 2 times
mugsynoir 2 times
gk13 2 times
casey1127 1 time
daytripper 1 time
django 1 time
scashner 1 time
rockwellhall 1 time
freespirit1961 1 time
BruceSpringsteen 1 time
Triumph11 4 times
Btofan 1 time
gregmusi 9 times
burnout63 8 times
joesep 96 times
DiPie 16 times
WVHillbilly 2 times
Gasjockey 1 time
brhuntey 1 time
RedRose3377 17 times
yinzert59 8 times
pjkPA 1 time
keo21 1 time
sjsonny 1 time
itsmebrenb 14 times
newwavedrummer 3 times
Wolfgang 2 times
richwalzsr 1 time
Katwoody40 1 time
AlKendall 3 times
klitfin 5 times
VBSteve 1 time
burnout1599 1 time
WildEcat1 1 time
Wesco 1 time
burtster 1 time
msbecky1231 1 time
mdenise 1 time
dankubala 1 time

Venues in Pittsburgh

A. J. Palumbo Center 8 concerts
Altar Bar 3 concerts
Benedum Center 47 concerts
Byham Theatre 2 concerts
Carnegie Library Music Hall of Homestead 4 concerts
Carnegie Music Hall 1 concert
Chevrolet Amphitheatre 9 concerts
Club Cafe 1 concert
Consol Energy Center 7 concerts
The Decade 8 concerts
Diesel 2 concerts
Fisher Auditorium 7 concerts
Golden Dome 3 concerts
Graffiti 10 concerts
Hunt Armory
Leona Theater 2 concerts
Metropol 5 concerts
Palace Theatre 7 concerts
Petersen Events Center 5 concerts
Pittsburgh Civic Arena 193 concerts
PNC Park 4 concerts
Point State Park 3 concerts
Post Gazette Pavilion 22 concerts
Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall 3 concerts
Stage AE 20 concerts
Syria Mosque 25 concerts
Three Rivers Stadium 35 concerts

Other cities near Pittsburgh

Millvale 1 venue 8 concerts
South Park 1 venue 1 concert
McKeesport 1 venue 4 concerts
Hampton Township 1 venue 10 concerts
Burgettstown 1 venue 111 concerts
Monaca 1 venue 4 concerts
Greensburg 2 venues 8 concerts
California 1 venue 2 concerts

Concerts in Pittsburgh [add one]

1969 Dec 11Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1970 Mar 30Led Zeppelin, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1971 Jan 17The Allman Brothers Band, Syria Mosque
1971 Aug 10The Who, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1971 Oct 15The Allman Brothers Band, Syria Mosque
1971 Nov 13Three Dog Night, Three Rivers Stadium
1972 Jul 9Bad Finger, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1972 Jul 9Rod Stewart, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1972 Jul 22The Rolling Stones, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1972 Aug 25Deep Purple, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1972 Oct 17Jethro Tull, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1972 Oct 17Gentle Giant, Pittsburgh Civic Arena, Opened for Jethro Tull
1972 Nov 7Yes, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1972 Nov 7The J. Geils Band, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1972 Nov 28David Bowie, Stanley Theater
1973 May 31Deep Purple, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1973 Jun 25Elvis Presley, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1973 Jun 26Elvis Presley, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1973 Jul 24Led Zeppelin, Three Rivers Stadium
1973 Aug 24The Allman Brothers Band, Three Rivers Stadium
1973 Sep 11Jethro Tull, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1973 Oct 9Elton John, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1974 Feb 21Yes, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1974 May 9Eagles, The, Syria Mosque
1974 May 10Grand Funk Railroad, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1974 Jun 26David Bowie, Syria Mosque
1974 Jun 27David Bowie, Syria Mosque
1974 Jul 11The Allman Brothers Band, Three Rivers Stadium
1974 Aug 2Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1974 Aug 14Manfred Mann, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1974 Aug 14Uriah Heep, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1974 Aug 14Rush, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1974 Aug 20Rush
1974 Aug 31The Doobie Brothers, Three Rivers Stadium
1974 Aug 31Chicago, Three Rivers Stadium
1974 Nov 19David Bowie, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1975 Jan 21Humble Pie, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1975 Feb 1Led Zeppelin, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1975 Feb 25Kansas, Stanley Theater
1975 Feb 25Queen, Stanley Theater
1975 Feb 25Styx, Stanley Theater
