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Classic Rock Concerts

St. Petersburg, Florida, United States

map of St. Petersburg and surrounding area
map of St. Petersburg and surrounding area

Who has been to St. Petersburg (37 total)

RIpitout78 31 times
Avenger2354 2 times
flamks 6 times
mscorl 1 time
Dynasty79 46 times
southernman 2 times
pkb76d 1 time
slick1ru2 1 time
MetalMaiden 2 times
MarkTheSpark 25 times
marvinmelvin 29 times
RRJackson 45 times
mandrake1811 2 times
jillybean651 1 time
taiko46 35 times
Deathmagnet 2 times
shultis 1 time
jdub 1 time
PETERGEHRIS1963 1 time
interactiveguy 4 times
AlKendall 2 times
oldbastard59 15 times
SLB 4 times
FEdward 5 times
adriane61 2 times
chrisclause 1 time
daviddio 1 time
southbound 17 times
Porchdog64 1 time
keithd62 4 times
johninga 12 times
RJKoenn 1 time
TerraceYouth 25 times
blacky53 2 times
anhisr 8 times
BoltsFan 22 times
eddiemary 1 time

Venues in St. Petersburg

Electric Zoo 1 concert
Jannus Landing 72 concerts
The Local 662 1 concert
Mahaffey Theater 9 concerts
State Theatre 21 concerts
Tropicana Field 26 concerts
Vinoy Park 26 concerts

Other cities near St. Petersburg

Pinellas Park 2 venues 8 concerts
Largo 1 venue 8 concerts
Clearwater 7 venues 150 concerts
Palmetto 1 venue 9 concerts
Tampa 33 venues 735 concerts
Bradenton 1 venue 1 concert
Brandon 2 venues 3 concerts
Tarpon Springs 1 venue 1 concert
Sarasota 4 venues 9 concerts
Wesley Chapel

Concerts in St. Petersburg [add one]

