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Classic Rock Concerts

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

map of Toronto and surrounding area
map of Toronto and surrounding area

There are concerts coming up in Toronto!

The next three (5 total):

2015 Jun 17 Rush, Air Canada Centre
2015 Jun 19 Rush, Air Canada Centre
2015 Sep 10 AC/DC, Downsview Park

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Births & deaths in Toronto

Geddy Lee born July 29, 1953

Who has been to Toronto (147 total)

Skippy 100 times
Velcroboy 148 times
greggrub 9 times
Grandaddyfan 77 times
MikePet 51 times
seanpjam 51 times
BIGD 45 times
glenwarner48 20 times
DT 1 time
TAlbert860 2 times
lk141 10 times
recordman101 9 times
surfinartist 7 times
APIuvstorock 1 time
Hawk 83 times
Armand_D 5 times
pdcpete 4 times
wowjimi 1 time
resotat 2 times
Shakingman 1 time
ellenp 2 times
wolf6656 2 times
camelback76 1 time
tom 1 time
Lantzr 1 time
hank 1 time
CBeatle 5 times
reformed54 1 time
marlon6001 1 time
thaisteve 114 times
bigbri 7 times
beaumonde 30 times
bigbat56 111 times
TheDoctor 1 time
wlmk 1 time
jtrznadel 14 times
harri 1 time
Cartman68 85 times
kwyjibo2112 1 time
fptorr1 1 time
HOOWAA 3 times
Triumph11 12 times
angus777 1 time
CyberWizard 4 times
stixxx62 1 time
mikeymike 18 times
boneheadington 2 times
PinkPudding 1 time
Gary_ohhh 23 times
marty 1 time
davem 1 time
cutter678 1 time
larry 1 time
gregmusi 1 time
Mattsorum 1 time
Kissfan1 119 times
dfrntdrmmr 24 times
dlatimer 1 time
sluggo 1 time
FloydPink 4 times
suzie2k 1 time
guitarchaeologist 1 time
progsoulrocker 1 time
PeterNeedham 29 times
rjbaked 37 times
kattatonic1 1 time
miromike1 1 time
jperp 2 times
SHEFF 213 times
reggaelover 1 time
shvanski 12 times
paddlepop 20 times
luminousbing 21 times
rockinthe70s 1 time
slowhandz 2 times
Spin2Win 53 times
shagra1 61 times
Gord 1 time
Freewheelin 10 times
tmjm 13 times
DrJim 1 time
zepmansam 16 times
OldTimer 1 time
Hawkwyndca 5 times
ChrisAngel 1 time
stickyproductions 30 times
bleakerfish 3 times
ghengis 1 time
Grantwe 34 times
DJN 11 times
gerryc_75 32 times
Nwaif 44 times
Twitch 10 times
jpan 14 times
slowvillemom 6 times
Pati 18 times
jeanjacket1952 5 times
Lightwave 1 time
steviek18 70 times
Johnnycanrock 2 times
Dzzwhit 1 time
justinstubs 5 times
didthat 15 times
gonzo 1 time
music4al 6 times
EmmEff 1 time
Puff 4 times
Mayo 2 times
thackrg 2 times
c2ccoaster 2 times
Nurd 1 time
jfgtl 9 times
Hook 1 time
Aussiefan 28 times
Darkman 5 times
Andyfan 1 time
schmenge 1 time
Pablodiablo 1 time
johnliddle 3 times
mopie992 2 times
180shun 1 time
DarrenBedford 11 times
Taon 3 times
jpkube 4 times
TC 1 time
giganteburnett 9 times
cmb3d3 13 times
FrankLeeMeiDere 3 times
Catsy53 14 times
GerryC 13 times
seenthemall 1 time
hippiechk 4 times
jamar 1 time
dlind 1 time
quayzz 1 time
Badrabbit151 9 times
togabbai 1 time
Marksy 1 time
BordenGroomer 13 times
PB74200 1 time
Reddca 4 times
NormM 3 times
Shaggy 1 time
SpiritGuy 1 time
kwhisperer 4 times

Venues in Toronto

Air Canada Centre 122 concerts
Bathurst JCC 1 concert
Borough of York Stadium 19 concerts
Centre Island 6 concerts
Club 279 1 concert
CNE Bandshell 9 concerts
CNE Grandstand 39 concerts
The Colonial Tavern 2 concerts
Concert Hall 32 concerts
Convocational Hall, University of Toronto 23 concerts
Copa 2 concerts
Danforth Music Hall 10 concerts
Diamond Club 8 concerts
Downsview Park 15 concerts
Edge 102 Studios 1 concert
The Edge 3 concerts
El Mocambo 34 concerts
Exhibition Stadium 83 concerts
Field House, Seneca College 5 concerts
Fleck Dance Theatre 1 concert
Fleetwood Mac
Guvernment 10 concerts
Horseshoe Tavern 8 concerts
Kingswood Music Theatre 62 concerts
Kool Haus 13 concerts
Larry's Hideaway 7 concerts
Lee's Palace 14 concerts
Legendary Red Rooster 1 concert
Maple Leaf Ballroom 1 concert
Maple Leaf Gardens 453 concerts
Markham Fairgrounds 1 concert
Massey Hall 155 concerts
Minkler Auditorium 1 concert
Mod Club 4 concerts
Molson Amphitheatre 170 concerts
Olympic Island 7 concerts
Ontario Place Forum 16 concerts
The Opera House 26 concerts
Palais Royale 4 concerts
Phoenix Concert Theatre 26 concerts
Polson Pier 22 concerts
Queen Elizabeth Theatre 2 concerts
Ricoh Coliseum 7 concerts
The Riverboat Coffeehouse 6 concerts
The Rock Pile 14 concerts
Rock & Roll Heaven 2 concerts
Rogers Centre 49 concerts
Roy Thomson Hall 7 concerts
Ryerson Theatre 1 concert
Sneaky Dee's 1 concert
Sony Centre for the Performing Arts 30 concerts
Toronto Zoo 1 concert
Varsity Arena 4 concerts
Varsity Stadium 27 concerts
The Victory Burlesque Theatre 4 concerts
Warehouse 22 concerts

Other cities near Toronto

Etobicoke 1 concert
Rexdale 1 concert
Vaughn 1 venue 3 concerts
Mississauga 4 venues 4 concerts
Oakville 1 venue 12 concerts
Whitby 1 venue 1 concert
Oshawa 6 venues 32 concerts
Hamilton 5 venues 76 concerts
Dundas 1 venue 1 concert

Concerts in Toronto [add one]