1975 Mar 29Jackson Browne, Syria Mosque
1975 Mar 29Phoebe Snow, Syria Mosque
1975 Mar 31Seals & Crofts, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1975 Apr 15Rush, Stanley Theater
1975 Jun 3Fleetwood Mac, Stanley Theater
1975 Jun 20Pink Floyd, Three Rivers Stadium
1975 Jun 30Eric Clapton, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1975 Jun 30Santana, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1975 Jul 19Johnny Winter, Three Rivers Stadium, World Series Of Rock
1975 Jul 19Foghat, Three Rivers Stadium, World Series Of Rock
1975 Jul 19Bachman Turner Overdrive, Three Rivers Stadium, World Series of Rock
1975 Jul 19Styx, Three Rivers Stadium, World Series Of Rock
1975 Jul 19Kansas, Three Rivers Stadium, World Series Of Rock
1975 Jul 19Dave Mason, Three Rivers Stadium, World Series of Rock
1975 Aug 9Bruce Springsteen, Syria Mosque
1975 Aug 15Blue Oyster Cult, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1975 Aug 15Uriah Heep, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1975 Sep 21Roy Buchanan, Fisher Auditorium
1975 Sep 25Aerosmith, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1975 Sep 26The Flying Burrito Brothers, Syria Mosque
1975 Oct 15Fleetwood Mac, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1975 Oct 15Jefferson Starship, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1975 Oct 25Stephen Stills, Syria Mosque
1975 Dec 2Kansas, Stanley Theater
1975 Dec 2Spirit, Stanley Theater
1975 Dec 20Rush, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1976 Jan 25Dan Fogelberg, Syria Mosque
1976 Mar 11David Bowie, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1976 Mar 16Marshall Tucker Band, Stanley Theater
1976 Apr 9Weather Report, Fisher Auditorium
1976 Apr 15Bruce Springsteen, Syria Mosque
1976 Apr 21Blue Oyster Cult, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1976 May 23The Kinks, Stanley Theater
1976 Jun 12ZZ Top, Three Rivers Stadium
1976 Jun 12Aerosmith, Three Rivers Stadium
1976 Jul 15Stills-Young Band, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1976 Jul 15Poco, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1976 Jul 26Jethro Tull, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1976 Aug 24Crosby/Nash, Syria Mosque
1976 Sep 4KISS, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1976 Sep 4Bob Seger, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1976 Sep 4Artful Dodger, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1976 Sep 21The Band, Syria Mosque
1976 Oct 3Jackson Browne, Syria Mosque
1976 Oct 12Chicago, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1976 Oct 26ECM Jazz Festival, Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall
1976 Nov 9Livingston Taylon, Fisher Auditorium
1976 Dec 8Ted Nugent, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1976 Dec 8Black Sabbath, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1976 Dec 27Lynyrd Skynyrd, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1976 Dec 31Elvis Presley, Pittsburgh Civic Arena, Tour closing show
1977 Feb 28Michael Franks, Fisher Auditorium
1977 Mar 1Bruce Springsteen
1977 Mar 14Cheap Trick, Stanley Theater
1977 Mar 14Rush, Stanley Theater
1977 Mar 14Max Webster, Stanley Theater
1977 Mar 29Iggy Pop, Leona Theater
1977 May 2The Kinks, Stanley Theater
1977 Jun 11Crosby, Stills & Nash
1977 Aug 9Led Zeppelin, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1977 Aug 10Led Zeppelin, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1977 Aug 30Jackson Browne
1977 Oct 12David Bromberg, Fisher Auditorium
1977 Oct 31New Brubeck Quartet, Fisher Auditorium
1977 Nov 22Rush, Stanley Theater
1977 Nov 23Rush, Stanley Theater
1977 Dec 29The Sex Pistols, Leona Theater
1978 Mar 19The Jerry Garcia Band, Stanley Theater
1978 Apr 18Grateful Dead, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1978 Apr 21Bruce Springsteen, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1978 Apr 26David Bowie, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1978 Sep 2Van Halen, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1978 Sep 2Black Sabbath, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1978 Sep 30Dave Mason, Stanley Theater
1978 Oct 13Martin Mull, Syria Mosque