1969 Sep 6The Allman Brothers Band, Electric Zoo
1970 Mar 20The Allman Brothers Band, The Aragon
1971 Jul 15The Allman Brothers Band, Coliseum
1972 Dec 10Uriah Heep/White Trash/Bulldog, Bayfront Center Arena
1974 Jul 5Uriah Heep/Manfred Mann, Bayfront Center Arena
1974 Sep 21Rush
1975 Mar 27Lynyrd Skynyrd, Bayfront Center Arena
1975 Mar 27The Charlie Daniels Band, Bayfront Center Arena
1976 Apr 20Bob Dylan and the Rolling Thunder Revue, Bayfront Center Arena
1976 Sep 3Elvis Presley, Bayfront Center Arena
1976 Nov 5Eric Clapton, Bayfront Center Arena
1976 Nov 5The Charlie Daniels Band, Bayfront Center Arena
1977 Feb 14Elvis Presley, Bayfront Center Arena
1977 Jun 23Bad Company, Bayfront Center Arena
1977 Jun 23The Outlaws, Bayfront Center Arena
1977 Jul 23Foreigner, Bayfront Center Arena
1977 Jul 23Ted Nugent, Bayfront Center Arena
1977 Jul 23Rex, Bayfront Center Arena
1977 Oct 29Beaverteeth, Halloween Ball at Sunshine Speedway
1977 Oct 29Spirit, Halloween Ball at Sunshine Speedway
1977 Oct 29Cactus, Halloween Ball at Sunshine Speedway
1977 Nov 6Jethro Tull, Bayfront Center Arena, Songs From The Wood Tour
1977 Dec 31Grinderswitch, Bayfront Center Arena, "New Years Eve Party"
1977 Dec 31The Outlaws, Bayfront Center Arena, "New Years Eve Party"
1977 Dec 31Sea Level, Bayfront Center Arena, "New Years Eve Party"
1977 Dec 31Cooper-Dodge Band, Bayfront Center Arena, "New Years Eve Party"
1978 Jan 28Karla Bonoff, Bayfront Center Arena
1978 Jan 28Jackson Browne, Bayfront Center Arena, Running On Empty Tour
1978 Sep 16Frank Zappa, Bayfront Center Arena
1978 Nov 3Black Sabbath, Bayfront Center Arena
1978 Nov 3Van Halen, Bayfront Center Arena
1979 May 13Supertramp, Bayfront Center Arena, Breakfast In America Tour
1979 May 19Cheap Trick, Bayfront Center Arena
1979 Jul 15The Outlaws, Bayfront Center Arena
1979 Jul 21Thin Lizzy, Bayfront Center Arena
1979 Jul 21Journey, Bayfront Center Arena, 98 Rock Birthday Party
1979 Sep 21The Guess Who, Bayfront Center Arena
1979 Oct 20The Knack, Bayfront Center Arena
1980 Apr 27Journey / The Babys, Bayfront Center Arena
1980 Jul 15Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Bayfront Center Arena, 98 Rock Birthday Bash
1980 Jul 15Tommy Tutone, Bayfront Center Arena, 98 Rock Birthday Bash
1980 Aug 3The Dixie Dregs, Bayfront Center Arena
1980 Aug 3Molly Hatchet, Bayfront Center Arena
1980 Aug 12Van Halen, Bayfront Center Arena
1980 Oct 14Head East, The Aragon
1980 Oct 24Rossington Collins Band, Bayfront Center Arena
1980 Oct 24Point Blank, Bayfront Center Arena
1980 Nov 14Van Halen, Bayfront Center Arena
1980 Nov 16Pat Benatar, Bayfront Center Arena
1980 Dec 7The Police, Bayfront Center Arena, Zenyatta Mondatta Tour
1981 Feb 27Jimmy Buffett, Bayfront Center Arena
1981 May 15Dave Mason, Mahaffey Theater
1981 Oct 6Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers , Bayfront Center Arena
1981 Oct 22Frank Zappa, Bayfront Center Arena
1981 Nov 18Rod Stewart, Bayfront Center Arena
1981 Dec 30The Outlaws / Blackfoot, Bayfront Center Arena
1982 Mar 28Jimmy Buffett, Bayfront Center Arena
1982 Apr 12Rehearsal: Rush, Bayfront Center Arena
1982 Oct 10Saga , Bayfront Center Arena
1982 Oct 10Jethro Tull, Bayfront Center Arena
1982 Dec 4Eddie Money, Bayfront Center Arena
