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Classic Rock Concerts

Cincinnati, Ohio, United States

map of Cincinnati and surrounding area
map of Cincinnati and surrounding area

Who has been to Cincinnati (54 total)

ACICERockStarPR 1 time
redFender 6 times
guitarman 4 times
msmarino 1 time
camelback76 1 time
russtx55 1 time
Bear 1 time
duderbud 1 time
freebird981 1 time
Hemlock633 1 time
littlebevi 10 times
hogtrashhd 1 time
mlockwood 1 time
davedetrick 1 time
KJV 50 times
UCinCat 1 time
kim1963 2 times
grgnelson 1 time
shaftjohnson 5 times
alexwasthere 28 times
buscameby 1 time
Denver 1 time
WVHillbilly 1 time
des5266 7 times
tmh896 2 times
tommy6860 1 time
aaronehuffman 5 times
BillyBudd 1 time
Gergggg 1 time
BSpoon 1 time
AlKendall 9 times
Concertsthatrocked 3 times
SeekerofRock 1 time
pianoguy 8 times
revbilly76 11 times
Donnamars 2 times
Kinglr 1 time
pops55 1 time
hamersville75 4 times
roger2fan 1 time
Blzlvr 13 times
glazeman9 2 times
kay59zee 1 time
sat1951 1 time
bradr29 2 times
geauxlsu225 6 times
anhisr 7 times
Jeffman 1 time
Wesco 1 time
adaptolife 1 time
AceDuncan 4 times
jmdiff 1 time
seeparis 12 times

Venues in Cincinnati

Other cities near Cincinnati

Newport 2 venues 2 concerts
Covington 1 venue 3 concerts
Blue Ash 1 venue 1 concert
Lawrenceburg 1 venue
Mason 1 venue 4 concerts
Oxford 1 venue 2 concerts

Concerts in Cincinnati [add one]

1964 Aug 27The Beatles, Cincinnati Gardens
1966 Aug 21The Beatles, Crosley Field
1970 Feb 25Neil Young & Crazy Horse, Music Hall
1970 Apr 4The Allman Brothers Band, Ludlow Garage
1970 Apr 5The Allman Brothers Band, Ludlow Garage
1970 Jun 13Cincinnati Pop Festival, Crosley Field
1970 Jun 25The Who, Music Hall
1970 Jun 26The Who, Music Hall
1971 Nov 11Elvis Presley, Cincinnati Gardens
1972 Jul 8Chicago, Cincinnati Gardens
1972 Aug 6Alice Cooper, Cincinnati Gardens
1973 Jan 27The Allman Brothers Band, Cincinnati Gardens
1973 Feb 14The Stray Gators, Cincinnati Gardens
1973 Feb 14Neil Young, Cincinnati Gardens
1973 Feb 14Linda Ronstadt, Cincinnati Gardens
1973 May 7Santana, Cincinnati Gardens
1973 Jun 27Elvis Presley, Cincinnati Gardens
1973 Aug 7Yes, Cincinnati Gardens
1973 Nov 7The Allman Brothers Band, Cincinnati Gardens
1973 Nov 22Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Cincinnati Gardens
1974 May 11Mountain, Albee Theatre
1974 Jun 25David Bowie, Cincinnati Gardens
1974 Aug 16Rush, Cincinnati Gardens
1975 Mar 20Santana/James Gang(Tommy Bolin)/Roger moon, Cincinnati University
1975 Apr 6Alice Cooper w/Suzi Quatro(opened), Cincinnati Gardens
1975 May 16Frank Zappa/Capt. Beefheart, Cincinnati Gardens
1975 Jun 21Eric Clapton, The Band, Cincinnati Gardens
1975 Aug 3Aerosmith, Nippert Stadium
1975 Aug 8Boz Scaggs, Cincinnati Gardens
1975 Sep 9Muddy Waters, The Allman Brothers Band, Riverfront Coliseum
1975 Sep 9The Allman Brothers Band, Riverfront Coliseum
1975 Oct 3Weather Report, Esther Phillips, Herbie Mann, Grover Washington, Jr., Riverfront Coliseum
1975 Oct 4Hammersmith, Jethro Tull, Riverfront Coliseum
1975 Oct 11Marlena Shaw, Freddie Prinze, Sammy Davis, Jr., Riverfront Coliseum
1975 Oct 12Chicago, Riverfront Coliseum
1975 Oct 18Gentle Giant, Rick Wakeman, Riverfront Coliseum
1975 Oct 24The Outlaws, Peter Frampton, The Doobie Brothers, Riverfront Coliseum
1975 Oct 26The Dynamic Superiors, The Commodores, The Spinners, Riverfront Coliseum
1975 Nov 20Wet Willie, ZZ Top, Riverfront Coliseum
1975 Nov 23The Eric Carmen Band, Dave Mason, The Beach Boys, Riverfront Coliseum
1975 Nov 30Kansas, The Edgar Winter Group, The J. Geils Band, Riverfront Coliseum
1975 Dec 8Law, Toots & The Maytals, The Who, Riverfront Coliseum
1975 Dec 31The Outlaws, The Charlie Daniels Band, The Marshall Tucker Band, Riverfront Coliseum
1976 Feb 8Blue Magic, The Commodores, The O'Jays, Riverfront Coliseum
1976 Feb 13The Cate Brothers, Foghat, Queen, Riverfront Coliseum
1976 Feb 23David Bowie, Riverfront Coliseum
1976 Feb 27Soul Train Gang, Kool & The Gang, Rufus w/Chaka Khan, Riverfront Coliseum
1976 Mar 5Elvin Bishop, Journey, Electric Light Orchestra, Riverfront Coliseum
1976 Mar 19Starcastle, Roxy Music, Peter Frampton, Riverfront Coliseum
1976 Mar 21Elvis Presley, Riverfront Coliseum, Two Shows at 2.30pm and 8.30pm
1976 Apr 3Head East, Montrose, Robin Trower, Riverfront Coliseum
1976 Apr 24Tony Orlando & Dawn, Riverfront Coliseum
1976 Apr 26Starland Vocal Band, John Denver, Riverfront Coliseum
1976 May 9New Riders Of The Purple Sage, The Charlie Daniels Band, Leon Russell, Riverfront Coliseum
1976 May 14Bootsy's Rubber Band, Buddy Miles, Brass Construction, Parliament/Funkadelic, Riverfront Coliseum
1976 May 15Ted Nugent, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Santana, Riverfront Coliseum
1976 May 27Paul McCartney & Wings, Riverfront Coliseum
1976 Jun 8The Pousette Dart Band, Yes, Riverfront Coliseum
1976 Jun 30Jeff Beck w/The Jan Hammer Group, Fleetwood Mac, Riverfront Coliseum
1976 Jul 14Poco, The Neil Young/Steven Stills Band, Riverfront Coliseum
1976 Jul 22J. D. Souther, Eagles, Riverfront Coliseum
1976 Aug 1The Bellamy Brothers, Loggins & Messina, Riverfront Coliseum
1976 Aug 3Elton John, Riverfront Coliseum
1976 Aug 4John Miles, Jethro Tull, Riverfront Coliseum
1976 Aug 12Andrew Gold, Linda Ronstadt, Riverfront Coliseum
1976 Aug 25Silver, John Sebastian, America, Riverfront Coliseum
1976 Aug 29Sam Butera & The Witnesses, Frank Sinatra, Riverfront Coliseum
1976 Aug 31Loggins and Messina, Billy Joel, Riverfront Coliseum