1952 Oct 28Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, Maple Leaf Gardens
1956 Apr 30Bill Haley & His Comets, Maple Leaf Gardens
1956 Jul 16Chuck Berry, Maple Leaf Gardens
1957 Apr 2Elvis Presley, Maple Leaf Gardens
1957 Apr 29Chuck Berry, Maple Leaf Gardens
1957 Sep 14Chuck Berry, Maple Leaf Gardens
1960 Feb 9The Moscow State Orchestra, Maple Leaf Gardens
1964 Sep 7The Beatles, Maple Leaf Gardens
1965 Aug 17The Beatles, Maple Leaf Gardens
1965 Nov 23Dave Clark Five, Maple Leaf Gardens
1966 Jun 20The Supremes, O'Keefe Centre
1966 Jun 29The Ugly Ducklings, Maple Leaf Gardens
1966 Jun 29The Rolling Stones, Maple Leaf Gardens
1966 Aug 17The Beatles, Maple Leaf Gardens
1966 Sep 24Five Rising Sons, Maple Leaf Gardens, The Toronto Sound Showcase
1966 Sep 24Bobby Kris & The Imperials, Maple Leaf Gardens, The Toronto Sound Showcase
1966 Sep 24R.K. & The Associates, Maple Leaf Gardens, The Toronto Sound Showcase
1966 Sep 24The Big Town Boys, Maple Leaf Gardens, The Toronto Sound Showcase
1966 Sep 24Susan Taylor & The Peytons, Maple Leaf Gardens, The Toronto Sound Showcase
1966 Sep 24Little Caesar & The Consuls, Maple Leaf Gardens, The Toronto Sound Showcase
1966 Sep 24The Secrets, Maple Leaf Gardens, The Toronto Sound Showcase
1966 Sep 24Luke & The Apostles, Maple Leaf Gardens, The Toronto Sound Showcase
1966 Sep 24The Paupers, Maple Leaf Gardens, The Toronto Sound Showcase
1966 Sep 24The Last Words, Maple Leaf Gardens, The Toronto Sound Showcase
1966 Sep 24Stitch n' Tyme, Maple Leaf Gardens, The Toronto Sound Showcase
1966 Sep 24The Tripp, Maple Leaf Gardens, The Toronto Sound Showcase
1966 Sep 24The Spasstiks, Maple Leaf Gardens, The Toronto Sound Showcase
1966 Sep 24The Ugly Ducklings, Maple Leaf Gardens, The Toronto Sound Showcase
1966 Nov 5The Who, O'Keefe Centre
1966 Dec 11The Lovin' Spoonful, Maple Leaf Gardens
1966 Dec 11The Children, Maple Leaf Gardens
1966 Dec 11The Paupers, Maple Leaf Gardens
1967 Apr 2The Monkees, Maple Leaf Gardens
1967 Apr 9Andy Williams + Henry Mancini, Maple Leaf Gardens
1967 Jun 22The Happenings, Maple Leaf Gardens
1967 Jun 22Tommy James and the Shondells, Maple Leaf Gardens
1967 Jul 1Mama's & The Papa's, Maple Leaf Gardens
1967 Aug 2Jefferson Airplane, O'Keefe Centre, Bill Graham Presents The San Francisco Scene
1967 Aug 2The Greatful Dead, O'Keefe Centre, Bill Graham Presents The San Francisco Scene
1967 Aug 9Blues Magoos, Maple Leaf Gardens
1967 Aug 9Herman's Hermits, Maple Leaf Gardens
1967 Aug 9The Who, Maple Leaf Gardens
1967 Aug 23Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass, Maple Leaf Gardens
1968 Feb 24Jimi Hendrix/ Soft Machine/The Paupers, Ricoh Coliseum
1968 Mar 17Jim McHarg and his Metro Stompers, Maple Leaf Gardens
1968 Mar 17Stan Hamilton & His Flying Scotsmen, Maple Leaf Gardens
1968 Mar 17Ken Stanley, Maple Leaf Gardens
1968 Mar 17Vera Lynn, Maple Leaf Gardens
1968 Mar 17Mrs Mills, Maple Leaf Gardens
1968 Mar 17The Irish Rovers, Maple Leaf Gardens
1968 Apr 2The Monkees, Maple Leaf Gardens
1968 Apr 7The Who, Ricoh Coliseum
1968 Jun 5Cream, Massey Hall, Cream
1969 Feb 2Led Zeppelin, The Rock Pile
1969 Feb 4Neil Young (solo), The Riverboat Coffeehouse
1969 Feb 5Neil Young (solo), The Riverboat Coffeehouse
1969 Feb 6Neil Young (solo), The Riverboat Coffeehouse
1969 Feb 7Neil Young (solo), The Riverboat Coffeehouse
1969 Feb 8Neil Young (solo), The Riverboat Coffeehouse
1969 Feb 9Neil Young (solo), The Riverboat Coffeehouse
1969 Feb 23Frank Zappa, The Rock Pile
1969 Mar 3The Doors, Maple Leaf Gardens
1969 Mar 8Savoy Brown, The Rock Pile
1969 Apr 12Arthur Brown, The Rock Pile
1969 Apr 19Ten Year After, The Rock Pile
1969 May 3Jimi Hendrix, Maple Leaf Gardens
1969 May 3Spuff, Maple Leaf Gardens
1969 May 3Cat Mother & the All Night Newsboys, Maple Leaf Gardens
1969 May 19The Who, The Rock Pile
1969 Jul 25Bruce Cockburn - Solo, Centre Island, Mariposa Folk Festival
1969 Jul 25Ian & Sylvia, Centre Island, Mariposa Folk Festival
1969 Jul 25Joni Mitchell, Centre Island, Mariposa Folk Festival
1969 Jul 26Taj Mahal, Centre Island, Mariposa Folk Festival
1969 Jul 27Joan Baez, Centre Island
1969 Aug 18Led Zeppelin, The Rock Pile
1969 Sep 13Chicago Transit Authority, Varsity Stadium, The Toronto Rock & Roll Revival
1969 Sep 13Plastic Ono Band, Varsity Stadium, The Toronto Rock & Roll Revival
1969 Sep 13Alice Cooper, Varsity Stadium, The Toronto Rock & Roll Revival
1969 Sep 13Screaming Lord Sutch, Varsity Stadium, The Toronto Rock & Roll Revival
1969 Sep 13Chuck Berry, Varsity Stadium, The Toronto Rock & Roll Revival
1969 Sep 13The Doors, Varsity Stadium, The Toronto Rock & Roll Revival
1969 Sep 13Bo Diddley, Varsity Stadium, The Toronto Rock & Roll Revival
1969 Sep 24The Mothers of Invention, The Rock Pile
1969 Oct 14The Who, Exhibition Stadium
1969 Nov 2Led Zeppelin, O'Keefe Centre
1969 Dec 6Miles Davis, The Colonial Tavern, Afternoon set
1970 Mar 26 MC5, Varsity Arena, The Toronto Rock Festival
1970 Mar 26Canned Heat, Varsity Arena, The Toronto Rock Festival
1970 Mar 27Parliament and Funkadelic, Varsity Arena, The Toronto Rock Festival
1970 Mar 28The Faces, Varsity Arena, The Toronto Rock Festival
1970 Apr 13The Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Massey Hall
1970 Jun 27The Grateful Dead, Exhibition Stadium, The Festival Express
1970 Jun 27Traffic, Exhibition Stadium, The Festival Express
1970 Jun 27The Band, Exhibition Stadium, The Festival Express
1970 Jun 27Delaney & Bonnie, CNE Grandstand, Festival Express
1970 Jun 28Mountain, Exhibition Stadium, The Festival Express
1970 Jun 28Festival Express, Exhibition Stadium
1970 Jun 28Janis Joplin and the Full Tilt Boogie Band, Exhibition Stadium, The Festival Express
1970 Jun 28Ten Years After, Exhibition Stadium, The Festival Express
1970 Jul 26Joni Mitchell, Olympic Island, Mariposa
1970 Sep 5Santana, Massey Hall
1970 Oct 3Crowbar, Maple Leaf Gardens
1970 Oct 3Sly and The Family Stone, Maple Leaf Gardens
1970 Dec 31Poco, Maple Leaf Gardens, Winter Pop (band was a no show)
1970 Dec 31Rare Earth, Maple Leaf Gardens, Winter Pop
1970 Dec 31Johnny Winter, Maple Leaf Gardens, Winter Pop
1970 Dec 31Steel River, Maple Leaf Gardens, Winter Pop
1970 Dec 31James Gang, Maple Leaf Gardens, Winter Pop
1970 Dec 31Sha Na Na, Maple Leaf Gardens, Winter Pop
1970 Dec 31Chilliwack, Maple Leaf Gardens, Winter Pop
1971 May 29Tom Jones, Maple Leaf Gardens
1971 Jun 26Lighthouse, Borough of York Stadium, Beggar's Banquet
1971 Jun 26Blood Rock , Borough of York Stadium, Beggar's Banquet
1971 Jun 26Bread , Borough of York Stadium, Beggar's Banquet
1971 Jun 26The Beach Boys, Borough of York Stadium, Beggar's Banquet
1971 Jun 26Steppenwolf, Borough of York Stadium, Beggar's Banquet
1971 Jun 26Alice Cooper, Borough of York Stadium, Beggar's Banquet
1971 Jun 27Savoy Brown, Massey Hall
1971 Jul 18Black Sabbath , Borough of York Stadium, Beggar's Banquet
1971 Jul 18The Guess Who, Borough of York Stadium, Beggar's Banquet
1971 Jul 18Yes , Borough of York Stadium
1971 Jul 18Humble Pie, Borough of York Stadium, Beggar's Banquet
1971 Jul 18Joe Cocker , Borough of York Stadium, Beggar's Banquet
1971 Jul 18Three Dog Night, Borough of York Stadium
1971 Aug 21Sha Na Na, Borough of York Stadium, Beggar's Banquet
1971 Aug 21The Band, Borough of York Stadium, Beggar's Banquet
1971 Aug 21Lee Michaels, Borough of York Stadium, Beggar's Banquet
1971 Aug 21Edgar Winter, Borough of York Stadium, Beggar's Banquet
