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Classic Rock Concerts

Portland, Oregon, United States

map of Portland and surrounding area
map of Portland and surrounding area

There are concerts coming up in Portland!

2015 Jul 21 Rush, Moda Center
2015 Sep 25 The Who, Moda Center

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Who has been to Portland (22 total)

alwizard99 1 time
ACICERockStarPR 1 time
sputnik13 2 times
BuckFoston 7 times
barneylater 6 times
buffyangelfan 1 time
wiseme 8 times
wbt60 2 times
fantastic 1 time
bobzybach 1 time
Juli1976 1 time
nizbah 262 times
Keltron1 1 time
harrione300 1 time
Zook 2 times
Chowder 3 times
memfade 3 times
mikem 53 times
moctaco 1 time
anhisr 1 time
cassiewarrenST 13 times
spark10 2 times

Venues in Portland

Aladdin Theatre 20 concerts
Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall 19 concerts
Crystal Ballroom 25 concerts
Dante's 13 concerts
Fox Theatre 5 concerts
Hawthorne Theatre 5 concerts
Jantzen Beach 2 concerts
Keller Auditorium 8 concerts
La Luna 19 concerts
Meadows Race Track 25 concerts
Melody Ballroom 18 concerts
Memorial Coliseum 149 concerts
Moda Center 43 concerts
PGE Park 2 concerts
Pine Street Theatre 13 concerts
Roseland Theatre 26 concerts
Satyricon 12 concerts
State Theatre 4 concerts
Timber Bowl 1 concert
Wonder Ballroom 5 concerts

Other cities near Portland

Troutdale 1 venue 6 concerts
washougal 1 concert
Ridgefield 1 venue 23 concerts
St. Paul 1 venue 2 concerts

Concerts in Portland [add one]