1978 Nov 2Aerosmith, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1978 Dec 14Angel / Styx, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1979 Jan 19Rush, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1979 Mar 2sad cafe, Stanley Theater
1979 Mar 2Santana, Stanley Theater
1979 Mar 6The Ramones, The Decade
1979 Mar 7The Ramones, The Decade
1979 Mar 14Rush, Stanley Theater
1979 Mar 17Thin Lizzy / Nazareth, Stanley Theater
1979 Mar 20The Police, The Decade
1979 Mar 26Boston, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1979 Apr 11Yes, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1979 Apr 16Joe Jackson, The Decade
1979 Apr 25GIno Vannelli, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1979 May 2New Barbarians, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1979 May 7Van Halen, Stanley Theater
1979 Jun 2Eric Clapton / Journey, Stanley Theater
1979 Jun 23CDB, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1979 Jul 11Blondie, Stanley Theater
1979 Jul 11Rockpile, Stanley Theater
1979 Jul 13The Cars, Stanley Theater
1979 Aug 18Mohogany Rush / Kansas, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1979 Aug 20The Allman Brothers Band, Stanley Theater
1979 Aug 27Marshall Tucker Band, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1979 Aug 27Blackfoot, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1979 Oct 5Rainbow / Blue Oyster Cult, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1979 Oct 30April Wine / Styx, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1979 Nov 11Pat Benatar, The Decade
1979 Nov 30Grateful Dead, Stanley Theater
1979 Dec 2The Who, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1979 Dec 9Aerosmith, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1980 Jan 24Aerosmith, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1980 Mar 19The Pretenders, The Decade
1980 Apr 14Bob Dylan, Stanley Theater
1980 Apr 30Van Halen, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1980 May 14Rush, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1980 Jun 13Genesis, Stanley Theater
1980 Jun 17Eagles, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1980 Jun 17Little River Band, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1980 Sep 18Yes, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1980 Sep 23Bob Marley & the Wailers, Stanley Theater
1980 Nov 30Bruce Springsteen, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1980 Dec 1Bruce Springsteen, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1981 Jan 13The Allman Brothers Band, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1981 Mar 6Grateful Dead, Stanley Theater
1981 Mar 13April Wine / Nazareth, Stanley Theater
1981 Mar 20Donnie Iris, Stanley Theater
1981 Apr 18REO Speedwagon/ 707, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1981 Apr 21U2, The Decade
1981 Apr 30Rainbow, Stanley Theater
1981 Jul 14Van Halen, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1981 Nov 1The Moody Blues, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1981 Nov 1Moody Blues, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1981 Nov 5rossington collins band/ lynyrd skynyrd, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1981 Nov 19Genesis, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1981 Nov 29Grateful Dead, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1981 Dec 29The Allman Brothers Band, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1982 Apr 25Asia, Stanley Theater
1982 Jul 10Jon Anderson, Stanley Theater
1982 Aug 11Santana, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1982 Aug 17Elvis Costello, Stanley Theater
1982 Aug 18The Clash, Stanley Theater
1982 Sep 28The Who, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1982 Sep 28David Johansen, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1982 Oct 14Van Halen, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1982 Nov 1Van Halen, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1982 Nov 26Aerosmith, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1982 Nov 29Pat Benatar, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1983 Jan 18Billy Squier, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1983 Apr 4Rush, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1983 Jun 30Rick Springfield, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1983 Jul 29Asia, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1983 Aug 8The Police, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1983 Aug 16Iron Maiden, Pittsburgh Civic Arena, British Metal Onslaught