1976 Sep 1Sea Level, Jefferson Starship, Riverfront Coliseum
1976 Sep 10Artful Dodger, Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band, KISS, Riverfront Coliseum
1976 Sep 10KISS, Riverfront Coliseum
1976 Oct 2The Grateful Dead, Riverfront Coliseum
1976 Oct 8Mark Radice, Brass Construction, KC & The Sunshine Band, Ohio Players, Riverfront Coliseum
1976 Oct 9Jay Ferguson, Montrose, Blue Oyster Cult, Riverfront Coliseum
1976 Oct 10Chicago, Riverfront Coliseum
1976 Oct 31Firefall, The Doobie Brothers, Riverfront Coliseum
1976 Nov 22The Beach Boys, Riverfront Coliseum
1976 Nov 26Wiggy Bits, Montrose, Robin Trower, Riverfront Coliseum
1976 Nov 28The Emotions, Earth, Wind & Fire, Riverfront Coliseum
1976 Dec 9REO Speedwagon, Aerosmith, Riverfront Coliseum
1976 Dec 16Ted Nugent, Foghat, Riverfront Coliseum
1976 Dec 26The James Gang, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Riverfront Coliseum
1977 Feb 4Target, Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band, Black Sabbath, Riverfront Coliseum
1977 Feb 18Steve Hillage, Gentle Giant, Electric Light Orchestra, Riverfront Coliseum
1977 Feb 23Atlanta Rhythm Section, ZZ Top, Riverfront Coliseum
1977 Feb 27Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band, Riverfront Coliseum
1977 Mar 4Rush, Riverfront Coliseum
1977 Mar 11Jethro Tull, Riverfront Coliseum
1977 Mar 19Manfred Mann, Robert Palmer, Gary Wright, Riverfront Coliseum
1977 Mar 31Iggy Pop, Taft Auditorium
1977 Apr 5Brick, Santana, Rufus w/Chaka Khan, Riverfront Coliseum
1977 Apr 15Leon Redbone, Jesse Colin Young, Riverfront Coliseum
1977 Apr 19Led Zeppelin, Riverfront Coliseum
1977 Apr 20Led Zeppelin, Riverfront Coliseum
1977 Apr 25Neil Diamond, Riverfront Coliseum
1977 May 29Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Riverfront Coliseum
1977 Jun 23Pink Floyd, Riverfront Coliseum
1977 Jun 25Elvis Presley, Riverfront Coliseum
1977 Jul 1The Michael Stanley Band, Foreigner, Ted Nugent, Riverfront Coliseum
1977 Jul 10Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes, Boz Scaggs, Riverfront Coliseum
1977 Jul 21The Climax Blues Band, Bad Company, Riverfront Coliseum
1977 Jul 28The Norton Buffalo Stampede, The Steve Miller Band, Riverfront Coliseum
1977 Aug 7Rick Derringer, Peter Frampton, Riverfront Coliseum
1977 Aug 20Truth, Carrie Lucas, The Whispers, The O'Jays, Riverfront Coliseum
1977 Aug 29Donovan, Yes, Riverfront Coliseum
1977 Sep 4Bootsy's Rubber Band, Parliament/Funkadelic, Riverfront Coliseum
1977 Sep 25Mylon, The Outlaws, The J. Geils Band, Riverfront Coliseum
1977 Sep 29Aerosmith, Riverfront Coliseum
1977 Oct 2The Emotions, The Commodores, Riverfront Coliseum
1977 Oct 8Chicago, Riverfront Coliseum
1977 Oct 13Crawler, Styx, Robin Trower, Riverfront Coliseum
1977 Oct 14Tom Jones, Riverfront Coliseum
1977 Nov 2Pockets, Deniece Williams, Earth, Wind & Fire, Riverfront Coliseum
1977 Nov 4Crosby, Stills & Nash, Riverfront Coliseum
1977 Nov 8Rod Stewart, Riverfront Coliseum
1977 Nov 8Air Supply, Rod Stewart, Riverfront Coliseum
1977 Nov 13Crawler, Kansas, Riverfront Coliseum
1977 Dec 2Wet Willie, Pure Prairie League, The Charlie Daniels Band, Riverfront Coliseum
1977 Dec 16Detective, The Edgar Winter Group, Blue Oyster Cult, Riverfront Coliseum
1977 Dec 30Missouri, Golden Earring, Ted Nugent, Riverfront Coliseum
1978 Jan 12The Rockets, KISS, Riverfront Coliseum
1978 Mar 8Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Riverfront Coliseum
1978 Mar 24Karla Bonoff, Jackson Browne, Riverfront Coliseum
1978 Apr 3Virgin, Shaun Cassidy, Riverfront Coliseum
1978 Apr 8John Denver, Riverfront Coliseum
1978 Apr 15Sweet, Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band, Riverfront Coliseum
1978 May 12Rush, Riverfront Coliseum
1978 May 26Cheap Trick, Foghat, Riverfront Coliseum
1978 May 27Emmylou Harris, Willie Nelson, Riverfront Coliseum
1978 Jun 9The Climax Blues Band, The Marshall Tucker Band, Riverfront Coliseum
1978 Jun 17Jackie Gayle, Frank Sinatra, Riverfront Coliseum
1978 Jul 21Genesis, Riverfront Coliseum
1978 Jul 29Con Funk Shun, The Commodores, Riverfront Coliseum
1978 Aug 3Neil Diamond, Riverfront Coliseum
1978 Aug 10Crosby, Stills & Nash, Riverfront Coliseum
1978 Aug 16Eagles, Riverfront Coliseum
1978 Aug 16Eagles, Riverfront Stadium
1978 Aug 19Wilbert Longmire, Linda Clifford, Maze, Teddy Pendergrass, Riverfront Coliseum
1978 Sep 10Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band, Riverfront Coliseum
1978 Sep 20Yes, Riverfront Coliseum
1978 Sep 22Barry Manilow, Riverfront Coliseum
1978 Oct 5Aerosmith, Riverfront Coliseum
1978 Oct 15Bob Dylan, Riverfront Coliseum
1978 Oct 25Uriah Heep, Jethro Tull, Riverfront Coliseum
1978 Oct 27Sammy Hagar, Boston, Riverfront Coliseum
1978 Nov 7The Moody Blues, Riverfront Coliseum
1978 Nov 11Van Halen, Riverfront Coliseum
1978 Nov 11Black Sabbath, Riverfront Coliseum
1978 Nov 16Ambrosia, Foreigner, Riverfront Coliseum
1978 Nov 23Exile, The Doobie Brothers, Riverfront Coliseum
1978 Nov 26Queen, Riverfront Coliseum
1978 Dec 8Starz, Ted Nugent, Riverfront Coliseum
1978 Dec 10Billy Joel, Riverfront Coliseum
1978 Dec 17Angel, Styx, Riverfront Coliseum
1978 Dec 19Molly Hatchet, Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band, Riverfront Coliseum
1979 Jan 19Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes, The J. Geils Band, Riverfront Coliseum
1979 Jan 26Rush, Riverfront Coliseum
1979 Feb 16Exile, Heart, Riverfront Coliseum