1971 Aug 21Sea Train , Borough of York Stadium, Beggar's Banquet
1971 Aug 21Sundance , Borough of York Stadium, Beggar's Banquet
1971 Sep 4Led Zeppelin, Maple Leaf Gardens
1971 Sep 23Crowbar, Massey Hall, Live recording with specila guests
1971 Oct 2Joe Cocker's Mad Dogs and Englishmen, Maple Leaf Gardens
1971 Oct 9Grand Funk Railroad, Maple Leaf Gardens
1971 Oct 9Pepper Tree, Maple Leaf Gardens
1971 Dec 9The Faces, Maple Leaf Gardens, Cheap Thrills
1971 Dec 9Cactus, Maple Leaf Gardens, Cheap Thrills
1971 Dec 9Audience, Maple Leaf Gardens, Cheap Thrills
1971 Dec 31Sundance, Maple Leaf Gardens, Winter Pop
1971 Dec 31Chilliwack, Maple Leaf Gardens, Winter Pop
1971 Dec 31Dr John's Medicine Show, Maple Leaf Gardens, Winter Pop
1971 Dec 31Edgar Winter's White Trash, Maple Leaf Gardens, Winter Pop
1971 Dec 31Alice Cooper, Maple Leaf Gardens, Winter Pop
1971 Dec 31Crowbar, Maple Leaf Gardens, Winter Pop
1972 Jun 4Jethro Tull, Maple Leaf Gardens
1972 Jun 26The Groundhogs, Maple Leaf Gardens, Cheap Thrills
1972 Jun 26Humble Pie, Maple Leaf Gardens, Cheap Thrills
1972 Jun 26Humble Pie/Edgar Winter, Maple Leaf Gardens, Cheap Thrills
1972 Jun 26Edgar Winter, Maple Leaf Gardens, Cheap Thrills
1972 Jul 15The Rolling Stones, Maple Leaf Gardens
1972 Jul 15Stevie Wonder, Maple Leaf Gardens
1972 Aug 20Chicago, Varsity Stadium
1972 Sep 2Elton John, Maple Leaf Gardens
1972 Sep 2Family, Maple Leaf Gardens
1972 Sep 2Alice Cooper, Varsity Stadium
1972 Sep 26Frampton's Camel, Maple Leaf Gardens
1972 Sep 26Ten Years After, Maple Leaf Gardens
1972 Sep 26The Edgar Winter Group, Maple Leaf Gardens
1972 Oct 5Elton John, Maple Leaf Gardens
1972 Oct 31Yes, Maple Leaf Gardens
1972 Nov 28Uriah Heep, Massey Hall
1972 Dec 31Lighthouse, Maple Leaf Gardens, Winter Pop
1972 Dec 31Humble Pie, Maple Leaf Gardens, Winter Pop
1972 Dec 31Sha Na Na, Maple Leaf Gardens, Winter Pop
1972 Dec 31The Groundhogs, Maple Leaf Gardens, Winter Pop
1973 Feb 20Santana, Maple Leaf Gardens
1973 Mar 11Pink Floyd, Maple Leaf Gardens
1973 Apr 13Beck Bogart Appice/Paul Butterfield, Maple Leaf Gardens
1973 Apr 24Johnny Winter/Brownsville Station, Maple Leaf Gardens
1973 Apr 25Slade, Maple Leaf Gardens
1973 Apr 25Johnny Winter, Maple Leaf Gardens
1973 May 4The Good Brothers, Maple Leaf Gardens
1973 May 4The Mahivishnu Orchestra, Maple Leaf Gardens
1973 May 4Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention, Maple Leaf Gardens
1973 May 30Brewer & Shipley, Maple Leaf Gardens
1973 May 30Jethro Tull, Maple Leaf Gardens
1973 Jun 16Electric Light Orchestra, Massey Hall
1973 Jul 12Humble Pie, Varsity Stadium
1973 Jul 12Mountain, Varsity Stadium
1973 Aug 9Leon Russell, Varsity Stadium, The Leon Russell Show
1973 Aug 9Foot In Cold Water, Varsity Stadium
1973 Aug 29John McLaughlin, Maple Leaf Gardens
1973 Aug 29Santana, Maple Leaf Gardens
1973 Sep 30Rory Gallagher / Mahogany Rush, Massey Hall
1973 Oct 14Mott the Hoople/Blue Oyster Cult/ Aerosmith, Massey Hall
1973 Oct 20Joe Walsh / Barnstorm / Reo Speedwagon, Massey Hall
1973 Oct 22Todd Rundgren, Massey Hall
1973 Nov 5The James Montgomery Band, Maple Leaf Gardens
1973 Nov 5Electric Light Orchestra, Maple Leaf Gardens
1973 Nov 5The Edgar Winter Group, Maple Leaf Gardens
1973 Nov 13The Doobie Brothers, Massey Hall, Massey Hall
1973 Nov 20Billy Joel / Audio Master, Massey Hall
1973 Dec 7Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Maple Leaf Gardens
1973 Dec 7Stray Dog, Maple Leaf Gardens
1973 Dec 9The Faces, Maple Leaf Gardens
1973 Dec 18Alice Cooper/zz top, Maple Leaf Gardens
1973 Dec 18ZZ Top, Maple Leaf Gardens
1973 Dec 18Alice Cooper, Maple Leaf Gardens
1974 Jan 9Bob Dylan and The Band, Maple Leaf Gardens
1974 Jan 10Bob Dylan and The Band, Maple Leaf Gardens
1974 Feb 10Roxy Music, Massey Hall
1974 Feb 22Yes, Maple Leaf Gardens
1974 Feb 22John Martyn, Maple Leaf Gardens
1974 Mar 30Electric Light Orchestra, Massey Hall
1974 Mar 30Al Stewart, Massey Hall
1974 Mar 31The Strawbs, Massey Hall
1974 Mar 31McLean and McLean, Massey Hall
1974 Apr 9Hawkwind / Man, Massey Hall
1974 Apr 17Journey / Starcastle / Steve Gibbons, Massey Hall
1974 May 2Genesis, Massey Hall
1974 Jun 15New York Dolls/Kiss, Massey Hall
1974 Jun 16David Bowie, O'Keefe Centre
1974 Jun 24King Crimson/ Golden Earring, Massey Hall
1974 Jun 24King Crimson, Massey Hall
1974 Jul 13John Lee Hooker, Olympic Island, Two Days of Blues
1974 Aug 9Rory Gallagher, Olympic Island, Olympic Island Festival
1974 Aug 9Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show, Olympic Island, Olympic Island Festival
1974 Aug 9Todd Rundgren, Olympic Island, Olympic Island Festival
1974 Aug 9Status Quo, Olympic Island, Olympic Island Festival
1974 Aug 9Canned Heat, Olympic Island, Olympic Island Festival
1974 Sep 2Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young, Varsity Stadium
1974 Sep 2The Band, Varsity Stadium
1974 Sep 2Jesse Colin Young, Varsity Stadium
1974 Sep 11Rush
1974 Sep 14KISS, Victory Burlesque Theatre
1974 Sep 14KISS/Flud, The Victory Burlesque Theatre
1974 Sep 14Kiss/Fludd, The Victory Burlesque Theatre
1974 Sep 14KISS, The Victory Burlesque Theatre
1974 Sep 14Kiss/Fludd
1974 Sep 24Hawkwind, Convocational Hall, University of Toronto
1974 Sep 29Roy Buchanan / Mainline, Massey Hall
1974 Oct 2Eric Clapton, Maple Leaf Gardens
1974 Oct 7Rick Wakeman, Maple Leaf Gardens
1974 Oct 21Van Morrison, Maple Leaf Gardens
1974 Oct 21The Persuasions, Maple Leaf Gardens
1974 Oct 24Rush
1974 Nov 1Rush, Convocational Hall, University of Toronto
1974 Nov 3Climax Blues Band, Massey Hall
1974 Nov 3Hudson-Ford, Massey Hall
1974 Nov 10Electric Light Orchestra, Massey Hall
1974 Nov 18Elton John, Maple Leaf Gardens
1974 Nov 18The Kiki Dee Band, Maple Leaf Gardens
1974 Dec 6George Harrison \ Billy Preston \ Ravi Shanker, Maple Leaf Gardens, Second of two shows - day and night
1974 Dec 6George Harrison, Maple Leaf Gardens, All Things Must Pass Tour (American Tour)
1974 Dec 16Genesis, Maple Leaf Gardens
1975 Jan 24Gentle Giant, Convocational Hall, University of Toronto
1975 Jan 27The J Geils Band, Maple Leaf Gardens
1975 Jan 27Foot In Cold Water, Maple Leaf Gardens
1975 Feb 2Lynyrd Skynyrd, Convocational Hall, University of Toronto
1975 Feb 6The Strawbs / Man, Massey Hall
1975 Feb 6The Strawbs, Massey Hall
1975 Feb 24PFM, Massey Hall
1975 Mar 13Stevie Wonder, Maple Leaf Gardens
1975 Apr 3Johnny Winter, Maple Leaf Gardens
1975 Apr 17Supertramp, Massey Hall
1975 May 2Alice Cooper/Suzy Quatro, Maple Leaf Gardens
1975 May 2Suzi Quatro, Maple Leaf Gardens
1975 May 2Alice Cooper, Maple Leaf Gardens
1975 May 18Hawkwind, Convocational Hall, University of Toronto
1975 Jun 17Jazz Crusades, Maple Leaf Gardens
1975 Jun 17The Rolling Stones, Maple Leaf Gardens
1975 Jun 18The Rolling Stones, Maple Leaf Gardens
1975 Jun 19Yes, Maple Leaf Gardens
1975 Jun 25Rush, Massey Hall
1975 Jul 19Yes, Maple Leaf Gardens
1975 Jul 23The Jeff Beck Group, O'Keefe Centre
1975 Aug 9Todd Rundgren's Utopia, Maple Leaf Gardens
1975 Aug 9Todd Rundgren & Utopia, Maple Leaf Gardens
1975 Aug 22America, Exhibition Stadium
1975 Sep 1Gentle Giant, Maple Leaf Gardens
1975 Sep 1The J. Geils Band, Maple Leaf Gardens
1975 Sep 1JeffersonStarship, Varsity Stadium
1975 Sep 1The J Geils Band, Maple Leaf Gardens
1975 Sep 1Jefferson Starship, Maple Leaf Gardens
1975 Sep 5The Doobie Brothers, Maple Leaf Gardens
1975 Sep 15Frampton's Camel, The Victory Burlesque Theatre, Live show at the Victory Bee ! With a Foot in Coldwater in the seats watching
