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Classic Rock Concerts

Baltimore, Maryland, United States

map of Baltimore and surrounding area
map of Baltimore and surrounding area

Who has been to Baltimore (47 total)

alwizard99 6 times
Oceang1 1 time
Tommy915 24 times
SimmerDown 7 times
SBgtr1 13 times
sdaly 2 times
emales01 1 time
es336td 1 time
docsheg 1 time
Leegraves 1 time
fugitive247 1 time
HerbOlsen 1 time
steamm 1 time
Argus_57 1 time
thunderroach 32 times
Hope_Llanso 5 times
MarkTheSpark 4 times
tmorici 5 times
ezeerider 1 time
Seeburg220 1 time
mhzdog 6 times
notlaw 1 time
Naturegirl61 1 time
gpchoochoo 8 times
jimmyz 1 time
richmox 18 times
jz 2 times
madmacs 1 time
radiobrewster 2 times
Coneslayer 1 time
Embedics 4 times
jandrith 1 time
caufdawg 2 times
cwr18 2 times
geoffk54 1 time
Scott63 10 times
Barbellen8890 1 time
adriane61 1 time
dwgtx 1 time
profhemispheres 1 time
180shun 1 time
RacerHex 1 time
jaldape 1 time
lbrocato 41 times
irelandmists70s 1 time
ga5150 1 time
coachdunny 2 times

Venues in Baltimore

1st Mariner Arena 90 concerts
A.L. Gators 1 concert
Bourbon Street Ballroom 3 concerts
Hammerjacks 25 concerts
Laurel Harley Davidson 1 concert
Laurel Race Track 1 concert
Lyric Theatre 3 concerts
M&T Bank Stadium 21 concerts
Otto Bar 2 concerts
Pier Six Pavilion 26 concerts
Pimlico Race Course 3 concerts
Ram's Head Live! 34 concerts
Recher Theatre 7 concerts
Sonar 1 concert
Soundstage 6 concerts
University of Maryland Baltimore County 4 concerts

Other cities near Baltimore

Towson 1 venue 8 concerts
Hanover 1 venue 1 concert
Owings Mills 2 venues 28 concerts
Columbia 1 venue 251 concerts
Annapolis 2 venues 21 concerts
College Park 1 venue 8 concerts
Aberdeen 1 venue 4 concerts
Landover 2 venues 568 concerts
Wheaton 1 venue 1 concert
Largo -1 concerts
New Windsor
Bethesda 2 venues 3 concerts
Washington 22 venues 374 concerts
Washington, D.C. 3 venues 6 concerts
Falls Church 6 concerts

Concerts in Baltimore [add one]