1979 Mar 2The Babys, Alice Cooper, Riverfront Coliseum
1979 Mar 9Sad Cafe, Eddie Money, Santana, Riverfront Coliseum
1979 Apr 8Parliament/Funkadelic, Riverfront Coliseum
1979 Apr 20Leon Russell, Willie Nelson, Riverfront Coliseum
1979 Apr 21Ian Matthews, The Beach Boys, Riverfront Coliseum
1979 Apr 28Roger & Roger, Diana Ross, Riverfront Coliseum
1979 Apr 29Rod Stewart, Riverfront Coliseum
1979 May 3The New Barbarians, Riverfront Coliseum
1979 May 5Van Halen, Riverfront Coliseum
1979 May 13Carillo, Bad Company, Riverfront Coliseum
1979 Jun 7Muddy Waters, Eric Clapton, Riverfront Coliseum
1979 Jun 14Chris de Burgh, Bob Welch, Peter Frampton, Riverfront Coliseum
1979 Jun 23Destiny, Maze, Teddy Pendergrass, Riverfront Coliseum
1979 Jul 7Molly Hatchet, The Charlie Daniels Band, Riverfront Coliseum
1979 Jul 17Larry Coryell, James Taylor, Riverfront Coliseum
1979 Aug 2Scorpions, AC/DC, Ted Nugent, Riverfront Coliseum
1979 Aug 13Blackfoot, Kansas, Riverfront Coliseum
1979 Aug 16The Rockets, REO Speedwagon, Riverfront Coliseum
1979 Aug 31Night, The Doobie Brothers, Riverfront Coliseum
1979 Sep 14Judas Priest, KISS, Riverfront Coliseum
1979 Sep 15Sweet Inspirations, The Bee Gees, Riverfront Coliseum
1979 Sep 16Sweet Inspirations, The Bee Gees, Riverfront Coliseum
1979 Sep 23The Ian Hunter Band, Cheap Trick, Riverfront Coliseum
1979 Oct 12Sniff 'N' The Tears, Kenny Loggins, Riverfront Coliseum
1979 Oct 27U.K., Jethro Tull, Riverfront Coliseum
1979 Nov 1The Oak Ridge Boys, Dottie West, Kenny Rogers, Riverfront Coliseum
1979 Nov 2April Wine, Styx, Riverfront Coliseum
1979 Nov 7Danny Douma, Fleetwood Mac, Riverfront Coliseum
1979 Nov 11Point Blank, Molly Hatchet, The Outlaws, Riverfront Coliseum
1979 Nov 15Blue Steel, Eagles, Riverfront Coliseum
1979 Nov 18Billy Joel, Riverfront Coliseum
1979 Dec 3The Who, Riverfront Coliseum
1980 Mar 21The Rockets, ZZ Top, Riverfront Coliseum
1980 Mar 25Danny Kortchmar, Linda Ronstadt, Riverfront Coliseum
1980 Apr 24Van Halen, Riverfront Coliseum
1980 May 3John Denver, Riverfront Coliseum
1980 May 22The Babys, Journey, Riverfront Coliseum
1980 May 31Point Blank, Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band , Riverfront Coliseum
1980 Jun 1Point Blank, Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band , Riverfront Coliseum
1980 Jun 12Genesis, Riverfront Coliseum
1980 Jul 1Jackson Browne, Riverfront Coliseum
1980 Jul 14League of Gentlemen (Robert Fripp), Gaga (Adrian Belew), Bogart's
1980 Jul 30The Silencers, Heart, Riverfront Coliseum
1980 Aug 7Kim Carnes, James Taylor, Riverfront Coliseum
1980 Aug 16Krokus, AC/DC, Riverfront Coliseum
1980 Sep 7Larry Graham & Kurtis Blow, Fatback Band, The Commodores, Riverfront Coliseum
1980 Sep 21Yes, Riverfront Coliseum
1980 Sep 23Rush, Riverfront Coliseum
1980 Oct 4Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band, Riverfront Coliseum
1980 Oct 12Dottie West, Kenny Rogers, Riverfront Coliseum
1980 Oct 16Whitesnake, Jethro Tull, Riverfront Coliseum
1980 Oct 23Barry Manilow, Riverfront Coliseum
1980 Oct 25Blue Oyster Cult, Black Sabbath, Riverfront Coliseum
1980 Nov 12Johnny VanZant, Foghat, The Outlaws, Riverfront Coliseum
1980 Nov 18LeRoux, The Doobie Brothers, Riverfront Coliseum
1980 Dec 12Con Funk Shun, Stephanie Mills, Teddy Pendergrass, Riverfront Coliseum
1980 Dec 27McGuffey Lane, The Charlie Daniels Band, Riverfront Coliseum
1981 Jan 27Gil Scott Heron, Stevie Wonder, Riverfront Coliseum
1981 Feb 19.38 Special, REO Speedwagon, Riverfront Coliseum
1981 Mar 28Styx, Riverfront Coliseum
1981 Apr 17U2, Bogart's
1981 Jun 16David Lindley, Joe Walsh, Riverfront Coliseum
1981 Jun 21Krokus, Blackfoot, Ted Nugent, Riverfront Coliseum
1981 Aug 8Stacy Lattisaw, The Jacksons, Riverfront Coliseum
1981 Aug 27David Johansen, Pat Benatar, Riverfront Coliseum
1981 Aug 29Van Halen, Riverfront Coliseum
1981 Sep 9The Joe Perry Project, ZZ Top, Riverfront Coliseum
1981 Sep 13Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band, Riverfront Coliseum
1981 Sep 14Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band, Riverfront Coliseum
1981 Oct 1The Greg Kihn Band, Journey, Riverfront Coliseum
1981 Oct 16Red Rider, The Beach Boys, Riverfront Coliseum
1981 Oct 29The Moody Blues, Riverfront Coliseum
1981 Nov 4Billy Squier, Foreigner, Riverfront Coliseum
1981 Nov 8Hall & Oates, Electric Light Orchestra, Riverfront Coliseum
1981 Nov 20Frank Zappa, Riverfront Coliseum
1981 Nov 21Genesis, Riverfront Coliseum
1981 Nov 25Midnight Flyer, AC/DC, Riverfront Coliseum
1981 Dec 17The Alvin Lee Band, Black Sabbath, Riverfront Coliseum
1982 Jan 28Rod Stewart, Riverfront Coliseum
1982 Feb 12Starfighters, UFO, Ozzy Osbourne, Riverfront Coliseum
1982 Mar 14Prince, Riverfront Coliseum
1982 Apr 6Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, The Police, Riverfront Coliseum
1982 Apr 23The Thrasher Brothers, Micky Gilley & Johnny Lee, Alabama, Riverfront Coliseum
1982 May 1Lonnie Shorr, Larry Gatlin, Kenny Rogers, Riverfront Coliseum
1982 May 2Lonnie Shorr, Larry Gatlin, Kenny Rogers, Riverfront Coliseum
1982 May 13Neil Diamond, Riverfront Coliseum
1982 May 14Neil Diamond, Riverfront Coliseum
1982 Jul 7Steve Wariner, Barbara Mandrell, Riverfront Coliseum
1982 Aug 7Billy Squier, Queen, Riverfront Coliseum
1982 Aug 10The Doobie Brothers, Riverfront Coliseum
1982 Aug 11John Denver, Riverfront Coliseum
1982 Aug 27The Motels, The J. Geils Band, Riverfront Coliseum
1982 Oct 1John Cougar, Heart, Riverfront Coliseum