1966 Jul 21The Rolling Stones, Memorial Coliseum, The Rolling Stones
1967 Jul 14The Who, Memorial Coliseum
1968 Dec 29Led Zeppelin, Municipal Auditorium
1970 Mar 23Led Zeppelin, Memorial Coliseum
1970 Nov 11Elvis Presley, Memorial Coliseum
1972 Jun 17Led Zeppelin, Memorial Coliseum
1973 Apr 27Elvis Presley, Memorial Coliseum
1973 Sep 17The Allman Brothers Band, Memorial Coliseum
1974 Nov 20Rush
1975 May 24Rush, Paramount Theatre
1975 May 26Rush, Paramount Theatre
1976 Feb 4David Bowie, Memorial Coliseum
1976 Mar 24The Who, Memorial Coliseum
1976 Oct 13The Who, Memorial Coliseum
1976 Nov 26Elvis Presley, Memorial Coliseum
1977 Jan 3Aerosmith / Mahogany Rush , Aerosmith concert
1977 Apr 4Iggy Pop, Paramount Theatre
1977 Apr 5Iggy Pop, Paramount Theatre
1977 May 12Pink Floyd, Memorial Coliseum, Concert
1977 Sep 19Rush, Paramount Theatre
1977 Sep 20Rush, Paramount Theatre
1977 Sep 21Rush, Paramount Theatre
1978 Jul 21Aerosmith, Memorial Coliseum
1978 Sep 2Randy Hansen, Meadows Race Track, Heart featuring Opening Act RANDY HANSEN
1978 Nov 6Rush, Memorial Coliseum
1979 Apr 16Van Halen, Jantzen Beach
1979 Apr 17Van Halen, Jantzen Beach
1980 Mar 20Rush, Memorial Coliseum
1980 Apr 3Van Halen, Memorial Coliseum
1981 May 20Nazareth, Memorial Coliseum
1981 May 20Krokus, Memorial Coliseum
1981 Jun 8The Fools, Memorial Coliseum
1981 Jun 8Van Halen, Memorial Coliseum
1981 Jun 9Van Halen, Memorial Coliseum
1981 Jun 20Rush, Memorial Coliseum
1981 Jun 20FM, Memorial Coliseum
1981 Sep 19The Allman Brothers Band, Paramount Theatre
1982 Jan 19Foreigner, Memorial Coliseum
1982 Jan 19Michael Stanley Band, Memorial Coliseum
1982 Mar 19Sammy Hagar, Memorial Coliseum
1982 Apr 22Black Sabbath, Memorial Coliseum
1982 Apr 22The Outlaws, Memorial Coliseum
1982 Jun 3Journey, Memorial Coliseum, Escape Tour
1982 Jun 7Ozzy Osbourne, Memorial Coliseum
1982 Jun 7Axe, Memorial Coliseum
1982 Sep 1Van Halen, Memorial Coliseum
1982 Sep 1After The Fire, Memorial Coliseum
1982 Sep 10Scorpions, Memorial Coliseum
1982 Sep 10Girlschool, Memorial Coliseum
1982 Sep 10Iron Madien, Memorial Coliseum
1982 Oct 21The Who, Memorial Coliseum
1982 Nov 12Coney Hatch, Memorial Coliseum
1982 Nov 12Judas Priest, Memorial Coliseum
1982 Nov 18Uriah Heep, Memorial Coliseum
1982 Nov 18April Wine, Memorial Coliseum
1983 Jan 18Aerosmith, Memorial Coliseum
1983 Jan 18Pat Travers, Memorial Coliseum
1983 Feb 18Triumph, Memorial Coliseum
1983 Feb 18Sequel, Memorial Coliseum
1983 Mar 21Red Rider, Memorial Coliseum
1983 Mar 21Pat Benatar, Memorial Coliseum
1983 Mar 31Sammy Hagar, Memorial Coliseum
1983 Mar 31Night Ranger, Memorial Coliseum
1983 Apr 1Sammy Hagar, Memorial Coliseum
1983 Apr 1Night Ranger, Memorial Coliseum
1983 Apr 21Billy Squier, Memorial Coliseum
1983 Apr 21Def Leppard, Memorial Coliseum
1983 Jun 27Fastway, Memorial Coliseum
1983 Jun 27Saxon, Memorial Coliseum
1983 Jun 27Iron Maiden, Memorial Coliseum
1983 Aug 4Def Leppard, Memorial Coliseum