1975 Oct 7Jethro Tull, Maple Leaf Gardens
1975 Oct 7Gary Wright, Maple Leaf Gardens
1975 Oct 12The Strawbs, Massey Hall
1975 Oct 15Jethro Tull, Maple Leaf Gardens
1975 Oct 27Rod Stewart/Heart, Maple Leaf Gardens
1975 Oct 27Rod Stewart & The Faces, Maple Leaf Gardens
1975 Oct 27Heart, Maple Leaf Gardens
1975 Dec 1Ramblin' Jack Elliott, Maple Leaf Gardens, The Rolling Thunder Revue
1975 Dec 1Ronnee Blakely, Maple Leaf Gardens, The Rolling Thunder Revue
1975 Dec 1Bob Dylan, Maple Leaf Gardens, The Rolling Thunder Revue
1975 Dec 1Joni Mitchell, Maple Leaf Gardens, The Rolling Thunder Revue
1975 Dec 1Joan Baez, Maple Leaf Gardens, The Rolling Thunder Revue
1975 Dec 1Roger McGuinn, Maple Leaf Gardens, The Rolling Thunder Revue
1975 Dec 1Bob Neuwirth, Maple Leaf Gardens, The Rolling Thunder Revue
1975 Dec 1Mick Ronson, Maple Leaf Gardens, The Rolling Thunder Revue
1975 Dec 1Gordon Lightfoot, Maple Leaf Gardens, The Rolling Thunder Revue
1975 Dec 4Premiata Forneria Marconi (PFM), Minkler Auditorium
1975 Dec 11Toots and the Maytals, Maple Leaf Gardens
1975 Dec 11The Who, Maple Leaf Gardens
1975 Dec 11Toots & The Maytals, Maple Leaf Gardens
1975 Dec 15bruce springsteen& the e street band, Field House, Seneca College
1976 Jan 9Downchild, Maple Leaf Gardens
1976 Jan 9ZZ Top/Downchild Blues Band, Maple Leaf Gardens
1976 Jan 9ZZ Top, Maple Leaf Gardens
1976 Jan 10Rush, Massey Hall
1976 Jan 10Rush/Mainline, Massey Hall
1976 Feb 26David Bowie, Maple Leaf Gardens
1976 Mar 11Brownsville Station, Maple Leaf Gardens
1976 Mar 11Johnny Winter, Maple Leaf Gardens
1976 Mar 25Paul McCartney, Maple Leaf Gardens, Wings Over America
1976 Mar 31Genesis, Maple Leaf Gardens, The Trick of The Tail Tour
1976 Apr 1Genesis, Maple Leaf Gardens, The Trick of The Tail Tour
1976 Apr 18Bad Company/Styx, Maple Leaf Gardens
1976 Apr 26KISS, Maple Leaf Gardens, The Spirit of 76 Tour - The Destroyer Tour
1976 Apr 26KISS/STARZ, Maple Leaf Gardens
1976 May 9Paul McCartney & Wings, Maple Leaf Gardens
1976 May 10Joe Cocker, Maple Leaf Gardens
1976 May 13The Johnny Winter Band, Maple Leaf Gardens
1976 May 26Nektar/Larry Fast, Massey Hall
1976 Jun 11Rush, Massey Hall
1976 Jun 12Rush/Max Webster, Massey Hall
1976 Jun 12Rush, Massey Hall
1976 Jun 13Rush/Max Webster, Massey Hall
1976 Jun 13Rush, Massey Hall
1976 Jun 27Gentle Giant, Massey Hall
1976 Jul 24Aerosmith, Maple Leaf Gardens
1976 Sep 6Nazareth/Mahagony Rush, Maple Leaf Gardens
1976 Sep 9KISS, Varsity Stadium, Destroyer Tour
1976 Oct 5Jackson Browne / Orleans, Maple Leaf Gardens
1976 Oct 15Jeff Beck w/ Jan Hammer Group, Maple Leaf Gardens
1976 Oct 15The Jeff Beck Group, Maple Leaf Gardens
1976 Oct 21The Who, Maple Leaf Gardens
1976 Oct 21Mother's Finest, Maple Leaf Gardens
1976 Nov 12Ozark Mountain Daredevils, Massey Hall
1976 Nov 16Frank Zappa, Maple Leaf Gardens
1976 Nov 30Boston/Robin Trower, Maple Leaf Gardens
1976 Nov 30Robin Trower, Maple Leaf Gardens
1976 Nov 30Boston, Maple Leaf Gardens
1976 Dec 19Patti Smith and Sparks
1976 Dec 22Symphonic Slam, Massey Hall
1976 Dec 31Rush, Maple Leaf Gardens
1977 Jan 3Rush, Maple Leaf Gardens
1977 Feb 1Queen/Thin Lizzy, Maple Leaf Gardens
1977 Feb 1Thin Lizzy, Maple Leaf Gardens
1977 Feb 1Queen, Maple Leaf Gardens
1977 Feb 13Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band, Maple Leaf Gardens
1977 Feb 16Jean-Luc Ponty, Convocational Hall, University of Toronto
1977 Feb 22Gentle Giant, Maple Leaf Gardens
1977 Mar 4The Rolling Stones, El Mocambo
1977 Mar 5The Rolling Stones, El Mocambo
1977 Mar 6Genesis, Maple Leaf Gardens
1977 Mar 8Santana, Maple Leaf Gardens
1977 Mar 14Iggy Pop, Field House, Seneca College
1977 Mar 22Peter Gabriel with Steve Hunter, Robert Fripp, Larry Fast, Tony Levin, Maple Leaf Gardens
1977 Mar 22Brutus, Maple Leaf Gardens
1977 Mar 24Jethro Tull, Maple Leaf Gardens
1977 Mar 30Jimmy Buffett, Maple Leaf Gardens
1977 Mar 30The Eagles, Maple Leaf Gardens
1977 Apr 4ELO, Maple Leaf Gardens
1977 Apr 29The Kinks, Maple Leaf Gardens
1977 Apr 29Elliott Murphy, Maple Leaf Gardens
1977 Apr 30Boston/Robin Trower, Maple Leaf Gardens
1977 May 1Boston, Maple Leaf Gardens
1977 May 29Jan Hammer, Convocational Hall, University of Toronto
1977 Jun 1Supertramp, Maple Leaf Gardens
1977 Jun 2Supertramp, Maple Leaf Gardens
1977 Jun 12Ted Nugent, Maple Leaf Gardens
1977 Jun 16Al Di Meola, El Mocambo
1977 Jun 21Todd Rundgren/Blue Oyster Cult, Maple Leaf Gardens
1977 Jun 21The Blue Oyster Cult, Maple Leaf Gardens
1977 Jun 21Todd Rundgren & Utopia, Maple Leaf Gardens
1977 Jul 4Fleetwood Mac, Exhibition Stadium
1977 Jul 24Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Exhibition Stadium
1977 Jul 24Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes, Exhibition Stadium
1977 Jul 24Journey, Exhibition Stadium
1977 Aug 23Rush, Exhibition Stadium
1977 Sep 16Jean-Luc Ponty, Convocational Hall, University of Toronto
1977 Sep 27Brand X, El Mocambo
1977 Sep 29Frank Zappa, Maple Leaf Gardens
1977 Oct 1Be Bop Deluxe, Field House, Seneca College
1977 Oct 1City Boy, Field House, Seneca College
1977 Oct 10Jan Hammer, El Mocambo
1977 Oct 11Rod Stewart, Maple Leaf Gardens
1977 Oct 12Rod Stewart, Maple Leaf Gardens
1977 Oct 18The Tubes, Massey Hall
1977 Oct 20Aerosmith, Maple Leaf Gardens
1977 Oct 24The Steve Miller Band, Maple Leaf Gardens
1977 Nov 2The Grateful Dead, Field House, Seneca College
1977 Nov 17Styx, Maple Leaf Gardens
1977 Nov 21Queen, Maple Leaf Gardens
1977 Nov 27Weather Report, Convocational Hall, University of Toronto
1977 Dec 1Billy Joel, Maple Leaf Gardens
1977 Dec 10Aerosmith, Maple Leaf Gardens
1977 Dec 10Rick Derringer, Maple Leaf Gardens
1977 Dec 29Rush, Maple Leaf Gardens
1977 Dec 30Rush, Maple Leaf Gardens
1978 Feb 2Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Maple Leaf Gardens
1978 Feb 3Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Maple Leaf Gardens
1978 Feb 4Billy Cobham, El Mocambo
1978 Feb 14Ted Nugent and the Amboy Dukes, Maple Leaf Gardens
1978 Feb 16Santana, Maple Leaf Gardens
1978 Apr 9Eric Clapton, Maple Leaf Gardens
1978 Apr 16Robert Palmer/Al Dimeola, Massey Hall
1978 Apr 29Elvis Costello and The Attractions, Massey Hall, Midnight Concert
1978 May 1David Bowie, Maple Leaf Gardens
1978 May 3Nazareth/Be Bop Deluxe, Maple Leaf Gardens
1978 May 20Bob Seger, Maple Leaf Gardens
1978 Jun 9Bob Marley & the Wailers, Maple Leaf Gardens
1978 Jun 18Joan Armatrading, Massey Hall
1978 Jun 19Ted Nugent, Maple Leaf Gardens
1978 Jun 26UK, El Mocambo
1978 Jul 4Beach Boys, The, CNE Bandshell, First Ontario Pop Festival
1978 Jul 10Genesis, Exhibition Stadium
1978 Jul 17Crosby, Stlls & Nash, Maple Leaf Gardens
1978 Aug 6The Eagles, Exhibition Stadium
1978 Aug 20George Benson, O'Keefe Centre
1978 Aug 21Boston, Maple Leaf Gardens
1978 Sep 14Judas Priest, El Mocambo
1978 Sep 18REO Speeedwagon/UFO, Massey Hall
1978 Sep 24Jean-Luc Ponty, Convocational Hall, University of Toronto
1978 Oct 1Neil Young, Maple Leaf Gardens
1978 Oct 3Frank Zappa, Maple Leaf Gardens
1978 Oct 5Billy Joel, Maple Leaf Gardens
1978 Oct 12Bob Dylan, Maple Leaf Gardens
1978 Oct 15Jethro Tull, Maple Leaf Gardens
1978 Oct 16Peter Gabriel, Maple Leaf Gardens
1978 Oct 16Chick Corea Gary Burton, O'Keefe Centre
1978 Oct 26Van Morrison, O'Keefe Centre
1978 Nov 1Todd Rundgren, El Mocambo
1978 Nov 16bruce springsteen& the e street band, Maple Leaf Gardens
1978 Nov 2710cc, Maple Leaf Gardens
1978 Nov 30The Moody Blues, Maple Leaf Gardens