1982 Oct 26Barry Manilow, Riverfront Coliseum
1982 Nov 5Van Halen, Riverfront Coliseum
1982 Nov 6Billy Joel, Riverfront Coliseum
1982 Nov 17The Busboys, Linda Ronstadt, Riverfront Coliseum
1982 Nov 24Saga, Pat Benatar, Riverfront Coliseum
1982 Dec 12Vanity 6, The Time, Prince, Riverfront Coliseum
1982 Dec 13Todd Rundgren, Bogart's
1983 Mar 2Neil Young & Crazy Horse, Riverfront Coliseum
1983 Mar 20Willie Nelson, Riverfront Coliseum
1983 Mar 30Rush, Riverfront Coliseum
1983 Apr 13Bryan Adams, Journey, Riverfront Coliseum
1983 Apr 17The Thrasher Brothers, Juice Newton, Alabama, Riverfront Coliseum
1983 Apr 24Lonnie Shorr, Crystal Gayle, Kenny Rogers, Riverfront Coliseum
1983 May 27Aerosmith, Cincinnati Gardens
1983 Jun 23Styx, Riverfront Coliseum
1983 Jul 10Bette Midler, Riverfront Coliseum
1983 Jul 31Joe Walsh, Stevie Nicks, Riverfront Coliseum
1983 Aug 4Sammy Hagar, ZZ Top, Riverfront Coliseum
1983 Oct 28Stevie Ray Vaughn, The Moody Blues, Riverfront Coliseum
1983 Nov 11Fastway, AC/DC, Riverfront Coliseum
1983 Nov 12Ricky Skaggs, Ronnie Milsap, Barbara Mandrell, Riverfront Coliseum
1983 Dec 8Genesis, Riverfront Coliseum
1984 Jan 6DeBarge & The Deele, Luther Vandross, Riverfront Coliseum
1984 Feb 5Waysted, Motley Crue, Ozzy Osbourne, Riverfront Coliseum
1984 Feb 14Re-Flex, The Police, Riverfront Coliseum
1984 Feb 16Neil Diamond, Riverfront Coliseum
1984 Feb 17Neil Diamond, Riverfront Coliseum
1984 Mar 8Van Halen, Cincinnati Gardens
1984 Mar 9Van Halen, Cincinnati Gardens
1984 Mar 15Buddy Rich & His Band, Frank Sinatra, Riverfront Coliseum
1984 Apr 3Billy Joel, Riverfront Coliseum
1984 Apr 13Yes, Riverfront Coliseum
1984 Apr 14B.J. Thomas, The Righteous Brothers, Kenny Rogers, Riverfront Coliseum
1984 May 27Tina Turner, Lionel Richie, Riverfront Coliseum
1984 Jun 24Alabama, Riverfront Coliseum
1984 Jun 24Scorpions, Cincinnati Gardens
1984 Jul 5Bruce Springsteen, Riverfront Coliseum
1984 Jul 6Bruce Springsteen, Riverfront Coliseum
1984 Jul 29Randy Hansen, Bogart's
1984 Aug 14Eurythmics, Riverbend Music Center, "Touch" Tour
1984 Aug 25Elvis Costello & The Attractions , Riverbend Music Center, Elvis' thirtieth birthday party and the likely first appeance of the 'wheel'
1984 Dec 28Triumph, Cincinnati Gardens, Thunder 7
1985 Jan 21Sheila E., Prince, Riverfront Coliseum
1985 Jan 22Sheila E., Prince, Riverfront Coliseum
1985 Jan 23Sheila E., Prince, Riverfront Coliseum
1985 Mar 24KISS w/WASP, Cincinnati Gardens, Animalize Tour
1985 Apr 21Sawyer Brown, Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons, Kenny Rogers, Riverfront Coliseum
1985 Apr 22Sawyer Brown, Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons, Kenny Rogers, Riverfront Coliseum
1985 Apr 27The Firm, Riverfront Coliseum
1985 May 5Lee Greenwood, Ricky Skaggs, The Statler Brothers, Riverfront Coliseum
1985 May 18Cheap Trick, REO Speedwagon, Riverfront Coliseum
1985 May 31Diana Ross, Riverfront Coliseum
1985 Jul 6Robert Plant , Riverfront Coliseum
1985 Aug 25Glenn Frey, Tina Turner, Riverfront Coliseum
1985 Sep 1Joe Walsh, Foreigner, Riverfront Coliseum
1985 Dec 11John Cougar Mellencamp, Riverfront Coliseum
1985 Dec 14Neil Diamond, Riverfront Coliseum
1985 Dec 15Neil Diamond, Riverfront Coliseum
1986 Mar 1Jimmy Barnes, ZZ Top, Riverfront Coliseum
1986 Mar 14Starpoint, Isley, Jasper & Isley, Luther Vandross, Riverfront Coliseum
1986 Mar 29Rush, Riverfront Coliseum
1986 Apr 27Sawyer Brown, Lee Greenwood, Dolly Parton, Kenny Rogers, Riverfront Coliseum
1986 May 6Van Halen, Cincinnati Gardens
1986 May 7Van Halen, Cincinnati Gardens
1986 May 24Aerosmith, Riverbend Music Center
1986 Aug 6Krokus, Judas Priest, Cincinnati Gardens
1986 Aug 18The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band, Riverbend Music Center
1986 Aug 19The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band, Riverbend Music Center
1986 Aug 23Roseanne Barr, Julio Iglesias, Riverfront Coliseum
1986 Sep 12Stevie Wonder, Riverfront Coliseum
1986 Oct 2Glass Tiger, Journey, Riverfront Coliseum
1986 Oct 21Neil Young & Crazy Horse, Riverfront Coliseum
1986 Oct 31Al Jarreau, Riverfront Coliseum
1986 Nov 1Ricky Skaggs, George Strait, Alabama, Riverfront Coliseum
1986 Nov 26Sheila E., Lionel Richie, Riverfront Coliseum
1986 Dec 12The Boogie Boys, Full Force, Cameo, Riverfront Coliseum
1987 Jan 3Howard Hewett, Luther Vandross, Riverfront Coliseum
1987 Feb 10Billy Joel, Riverfront Coliseum
1987 Feb 17The Georgia Satellites, Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band, Riverfront Coliseum
1987 Mar 25T. Graham Brown, Ronnie Milsap, Kenny Rogers, Riverfront Coliseum
1987 May 9Bad Company, Deep Purple, Riverfront Coliseum
1987 May 30The O'Jays, Aretha Franklin, Riverfront Coliseum
1987 Jul 16The Beastie Boys, Run DMC, Riverfront Coliseum
1987 Jul 22The Hooters, Bryan Adams, Riverfront Coliseum
1987 Oct 16The Cruzados, Fleetwood Mac, Riverfront Coliseum
1987 Oct 29Farrenheit, Boston, Riverfront Coliseum
1987 Nov 10John Cougar Mellencamp, Riverfront Coliseum
1987 Nov 13Michael Johnson, Restless Heart, The Charlie Daniels Band, Alabama, Riverfront Coliseum
1987 Nov 25The Brandos, The Cars, Riverfront Coliseum
1987 Nov 27Aerosmith, Cincinnati Gardens
1988 Jan 30Tesla, Def Leppard, Riverfront Coliseum
1988 Feb 9Great White, Whitesnake, Riverfront Coliseum
1988 Feb 17Yes, Riverfront Coliseum
1988 Feb 20Earth, Wind & Fire, Riverfront Coliseum
1988 Feb 23Rush, Riverfront Coliseum
1988 Feb 24Rush, Riverfront Coliseum