1983 Aug 4Uriah Heep, Memorial Coliseum
1983 Oct 14AC/DC, Memorial Coliseum
1983 Oct 14Fastway, Memorial Coliseum
1983 Dec 26Blue Oyster Cult, Memorial Coliseum
1983 Dec 26Aldo Nova, Memorial Coliseum
1984 Jan 31Night Ranger, Memorial Coliseum
1984 Jan 31ZZ Top, Memorial Coliseum
1984 Mar 15Ted Nugent, Memorial Coliseum
1984 Mar 15Michael Schenker Group, Memorial Coliseum
1984 Mar 24Ozzy Osbourne, Memorial Coliseum
1984 Mar 24Motley Crue, Memorial Coliseum
1984 Mar 25Scorpions, Memorial Coliseum
1984 Mar 25John Butcher Axis, Memorial Coliseum
1984 May 2Van Halen, Memorial Coliseum
1984 May 17Rush, Memorial Coliseum
1984 May 17Gary Moore, Memorial Coliseum
1984 Jul 27Whitesnake, Memorial Coliseum
1984 Jul 27Dio, Memorial Coliseum
1984 Jul 27Black 'n Blue, Memorial Coliseum
1984 Aug 17Ratt, Memorial Coliseum
1984 Aug 17Fastway, Memorial Coliseum
1984 Aug 17Bronz, Memorial Coliseum
1984 Oct 9Quiet Riot, Memorial Coliseum
1984 Oct 9Kick Axe, Memorial Coliseum
1984 Oct 9Whitesnake, Memorial Coliseum
1984 Dec 11Iron Madien, Memorial Coliseum
1984 Dec 11Twisted Sister, Memorial Coliseum
1985 Feb 14KISS, Memorial Coliseum
1985 Feb 14Queensryche, Memorial Coliseum
1985 Mar 14Triumph, Memorial Coliseum
1985 Apr 8Girlschool, Memorial Coliseum
1985 Apr 8Deep Purple, Memorial Coliseum
1985 Sep 5Ratt, Memorial Coliseum
1985 Sep 5Bon Jovi, Memorial Coliseum
1985 Nov 21Autograph, Memorial Coliseum
1985 Nov 21Motley Crue, Memorial Coliseum
1986 Jan 16Aerosmith, Memorial Coliseum
1986 Jan 16The Divinyls, Memorial Coliseum
1986 Feb 13KISS, Memorial Coliseum
1986 Feb 13WASP , Memorial Coliseum
1986 May 19Rush, Memorial Coliseum
1986 Jun 1Yngwie Malmsteen, Memorial Coliseum
1986 Jun 1Dio, Memorial Coliseum
1986 Jun 7Voivod, Pine Street Theatre
1986 Jun 7Celtic Frost, Pine Street Theatre
1986 Jun 7Running Wild, Pine Street Theatre
1986 Jul 2Ozzy Osbourne, Memorial Coliseum
1986 Jul 2Blue Oyster Cult, Memorial Coliseum
1986 Jul 29Bob Dylan & Tom Petty, PGE Park
1986 Aug 18Queensryche, Memorial Coliseum
1986 Aug 18AC/DC, Memorial Coliseum
1986 Oct 25Van Halen, Memorial Coliseum
1986 Oct 26Van Halen, Memorial Coliseum
1987 Jun 28The Accused, Satyricon
1987 Jun 28Wehrmacht, Satyricon
1987 Jun 28Cryptic Slaughter, Satyricon
1987 Jun 28Bloodbath, Satyricon
1987 Jun 28Crud, Satyricon
1987 Aug 14David Bowie, Civic Auditorium
1987 Oct 13Mötley Crüe , Memorial Coliseum
1987 Dec 30Alice Cooper, Civic Auditorium
1987 Dec 30Faster Pussycat, Civic Auditorium
1988 Jan 21Aerosmith, Memorial Coliseum
1988 Nov 24Van Halen, Memorial Coliseum
1989 Sep 26Kreator, Pine Street Theatre
1989 Sep 26Coroner, Pine Street Theatre
1990 Jan 12Melvins, Satyricon
1990 Jan 12Nirvana, Satyricon
1990 Jan 28Nine Inch Nails, Pine Street Theatre
1990 Mar 15Aerosmith, Memorial Coliseum
1990 Mar 24Rush, Memorial Coliseum
1990 Mar 316 Foot Underground, Pine Street Theatre
1990 Mar 31Excel, Pine Street Theatre
1990 Mar 31Overkill, Pine Street Theatre
1990 May 29Nine Inch Nails, Pine Street Theatre