1983 Sep 9Loverboy, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1983 Dec 7Genesis, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1983 Dec 14Various Artists, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1984 Feb 2Ozzy Osbourne, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1984 Feb 17.38 Special, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1984 Mar 4Accept, Stanley Theater
1984 Mar 4KISS, Stanley Theater
1984 Mar 7Van Halen, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1984 Apr 9Judas Priest, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1984 May 1Yes, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1984 Jul 8Rush, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1984 Jul 27The Cars, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1984 Aug 4Rod Stewart, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1984 Aug 30Rehearsal: Honeymoon Suite
1984 Sep 20Bruce Springsteen, The Decade
1984 Sep 21Bruce Springsteen, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1984 Sep 22Bruce Springsteen, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1984 Oct 4Lou Reed, Syria Mosque
1984 Nov 17Frank Zappa, Syria Mosque
1984 Dec 10The Kinks, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1985 Feb 24Deep Purple, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1985 Mar 20Aerosmith, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1985 Mar 26KISS, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1985 Jun 5Iron Maiden, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1985 Jul 2Grateful Dead, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1985 Aug 11Bruce Springsteen, Three Rivers Stadium
1985 Nov 28John Mellencamp, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1985 Dec 18Rush, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1986 Jan 14Twisted Sister, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1986 Mar 20Aerosmith, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1986 Mar 27The Firm, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1986 Apr 3KISS, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1986 May 13Van Halen, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1986 Sep 11Bob Seger, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1986 Oct 26The Moody Blues, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1987 Jul 6Grateful Dead, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1987 Nov 5Aerosmith, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1987 Nov 16The Cars, Syria Mosque
1987 Nov 27Yes, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1987 Dec 16Rush, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1988 Feb 25Frank Zappa, Syria Mosque
1988 Mar 8Frank Zappa, Syria Mosque
1988 Mar 20Bruce Springsteen, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1988 Jun 15Van Halen, Three Rivers Stadium
1988 Jun 26Grateful Dead, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1988 Jul 5Iron Maiden, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1988 Aug 31Aerosmith, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1988 Sep 13Bob Dylan, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1988 Sep 26Michael Jackson, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1988 Sep 27Michael Jackson, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1988 Sep 28Michael Jackson, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1988 Oct 2Little Feat, Syria Mosque
1988 Dec 2Rod Stewart, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1989 Jan 31Richard Thompson, Graffiti
1989 Mar 4Al Stewart, Graffiti
1989 Mar 21Bruce Cockburn, Graffiti
1989 Apr 2Grateful Dead, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1989 Apr 3Grateful Dead, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1989 Apr 6Edie Brickell, Syria Mosque
1989 May 13Fairport Convention, Graffiti
1989 May 15Dead Milkmen, Graffiti
1989 Jun 14Bon Jovi, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1989 Jul 1Jackson Browne, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1989 Jul 15The Allman Brothers Band, A. J. Palumbo Center
1989 Jul 16The Who, Three Rivers Stadium