1983 Jan 30Saga, Bayfront Center Arena
1983 Jan 30Billy Squier, Bayfront Center Arena
1983 Feb 11Paul Carrack & Nick Lowe, Bayfront Center Arena
1983 Feb 11Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers , Bayfront Center Arena
1983 May 17Daryl Hall and John Oates, Bayfront Center Arena
1983 Sep 1Styx, Bayfront Center Arena
1983 Nov 18Jimmy Buffett & The Coral Reefer Band, Bayfront Center Arena
1984 Mar 17Billy Joel, Bayfront Center Arena
1984 Jul 10Bon Jovi, Bayfront Center Arena
1984 Jul 10Scorpions, Bayfront Center Arena
1984 Aug 15Chicago, Bayfront Center Arena
1984 Aug 23James Taylor / Randy Newman, Bayfront Center Arena
1984 Nov 26The Fixx, Mahaffey Theater
1984 Dec 1Frank Zappa, Bayfront Center Arena
1984 Dec 21Aerosmith, Bayfront Center Arena
1985 Jan 13KISS, Bayfront Center Arena
1985 Mar 17George Thorogood & The Destroyers, Bayfront Center Arena
1985 Apr 13Molly Hatchet, 49th St. Mining Co.
1985 May 24Bryan Adams, Bayfront Center Arena
1985 May 24Survivor , Bayfront Center Arena
1985 Aug 14Accept, Bayfront Center Arena
1985 Aug 28Heart, Bayfront Center Arena
1985 Sep 17Neil Young & The International Harvesters, Bayfront Center Arena
1985 Sep 26Crosby, Stills & Nash, Bayfront Center Arena
1985 Dec 9Ratt, Bayfront Center Arena
1985 Dec 20Autograph, Bayfront Center Arena
1985 Dec 20Motley Crue, Bayfront Center Arena
1986 Feb 20Night Ranger,Joe Lynn Turner, Bayfront Center Arena
1986 Jun 7Dio, Bayfront Center Arena
1986 Jun 30GTR, Bayfront Center Arena
1986 Sep 7Queensryche, Bayfront Center Arena
1986 Sep 7Ozzy Osbourne, Bayfront Center Arena
1986 Nov 9David Sanborn, Bayfront Center Theatre
1986 Nov 17George Thorogood, Bayfront Center Arena
1987 Feb 15Bon Jovi/Cinderella, Bayfront Center Arena
1987 Aug 12Stryper, Bayfront Center Arena
1988 Feb 13KISS, Bayfront Center Arena
1988 Feb 13Ted Nugent, Bayfront Center Arena
1988 May 26Joe Satriani, Jannus Landing
1988 Jun 4L.A. Guns, Jannus Landing
1988 Aug 5Holy Terror, Jannus Landing
1988 Aug 5Kreator, Jannus Landing
1988 Aug 5D.R.I., Jannus Landing
1988 Sep 24King Diamond, Jannus Landing
1988 Sep 24Flotsam and Jetsam, Jannus Landing
1988 Oct 15Grateful Dead, Bayfront Center Arena
1988 Oct 16Grateful Dead, Bayfront Center Arena
1988 Nov 23Santana, Bayfront Center Arena
1988 Nov 23Santana, Mahaffey Theater
1988 Dec 14Voivod, Jannus Landing
1988 Dec 14Vio-Lence, Jannus Landing
1989 Mar 17Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jannus Landing
1989 May 6Death, Jannus Landing
1989 May 6Dark Angel, Jannus Landing
1989 Jul 6Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Bayfront Center Arena
1989 Oct 6Warrant, Bayfront Center Arena
1989 Oct 14Kreator, Jannus Landing
1989 Oct 14Coroner, Jannus Landing
1989 Nov 3Bonham, Jannus Landing
1989 Nov 4Badlands, Jannus Landing
1989 Nov 9George Thorogood & The Destroyers, Mahaffey Theater
1989 Nov 10concrete blonde, Jannus Landing
1989 Dec 8Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jannus Landing
1990 Jan 22Motley Crue, Bayfront Center Arena
1990 Feb 20Rush, Bayfront Center Arena
1990 Feb 20Mr. Big, Bayfront Center Arena
1990 Mar 6Billy Joel, Suncoast Dome
1990 May 4David Bowie, Suncoast Dome
1990 Jun 29Don Henley, Suncoast Dome
1990 Aug 11New Kids on the Block, Suncoast Dome