1969 May 16Jimi Hendrix, Civic Center
1969 May 23Three Dog Night / T Rex, Civic Center
1969 Jul 11Led Zeppelin, Laurel Race Track, Laurel Pop Festival
1969 Nov 26The Rolling Stones, Civic Center
1970 Apr 5Led Zeppelin, Civic Center
1971 Nov 9Elvis Presley, Civic Center
1972 Jun 11Led Zeppelin, Civic Center
1973 Mar 10Virgil Fox, Lyric Theatre
1973 Apr 15Humble Pie , Civic Center
1973 Apr 15Gentle Giant, Civic Center
1973 Apr 15Edgar Winter, Civic Center
1973 May 25Deep Purple/Rory Gallager, Civic Center
1973 May 30Deep Purple with Rory Gallagher, Civic Center
1973 Jul 23Led Zeppelin, Civic Center
1973 Sep 8Uriah Heep \ Earth Wind and Fire/ZZ Top, Civic Center
1973 Nov 23Todd Rundgren, The Eastwind
1974 Feb 13Yes, Civic Center
1974 May 19ZZ Top/Ten Years After, Civic Center
1974 Aug 10The J. Geils Band, Civic Center
1974 Aug 12Little Feet, Civic Center
1974 Sep 7Uriah Heap, Civic Center
1974 Sep 12Rush, University of Maryland Baltimore County
1974 Sep 27Elvis Presley, University of Maryland Baltimore County, Tour opening show
1974 Sep 28Elvis Presley, University of Maryland Baltimore County
1974 Oct 20Golden Earring, Civic Center
1974 Oct 20Golden Earring/Foghat/Black Oak Arkansas, Civic Center, Happening 74
1974 Nov 17Blue Oyster Cult, Civic Center
1974 Nov 17Steppenwolf/Aerosmith/Blue Oyster Cult/PFM/Ruth Copeland, Civic Center, Heavy Metal Sunday
1974 Dec 1Genesis, Lyric Theatre - "The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway"
1975 Feb 8Hall & Oates, Civic Center, Happening 75
1975 Mar 9Jethro Tull, Civic Center
1975 May 18Aerosmith, Civic Center
1975 May 31Robin Trower/Leslie west, Civic Center
1975 Nov 1Nils Lofgren/Sprit/Buzzy Linhart, University of Maryland Baltimore County
1976 Jun 26Atlanta Rythem Section/Starz, The Palace
1976 Jul 13Kiss/Bob Segar, Civic Center
1976 Dec 19Foghat-Boston, Civic Center
1977 May 29Elvis Presley, Civic Center
1977 Jun 16Brand X
1977 Jul 11Aerosmith, Civic Center
1977 Aug 9Heart/Outlaws/Sanford Townsen, Civic Center
1977 Nov 13Cheap Trick, Civic Center
1977 Nov 13Rush, Civic Center
1977 Nov 13UFO, Civic Center
1978 Mar 3Blue Oyster Cult, Civic Center
1978 Apr 7J Giles/Bob Segar, Civic Center
1978 Sep 9Van Halen, Civic Center
1978 Sep 9Black Sabbath, Civic Center
1978 Sep 24Hall and Oates
1978 Oct 3Little Feat
1979 Jan 20Rush, Civic Center
1979 Apr 18The Allman Brothers Band, Civic Center
1979 Sep 30Blue Oyster Cult / Blackmores Rainbow, Civic Center
1979 Sep 30Blue Oyster Cult, Civic Center
1980 Feb 5Styx / The Babys, Civic Center
1980 Feb 17The Outlaws / The Rockets, Civic Center
1980 Mar 6UFO / Blackfoot /Off Broadway, Civic Center
1980 May 11Frank Zappa, Civic Center
1980 Jun 24Heart, Civic Center
1980 Jul 22Van Halen, Civic Center
1980 Sep 22Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band/ City Boy, Civic Center
1981 Apr 22Blizzard Of Oz, Towson Center-Towson State University
1981 Jul 3Ted Nugent
1983 Feb 16Aerosmith, Civic Center
1983 Feb 22Neil Young, Civic Center
1983 May 15Triumph / Foghat, Civic Center
1983 Oct 25The Moody Blues, Civic Center
1983 Oct 25Stevie Ray Vaughn, Civic Center
1984 Feb 28Kiss/Accept, Civic Center
1984 Aug 14Twisted Sister, Civic Center
1984 Aug 14Dio, Civic Center
1985 Jan 7Aerosmith, Civic Center
1985 Sep 18Dio, Civic Center
1985 Oct 11Whitney Houston, Lyric Theatre
1986 Apr 17Rush, Civic Center
1986 Aug 3Eddie Murphy, Civic Center
1986 Oct 30Ingvie Malumstien/Triumph, Civic Center
1986 Nov 22Stevie Ray Vaughn, Towson Center-Towson University
1986 Dec 19Bon Jovi, Civic Center
1987 Jan 28David Lee Roth, Baltimore Arena