1990 Aug 6Billy Joel, Memorial Coliseum
1990 Aug 23Nirvana, Melody Ballroom
1990 Aug 23STP, Melody Ballroom
1990 Aug 23Sonic Youth, Melody Ballroom
1990 Sep 13Sanctuary, Melody Ballroom
1990 Sep 13Forbidden, Melody Ballroom
1990 Sep 13Death Angel, Melody Ballroom
1990 Sep 15Love / Hate, Civic Auditorium
1990 Sep 15Dio, Civic Auditorium
1990 Sep 15Cold Sweat, Civic Auditorium
1990 Oct 5Trouble, Melody Ballroom
1990 Oct 5Danzig, Melody Ballroom
1990 Oct 27Gogutha, Melody Ballroom
1990 Oct 2724-7 Spyz, Melody Ballroom
1990 Oct 27Dead Conspiracy, Melody Ballroom
1990 Nov 1Testament, Memorial Coliseum
1990 Nov 1Judas Priest, Memorial Coliseum
1990 Nov 1Megadeth, Memorial Coliseum
1991 Jan 15AC/DC, Memorial Coliseum
1991 Jan 15King's X, Memorial Coliseum
1991 Feb 20Mookie Blaylock, Melody Ballroom
1991 Feb 28The Allman Brothers Band, Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall
1991 May 29Alice in Chains, Memorial Coliseum, Clash of the Titans
1991 May 29Slayer, Memorial Coliseum, Clash of the Titans
1991 May 29Anthrax, Memorial Coliseum, Clash of the Titans
1991 May 29Megadeth, Memorial Coliseum, Clash of the Titans
1991 Sep 28Pearl Jam, Satyricon
1991 Oct 10Lenny Kravitz, Fox Theatre
1991 Oct 10Stress, Fox Theatre
1991 Nov 15Van Halen, Memorial Coliseum
1991 Dec 30Queensryche, Memorial Coliseum
1991 Dec 30Sweet Sister Sam, Memorial Coliseum
1992 Jan 23Van Halen, Memorial Coliseum
1992 Feb 5Rush, Memorial Coliseum
1992 Mar 16Mr. Bungle, Melody Ballroom
1992 Mar 16Grotus, Melody Ballroom
1992 Mar 24The Moody Blues, Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall
1992 Apr 6Ice-T, Melody Ballroom
1992 Apr 6Body Count, Melody Ballroom
1992 Apr 6Eye & I, Melody Ballroom
1992 May 17Pearl Jam, Roseland Theatre
1992 May 19Pearl Jam, Melody Ballroom
1992 Jun 2Metallica, Memorial Coliseum
1992 Jul 30The Allman Brothers Band, Civic Auditorium
1992 Sep 10Nirvana, Meadows Race Track, No On 9 Benefit
1992 Sep 10Calamity Jane, Meadows Race Track, No On 9 Benefit
1992 Sep 10Helmet, Meadows Race Track, No On 9 Benefit
1992 Sep 10Poison Idea, Meadows Race Track, No On 9 Benefit
1992 Oct 24Kyuss, Fox Theatre
1992 Oct 24White Zombie, Fox Theatre
1992 Oct 24Danzig, Fox Theatre
1993 Jun 20Primus, Meadows Race Track, Lollapalooza '93
1993 Jun 20Rage Against the Machine, Meadows Race Track, Lollapalooza '93
1993 Jun 20Babes in Toyland, Meadows Race Track, Lollapalooza '93
1993 Jun 20Arrested Development, Meadows Race Track, Lollapalooza '93
1993 Jun 20Alice in Chains, Meadows Race Track, Lollapalooza '93
1993 Jun 20Fishbone, Meadows Race Track, Lollapalooza '93
1993 Aug 12Aerosmith, Memorial Coliseum
1993 Aug 18Van Halen, Meadows Race Track
1993 Sep 6Victoria Williams, Meadows Race Track
1993 Sep 6Pearl Jam, Meadows Race Track
1993 Sep 6Neil Young, Meadows Race Track
1993 Sep 6Blind Melon, Meadows Race Track
1994 Oct 22Aerosmith, Memorial Coliseum
1994 Nov 4Fishbone, La Luna
1994 Nov 19Biohazard, La Luna