1988 Mar 29Sammy Davis, Jr., Frank Sinatra, Riverfront Coliseum
1988 Apr 26The Charlie Daniels Band, Exile, Kenny Rogers, Riverfront Coliseum
1988 Aug 1Aerosmith, Riverbend Music Center
1988 Aug 4Jazzy Jazz & The Fresh Prince, JJ Fad, EPMD, Public Enemy, Run DMC, Riverfront Coliseum
1988 Aug 28Ziggy Marley & The Melody Makers, INXS, Riverfront Coliseum
1988 Sep 22Prince, Riverfront Coliseum
1988 Oct 1Van Halen, Riverfront Coliseum
1988 Oct 23Nine Inch Nails, Bogart's
1988 Oct 25Cinderella, AC/DC, Riverfront Coliseum
1988 Nov 4Eddy Raven, Alabama, Riverfront Coliseum
1988 Dec 5John Denver, Riverfront Coliseum
1988 Dec 7Rod Stewart, Riverfront Coliseum
1988 Dec 10Luther Vandross & Anita Baker, Riverfront Coliseum
1988 Dec 14Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, Robert Plant, Riverfront Coliseum
1989 Feb 20Tesla, Poison, Riverfront Coliseum
1989 Apr 4The Indigo Girls, R.E.M., Riverfront Coliseum
1989 Apr 7Death, Bogart's
1989 Apr 7Dark Angel, Bogart's
1989 Apr 8The Grateful Dead, Riverfront Coliseum
1989 Apr 11Living Colour, Galactic Cowboys, Bogart's
1989 Apr 30Tone Loc, LeVert, Bobby Brown, Riverfront Coliseum
1989 May 18Sandi Patty, Riverfront Coliseum
1989 Jun 12Neil Diamond, Riverfront Coliseum
1989 Jun 18JJ Fad, Two-Short, Kwamie, Kids-n-Play, EZ-E, NWA, Salt-N-Pepa, Riverfront Coliseum
1989 Jul 24Vixen, White Lion, Ozzy Osbourne, Riverfront Coliseum
1989 Jul 27The Allman Brothers Band, Riverbend Music Center
1989 Jul 27The Allman Brothers Band, Riverfront Coliseum
1989 Jul 28Todd Rundgren, Bogart's
1989 Aug 12Big Daddy Kane, De La Soul, Slick Rick, LL Cool J, Riverfront Coliseum
1989 Aug 26MC Hammer, Riverfront Coliseum
1989 Sep 1The Pixies, Love and Rockets, Riverfront Coliseum
1989 Sep 12The Jerry Garcia Band, Riverfront Coliseum
1989 Sep 14The Rolling Stones, Riverfront Stadium
1989 Oct 4Skid Row, Bon Jovi, Riverfront Coliseum
1989 Nov 1Gloria Estefan & The Miami Sound Machine, Riverfront Coliseum
1989 Nov 18Dino, Sweet Sensation, New Kids on the Block, Riverfront Coliseum
1989 Nov 19It Bites, Jethro Tull, Riverfront Coliseum
1989 Nov 26Warrant, Motley Crue, Riverfront Coliseum
1989 Dec 15Black Velvet Band, 10,000 Maniacs, Riverfront Coliseum
1989 Dec 16Barry Manilow, Riverfront Coliseum
1990 Feb 7Poco, Richard Marx, Riverfront Coliseum
1990 Feb 12Paul McCartney, Riverfront Coliseum
1990 Feb 23Kix, Whitesnake, Riverfront Coliseum
1990 Mar 3Maggie's Dream, Bogart's
1990 Mar 6Rush, Riverfront Coliseum
1990 Mar 9Technotronic, Biz Markee, Big Daddy Kane, Jazzy Jazz & The Fresh Prince, Riverfront Coliseum
1990 Mar 10Chuckil Booker, Janet Jackson, Riverfront Coliseum
1990 Apr 6Seduction, Young MC, Milli Vanilli, Riverfront Coliseum
1990 Apr 16Eric Clapton, Riverfront Coliseum
1990 May 4Dolly Parton, Kenny Rogers, Riverfront Coliseum
1990 May 20Cher, Riverfront Coliseum
1990 May 30Aerosmith, Riverbend Music Center
1990 May 31Aerosmith, Riverbend Music Center
1990 Jun 11Rush, Riverbend Music Center
1990 Jul 10New Kids on the Block, Riverfront Stadium
1990 Jul 11Envogue, Kids-n-Play, Heavy D., Digital Underground, Public Enemy, Riverfront Coliseum
1990 Jul 18Aerosmith, Riverbend Music Center
1990 Jul 21Billy Joel, Riverfront Coliseum
1990 Jul 26Nine Inch Nails, Bogart's
1990 Aug 12Billy Joel, Riverfront Coliseum
1990 Aug 15Troop, After 7, Michelle, Oaktown 357, MC Hammer, Riverfront Coliseum
1990 Aug 23Eric Clapton, Riverbend Music Center
1990 Aug 24Sawyer Brown, The Kentucky Headhunters, Hank Williams, Jr., Riverfront Coliseum
1990 Aug 30Suicidal Tendencies, Bogart's
1990 Oct 18Clint Black, Alan Jackson, Alabama, Riverfront Coliseum
1990 Nov 23Fleetwood Mac, Riverfront Coliseum
1990 Dec 2Biscuit, Brenda K. Starr, George LaMond, New Kids on the Block, Riverfront Coliseum
1990 Dec 5Warrant, Poison, Riverfront Coliseum
1991 Mar 2Black Crowes, ZZ Top, Riverfront Coliseum
1991 Mar 9Afros, Bytches With Problems, Too Short, Ice Cube, 2 Live Crew, Riverfront Coliseum
1991 Mar 29Johnny Gill, Keith Sweat, Bell Biv DeVoe, Riverfront Coliseum
1991 May 2Sandi Patty, Riverfront Coliseum
1991 Jul 28Yes, Riverfront Coliseum
1991 Aug 31Hank Williams, Jr., Riverfront Coliseum
1991 Oct 8Sinbad, Lisa Fisher, Sounds Of Silence, Luther Vandross, Riverfront Coliseum
1991 Oct 29Rush, Riverfront Coliseum
1991 Nov 22Billy Dean, Pirates Of The Mississippi, The Judds, Riverfront Coliseum
1991 Nov 24The Allman Brothers Band, Cincinnati Gardens
1991 Nov 27Pearl Jam, Cincinnati Gardens
1991 Nov 27Red Hot Chili Peppers, Cincinnati Gardens
1991 Dec 30Francesca Beghe, Michael Bolton, Riverfront Coliseum
1992 Feb 7Van Halen, Riverfront Coliseum
1992 Mar 2Metallica, Riverfront Coliseum
1992 Mar 30Pearl Jam, Bogart's
1992 May 21Eric Clapton, Riverfront Coliseum
1992 Jun 25The Allman Brothers Band, Riverbend Music Center
1992 Jul 6John Cougar Mellencamp, Riverbend Music Center
1992 Jul 22The Steve Miller Band, Riverbend Music Center
1992 Jul 28Red Hot Chili Peppers, Riverbend Music Center
1992 Aug 20Ozzy Osbourne, Cincinnati Gardens
1992 Nov 20Def Leppard, Riverfront Coliseum
1993 Mar 2The Jayhawks, Black Crowes, Riverfront Coliseum
1993 Mar 6Neil Diamond, Riverfront Coliseum
1993 Apr 3Hank Williams, Jr., Riverfront Coliseum
1993 May 5Paul McCartney, Riverfront Stadium
1993 Jun 21Aerosmith, Riverbend Music Center
1993 Jun 27The Allman Brothers Band, Riverbend Music Center
1993 Jun 28Van Halen, Riverbend Music Center
1993 Oct 17Ray Cooper, Elton John, Riverfront Coliseum