1978 Dec 3Queen, Maple Leaf Gardens
1978 Dec 8Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band, Maple Leaf Gardens
1978 Dec 18City Boy, Massey Hall
1978 Dec 28Rush, Maple Leaf Gardens
1978 Dec 29Rush, Maple Leaf Gardens
1978 Dec 31Rush, Maple Leaf Gardens
1979 Feb 28David Bromberg, El Mocambo
1979 Mar 18Santana, Eddie Money, Maple Leaf Gardens
1979 Apr 17Mahavishnu John Mclaughlin, El Mocambo
1979 Apr 20Yes, Maple Leaf Gardens
1979 May 6Rod Stewart, Maple Leaf Gardens
1979 May 15Van Halen, Maple Leaf Gardens
1979 May 15Squeeze, Massey Hall
1979 Jun 12UFO/AC/DC, Massey Hall
1979 Jun 12Cheap Trick, Maple Leaf Gardens
1979 Jun 14The Cars, Maple Leaf Gardens
1979 Jun 22Max Webster, Maple Leaf Gardens
1979 Jul 2Triumph, Exhibition Stadium, Canadian World Music Festival
1979 Jul 2Moxy, Exhibition Stadium, Canadian Wold Music Festival
1979 Jul 2Nazareth, Exhibition Stadium, Canadian World Music Festival
1979 Jul 2Goddo, Exhibition Stadium, Canadian World Music Festival
1979 Jul 2Ted Nugent, Exhibition Stadium, Canadian World Music Festival
1979 Jul 2The Ramones, Exhibition Stadium, Canadian World Music Festival
1979 Jul 2Aerosmith/Ted Nugent, Exhibition Stadium
1979 Jul 2Aerosmith, Exhibition Stadium
1979 Jul 2April Wine, Exhibition Stadium, Canadian World Music Festival
1979 Jul 2Johnny Winter, Exhibition Stadium, Canadian World Music Festival
1979 Jul 3The Damned, El Mocambo
1979 Jul 12The Ramones, El Mocambo
1979 Jul 19Supertramp, CNE Grandstand
1979 Jul 21Supertramp, Exhibition Stadium
1979 Aug 4KISS, Maple Leaf Gardens, Dynasty Tour
1979 Aug 13Point Blank, El Mocambo
1979 Sep 2Rush, Varsity Stadium
1979 Sep 11Muddy Waters, Ontario Place Forum
1979 Sep 14Rory Gallagher, El Mocambo
1979 Sep 28Brand X, O'Keefe Centre
1979 Oct 5Jethro Tull, Maple Leaf Gardens, Stormwatch Tour
1979 Oct 6The Knack, Massey Hall
1979 Oct 15JJ Cale, Convocational Hall, University of Toronto
1979 Oct 18Styx, Maple Leaf Gardens
1979 Oct 31Elton John with Ray Cooper, O'Keefe Centre
1979 Nov 1Bob Marley & the Wailers, Maple Leaf Gardens
1979 Nov 10Iggy Pop, Danforth Music Hall
1979 Nov 15City Boy, Concert Hall
1979 Nov 16Billy Joel, Maple Leaf Gardens
1980 Jan 11Aerosmith, Maple Leaf Gardens
1980 Mar 10XTC, Massey Hall
1980 Mar 22The Ramones, Danforth Music Hall
1980 Apr 3Chick Corea, Convocational Hall, University of Toronto
1980 Apr 3ZZ Top, Maple Leaf Gardens
1980 Apr 12Todd Rundgren, O'Keefe Centre
1980 Apr 16April Wine, Maple Leaf Gardens
1980 Apr 26Destroy All Monsters, Larry's Hideaway
1980 May 5The Who, Maple Leaf Gardens
1980 May 6The Who, Maple Leaf Gardens
1980 May 8Angel City, El Mocambo
1980 May 10Gentle Giant, Massey Hall
1980 May 16Sonic's Rendezvous Band, Horseshoe Tavern
1980 May 20Jerry Jeff Walker, Ontario Place Forum
1980 Jun 9Bill Bruford, El Mocambo
1980 Jun 18Robert Fripp, El Mocambo
1980 Jun 24Genesis, Maple Leaf Gardens
1980 Jun 26Tony Bird, Centre Island, Toronto Folk Festival
1980 Jun 29The Motels, El Mocambo
1980 Jul 3Peter Gabriel, Maple Leaf Gardens
1980 Jul 16The Who, Exhibition Stadium
1980 Jul 17Joan Armatrading, Maple Leaf Gardens
1980 Jul 18Van Halen, Maple Leaf Gardens
1980 Jul 19The Cramps, The Edge
1980 Jul 28AC/DC & Streetheart, Maple Leaf Gardens
1980 Aug 5Joe Jackson, Palais Royale
1980 Aug 9Cheap Trick, Maple Leaf Gardens
1980 Aug 19Alice Cooper, CNE Grandstand, The Alice Cooper/CNE riot
1980 Aug 29 Yes, Maple Leaf Gardens
1980 Aug 31Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band, CNE Grandstand
1980 Sep 3Ted Nugent, Maple Leaf Gardens
1980 Sep 5Ted Nugent, Maple Leaf Gardens
1980 Sep 7Elton John, Maple Leaf Gardens
1980 Sep 15The Rattlers, The Edge
1980 Sep 21Steve Hackett, O'Keefe Centre
1980 Sep 27Van Halen, Maple Leaf Gardens
1980 Oct 14Gary Numan, Maple Leaf Gardens
1980 Oct 20Angel City, El Mocambo
1980 Oct 31Jayne County, Larry's Hideaway
1980 Nov 11Frank Zappa, Maple Leaf Gardens
1980 Nov 18Siouxsie & the Banshees, Danforth Music Hall
1980 Nov 24The Police, Massey Hall
1980 Nov 26Triumph, Maple Leaf Gardens
1980 Nov 26Moxy, Maple Leaf Gardens
1980 Nov 27Angel City, Danforth Music Hall
1980 Dec 22The Vapours, El Mocambo
1981 Jan 20Bruce Springsteen, Maple Leaf Gardens
1981 Jan 21Bruce Springsteen, Maple Leaf Gardens
1981 Feb 9Elvis Costello, Maple Leaf Gardens
1981 Feb 12Roy Buchanan, El Mocambo
1981 Mar 3Shawn Phillips, El Mocambo
1981 Mar 6The Boomtown Rats, Maple Leaf Gardens
1981 Mar 17Ted Nugent, Maple Leaf Gardens
1981 Mar 23Saxon, Maple Leaf Gardens
1981 Mar 23Rush, Maple Leaf Gardens
1981 Mar 24Rush, Maple Leaf Gardens
1981 Mar 25Rush, Maple Leaf Gardens
1981 Apr 14Pat Metheny, Convocational Hall, University of Toronto
1981 Apr 17Adam and The Ants, Maple Leaf Ballroom
1981 Apr 24OMD, Concert Hall
1981 May 7Motorhead, Danforth Music Hall
1981 May 10The Plasmatics, Concert Hall
1981 May 21D.O.A., The Edge
1981 Jun 29Stiff Little Fingers, El Mocambo
1981 Jul 15The Psychedelic Furs, El Mocambo
1981 Jul 17The Tubes, Maple Leaf Gardens
1981 Jul 22Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Maple Leaf Gardens
1981 Jul 27Ozzy Osbourne/Randy Rhodes, Maple Leaf Gardens
1981 Aug 2Third World, Dennis Brown, Truths and Rights, Varsity Stadium
1981 Aug 4Van Halen, Maple Leaf Gardens
1981 Aug 26REO Speedwagon, CNE Grandstand
1981 Aug 29April Wine, CNE Grandstand
1981 Sep 1Triumph with Teenage Head, CNE Grandstand
1981 Sep 9Pat Benatar, Maple Leaf Gardens
1981 Sep 25The Kinks, Maple Leaf Gardens
1981 Oct 23Nazareth, Maple Leaf Gardens
1981 Oct 23King Crimson, Concert Hall
1981 Nov 2Steve Hackett, Massey Hall
1981 Nov 7Saga/Bryan Adams, Massey Hall
1981 Nov 9Frank Zappa, Maple Leaf Gardens
1981 Nov 10AC/DC, Maple Leaf Gardens
1981 Nov 13Foreigner, Maple Leaf Gardens
1981 Nov 19Black Sabbath, Maple Leaf Gardens, Heaven & Hell Tour
1981 Nov 19Alvin Lee: Ten Years After, Maple Leaf Gardens
1981 Nov 23The Moody Blues, Maple Leaf Gardens
1981 Nov 24Alice Cooper/Goddo, Maple Leaf Gardens
1981 Dec 6Genesis, Maple Leaf Gardens
1981 Dec 7Genesis, Maple Leaf Gardens
1981 Dec 10AC/DC, Maple Leaf Gardens
1981 Dec 11AC/DC, Maple Leaf Gardens
1981 Dec 31Triumph, Maple Leaf Gardens
1982 Feb 8The Pretenders, Ricoh Coliseum
1982 Feb 25Joan Armatrading, Massey Hall
1982 Feb 27Renaissance, Convocational Hall, University of Toronto
1982 Mar 12OMD, Concert Hall
1982 Apr 11Mike Oldfield, Ryerson Theatre
1982 Apr 30Journey/Greg Kihn, Maple Leaf Gardens
1982 May 5Jaco Pastorius, Convocational Hall, University of Toronto
1982 May 12Motorhead, Ricoh Coliseum
1982 May 28Split Enz, Massey Hall
1982 Jun 4Ozzy Osbourne, Maple Leaf Gardens
1982 Jun 4Ozzy Osbourne , Maple Leaf Gardens
1982 Jun 27Pat Metheny, Convocational Hall, University of Toronto
1982 Jul 28Nina Hagen, Larry's Hideaway
1982 Jul 28The Dead Kennedys, Concert Hall
1982 Aug 2Queen, Maple Leaf Gardens
1982 Aug 13The English Beat, Exhibition Stadium, The Police Picnic '82
1982 Aug 13Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, Exhibition Stadium, The Police Picnic '82
1982 Aug 13The Police, Exhibition Stadium, The Police Picnic '82
1982 Aug 13A Flock of Seagulls, Exhibition Stadium, The Police Picnic '82
1982 Aug 13The Spoons, Exhibition Stadium, The Police Picnic '82
1982 Aug 13Talking Heads, Exhibition Stadium, The Police Picnic '82
1982 Aug 19Steel Pulse, Concert Hall
1982 Aug 28Genesis, Exhibition Stadium
1982 Aug 29Heart & John Cougar, CNE Grandstand
1982 Sep 5The Clash, Exhibition Stadium