1989 Jul 31Stevie Nicks, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1989 Sep 6The Rolling Stones, Three Rivers Stadium
1989 Sep 10R.E.M., Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1989 Oct 5Peter Case, Graffiti
1989 Oct 23Winter Hours, Graffiti
1989 Nov 24Phranc, Graffiti
1989 Nov 29Hot Tuna, Graffiti
1989 Dec 1410,000 Maniacs, Syria Mosque
1990 Jan 25Aerosmith, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1990 Feb 18Warren Zevon, Syria Mosque
1990 Jun 7Rush, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1990 Jul 8Grateful Dead, Three Rivers Stadium
1990 Jul 8Crosby, Stills & Nash, Three Rivers Stadium
1990 Aug 3Nine Inch Nails, Metropol
1990 Nov 7AC/DC, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1991 Oct 25Pearl Jam, A. J. Palumbo Center
1991 Oct 25Red Hot Chili Peppers, A. J. Palumbo Center
1991 Oct 28Rush, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1992 Jul 26Guns N' Roses, Three Rivers Stadium
1992 Jul 26Metallica, Three Rivers Stadium
1992 Aug 25Primus, Three Rivers Stadium
1992 Aug 25Disposable Heroes of Hipoprisy, Three Rivers Stadium
1992 Aug 25U2, Three Rivers Stadium
1992 Dec 16Bruce Springsteen, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1993 Sep 9The Offspring, Benedum Center
1994 Feb 20Aerosmith, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1994 Apr 20Rush, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1994 May 31Pink Floyd, Three Rivers Stadium
1994 Sep 29The Rolling Stones, Three Rivers Stadium
1994 Oct 16Eric Clapton, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1994 Oct 22The Offspring, Graffiti
1995 Mar 25Page & Plant, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1995 Apr 30Korn, Golden Dome
1995 Apr 30Danzig, Golden Dome
1995 Apr 30Marilyn Manson, Golden Dome
1996 Mar 14Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1996 Mar 25AC/DC, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1996 Jun 27Black Oak Arkansas, Three Rivers Stadium, Bud Light Rib Festival
1996 Jun 27Mountain, Three Rivers Stadium, Bud Light Rib Festival
1996 Jun 27Foghat, Three Rivers Stadium, Bud Light Rib Festival
1996 Jun 27Iron Butterfly, Three Rivers Stadium, Bud Light Rib Festival
1996 Jul 21KISS, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1996 Aug 30Gloria Estefan, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1996 Sep 16Bruce Springsteen, Benedum Center
1996 Nov 3Rush, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1996 Nov 8The Who, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1997 Feb 2Social Distortion, Metropol
1997 Apr 20Bob Dylan, Fisher Auditorium
1997 Nov 2Yes, A. J. Palumbo Center
1998 Jan 9Aerosmith, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1998 Jan 10Cornershop, A. J. Palumbo Center
1998 Jan 10Oasis, A. J. Palumbo Center
1999 Jan 4Aerosmith, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1999 Mar 6Jonny Lang, Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall
1999 Mar 6The Offspring, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1999 Mar 11The Rolling Stones, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1999 May 14Hole, Chevrolet Amphitheatre
1999 Nov 5Bob Dylan, Pittsburgh Civic Arena
1999 Nov 16Buckethead, Metropol
1999 Nov 16Incubus, Metropol
1999 Nov 16Primus, Metropol
1999 Dec 1Yes, A. J. Palumbo Center
2000 Mar 18Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young, Mellon Arena
2000 Apr 25Bruce Springsteen, Mellon Arena
2000 Apr 26Bruce Springsteen, Mellon Arena
2000 Oct 4Alice Cooper, A. J. Palumbo Center
2001 Jun 30Aerosmith, Post Gazette Pavilion
2001 Oct 27Aerosmith, Mellon Arena
2002 Mar 6Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young, Mellon Arena
2002 Jul 7Andrew W.K., Post Gazette Pavilion, Ozzfest 2002
2002 Jul 7Lostprophets, Post Gazette Pavilion, Ozzfest 2002
2002 Jul 7Ozzy Osbourne, Post Gazette Pavilion, Ozzfest 2002
2002 Jul 7System of a Down, Post Gazette Pavilion, Ozzfest 2002
2002 Jul 7Rob Zombie, Post Gazette Pavilion, Ozzfest 2002
2002 Jul 7P.O.D., Post Gazette Pavilion, Ozzfest 2002
2002 Jul 7Adema, Post Gazette Pavilion, Ozzfest 2002
2002 Jul 7Black Label Society, Post Gazette Pavilion, Ozzfest 2002
2002 Jul 7Down, Post Gazette Pavilion, Ozzfest 2002
2002 Jul 7Hatebreed, Post Gazette Pavilion, Ozzfest 2002
2002 Jul 7Meshuggah, Post Gazette Pavilion, Ozzfest 2002