1993 Oct 29Rod Stewart, Riverfront Coliseum
1993 Nov 18Billy Joel, Riverfront Coliseum
1993 Nov 24Tony Toni Tone, Janet Jackson, Riverfront Coliseum
1994 Jan 28Pam Tillis, Alan Jackson, Riverfront Coliseum
1994 Jan 29Luciano Pavarotti, Riverfront Coliseum
1994 Feb 4Tammy Wynette, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Riverfront Coliseum
1994 Mar 25Rush, Riverfront Coliseum
1994 May 29Ted Nugent, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Riverbend Music Center
1994 Jun 19Suicidal Tendencies, Riverbend Music Center
1994 Jun 19Metallica, Riverbend Music Center
1994 Jun 19Danzig, Riverbend Music Center
1994 Jun 25George Thorogood & The Destroyers, ZZ Top, Riverfront Coliseum
1994 Jul 17Lungfish, Bogart's
1994 Jul 17Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, Bogart's
1994 Aug 30The Rolling Stones, Riverfront Stadium
1994 Oct 17Jimmie Vaughan, Eric Clapton, Riverfront Coliseum
1994 Oct 20The Offspring, Bogart's
1994 Oct 20Rancid, Bogart's
1995 Jan 28The Mavericks, Alan Jackson, Riverfront Coliseum
1995 Apr 22John Anderson, Tracy Lawrence, Riverfront Coliseum
1995 Apr 25Page & Plant, Riverfront Coliseum
1995 Aug 13Van Halen, Riverbend Music Center
1995 Sep 6The Allman Brothers Band, Riverbend Music Center
1995 Sep 23Jimmy Buffett & The Coral Reefer Band, Riverbend Music Center
1995 Oct 20Joe Diffie, Wade Hayes, Brooks & Dunn, Riverfront Coliseum
1995 Oct 21Grant Lee Buffalo, R.E.M., Riverfront Coliseum
1996 Jan 20Wade Hayes, Alan Jackson, Riverfront Coliseum
1996 Feb 26John Hiatt, Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band, Riverfront Coliseum
1996 Mar 2Terri Clark, George Strait, Riverfront Coliseum
1996 Mar 16Rod Stewart, Riverfront Coliseum
1996 Jul 11James Taylor, Riverbend Music Center
1996 Jul 14The Cure, Riverfront Coliseum
1996 Jul 16Steely Dan, Riverbend Music Center
1996 Jul 28Sting, Riverbend Music Center
1996 Jul 31The Allman Brothers Band, Riverbend Music Center
1996 Aug 8KISS, Riverfront Coliseum
1996 Aug 24Billy Dean, Reba McEntire , Riverfront Coliseum
1996 Aug 28Gloria Estefan, Riverbend Music Center
1996 Sep 10Social Distortion, Bogart's
1996 Sep 19Neil Diamond, Riverfront Coliseum
1996 Oct 4Biohazard, Sepultura, Danzig, Ozzy Osbourne, Riverfront Coliseum
1996 Oct 5The Reverend Horton Heat, Bogart's
1996 Oct 5Southern Culture On The Skids, Bogart's
1996 Oct 5Tenderloin, Bogart's
1996 Oct 9Melissa Etheridge, Riverfront Coliseum
1996 Nov 11Chalk FarM, Club Gotham
1996 Nov 13Garth Brooks, Riverfront Coliseum
1996 Nov 14Garth Brooks, Riverfront Coliseum
1996 Nov 15Garth Brooks, Riverfront Coliseum
1996 Nov 16Garth Brooks, Riverfront Coliseum
1996 Nov 17Garth Brooks, Riverfront Coliseum
1996 Dec 10Bruce Springsteen, Music Hall
1997 Jan 19Fountains Of Wayne, The Smashing Pumpkins, Riverfront Coliseum
1997 Jan 31Social Distortion, Bogart's
1997 Mar 1Mindy McCready, George Strait, Riverfront Coliseum
1997 Apr 15Corrosion Of Conformity, Metallica, Riverfront Coliseum
1997 Apr 16Metallica / Corosion of Conformity, Riverfront Coliseum
1997 May 8Crosby, Stills, & Nash, Taft Auditorium
1997 Jun 4Rush, Riverbend Music Center
1997 Aug 13The Allman Brothers Band, Riverbend Music Center
1997 Aug 18Aerosmith, Riverbend Music Center
1997 Oct 3Fleetwood Mac, Riverfront Coliseum
1997 Oct 11Reba McEntire, Brooks & Dunn, Riverfront Coliseum
1997 Oct 14Cheap Trick, Motley Crue, Riverfront Coliseum
1997 Nov 9Prince, Riverfront Coliseum
1998 Mar 28The Kinleys, Trace Adkins, Clint Black, The Crown
1998 Apr 30Elton John, The Crown
1998 May 12Distant Cousins, Eric Clapton, The Crown
1998 Jun 13Savatage, Bogart's
1998 Jun 14Yanni, The Crown
1998 Jul 12Usher, Janet Jackson, The Crown
1998 Jul 21Tori Amos, The Crown
1998 Jul 21Van Halen, Riverbend Music Center
1998 Aug 5The Allman Brothers Band, Riverbend Music Center
1998 Sep 17Aerosmith, Riverbend Music Center
1998 Sep 19Andre Philippe Gagnon, Celine Dion, The Crown
1998 Nov 14Phish, The Crown
1998 Nov 15Phish, The Crown
1998 Nov 19David Kersh, Terri Clark, Reba McEntire, Brooks & Dunn, The Crown
1998 Nov 21Bela Fleck & The Flecktones, The Dave Matthews Band, The Crown
1998 Nov 24Unbelievable Truth, Barenaked Ladies, The Crown
1999 Feb 16Garbage, Alanis Morissette, The Crown
1999 Mar 11Billy Joel, The Crown
1999 Apr 3N'Sync, The Crown
1999 Jun 29The Allman Brothers Band, Riverbend Music Center
1999 Sep 4Julio Iglesias, Jr., Micheal McDonald, Cher, The Crown
1999 Sep 7B. Raitt/J. Browne/S. Colvin/B. Hornsby, Riverbend Music Center
1999 Oct 17Oleander, Our Lady Peace, Creed, The Crown
1999 Nov 3The Moody Blues, The Crown
1999 Nov 15The Backstreet Boys, The Crown
1999 Nov 17Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, The Crown
1999 Nov 22Shane Minor, Shania Twain, The Crown
1999 Dec 3Phish, The Crown
1999 Dec 4Phish, The Crown
1999 Dec 5Jessica Simpson, Ricky Martin, The Crown
1999 Dec 7Neil Diamond, The Crown
1999 Dec 29Shannon Curfman, John Cougar Mellencamp, The Crown
2000 Jan 22Brad Paisley, Alan Jackson , Firstar Center
2000 Mar 15Bosson, LFO, Britney Spears, Firstar Center
2000 Apr 30Bruce Springsteen, Firstar Center
2000 May 21George Strait, Cinergy Field
2000 May 22KISS, Riverbend Music Center, The Farewell Tour
2000 May 28Lionel Richie, Tina Turner, Firstar Center
2000 Jul 14N'Sync, Cinergy Field
2000 Jul 25The Allman Brothers Band, Riverbend Music Center
2000 Aug 3Red Hot Chili Peppers, Riverbend Music Center
2000 Aug 13Little River Band, Styx, REO Speedwagon, Riverbend Music Center