1982 Sep 5Black Uhuru, Exhibition Stadium
1982 Sep 23Jethro Tull, Maple Leaf Gardens
1982 Sep 28ZZ Top, Maple Leaf Gardens
1982 Oct 7Joe Jackson, Massey Hall
1982 Oct 9The Who, Exhibition Stadium
1982 Oct 26Van Halen, Maple Leaf Gardens
1982 Oct 28Judas Priest/Quiet Riot, Maple Leaf Gardens
1982 Nov 3The Psychedelic Furs, Concert Hall
1982 Nov 8Peter Gabriel, Maple Leaf Gardens
1982 Nov 9Billy Joel, Maple Leaf Gardens
1982 Nov 10Devo, Massey Hall
1982 Nov 13The English Beat, Concert Hall
1982 Nov 15Rush, Maple Leaf Gardens
1982 Nov 16Rush, Maple Leaf Gardens
1982 Nov 17Nina Hagen
1982 Nov 17Rush, Maple Leaf Gardens
1982 Nov 22The Fixx, El Mocambo
1982 Dec 8Pat Travers, Massey Hall
1982 Dec 9Aerosmith/Nazareth/Rose Tattoo, Maple Leaf Gardens
1982 Dec 9Aerosmith, Maple Leaf Gardens
1982 Dec 16The Who, Maple Leaf Gardens
1982 Dec 17The Who, Maple Leaf Gardens
1982 Dec 31Saga , Maple Leaf Gardens
1983 Jan 14KISS, Maple Leaf Gardens, Creatures Of The Night Tour
1983 Jan 15Adrian Belew, El Mocambo
1983 Feb 18Neil Young, Maple Leaf Gardens, Solo/Trans Tour
1983 Mar 4Gang of Four, Concert Hall
1983 Mar 25Return To Forever, Convocational Hall, University of Toronto
1983 Mar 28The Stray Cats, Massey Hall
1983 Apr 9Wall of Voodoo, Larry's Hideaway
1983 May 9Simple Minds, Massey Hall
1983 May 17U2, Massey Hall
1983 May 19Roxy Music, Maple Leaf Gardens
1983 May 19John Martyn, Larry's Hideaway
1983 Jun 29UB40, Concert Hall
1983 Jul 18Peter Gabriel, CNE Bandshell
1983 Aug 4Joan Armatrading, CNE Bandshell
1983 Aug 5The Police, Exhibition Stadium, Police Picnic
1983 Aug 12Talking Heads, Kingswood Music Theatre
1983 Aug 18Marianne Faithful, Danforth Music Hall
1983 Sep 1Santana, Kingswood Music Theatre
1983 Sep 3David Bowie, Molson Amphitheatre
1983 Sep 3David Bowie, Exhibition Stadium
1983 Sep 4David Bowie, Molson Amphitheatre
1983 Sep 10Robert Plant, Maple Leaf Gardens
1983 Sep 11ZZ Top, Kingswood Music Theatre
1983 Oct 3Al Di Meola John McLaughlin Paco Delucia, Convocational Hall, University of Toronto
1983 Oct 11Howard Devoto, Larry's Hideaway
1983 Oct 17Gang of Four, Concert Hall
1983 Nov 22Genesis, Maple Leaf Gardens
1983 Nov 23Genesis, Maple Leaf Gardens
1983 Dec 13Ginger Baker, El Mocambo
1983 Dec 13Ginger Baker Band, El Mocambo
1984 Jan 17Billy Idol, Massey Hall
1984 Feb 12Prince & The Revolution, Maple Leaf Gardens
1984 Feb 24James Cotton Blues Band, The Colonial Tavern
1984 Mar 2Saga, Maple Leaf Gardens
1984 Mar 12Prince & The Revolution, Maple Leaf Gardens
1984 Mar 15KISS, Maple Leaf Gardens, LICK IT UP
1984 Mar 25Echo and the Bunnymen, Concert Hall
1984 Apr 2Coney Hatch, Maple Leaf Gardens
1984 Apr 2Judas Priest/Coney Hatch, Maple Leaf Gardens
1984 Apr 2Judas Priest, Maple Leaf Gardens
1984 Apr 9Weather Report, Roy Thomson Hall
1984 Apr 17Van Halen, Maple Leaf Gardens
1984 Apr 25Ozzy Osbourne , Maple Leaf Gardens
1984 May 2Bill Nelson, El Mocambo
1984 May 14David Gilmour, Massey Hall
1984 May 15David Gilmour, Massey Hall
1984 Jun 5Simple Minds, Massey Hall
1984 Jun 5China Crisis, Massey Hall
1984 Jun 6Simple Minds, Massey Hall
1984 Jun 7Simple Minds, Massey Hall
1984 Jun 7China Crisis, Massey Hall
1984 Jun 16The Spoons, Ontario Place Forum
1984 Jun 18Joe Jackson, CNE Bandshell
1984 Jul 7King Crimson, CNE Bandshell
1984 Jul 9Aerosmith, Kingswood Music Theatre
1984 Jul 22The Psychedelic Furs, Kingswood Music Theatre
1984 Jul 23Bruce Springsteen, Exhibition Stadium
1984 Jul 24Bruce Springsteen, CNE Grandstand
1984 Jul 24Bruce Springsteen, Exhibition Stadium
1984 Jul 26Bruce Springsteen, Exhibition Stadium
1984 Jul 29Roger Waters, Maple Leaf Gardens
1984 Aug 13The Pretenders, Kingswood Music Theatre, Heatwave Festival concert series
1984 Aug 15Frank Zappa, Exhibition Stadium
1984 Aug 15Frank Zappa, CNE Grandstand
1984 Aug 22Donovan, Danforth Music Hall
1984 Aug 24Thompson Twins, CNE Grandstand
1984 Aug 27Willie Nelson, CNE Grandstand
1984 Sep 1Neil Young, CNE Grandstand
1984 Sep 11Herbie Hancock, Copa
1984 Sep 20Rush, Maple Leaf Gardens
1984 Sep 21Rush, Maple Leaf Gardens
1984 Sep 22Rush, Maple Leaf Gardens
1984 Oct 8Mahavishnu Orchestra, Convocational Hall, University of Toronto
1984 Nov 24Rickie Lee Jones, Massey Hall
1984 Dec 31Corey Hart, Maple Leaf Gardens
1984 Dec 31Platinum Blonde, Maple Leaf Gardens
1985 Jan 8Bryan Adams, Massey Hall
1985 Mar 11UB40, Massey Hall
1985 Mar 14Hall and Oates, Maple Leaf Gardens
1985 Mar 23Roger Waters, Maple Leaf Gardens
1985 Mar 28U2, Maple Leaf Gardens
1985 Apr 1Deep Purple, Maple Leaf Gardens
1985 Apr 11Honeymoon Suite, Maple Leaf Gardens
1985 Apr 11Triumph, Maple Leaf Gardens
1985 Apr 12Joan Armatrading, Massey Hall
1985 Apr 17Gowan, Diamond Club
1985 May 4Gowan
1985 May 23Madonna, Maple Leaf Gardens, Like A Virgin Tour
1985 May 23The Beastie Boys, Maple Leaf Gardens
1985 May 31Tears For Fears, Massey Hall
1985 Jun 1Todd Rundgren/The Tubes, Kingswood Music Theatre
1985 Jun 9Billy Bragg, Kingswood Music Theatre
1985 Jun 9The Smiths, Kingswood Music Theatre
1985 Jun 19Miles Davis, Roy Thomson Hall
1985 Jun 26John Martyn, Larry's Hideaway
1985 Jul 12Santana, Kingswood Music Theatre
1985 Jul 13OMD, Kingswood Music Theatre
1985 Jul 17Robert Plant, Exhibition Stadium
1985 Jul 28Stevie Ray Vaughn, Varsity Stadium
1985 Jul 28Dire Straits, Varsity Stadium
1985 Aug 17Neil Young, CNE Grandstand
1985 Aug 26Bruce Springsteen, Exhibition Stadium
1985 Aug 26George Thorogood & The Destroyers, CNE Grandstand
1985 Aug 27Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, Exhibition Stadium
1985 Aug 31Squeeze, Kingswood Music Theatre
1985 Sep 21Bryan Adams, Exhibition Stadium
1985 Oct 18Motley Crue, Maple Leaf Gardens
1985 Nov 13Howard Jones, Maple Leaf Gardens
1985 Dec 2ZZ Top, Maple Leaf Gardens
1985 Dec 6Sounds United, Maple Leaf Gardens
1985 Dec 31Thompson Twins, Maple Leaf Gardens
1986 Mar 6Rush, Maple Leaf Gardens
1986 Mar 6FM w/Nash The Slash, Maple Leaf Gardens
1986 Mar 7Bruce Cockburn, Massey Hall
1986 Mar 7Rush, Maple Leaf Gardens
1986 Apr 4Black Sabbath / Wasp, Maple Leaf Gardens
1986 Apr 8KISS, Maple Leaf Gardens, The Asylum Tour
1986 Apr 23Level 42, Massey Hall
1986 Jun 18Depeche Mode, Kingswood Music Theatre
1986 Jul 13The Cure, Kingswood Music Theatre
1986 Jul 26Kim Mitchell, Kingswood Music Theatre
1986 Jul 31The Smiths, Kingswood Music Theatre
1986 Aug 18Van Halen, Exhibition Stadium
1986 Sep 22Genesis, CNE Grandstand
1986 Sep 26Ozzy Osbourne, Exhibition Stadium
1986 Oct 3Neil Young & Crazy Horse, Maple Leaf Gardens
1986 Oct 24Bob Seger, Maple Leaf Gardens
1986 Oct 27REM, Massey Hall
1986 Oct 31David Lee Roth, Maple Leaf Gardens
1986 Nov 17The Durutti Column, El Mocambo
1986 Nov 26Peter Gabriel, Maple Leaf Gardens
1987 Jan 9Triumph, Maple Leaf Gardens
1987 Jan 21Molly Hatchet, Rock & Roll Heaven
1987 Feb 14Figgy Duff, Concert Hall
1987 Mar 12Dr. John & Jeff Healey, Diamond Club
1987 Mar 19Johnny Winter, Copa
1987 Mar 22Iron Maiden, Maple Leaf Gardens
1987 May 7Gowan, Massey Hall, 25th Anniversary of Great Dirty World
1987 May 26Billy Idol, CNE Grandstand
1987 May 26The Cult, CNE Grandstand
1987 Jun 19The Kinks, Kingswood Music Theatre
1987 Jun 23Paul Simon, Maple Leaf Gardens
1987 Jun 30Grateful Dead, Kingswood Music Theatre
1987 Jul 2Santana, Kingswood Music Theatre
1987 Jul 7Ace Frehley, Rock & Roll Heaven
1987 Aug 8Honeymoon Suite, Kingswood Music Theatre
1987 Aug 8Refugee, Kingswood Music Theatre
1987 Aug 12Siouxsie & the Banshees, Kingswood Music Theatre