1987 Aug 23Death Angel, Hammerjacks
1988 Nov 4Pat Travers, Hammerjacks
1989 Aug 8Todd Rundgren, Hammerjacks
1989 Aug 30White Lion, Baltimore Arena
1989 Aug 30Tangier, Baltimore Arena
1989 Aug 30Cinderella, Baltimore Arena
1989 Oct 29George Thorogood & The Destroyers, Hammerjacks
1990 Feb 24Britny Fox, Hammerjacks
1990 Feb 24Bang Tango, Hammerjacks
1990 Jun 4Rush, Baltimore Arena
1990 Jun 4Mr Big, Baltimore Arena
1990 Oct 20Kix, Hammerjacks
1991 Jan 22Joan Jett , Hammerjacks
1991 Mar 23Sam Kinison, Hammerjacks
1991 Apr 13Todd Rundgren, Hammerjacks
1991 Sep 5Cinderella, Hammerjacks
1991 Nov 23Lita Ford, Hammerjacks
1991 Dec 20Danger Danger, Hammerjacks
1992 Jul 31Ace Frehley, Hammerjacks
1992 Sep 11W.A.S.P., Hammerjacks
1992 Nov 14Ace Frehley, Hammerjacks
1993 Mar 28Goo Goo Dolls, Hammerjacks
1993 Mar 28Soul Asylum, Hammerjacks
1993 Oct 2Phantom Rockers, Hammerjacks
1993 Oct 2Foghat, Hammerjacks
1993 Oct 31GWAR, Hammerjacks
1994 May 28The Pretenders, Hammerjacks
1994 Jun 25Redd Kross, Hammerjacks
1994 Oct 29The Offspring, Hammerjacks
1994 Nov 17Sugar , Hammerjacks
1995 Oct 7Pat Travers, A.L. Gators
1997 Apr 1KISS, Baltimore Arena
1999 May 29Orgy, Ravens Stadium at Camden Yards
1999 May 29Jimmie's Chicken Shack, Ravens Stadium at Camden Yards
1999 May 29Beth Orton, Ravens Stadium at Camden Yards
1999 May 29Live, Ravens Stadium at Camden Yards
1999 May 29Moby, Ravens Stadium at Camden Yards
1999 May 29The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Ravens Stadium at Camden Yards
1999 May 29Blink-182, Ravens Stadium at Camden Yards
1999 May 29Silverchair, Ravens Stadium at Camden Yards
1999 May 29Goo Goo Dolls, Ravens Stadium at Camden Yards
1999 May 29Sugar Ray, Ravens Stadium at Camden Yards
1999 May 29The Offspring, Ravens Stadium at Camden Yards
1999 May 29Red Hot Chili Peppers, Ravens Stadium at Camden Yards
1999 May 29Ozomatli, Ravens Stadium at Camden Yards
1999 May 29The Living End, Ravens Stadium at Camden Yards
1999 May 29Freestylers, Ravens Stadium at Camden Yards
1999 May 29Buckcherry, Ravens Stadium at Camden Yards
1999 May 29Fountains of Wayne, Ravens Stadium at Camden Yards
1999 May 29Citizen King, Ravens Stadium at Camden Yards
1999 May 292 Skinnee J's, Ravens Stadium at Camden Yards
1999 May 29Lit, Ravens Stadium at Camden Yards
1999 May 29Sev, Ravens Stadium at Camden Yards
2000 May 10Red Hot Chili Peppers, Baltimore Arena
2000 Aug 8Gov't Mule, Recher Theatre
2000 Aug 8Kevn Kinney, Recher Theatre
2002 Oct 15Rush, Baltimore Arena
2002 Oct 24No Doubt, Baltimore Arena
2004 Feb 15Toby Keith, 1st Mariner Arena
2004 Feb 15Blake Shelton, 1st Mariner Arena
2004 Mar 7Drive-By Truckers, Recher Theatre
2004 Sep 3Switchfoot, Maryland State Fair
2004 Dec 16Drive-By Truckers, Recher Theatre
2005 Dec 2Three Dog Night, Ram's Head Live!
2005 Dec 15Alanis Morissette, Ram's Head Live!
2006 Feb 15Motley Crue, 1st Mariner Arena
2006 Sep 23Red Hot Chili Peppers, Virgin Festival
2006 Sep 23The Who, Pimlico Race Course
2007 Jul 21ZZ Top / The Pretenders / REO Speedwagon / Stray Cats, 1st Mariner Arena
2007 Aug 4The Police, Pimlico Race Course, Virgin Festival
2007 Aug 31Steve Miller Band, Pier Six Pavilion
2008 Mar 9Van Halen, 1st Mariner Arena
2008 Apr 15Van Halen, 1st Mariner Arena
2008 May 15Van Halen, 1st Mariner Arena
2008 Jul 29Yes, Pier Six Pavilion
2009 Feb 21George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic , Ram's Head Live!
2009 May 16ZZ Top, Pimlico Race Course
2009 May 17Heart, Pier Six Pavilion
2009 Jul 14Dave Mason, Pier Six Pavilion