2000 Aug 20Pearl Jam, Riverbend Music Center
2000 Aug 29Slash's Snake Pit, AC/DC, Firstar Center
2000 Sep 28Guster, Barenaked Ladies, Firstar Center
2000 Oct 19Ricky Skaggs, The Dixie Chicks, Firstar Center
2000 Nov 24Faith Hill & Tim McGraw, Firstar Center
2000 Nov 25Less Than Jake, Bon Jovi, Firstar Center
2001 Feb 23Fuel, Buckcherry, Kid Rock, Firstar Center
2001 Mar 8Lifehouse, Everclear, Matchbox Twenty, Firstar Center
2001 Mar 15Slimm Calhoun, Ludacris, OutKast, Firstar Center
2001 May 13Elton John and Billy Joel, Firstar Center
2001 Jun 6N'Sync, Cinergy Field
2001 Jul 15Journey, Riverbend Music Center
2001 Jul 15Peter Frampton, Riverbend Music Center
2001 Aug 15The Allman Brothers Band, Riverbend Music Center
2001 Aug 25Krystal, Sisqo, The Backstreet Boys, Firstar Center
2001 Sep 7Aerosmith, Riverbend Music Center
2001 Nov 10O-Town, Britney Spears, Firstar Center
2002 Mar 24Sara Evans, Carolyn Dawn Johnson, Kenny Chesney, U.S. Bank Arena
2002 Jun 21Bad Company, Foreigner, Riverbend Music Center
2002 Jul 3The Allman Brothers Band, Riverbend Music Center
2002 Jul 9Alison Krauss & Union Station, U.S. Bank Arena
2002 Jul 27Lakeside, Ronald & Ernie Isley, Maze , U.S. Bank Arena
2002 Aug 4Rush, Riverbend Music Center
2002 Aug 13Jackson Browne, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Riverbend Music Center
2002 Aug 31Tomahawk, Tool, U.S. Bank Arena
2002 Sep 8Cyndi Lauper, Cher, U.S. Bank Arena
2002 Sep 18.38 Special, Lynyrd Skynyrd, U.S. Bank Arena
2002 Sep 20Aerosmith, Riverbend Music Center
2002 Oct 25Denim, R.O.C., Lil Bow Wow, U.S. Bank Arena
2002 Nov 12Bruce Springsteen, U.S. Bank Arena
2002 Nov 17Joe Diffie, Mark Chesnutt, Tracy Lawrence, U.S. Bank Arena
2003 Feb 21Phish, U.S. Bank Arena
2003 Feb 22Phish, U.S. Bank Arena
2003 Mar 23Yanni, U.S. Bank Arena
2003 Mar 24Tim McGraw, U.S. Bank Arena
2003 May 26Eagles, U.S. Bank Arena
2003 Jun 9Joan Osborne, The Dixie Chicks, U.S. Bank Arena
2003 Jun 19Pearl Jam, Riverbend Music Center
2003 Jul 1The Allman Brothers Band, Riverbend Music Center
2003 Jul 15Boston, Riverbend Music Center
2003 Jul 26Justin Timberlake & Christina Aguilera, U.S. Bank Arena
2003 Aug 13Aerosmith, Riverbend Music Center
2003 Aug 13KISS/Aerosmith, Riverbend Music Center
2003 Sep 14Mariah Carey, U.S. Bank Arena
2003 Nov 23Buddy Dean, Kenny Rogers, U.S. Bank Arena
2004 Apr 13Prince, U.S. Bank Arena
2004 Apr 21Rod Stewart, U.S. Bank Arena
2004 May 1Metallica with Godsmack, U.S. Bank Arena
2004 May 7Alison Krauss & Union Station, U.S. Bank Arena
2004 May 15The Offspring, Jammin' on Main Festival
2004 May 22Emerson Drive, Shania Twain, U.S. Bank Arena
2004 Jun 20The Everly Brothers, Simon & Garfunkel, U.S. Bank Arena
2004 Jul 16Sparta, Incubus, U.S. Bank Arena
2004 Aug 17Kanye West, Usher, U.S. Bank Arena
2004 Aug 30Butterfly Boucher, Sarah McLachlan, U.S. Bank Arena
2004 Sep 18Van Halen, U.S. Bank Arena
2004 Oct 10Katrina Elam, Keith Urban, U.S. Bank Arena
2004 Oct 23Sugarcult, New Found Glory, Green Day, U.S. Bank Arena
2004 Nov 5Amos Lee, Norah Jones, U.S. Bank Arena
2004 Nov 6Butch Walker, Avril Lavigne, U.S. Bank Arena
2004 Nov 7The Datsuns, Velvet Revolver, U.S. Bank Arena
2004 Nov 11Martina McBride, Alan Jackson , U.S. Bank Arena
2005 Jan 22Amber Dotson, Dierks Bentley, George Strait, U.S. Bank Arena
2005 Mar 19Styx, REO Speedwagon, Cincinnati Gardens
2005 Apr 24The Game, Snoop Dogg, U.S. Bank Arena
2005 Jun 14Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Riverbend Music Center
2005 Jun 14The Black Crowes, Riverbend Music Center
2005 Jul 20The Allman Brothers Band, Riverbend Music Center
2005 Jul 22The Offspring, Riverbend Music Center
2005 Jul 26Widespread Panic , Riverbend Music Center
2005 Jul 28Loggins & Messina, U.S. Bank Arena
2005 Aug 1Bruce Springsteen, U.S. Bank Arena
2005 Aug 20Cheap Trick, Alice Cooper, U.S. Bank Arena
2005 Aug 23Tyler Hilton, Teddy Geiger, Hilary Duff, U.S. Bank Arena
2005 Aug 25Pat Green, Gretchen Wilson, Kenny Chesney, U.S. Bank Arena
2005 Oct 14The Dillinger Escape Plan, Unearth, Slipknot, U.S. Bank Arena
2005 Nov 5Elton John, U.S. Bank Arena
2005 Nov 11Michael Tolcher, O.A.R., U.S. Bank Arena
2006 Feb 25Moving Units, Nine Inch Nails, U.S. Bank Arena
2006 Apr 2Blaine Larson, VanZant, Gretchen Wilson, U.S. Bank Arena
2006 Jun 16The Allman Brothers Band, Riverbend Music Center
2006 Jun 16Thine Eyes Bleed, Mastodon, Children Of Bodom, Lamb Of God, Slayer, U.S. Bank Arena
2006 Jun 24Pearl Jam, U.S. Bank Arena
2006 Jun 30Chevelle, Hoobastank, Nickelback, U.S. Bank Arena
2006 Jul 11Faith Hill & Tim McGraw, U.S. Bank Arena
2006 Oct 8Tracy Bonham, Blue Man Group, U.S. Bank Arena
2006 Oct 9Aerosmith, Riverbend Music Center
2006 Oct 9Motley Crue, Riverbend Music Center
2006 Nov 17The Mike Doughty Band, Barenaked Ladies, U.S. Bank Arena
2006 Nov 25Eric Church, Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band, U.S. Bank Arena
2006 Dec 9Everlife, The Cheetah Girls, U.S. Bank Arena
2007 Jan 18Gomez, O.A.R., U.S. Bank Arena
2007 Jan 20Red Hot Chili Peppers, U.S. Bank Arena
2007 Mar 15Pink, Justin Timberlake, U.S. Bank Arena
2007 Mar 23Jim Jones, Fat Joe, Young Jeezy, Lil Wayne, U.S. Bank Arena
2007 May 8Machine Head, Megadeth, Heaven & Hell, U.S. Bank Arena
2007 Jun 26Brett Dennan, Ben Folds, John Mayer, U.S. Bank Arena
2007 Jun 29Big Business, Tool, U.S. Bank Arena
2007 Sep 1Rush, Riverbend Music Center
2007 Nov 11Mike Relm, Blue Man Group, U.S. Bank Arena