1990 Nov 9Eric Johnson, Jannus Landing
1991 Feb 22AC/DC/, Suncoast Dome
1991 May 3Kreator, Jannus Landing
1991 Oct 13Allan Holdsworth, Club Detroit
1991 Dec 12Van Halen, Suncoast Dome
1991 Dec 28Guns N' Roses, Suncoast Dome
1991 Dec 28Soundgarden, Suncoast Dome
1992 Feb 29Rush, Suncoast Dome
1992 Apr 22Pearl Jam, Jannus Landing
1992 May 8Peter Frampton, Jannus Landing
1992 May 24Eric Clapton /Doyle Bramhall II / Jimmie Ray Vaughn, Suncoast Dome
1992 Jun 3Ringo Starr and his All Starr Band, Bayfront Center Arena
1992 Jun 5Ringo Starr and his All Starr Band, Bayfront Center Arena
1992 Oct 18Allan Holdsworth, Club Detroit
1993 Feb 19Metallica, Bayfront Center Arena
1994 Jan 24Janet Jackson, Thunderdome
1994 Mar 4Rush, Thunderdome
1994 Mar 4The Offspring, Club Detroit
1994 Mar 29Pearl Jam, Bayfront Center Arena
1994 Aug 19Steely Dan, Thunderdome
1995 Feb 22Extreme, Jannus Landing
1995 Mar 10Robbie Gennett Band, Jannus Landing
1995 Mar 10Jefferson Starship, Jannus Landing
1995 Mar 14Van Halen, Thunderdome
1995 Jun 15Dokken, Jannus Landing
1995 Sep 7Eric Clapton, Thunderdome, Nothing But The Blues USA Tour
1995 Nov 8King Crimson, Bayfront Center Arena
1995 Dec 30Seven Mary Three, Jannus Landing
1996 Jan 31Acid Bath, State Theatre
1996 Jan 31D.R.I., State Theatre
1996 Mar 22The Toadies, Jannus Landing
1996 Mar 22CIV, Jannus Landing
1996 Aug 17I Mother Earth, State Theatre
1996 Aug 18Cheap Trick, Jannus Landing
1996 Sep 20The Verve Pipe, Thunderdome
1996 Sep 20KISS, Thunderdome
1996 Nov 7Ted Nugent, Jannus Landing
1996 Nov 13Marilyn Manson, Jannus Landing
1996 Nov 14Marilyn Manson, Jannus Landing
1996 Dec 1The Black Crowes, Bayfront Center Arena
1996 Dec 1Gov't Mule, Bayfront Center Arena
1997 Feb 27The Offspring, Jannus Landing
1997 Aug 8Cheap Trick, Jannus Landing
1998 May 22Cheap Trick, Jannus Landing
1998 Nov 13Steppenwolf, Vinoy Park, RIBFEST
1999 Jan 30Gov't Mule, State Theatre
1999 Dec 17David Lee Roth, Jannus Landing
2000 Mar 17Cheap Trick, Jannus Landing
2000 Aug 2Robin Trower, Jannus Landing
2000 Nov 10Cheap Trick, Vinoy Park
2001 May 18Savatage, Jannus Landing
2001 May 18Fates Warning, Jannus Landing
2001 Jul 14Black Sabbath, Tropicana Field, OZZFEST
2001 Oct 19Robin Trower, Jannus Landing
2001 Oct 19The Damon Fowler Group, Jannus Landing
2001 Nov 10Steppenwolf, Vinoy Park, RIBFEST
2001 Nov 11Blue Oyster Cult , Vinoy Park, RIBFEST
2002 May 4Journey, Vinoy Park
2002 Aug 19Peter Frampton, Jannus Landing
2002 Sep 20Wishbone Ash, Jannus Landing
2002 Sep 20Savoy Brown, Jannus Landing
2002 Dec 28Cheap Trick, Jannus Landing
2002 Dec 31B.B. King, Mahaffey Theater
2003 Mar 29Leon Russell, Jannus Landing
2003 Mar 29Dave Mason, Jannus Landing
2003 Sep 30Alice Cooper, Mahaffey Theater
2003 Oct 8Joe Bonamassa, Mahaffey Theater
2003 Oct 8Peter Frampton, Mahaffey Theater
2003 Nov 7Stryper , Jannus Landing
2004 Feb 27Night Ranger, Jannus Landing
2004 Apr 10Styx, Vinoy Park
2004 Apr 16 The Damon Fowler Group, Jannus Landing
2004 Apr 16Johnny Winter, Jannus Landing
2004 May 2Steve Winwood, Jannus Landing
2004 Oct 15Dio, Jannus Landing
2005 Mar 18Jimmie Vaughan/Coco Montoya/Tinsley Ellis/, Vinoy Park, Tampa Bay Blues Fest
2005 Apr 9Peter Frampton, Vinoy Park
2005 Apr 10Huey Lewis & the News, Vinoy Park