1994 Nov 20Pigface, La Luna
1994 Nov 20Horsey, La Luna
1994 Nov 20Evil Mothers, La Luna
1994 Nov 22Killing Joke, La Luna
1994 Dec 14The Offspring, Roseland Theatre
1995 Feb 16Digable Planets, La Luna
1995 Feb 16Michael Franti & Spearhead, La Luna
1995 May 27Queensryche, Memorial Coliseum
1995 May 27Type O Negative, Memorial Coliseum
1995 May 28Chuck Berry, Meadows Race Track
1995 May 28Grateful Dead, Meadows Race Track
1995 Jun 7Sister Carol, La Luna, Sunsplash World Tour '95
1995 Jun 7Dennis Brown, La Luna, Sunsplash World Tour '95
1995 Jun 7Wailing Souls, La Luna, Sunsplash World Tour '95
1995 Jun 7Worl-a-girl, La Luna, Sunsplash World Tour '95
1995 Jun 7Junior Tucker, La Luna, Sunsplash World Tour '95
1995 Jun 7Christafari, La Luna, Sunsplash World Tour '95
1995 Jun 7Buju Banton, La Luna, Sunsplash World Tour '95
1995 Jul 27Bad Brains, La Luna
1995 Sep 15Van Halen, PGE Park
1995 Oct 25David Bowie, Rose Garden
1996 Feb 16Michael Franti & Spearhead, La Luna
1996 Feb 21Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers, La Luna
1996 Apr 10Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rose Garden
1996 Aug 15Steely Dan, Rose Garden
1996 Sep 9Sting, Rose Garden
1996 Oct 13The Who, Rose Garden
1996 Oct 20Korn, Rose Garden
1996 Oct 20Ozzy Osbourne, Rose Garden
1996 Oct 28Bruce Springsteen, Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall
1997 Jan 14Social Distortion, La Luna
1997 May 14Rush, Rose Garden
1997 Sep 13The Roots, Memorial Coliseum
1997 Sep 13Atari Teenage Riot, Memorial Coliseum
1997 Sep 13Rage Against the Machine, Memorial Coliseum
1997 Oct 24Aerosmith, Rose Garden
1998 Jan 30The Rolling Stones, Rose Garden
1998 Jan 31The Rolling Stones, Rose Garden
1998 Mar 8Long Beach Dub Allstars, State Theatre, SnoCore Tour
1998 Mar 8Primus, State Theatre, SnoCore Tour
1998 Mar 8Blink-182, State Theatre, SnoCore Tour
1998 Mar 8The Aquabats, State Theatre, SnoCore Tour
1998 Jul 10Van Halen, Rose Garden
1998 Jul 15Phish, Meadows Race Track
1998 Aug 21Tool, Memorial Coliseum
1999 Feb 17Motley Crue, Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall
1999 May 15Red Hot Chili Peppers, Roseland Theatre
1999 Aug 6Maxi Priest, Meadows Race Track, Teva Spirit of Unity
1999 Aug 6Shaggy, Meadows Race Track, Teva Spirit of Unity
1999 Nov 4Queensryche, Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall
1999 Nov 4doubleDrive, Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall
1999 Dec 9The Offspring, Roseland Theatre
2000 Feb 4Wailers, Crystal Ballroom
2000 Feb 4I & I, Crystal Ballroom
2000 Apr 3Bruce Springsteen, Rose Garden
2000 Jul 14Sepultura, Meadows Race Track, Tatoo The Earth
2000 Jul 14Slayer, Meadows Race Track, Tatoo The Earth
2000 Jul 14Sevendust, Meadows Race Track, Tatoo The Earth
2000 Jul 14Hed PE, Meadows Race Track, Tatoo The Earth
2000 Aug 31Buju Banton, Pine Street Theatre
2000 Aug 31DJ Uni-T, Pine Street Theatre
2000 Aug 31DJ Sole, Pine Street Theatre