2009 Jul 14Joe Cocker, Pier Six Pavilion
2009 Jul 17Charm City Devils, Ram's Head Live!
2009 Jul 23Mountain, Pier Six Pavilion
2009 Nov 9Morningwood, Ram's Head Live!
2009 Nov 9Kill Hannah, Ram's Head Live!
2009 Nov 9Jet, Ram's Head Live!
2009 Nov 9Papa Roach, Ram's Head Live!
2009 Dec 5Flobots, Recher Theatre
2009 Dec 13D.R.I., Sonar
2010 Mar 29Dillinger Escape Plan, Otto Bar
2010 May 6Ratt, Ram's Head Live!
2010 May 15Molly Hatchet, Laurel Harley Davidson
2010 Jul 12Counting Crows, Pier Six Pavilion
2010 Jul 18The Dirty Heads, Pier Six Pavilion
2010 Jul 18Matisyahu, Pier Six Pavilion
2010 Jul 18Sublime with Rome, Pier Six Pavilion
2010 Aug 29Cheap Trick, Pier Six Pavilion
2010 Aug 29Blondie, Pier Six Pavilion
2010 Sep 2The Reign of Kindo, Otto Bar
2010 Sep 4Pat Benatar, Pier Six Pavilion
2010 Sep 4REO Speedwagon, Pier Six Pavilion
2010 Sep 15Crosby Stills and Nash, Pier Six Pavilion
2010 Oct 23311, 1st Mariner Arena
2010 Nov 6Social Distortion, Ram's Head Live!
2011 Feb 12HELLYEAH, Ram's Head Live!
2011 Feb 12Others May Fall, Ram's Head Live!
2011 Feb 12Buckcherry, Ram's Head Live!
2011 Feb 12All That Remains, Ram's Head Live!
2011 Feb 12The Damned Things, Ram's Head Live!
2011 Apr 22Rush, 1st Mariner Arena
2011 Apr 27Bad Religion, Ram's Head Live!
2011 Apr 27Rise Against, Ram's Head Live!
2011 Apr 27Four Year Strong, Ram's Head Live!
2011 May 10Destruction, Bourbon Street Ballroom
2011 May 11UFO, Bourbon Street Ballroom
2011 May 13Social Distortion, Ram's Head Live!
2011 May 13Chuck Ragan, Ram's Head Live!
2011 May 13Sharks, Ram's Head Live!
2011 May 17Danzig, Bourbon Street Ballroom
2011 May 26Elton John with his band, 1st Mariner Arena
2011 May 27Corrosion of Conformity, Maryland Deathfest
2011 Jun 3Three Dog Night, Pier Six Pavilion
2011 Jun 3Creedence Clearwater Revisited, Pier Six Pavilion
2011 Jun 18Uriah Heep, Ram's Head Live!
2011 Jul 17Peter Frampton, Pier Six Pavilion
2011 Sep 7Black Stone Cherry, Ram's Head Live!, Carnival Of Madness 2011
2011 Sep 7Alterbridge, Ram's Head Live!, Carnival Of Madness 2011
2011 Sep 7Theory of a Deadman, Ram's Head Live!, Carnival Of Madness 2011
2011 Nov 5Buddy Guy, Ram's Head Live!
2011 Nov 5Michael Williams Band, Ram's Head Live!
2011 Nov 25Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band, 1st Mariner Arena
2011 Nov 25Frankie Ballard, 1st Mariner Arena
2011 Dec 29Halestorm, Ram's Head Live!
2012 Jan 10Eric Johnson, Soundstage
2012 Apr 25Shinedown, Ram's Head Live!
2012 May 3Slash, Ram's Head Live!
2012 May 4Lynyrd Skynyrd, Pier Six Pavilion
2012 May 13A Thousand Horses, Recher Theatre
2012 May 13Lit, Recher Theatre
2012 Jun 14Lindsey Buckingham, Soundstage
2012 Jun 15Bernard Allison Group, Ram's Head Live!
2012 Jun 15Tab Benoit, Ram's Head Live!
2012 Jun 17Bonnie Raitt, Pier Six Pavilion
2012 Jul 15Van Halen, 1st Mariner Arena
2012 Jul 27BSO plays Led Zeppelin, Pier Six Pavilion
2012 Sep 21Leon Russell, Soundstage
2012 Nov 7Carrie Underwood, 1st Mariner Arena
2012 Dec 13Awolnation, Ram's Head Live!
2012 Dec 14Hinder, Ram's Head Live!
2013 Feb 25Matchbox Twenty, Lyric Theatre
2013 Feb 26Shinedown, 1st Mariner Arena
2013 Feb 26Three Days Grace, 1st Mariner Arena
2013 May 19 zz top, Pier Six Pavilion
2013 May 23Three Dog Night, 1st Mariner Arena
2013 Aug 13George Thorogood, Pier Six Pavilion
2013 Aug 13Buddy Guy, Pier Six Pavilion
2013 Sep 22Willie Nelson, Pier Six Pavilion
2013 Oct 30Warbringer, Soundstage
2013 Oct 30Kreator, Soundstage
2013 Oct 30Overkill, Soundstage
2014 Aug 9Heart, Pier Six Pavilion

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