2005 Apr 26Lisa Marie Presley, Jannus Landing
2005 Aug 5The Offspring, Vinoy Park
2005 Aug 20Twisted Sister, Jannus Landing
2005 Oct 14Black Label Society, Jannus Landing
2005 Nov 1Stryper, State Theatre
2005 Nov 11David Lee Roth, Vinoy Park, Ribfest
2006 Apr 4King's X, Mardo, State Theatre
2006 May 12.38 Special, Jannus Landing
2006 May 13The Beach Boys, Alexa Rae Joel, Vinoy Park
2006 May 26REO Speedwagon, Jannus Landing
2006 Jun 17Robin Trower, Jannus Landing
2006 Jun 17Hat Trick Heroes, Jannus Landing
2006 Nov 11The Guess Who, The Marshall Tucker Band, Gator Country, Vinoy Park
2007 Jan 12Eric Johnson, State Theatre
2007 Feb 20Iron Butterfly, Idlewild South, State Theatre
2007 May 6Jerry Lee Lewis, Vinoy Park, Tampa Bat Blues Festival
2007 May 6guitar shorty, Vinoy Park, Tampa Bay Blues Festival
2007 May 6percy sledge, Vinoy Park
2007 Nov 10Grand Funk Railroad, Eddie Money, Atlanta Rhythm Section, Vinoy Park
2007 Nov 11Edgar Winter Band, Gregg Rolie Band, Lou Gramm, Vinoy Park
2008 Jan 19Damon Fowler Group, Jannus Landing
2008 Jan 19Robin Trower, Jannus Landing
2008 Feb 7The Go-Go's, Jannus Landing
2008 Apr 5Pat Travers, Texas Flood, Jannus Landing
2008 May 18Ace Frehley, Jannus Landing
2008 May 24The Commodores, Tropicana Field, Tampa Bay Rays Concert Series
2008 Jun 21Kool and The Gang, Tropicana Field, Tampa Bay Rays Concert Series
2008 Aug 2Family Stone Experience, Tropicana Field, Tampa Bay Rays Concert Series
2008 Nov 15The Doobie Brothers, Blackfoot, Vinoy Park
2008 Nov 26Pat Travers, Rebel Pride, State Theatre
2009 Mar 21Delbert Mcclinton/Ronnie Baker Brooks/, Vinoy Park, Tampa Bay Blues Fest
2009 Sep 5The Beach Boys, Tropicana Field, Tampa Bay Rays Concert Series
2009 Oct 8Johnny Winter, Damon Fowler Group, State Theatre
2009 Oct 24Stryper, Jannus Landing
2010 Feb 18Outlaw Nation, State Theatre
2010 Feb 18The English Beat, State Theatre
2010 Feb 18Fishbone, State Theatre
2010 Apr 11jj grey & mofro/, Vinoy Park, Tampa Bay Blues Fest
2010 Apr 24John Fogerty, Tropicana Field, Tampa Bay Rays Concert Series
2010 May 1Z Z Top, Tropicana Field, Tampa Bay Rays Concert Series
2010 May 29Hall and Oates, Tropicana Field, Tampa Bay Rays Concert Series
2010 Jun 4Huey Lewis & The News, America, Vinoy Park
2010 Nov 12Social Distortion, Jannus Landing
2010 Nov 12The Doobie Brothers, Dave Mason, Vinoy Park
2010 Nov 13Grand Funk Railroad, Rick Springfield, Vinoy Park
2010 Nov 20Drivin N Cryin, Jannus Landing
2011 Mar 11Yes, Jannus Landing
2011 Mar 17Pat Travers, The Local 662
2011 Mar 20CROWBAR , State Theatre
2011 Mar 20Saint Vitus, State Theatre
2011 Mar 20Helmet, State Theatre
2011 May 24Maylene and the Sons of Disaster, State Theatre
2011 May 24Clutch, State Theatre
2011 Sep 14Stryper, State Theatre
2011 Dec 31Cheap Trick, Jannus Landing
2012 Apr 27A Thousand Horses, State Theatre
2012 Apr 27Lit, State Theatre
2012 Sep 15Grand Funk Railroad, Mahaffey Theater
2012 Sep 19The Go Go's, Mahaffey Theater
2013 Jun 29The Robin Zander Band
2013 Sep 7The Robin Zander Band
2013 Nov 8Reo Speedwagon/Robin Zander Band, Vinoy Park, Ribfest 2013
2014 May 9 Pat Benatar & Neil Giraldo, Albert Whitted Park
2014 Dec 19Train, Mahaffey Theater
2015 Feb 28Robin Zander

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