2000 Sep 21Red Hot Chili Peppers, Memorial Coliseum
2001 Feb 16Wailers, Crystal Ballroom
2001 Feb 16I & I, Crystal Ballroom
2001 May 7Living Colour, Crystal Ballroom
2001 May 7Floater, Crystal Ballroom
2001 Jul 27Fear Factory, Crystal Ballroom
2001 Jul 27Primer 55, Crystal Ballroom
2001 Jul 27Dry Kill Logic, Crystal Ballroom
2001 Jul 27Puya, Crystal Ballroom
2001 Aug 5The Offspring, Timber Bowl, KNRK's Big Stink
2001 Aug 11Buju Banton, Crystal Ballroom
2001 Aug 11DJ Kutfather, Crystal Ballroom
2002 Feb 26Ghetto Youths Crew, Aladdin Theatre
2002 Feb 26Damian Marley, Aladdin Theatre
2002 Apr 29Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, Rose Garden
2002 Aug 17Geoff Tate, Aladdin Theatre
2002 Aug 20Bruce Springsteen, Rose Garden
2002 Sep 15Rush, Rose Garden
2002 Oct 9The Offspring, Rose Garden
2003 Aug 1Queensryche, Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall
2003 Aug 1Dream Theater, Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall
2003 Aug 1Fates Warning, Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall
2003 Oct 20Red Hot Chili Peppers, Memorial Coliseum
2004 Apr 13The Offspring, Roseland Theatre
2004 Apr 13David Bowie, Rose Garden
2004 May 18Metal Church, Dante's
2004 May 18Bastard Saints, Dante's
2004 Sep 3Toots and the Maytals, Crystal Ballroom
2004 Sep 3Marley Brothers, Crystal Ballroom
2004 Oct 8Queensryche, Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall
2004 Oct 19Van Halen, Rose Garden
2004 Oct 23Tesla, Memorial Coliseum
2004 Oct 23Keith Emerson, Memorial Coliseum
2004 Oct 23Scorpions, Memorial Coliseum
2005 May 3Damian Marley, Aladdin Theatre
2005 May 3Stephen Marley, Aladdin Theatre
2005 Aug 10Bruce Springsteen, Rose Garden
2005 Nov 1The Rolling Stones, Rose Garden
2005 Nov 1Motley Crue, Rose Garden
2006 Feb 13Lenny Kravitz, Rose Garden
2006 Feb 13Aerosmith, Rose Garden
2006 Jul 20Pearl Jam, Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall
2006 Aug 11Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rose Garden
2006 Sep 25New Kidz, Crystal Ballroom
2006 Sep 25Buju Banton, Crystal Ballroom
2006 Sep 25Assassin, Crystal Ballroom
2006 Sep 25Trinity Soundz, Crystal Ballroom
2006 Oct 10The Who, Rose Garden
2006 Oct 24Ziggy Marley, Crystal Ballroom
2006 Oct 24Samantha Stollenwerck, Crystal Ballroom
2006 Dec 8Jet, Crystal Ballroom
2006 Dec 8BlackHeart WhiteNoise, Crystal Ballroom
2007 May 25Skinny Puppy, Crystal Ballroom, Convergence 13
2007 May 26Front Line Assembly, Crystal Ballroom, Convergence 13
2007 May 31Lacuna Coil, Aladdin Theatre
2007 May 31Kylesa, Aladdin Theatre
2007 May 31Within Temptation, Aladdin Theatre
2007 Dec 1Van Halen, Rose Garden
2007 Dec 1Ky-Mani Marley, Rose Garden
2008 Mar 28Bruce Springsteen, Rose Garden
2008 Mar 29Hellshock, Satyricon
2008 Mar 29Stovokor, Satyricon
2008 Mar 29Bloodhag, Satyricon
2008 May 8Zero Down, Aladdin Theatre
2008 May 8UFO, Aladdin Theatre
2008 Sep 30Robert Plant / Alison Krauss featuring T Bone Burnett/ Sharon Little, Rose Garden