2007 Nov 17Jack Ingram, Dierks Bentley, U.S. Bank Arena
2007 Dec 6Shop Boyz, Tellum, Soulja Boy, Bow Wow, Chris Brown, U.S. Bank Arena
2007 Dec 13The Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, U.S. Bank Arena
2008 Jan 19Lady Antebellum, Jack Ingram, Martina McBride, U.S. Bank Arena
2008 Mar 15Naturally 7, Michael Buble, U.S. Bank Arena
2008 Mar 22Bruce Springsteen, U.S. Bank Arena
2008 Apr 5Lynyrd Skynyrd, Hank Williams, Jr., U.S. Bank Arena
2008 Apr 9Galactic, Widespread Panic, U.S. Bank Arena
2008 Apr 22Van Halen, U.S. Bank Arena
2008 Jun 30Rush, Riverbend Music Center
2008 Aug 1Rihanna, N.E.R.D., Lupe Fiasco, Kanye West, U.S. Bank Arena
2008 Aug 16Poison, Riverbend Music Center
2008 Nov 18Eagles, U.S. Bank Arena
2008 Nov 23Clique Girlz, 535, The Cheetah Girls, U.S. Bank Arena
2008 Dec 10American Bang, Switchfoot, 3 Doors Down, U.S. Bank Arena
2009 Jan 11AC/DC, U.S. Bank Arena
2009 Jan 18Keri Hilson, Gym Class Heroes, Keyshia Cole, T-Pain, Lil Wayne, U.S. Bank Arena
2009 Mar 10Elton John and Billy Joel, U.S. Bank Arena
2009 Jun 4Coldplay, Riverbend Music Center
2009 Jun 5Taylor Swift, Keith Urban, U.S. Bank Arena
2009 Jun 24The Offspring, Riverbend Music Center
2009 Jul 1ZZ Top, Riverbend Music Center
2009 Jul 1Aerosmith, Riverbend Music Center
2009 Jul 15Def Leppard, Riverbend Music Center
2009 Jul 15Cheap Trick, Riverbend Music Center
2009 Jul 15Poison, Riverbend Music Center
2009 Jul 22Lynyrd Skynyrd, Riverbend Music Center
2009 Jul 25Jordan Pruitt, David Archuleta, Demi Lovato, U.S. Bank Arena
2009 Aug 13Blink-182, Riverbend Music Center
2009 Sep 15Gojira, Lamb Of God, Metallica, U.S. Bank Arena
2009 Sep 30Social Distortion, Bogart's
2009 Oct 26Type O Negative, Bogart's
2009 Nov 10Steely Dan, Taft Auditorium
2009 Nov 11Steely Dan, Taft Auditorium
2009 Nov 20Phish, U.S. Bank Arena
2009 Nov 21Phish, U.S. Bank Arena
2010 Jan 29Gov't Mule, Taft Auditorium
2010 Mar 24Naturally 7, Michael Buble, U.S. Bank Arena
2010 Mar 28Gloriana, Kellie Pickler, Taylor Swift, U.S. Bank Arena
2010 Apr 25Sons Of Sylvia, Craig Morgan, Carrie Underwood, U.S. Bank Arena
2010 May 17Jimmy Buffett, Riverbend Music Center
2010 Jun 6Brad Paisley, Riverbend Music Center
2010 Jun 15Dave Matthews Band, Riverbend Music Center
2010 Jun 26The Stunners, Jessica Jarrell, Sean Kingston, Justin Bieber, U.S. Bank Arena
2010 Jun 30Roger Daltrey, Eric Clapton, Riverbend Music Center
2010 Aug 6Rascal Flatts, Riverbend Music Center
2010 Sep 2Aerosmith, Riverbend Music Center
2010 Oct 11Metric, Muse, U.S. Bank Arena
2010 Nov 14Furthur, U.S. Bank Arena
2011 Jan 29Hollywood Undead, Stone Sour, Avenged Sevenfold, U.S. Bank Arena
2011 Mar 4Lee Ann Womack, Reba McEntire, George Strait, U.S. Bank Arena
2011 Apr 5Steel Magnolia, Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band, U.S. Bank Arena
2011 May 8Sharks, Bogart's
2011 May 8Social Distortion, Bogart's
2011 May 8Chuck Ragan, Bogart's
2011 Jun 16Brad Paisley, Riverbend Music Center
2011 Jun 26Motley Crue, Riverbend Music Center
2011 Jun 30Kenny Chesney, Riverbend Music Center
2011 Jul 1JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound, MOTR Pub
2011 Jul 2Kid Rock/Sheryl Crow, Riverbend Music Center
2011 Jul 7Def Leppard with Heart, Riverbend Music Center
2011 Jul 15Josh Groban, U.S. Bank Arena
2011 Jul 16311, Riverbend Music Center
2011 Jul 16Sublime With Rome, Riverbend Music Center
2011 Jul 31Tim McGraw, Riverbend Music Center
2011 Aug 3Journey, Riverbend Music Center
2011 Aug 4Paul McCartney, Great American Ballpark
2011 Aug 11Keith Urban, U.S. Bank Arena
2011 Aug 19Jason Aldean, Riverbend Music Center
2011 Sep 29Toby Keith, Riverbend Music Center
2011 Oct 7Chevelle, Riverbend Music Center
2011 Oct 7Filter, Riverbend Music Center
2011 Oct 7Bush, Riverbend Music Center
2011 Oct 22Frankie Ballard, Rodney Atkins, Darius Rucker, U.S. Bank Arena
2011 Nov 5Chalk FarM, Bogart's
2011 Nov 8Thin Lizzy, Black Label Society, Judas Priest, U.S. Bank Arena
2011 Nov 11The Heptanes, Bogart's
2011 Dec 2D Generation, Guns N' Roses, U.S. Bank Arena
2012 Feb 14New Edition, U.S. Bank Arena
2012 Mar 2Arctic Monkeys, The Black Keys, U.S. Bank Arena
2012 Jun 6Little Dragon, Red Hot Chili Peppers, U.S. Bank Arena
2012 Oct 6Kip Moore, Justin Moore, Eric Church, U.S. Bank Arena
2012 Dec 30Levi Lowery, Blackberry Smoke, Zac Brown Band, U.S. Bank Arena
2013 Feb 27Muse with Dead Sara, U.S. Bank Arena
2013 May 18Todd Rundgren, Bogart's
2013 Jun 4passion pit, U.S. Bank Arena
2013 Jun 5passion pit, U.S. Bank Arena
2013 Jun 6Brad Paisley, Riverbend Music Center
2013 Jun 25Boyz II Men, 98 Degrees, New Kids on the Block, U.S. Bank Arena
2013 Jul 2Rush, Riverbend Music Center
2013 Aug 7Victoria Justice, Big Time Rush, U.S. Bank Arena
2013 Aug 25HIM, Airbourne, All That Remains, Volbeat, U.S. Bank Arena
2013 Oct 6Ghost B.C., Deftones, Avenged Sevenfold, U.S. Bank Arena
2014 Mar 3Eagles, U.S. Bank Arena
2014 Apr 8Noveller, Bogart's
2014 Apr 8Bruce Springsteen, U.S. Bank Arena
2014 Apr 8St. Vincent, Bogart's
2014 Jun 27Aloe Blacc, Bruno Mars, U.S. Bank Arena
2014 Jul 6Motley Crue with Alice Cooper, Riverbend Music Center
2014 Jul 15Def Leppard, Riverbend Music Center
2014 Jul 15KISS, Riverbend Music Center
2014 Jul 29Michael Buble, U.S. Bank Arena
2014 Aug 27Alex Angelo, Shawn Mendes, Fifth Harmony, Austin Mahone, U.S. Bank Arena
2014 Oct 1Pearl Jam, U.S. Bank Arena
2014 Oct 9Aaron Lewis, Brantley Gilbert, U.S. Bank Arena

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