2002 Jul 7Soil, Post Gazette Pavilion, Ozzfest 2002
2002 Jul 7Flaw, Post Gazette Pavilion, Ozzfest 2002
2002 Jul 73rd Strike, Post Gazette Pavilion, Ozzfest 2002
2002 Jul 7Pulse Ultra, Post Gazette Pavilion, Ozzfest 2002
2002 Jul 7Ill Nino, Post Gazette Pavilion, Ozzfest 2002
2002 Jul 7Neurotica, Post Gazette Pavilion, Ozzfest 2002
2002 Jul 7Otep, Post Gazette Pavilion, Ozzfest 2002
2002 Jul 7The Apex Theory, Post Gazette Pavilion, Ozzfest 2002
2002 Nov 22Guns N' Roses, Mellon Arena
2002 Nov 29Robert Hunter, Mellon Arena
2002 Nov 29The Other Ones, Mellon Arena
2002 Dec 4Bruce Springsteen, Mellon Arena
2003 Jan 10The Rolling Stones, Mellon Arena
2003 Apr 26Pearl Jam, Mellon Arena
2003 Aug 6Bruce Springsteen, PNC Park
2003 Sep 22Red Hot Chili Peppers, Mellon Arena
2003 Oct 3Graham Parker, Club Cafe
2004 May 17David Bowie, Benedum Center
2004 Jun 5Kansas, Chevrolet Amphitheatre
2004 Jun 18Aerosmith / Cheap Trick, Post Gazette Pavilion, Aerosmith "Honkin' On Bobo Tour" 2004
2004 Nov 7Bob Dylan, Petersen Events Center
2005 Apr 23Green Day, Mellon Arena
2005 Apr 23My Chemical Romance, Mellon Arena
2005 Jun 11Drive By Truckers, Point State Park
2005 Jul 28Bruce Springsteen, Petersen Events Center
2005 Sep 28Pearl Jam, PNC Park
2005 Nov 26Lenny Kravitz, Mellon Arena
2005 Nov 26Aerosmith, Mellon Arena
2006 Jun 23Pearl Jam, Mellon Arena
2006 Sep 24Roger Waters, Post Gazette Pavilion
2007 Nov 14Bruce Springsteen, Mellon Arena
2007 Dec 5Australian Pink Floyd Show, Benedum Center
2008 Feb 17Dark Star Orchestra, Carnegie Library Music Hall of Homestead
2008 Mar 21Van Halen, Mellon Arena
2008 Apr 27Nick Lowe, Byham Theatre
2008 Apr 27Ron Sexsmith, Byham Theatre
2008 Apr 30Van Halen, Mellon Arena
2008 Jun 6Moe., Point State Park
2008 Nov 1Bob Weir and Ratdog, Carnegie Library Music Hall of Homestead
2009 Jan 7AC/DC, Mellon Arena
2009 Jan 7The Answer, Mellon Arena
2009 Mar 1Fleetwood Mac, Mellon Arena
2009 May 19Bruce Springsteen, Mellon Arena
2009 May 25Rusted Root, Chevrolet Amphitheatre, Fallen But Not Forgotten Benefit Concert
2009 Jul 14The Black Crowes, Chevrolet Amphitheatre
2009 Jul 14Levon Helm Band, Chevrolet Amphitheatre
2009 Jul 21Yes, Chevrolet Amphitheatre
2009 Jul 21Asia, Chevrolet Amphitheatre
2009 Sep 26Foreigner, PNC Park
2009 Oct 17Steve Morse Band, Diesel
2010 Jan 31Moe., Carnegie Library Music Hall of Homestead
2010 Feb 25Eric Clapton, Mellon Arena
2010 Mar 12Exodus, Palace Theatre
2010 Mar 12Testament, Palace Theatre
2010 Mar 12Megadeth, Palace Theatre
2010 Mar 31Dillinger Escape Plan, Diesel
2010 Apr 26Mastodon, Palace Theatre
2010 Apr 26Valient Thorr, Palace Theatre
2010 Apr 26Baroness, Palace Theatre
2010 Apr 26Between the Buried and Me, Palace Theatre
2010 Jun 22Pepper, Chevrolet Amphitheatre
2010 Jun 22311, Chevrolet Amphitheatre
2010 Jul 10Dave Matthews Band, PNC Park
2010 Sep 16Rush, Consol Energy Center
2010 Oct 28Australian Pink Floyd Show, Benedum Center
2011 Apr 23Jeff Beck, Carnegie Music Hall
2011 May 11Social Distortion, Stage AE
2011 May 11Chuck Ragan, Stage AE
2011 May 11Sharks, Stage AE
2011 May 20Danzig, Stage AE
2011 Jun 24Bootsy Collins, Stage AE
2011 Jul 12Sublime With Rome, Stage AE
2011 Jul 12311, Stage AE
2011 Sep 21Umphrey's McGee, Stage AE
2011 Oct 10Bush, Stage AE
2011 Oct 10Filter, Stage AE
2011 Oct 10Chevelle, Stage AE
2012 Mar 8Moe., Stage AE
2012 Mar 30Van Halen, Consol Energy Center
2012 Jun 22Modest Mouse, Stage AE
2012 Jul 3Roger Waters, Consol Energy Center
2012 Oct 9Los Lobos, Petersen Events Center
2012 Oct 9Neil Young & Crazy Horse , Petersen Events Center
2012 Oct 19Umphrey's McGee, Stage AE
2013 Feb 6Moe., Stage AE
2013 Mar 5Tenacious D, Stage AE
2013 Apr 6Eric Clapton, Consol Energy Center
2013 Apr 6the Wallflowers, Consol Energy Center
2013 May 8Alice in Chains, Benedum Center
2013 Jun 7Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes, Point State Park
2013 Oct 10Steve Hackett, Carnegie Library Music Hall of Homestead
2013 Nov 4Overkill, Altar Bar
2013 Nov 4Kreator, Altar Bar
2013 Nov 4Warbringer, Altar Bar
2014 Feb 12Moe., Stage AE
2014 Apr 11St. Vincent, Stage AE
2014 Apr 11Noveller, Stage AE
2014 Oct 14Fleetwood Mac, Consol Energy Center
2015 May 5The Replacements, Stage AE
2015 Oct 23The Who, Consol Energy Center

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