2009 Feb 14Yes, Aladdin Theatre
2009 Feb 22Blondie, Roseland Theatre
2009 Mar 17Lady Gaga, Wonder Ballroom
2009 May 15The Allman Brothers Band, Rose Garden
2009 Jul 18Chicago, Rose Garden
2009 Nov 7Dinosaur Jr., Wonder Ballroom
2009 Nov 17KISS, Rose Garden
2009 Nov 19Wolfmother, Roseland Theatre
2009 Nov 28D.R.I., Satyricon
2010 Feb 10Elton John and Billy Joel, Rose Garden
2010 Feb 11Anvil, Wonder Ballroom
2010 Feb 11Rogue Shot, Wonder Ballroom
2010 Feb 11Ancient Age, Wonder Ballroom
2010 May 17Eagles, Rose Garden
2010 Aug 12Lynch Mob, Dante's
2010 Aug 12Sister Sin, Dante's
2010 Aug 12Michael Schenker Group, Dante's
2010 Aug 19Lady Gaga, Rose Garden
2011 Feb 5Motorhead, Roseland Theatre
2011 Mar 15In This Moment, Memorial Coliseum
2011 Mar 15Sevendust, Memorial Coliseum
2011 Mar 15Disturbed, Memorial Coliseum
2011 Mar 15Korn, Memorial Coliseum
2011 Mar 15StillWell, Memorial Coliseum
2011 Mar 31Helmet, Roseland Theatre
2011 Mar 31Saint Vitus, Roseland Theatre
2011 Mar 31CROWBAR , Roseland Theatre
2011 Apr 11Four Year Strong, Rose Garden
2011 Apr 11Rise Against, Rose Garden
2011 Apr 11Bad Religion, Rose Garden
2011 Apr 27Accept, Roseland Theatre
2011 Apr 27Sabaton, Roseland Theatre
2011 Apr 27Garden of Eden, Roseland Theatre
2011 May 7Loudness, Dante's
2011 May 7Dirty Passion, Dante's
2011 May 7Garden of Eden, Dante's
2011 Aug 5Rob Zombie, Memorial Coliseum
2011 Aug 5Slayer, Memorial Coliseum
2011 Aug 5Exodus, Memorial Coliseum
2011 Aug 11The Bottle Rockets, Aladdin Theatre
2011 Aug 11Marshall Crenshaw, Aladdin Theatre
2011 Aug 16Diamond Head, Aladdin Theatre
2011 Aug 16Witch Mountain, Aladdin Theatre
2011 Aug 16Burning Leather, Aladdin Theatre
2011 Sep 18Bush, Roseland Theatre
2011 Sep 19Mindflow, Aladdin Theatre
2011 Sep 19UFO, Aladdin Theatre
2011 Oct 12The Cults, Roseland Theatre
2011 Oct 12Foster the People, Roseland Theatre
2011 Oct 16Witchburn, Dante's
2011 Oct 16Michael Monroe, Dante's
2012 Jan 31ghost, Hawthorne Theatre
2012 Feb 17Garden of Eden, Dante's
2012 Feb 17Anvil, Dante's
2012 Feb 17Michael Schenker Group, Dante's
2012 Apr 10The Toadies, Roseland Theatre
2012 Apr 10Social Distortion, Roseland Theatre
2012 Apr 15Lacuna Coil, Aladdin Theatre
2012 Apr 15Otherwise, Aladdin Theatre
2012 Jun 22Y&T, Roseland Theatre
2012 Sep 15Anthrax, Roseland Theatre
2012 Sep 15Testament, Roseland Theatre
2012 Sep 15Death Angel, Roseland Theatre
2012 Sep 20Serj Tankian, Roseland Theatre
2012 Sep 20Viza, Roseland Theatre
2012 Sep 23Accept, Roseland Theatre
2012 Nov 28Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band, Rose Garden
2013 Nov 13Warbringer, Hawthorne Theatre
2013 Nov 13Overkill, Hawthorne Theatre
2013 Nov 13Kreator, Hawthorne Theatre
2014 Nov 22Fleetwood Mac, Moda Center
2014 Dec 12Exodus, Hawthorne Theatre
2015 Apr 10The Replacements, Crystal Ballroom
2015 Jul 21Rush, Moda Center
2015 Sep 25The Who, Moda Center

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