1987 Aug 13Bachman Turner Overdrive
1987 Aug 24David Bowie, Exhibition Stadium
1987 Aug 25David Bowie, Exhibition Stadium
1987 Sep 2Neil Young & Crazy Horse, CNE Grandstand
1987 Sep 3Gene Loves Jezebel, CNE Grandstand
1987 Sep 3New Order, CNE Grandstand
1987 Sep 3Echo and the Bunnymen, CNE Grandstand
1987 Sep 21Pink Floyd, Exhibition Stadium
1987 Sep 22Pink Floyd, Exhibition Stadium
1987 Sep 23Pink Floyd, Exhibition Stadium
1987 Oct 3U2, Exhibition Stadium
1987 Oct 13Husker Du, Guvernment
1987 Oct 16Heart, Maple Leaf Gardens
1987 Oct 19Fleetwood Mac, Maple Leaf Gardens
1987 Oct 20Aerosmith/Dokken, Maple Leaf Gardens
1987 Oct 20Aerosmith, Maple Leaf Gardens
1987 Oct 25Whitesnake, Maple Leaf Gardens
1987 Oct 25Motley Crue, Maple Leaf Gardens
1987 Nov 3The Strawbs, Diamond Club
1987 Nov 12The Cars, Maple Leaf Gardens
1987 Nov 19Jethro Tull , Maple Leaf Gardens
1987 Dec 3The Pogues, Palais Royale
1987 Dec 10KISS, Maple Leaf Gardens, CRAZY, CRAZY NIGHTS
1988 Feb 9John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers, Diamond Club
1988 Mar 7Rush, Maple Leaf Gardens
1988 Mar 8Rush, Maple Leaf Gardens
1988 Apr 13David Lee Roth, Maple Leaf Gardens
1988 Apr 13David Lee Roth/Steve Vai, Poison, Maple Leaf Gardens
1988 Apr 21Adrian Belew, Guvernment
1988 May 10Prince, Maple Leaf Gardens
1988 May 10Robert Plant, Maple Leaf Gardens
1988 May 13Pink Floyd, Exhibition Stadium
1988 Jun 9Depeche Mode, CNE Grandstand
1988 Jun 20Luka Bloom, Concert Hall
1988 Jun 20The Pogues, Concert Hall
1988 Jun 24Brighten Rock, Kingswood Music Theatre
1988 Jul 8The Beach Boys, Kingswood Music Theatre
1988 Jul 13Debbie Gibson, Kingswood Music Theatre
1988 Jul 14The Kings, Kingswood Music Theatre
1988 Jul 15Boulevard, Kingswood Music Theatre
1988 Jul 23Triumph, Kingswood Music Theatre
1988 Jul 29Haywire, Kingswood Music Theatre
1988 Jul 29Honeymoon Suite, Kingswood Music Theatre
1988 Jul 29Joe Cocker, Kingswood Music Theatre
1988 Jul 30Honeymoon Suite, Kingswood Music Theatre
1988 Jul 30Haywire, Kingswood Music Theatre
1988 Aug 6INXS, CNE Grandstand
1988 Aug 9David Lee Roth, Kingswood Music Theatre
1988 Aug 12Brenda Russell, Kingswood Music Theatre
1988 Aug 18Neil Young & The Bluenotes, CNE Grandstand
1988 Aug 21D.R.I., Concert Hall
1988 Aug 21Aerosmith, Exhibition Stadium
1988 Aug 21Kreator, Concert Hall
1988 Aug 21George Thorogood & The Destroyers, Kingswood Music Theatre
1988 Aug 21Holy Terror, Concert Hall
1988 Aug 22Honeymoon Suite, Kingswood Music Theatre
1988 Aug 22Glass Tiger, Kingswood Music Theatre
1988 Aug 24Billy Ocean, Kingswood Music Theatre
1988 Aug 24Brian Setzer, Kingswood Music Theatre
1988 Aug 27Poison, Kingswood Music Theatre
1988 Aug 29Timbuk 3, CNE Grandstand
1988 Aug 29Bob Dylan, CNE Grandstand
1988 Aug 31Barry Manilow, Kingswood Music Theatre
1988 Sep 15Tracy Chapman, Maple Leaf Gardens, Human rights Now!
1988 Sep 15bruce springsteen& the e street band, Maple Leaf Gardens, Human rights Now!
1988 Sep 15Sting, Maple Leaf Gardens, Human rights Now!
1988 Sep 15Peter Gabriel, Maple Leaf Gardens, Human rights Now!
1988 Sep 15youssou n'dour, Maple Leaf Gardens, Human rights Now!
1988 Sep 19Scorpions, Maple Leaf Gardens
1988 Sep 19Scorpions/Kingdom Come, Maple Leaf Gardens
1988 Sep 19Kingdom Come, Maple Leaf Gardens
1989 Feb 12Motorhead, Maple Leaf Gardens
1989 Feb 13Cheap Trick, Maple Leaf Gardens
1989 Apr 7Metallica, Maple Leaf Gardens
1989 Apr 12REM, Maple Leaf Gardens
1989 May 21Don Henley, Kingswood Music Theatre
1989 Jun 23The Who, Exhibition Stadium
1989 Jun 24The Who, Exhibition Stadium
1989 Jun 25Ray Charles, Ontario Place Forum
1989 Jul 7New Order, CNE Grandstand
1989 Jul 14Violent Femmes, Kingswood Music Theatre
1989 Jul 14The Pogues, Kingswood Music Theatre
1989 Jul 27Arlo Guthrie & Pete Seeger, Ontario Place Forum
1989 Jul 29Bob Dylan, Kingswood Music Theatre
1989 Aug 4The Steve Miller Band, Kingswood Music Theatre
1989 Aug 10Tiffany, Kingswood Music Theatre
1989 Aug 14Tom Cochrane & Red Rider, Kingswood Music Theatre
1989 Aug 18The Beach Boys, CNE Grandstand
1989 Aug 18Chicago, CNE Grandstand
1989 Aug 22New Kids on the Block, Kingswood Music Theatre
1989 Aug 26Neil Young, Kingswood Music Theatre
1989 Aug 28Love and Rockets, CNE Grandstand
1989 Aug 28The Cure, CNE Grandstand
1989 Sep 3The Rolling Stones, Exhibition Stadium
1989 Sep 4The Rolling Stones, Exhibition Stadium
1989 Sep 23Crosby, Stills & Nash, Massey Hall
1989 Oct 5Adrian Belew, Diamond Club
1989 Oct 11The Waterboys, Concert Hall
1989 Nov 2The Jeff Healey Band, SkyDome, Jeff Healey, Stevie Ray Vaughn & Double Trouble, Jeff Beck
1989 Nov 2Jeff Beck, SkyDome, Jeff Healey, Stevie Ray Vaughn & Double Trouble, Jeff Beck
1989 Nov 2Stevie Ray Vaughn/Jeff Beck/Jeff Healey, SkyDome
1989 Nov 2Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble, SkyDome, Jeff Healey, Stevie Ray Vaughn & Double Trouble, Jeff Beck
1989 Nov 20Ten Years After, Diamond Club
1989 Nov 22Ian Hunter/Mick Ronson, Diamond Club
1989 Dec 3The Rolling Stones, SkyDome
1989 Dec 4The Rolling Stones, SkyDome
1989 Dec 13The Cult, SkyDome
1990 Jan 6Aerosmith, SkyDome
1990 Mar 7David Bowie, SkyDome
1990 Mar 13Nine Inch Nails, Concert Hall
1990 Mar 19Dave Edmunds, Concert Hall, Dave Edmunds Rock & Roll Revue
1990 Apr 6Lee Aaron, Concert Hall
1990 May 16Voivod, Maple Leaf Gardens
1990 May 16Rush, Maple Leaf Gardens
1990 May 17Rush, Maple Leaf Gardens
1990 May 17Voivod, Maple Leaf Gardens
1990 May 28Madonna, SkyDome
1990 Jun 6Ricki Lee Jones, Massey Hall
1990 Jun 18Motley Crue, SkyDome
1990 Jun 29Aerosmith, Exhibition Stadium
1990 Jul 4David Bowie, Exhibition Stadium
1990 Jul 30Crosby, Stills & Nash, Kingswood Music Theatre
1990 Jul 31Nine Inch Nails, Guvernment
1990 Aug 19Doug & The Slugs, CNE Grandstand
1990 Aug 19The Beach Boys, CNE Grandstand
1990 Aug 24The Allman Brothers Band, CNE Grandstand
1990 Aug 24The Allman Brothers Band, Exhibition Stadium
1990 Aug 25Billy Idol, CNE Grandstand
1990 Oct 11ZZ Top, Maple Leaf Gardens
1990 Oct 22Judas Priest, Maple Leaf Gardens
1990 Oct 30Fleetwood Mac, SkyDome, Molson/Coca-Cola/Ckfm
1990 Nov 9AC/DC, SkyDome
1990 Nov 23Heart, Maple Leaf Gardens
1990 Nov 28Poison, SkyDome
1991 Jan 18Iron Maiden/GNR/Anthrax, Maple Leaf Gardens
1991 Jan 18iron maiden/anthrax, Maple Leaf Gardens
1991 Jan 18Iron Maiden, Maple Leaf Gardens
1991 Feb 14Social Distortion, Maple Leaf Gardens
1991 Feb 14Neil Young & Crazy Horse, Maple Leaf Gardens
1991 Feb 14Sonic Youth, Maple Leaf Gardens
1991 Mar 12Sting, SkyDome
1991 Apr 30Scorpions, SkyDome
1991 Jun 6Buddy Guy, John Mayall, Koko Taylor, Ontario Place Forum
1991 Jun 8Guns N' Roses, CNE Grandstand
1991 Jul 27Joe Ely, Ontario Place Forum
1991 Jul 27The Band, Ontario Place Forum
1991 Aug 2Lynyrd Skynyrd, Kingswood Music Theatre
1991 Aug 4The Tragically Hip, Ontario Place Forum
1991 Aug 4The Pursuit of Happiness, Ontario Place Forum
1991 Aug 16Damn Yankees, Kingswood Music Theatre
1991 Aug 16Bad Company, Kingswood Music Theatre
1991 Oct 24Queensryche, Maple Leaf Gardens
1991 Oct 27Lenny Kravitz, Massey Hall
1991 Oct 28Lenny Kravitz, Massey Hall
1991 Oct 29Pearl Jam, Concert Hall
1991 Oct 29Red Hot Chili Peppers, Concert Hall
1991 Oct 30Red Hot Chili Peppers, Concert Hall
1991 Oct 30Pearl Jam, Concert Hall
1991 Nov 4Van Halen, SkyDome
1991 Nov 13Blues Traveller, The Opera House
1991 Nov 13Days Of You, The Opera House
1991 Nov 28Little Feat, Maple Leaf Gardens
1991 Nov 28The Allman Brothers Band, Maple Leaf Gardens
1991 Dec 3Tin Machine, Concert Hall
1991 Dec 16Rush, Maple Leaf Gardens
1992 Apr 4Pearl Jam, Concert Hall
1992 May 29Dead Ringers, The Spectrum
1992 Jun 13mathew sweet, Massey Hall
1992 Jun 13Indigo Girls, Massey Hall
1992 Jun 22The Allman Brothers Band, Kingswood Music Theatre
1992 Jun 23The Allman Brothers Band
1992 Jul 9Bela Fleck & The Flecktones, Phoenix Concert Theatre
1992 Jul 20Michelle Shocked, Ontario Place Forum
1992 Jul 20Bob Weir & Rob Wasserman, Ontario Place Forum
1992 Jul 20Bruce Cockburn - Solo, Ontario Place Forum
1992 Jul 30Black Sabbath, Massey Hall
1992 Aug 5Red Hot Chili Peppers, Molson Amphitheatre
1992 Aug 9Metallica, Exhibition Stadium
1992 Aug 9Guns N' Roses, Exhibition Stadium
1992 Aug 23Joe Cocker, Ontario Place Forum
1992 Aug 23Neville Brothers, Ontario Place Forum
1992 Aug 31Tom Cochrane, CNE Grandstand
1992 Sep 5Primus, Exhibition Stadium
1992 Sep 5U2, Exhibition Stadium
1992 Sep 5Disposable Heroes of Hipoprisy, Exhibition Stadium
1992 Sep 6U2, Exhibition Stadium
1992 Sep 6Disposable Heroes of Hipoprisy, Exhibition Stadium
1992 Sep 6Primus, Exhibition Stadium
1992 Oct 3KISS, Maple Leaf Gardens, The Revenge Tour
1992 Oct 21Def Leppard, Maple Leaf Gardens
1992 Nov 5Bruce Springsteen, SkyDome
1992 Nov 6Bruce Springsteen, SkyDome
1992 Nov 16Pat Metheny Group, Massey Hall
1992 Nov 19Tragically Hip, Massey Hall
1992 Dec 12Days Of You, The Spectrum
1992 Dec 12Phish, The Spectrum
1993 Mar 23Damn Yankees/Jackyl, Massey Hall
1993 Apr 27Phish, Concert Hall
1993 Jun 6Paul McCartney , Ricoh Coliseum
1993 Aug 11The Allman Brothers Band, Kingswood Music Theatre
1993 Aug 14Jesus Christ Superstar, O'Keefe Centre
1993 Aug 18Neil Young w/Booker T. & The MG's, Exhibition Stadium
1993 Aug 18Pearl Jam, Exhibition Stadium
1993 Aug 18Soundgarden
1993 Aug 18Blues Traveller, Exhibition Stadium
1993 Aug 18Soundgarden, Exhibition Stadium
1993 Aug 30Aerosmith, CNE Grandstand
1993 Sep 22Lenny Kravitz, Maple Leaf Gardens
1993 Nov 4Nirvana, Maple Leaf Gardens
1993 Dec 10Blind Melon, Warehouse
1993 Dec 1013 Engines, Warehouse
1993 Dec 10The Tea Party, Warehouse
1994 Mar 26Tori Amos, Convocational Hall, University of Toronto, Under The Pink Tour
1994 May 7Rush, Maple Leaf Gardens
1994 May 29ZZ Top, Maple Leaf Gardens
1994 May 29George Thorogood & The Destroyers, Maple Leaf Gardens
1994 Jun 14Ottmar Liebert, Roy Thomson Hall
1994 Jul 5Pink Floyd, Exhibition Stadium
1994 Jul 6Pink Floyd, Exhibition Stadium
1994 Jul 7Indigo Girls, Ontario Place Forum
1994 Jul 7Jane Siberry
1994 Jul 7Pink Floyd, Exhibition Stadium
1994 Jul 23Crosby, Stills, & Nash, Kingswood Music Theatre
1994 Jul 23Fleetwood Mac, Kingswood Music Theatre
1994 Jul 23Crosby, Stills & Nash, Kingswood Music Theatre
1994 Aug 4Guttermouth, The Opera House
1994 Aug 4Big Drill Car, The Opera House
1994 Aug 4The Offspring, The Opera House
1994 Aug 8Michelle Shocked & Hothouse Flowers, The Palladium
1994 Aug 19The Rolling Stones, Exhibition Stadium
1994 Aug 20The Rolling Stones, Exhibition Stadium
1994 Aug 25John Mellencamp, CNE Grandstand
1994 Oct 5Eric Clapton, Maple Leaf Gardens
1994 Oct 30Kyuss, The Opera House
1994 Nov 25The Proclaimers, Danforth Music Hall
1994 Dec 3The Rolling Stones, SkyDome
1994 Dec 13Aerosmith, SkyDome
1995 Jan 31Helmet, Guvernment
1995 Feb 10The Tragically Hip, Maple Leaf Gardens
1995 Mar 7Joe Cocker, Massey Hall
1995 Mar 7Keb Mo', Massey Hall
1995 Mar 9Pat Metheny Group, Massey Hall
1995 Mar 27Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, SkyDome
1995 Jun 5The Vandals, Varsity Stadium
1995 Jun 5Lunachicks, Varsity Stadium
1995 Jun 5The Offspring, Varsity Stadium
1995 Jun 13R.E.M., Molson Amphitheatre
1995 Jun 25Van Morrison, Maple Leaf Gardens
1995 Jul 6Ottmar Liebert, Massey Hall
1995 Jul 22The Tragically Hip, Markham Fairgrounds, Another Roadside Attraction
1995 Jul 29Nazareth/Four Horsemen, Warehouse
1995 Aug 2Penguin Cafe Orchestra, Fleck Dance Theatre
1995 Aug 18Van Halen, Molson Amphitheatre
1995 Aug 19Van Halen, Molson Amphitheatre
1995 Aug 28The Allman Brothers Band, Press Day
1995 Aug 29The Allman Brothers Band, Molson Amphitheatre
1995 Sep 20Nine Inch Nails, SkyDome
1995 Sep 20David Bowie, SkyDome
1996 Jan 8Bruce Springsteen, Massey Hall
1996 Jan 19Motorhead, Warehouse
1996 Feb 6Lenny Kravitz, Maple Leaf Gardens
1996 Mar 2Seven Mary Three, Lee's Palace
1996 Mar 8Red Hot Chili Peppers, SkyDome
1996 May 11Dave Matthews Band, Concert Hall
1996 May 11G. Love & Special Sauce, Concert Hall
1996 May 24Elvis Costello, Guvernment
1996 Jun 28Bela Fleck & The Flecktones, Toronto Jazz Festival - Royal Bank Pavilion
1996 Jul 17James Taylor, Molson Amphitheatre
1996 Jul 24Steve Miller Band, Molson Amphitheatre
1996 Jul 26The Allman Brothers Band, Molson Amphitheatre
1996 Jul 28Steely Dan, Molson Amphitheatre
1996 Jul 30Scorpions/Alice Cooper, Molson Amphitheatre
1996 Aug 6KISS, SkyDome
1996 Aug 17Bruce Cockburn, Rob Wasserman & Jonatha Brooke, Harbourfront Centre
1996 Aug 19Buddy Guy/Joe Cocker/Santana, Molson Amphitheatre
1996 Aug 29The Cranberries, Molson Amphitheatre
1996 Sep 19JJ Cale, Phoenix Concert Theatre
1996 Sep 21Pearl Jam, Maple Leaf Gardens
1996 Sep 2754-40, Warehouse
1996 Nov 5Michelle Shocked, The Opera House
1996 Nov 13Rocket from the Crypt, Varsity Stadium
1996 Nov 13Soundgarden, Varsity Stadium
1996 Nov 15Gordon Lightfoot, Massey Hall
1996 Dec 18Rush, Phoenix Concert Theatre
1997 Feb 26Richie Blackmore/Rainbow, Warehouse
1997 Jun 27Live, Molson Amphitheatre
1997 Jun 30Rush, Molson Amphitheatre
1997 Jul 2Little Feat, Polson Pier
1997 Jul 2Rush, Molson Amphitheatre
1997 Jul 6Aerosmith, Molson Amphitheatre
1997 Jul 18Weird Al Yankovic, Kingswood Music Theatre
1997 Jul 23The Offspring, Warehouse
1997 Jul 29The Who, Molson Amphitheatre
1997 Aug 16Indigo Girls, Molson Amphitheatre
1997 Aug 16Sarah McLachlan, Molson Amphitheatre
1997 Aug 16Jewel, Molson Amphitheatre
1997 Aug 27Kim Mitchell, Polson Pier
1997 Sep 4The Rolling Stones, Horseshoe Tavern
1997 Sep 10Widespread Panic, The Opera House
1997 Sep 27David Bowie, Warehouse
1997 Sep 28David Bowie, Warehouse
1997 Oct 3Ottmar Liebert, Massey Hall
1997 Oct 12Jackyl, Warehouse
1997 Oct 25Green Day, Maple Leaf Gardens
1997 Nov 18Pat Metheny Group, Massey Hall
1997 Nov 19Green Day, Maple Leaf Gardens
1997 Nov 20Moist, Bathurst JCC
1997 Nov 25FU MANCHU, Lee's Palace
1997 Nov 29Wide Mouth Mason, Warehouse
1997 Nov 29Great Big Sea, Warehouse
1998 Jan 9The Rolling Stones, SkyDome
1998 Jan 17Our Lady Peace, Maple Leaf Gardens
1998 Mar 3Long Beach Dub Allstars, Warehouse, SnoCore Tour
1998 Mar 3The Aquabats, Warehouse, SnoCore Tour
1998 Mar 3Primus, Warehouse, SnoCore Tour
1998 Mar 3Blink-182, Warehouse, SnoCore Tour
1998 Mar 6Wide Mouth Mason, Lee's Palace
1998 Apr 12Radiohead, Maple Leaf Gardens
1998 Apr 26The Rolling Stones, SkyDome
1998 Jul 2Pat Metheny Group, Molson Amphitheatre
1998 Jul 4Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, CNE Bandshell
1998 Aug 2The Allman Brothers Band, Molson Amphitheatre
1998 Aug 15Paula Cole, Molson Amphitheatre, Lilith Fair
1998 Aug 15Natalie Merchant, Molson Amphitheatre, Lilith Fair
1998 Aug 15Sarah McLachlan, Molson Amphitheatre, Lilith Fair
1998 Aug 15Emmylou Harris, Molson Amphitheatre, Lilith Fair
1998 Aug 23The Allman Brothers Band, Molson Amphitheatre
1998 Aug 23Pat McGee Band, Molson Amphitheatre
1998 Aug 26Van Halen, Molson Amphitheatre
1998 Sep 15Roy Harper, The Reverb
1998 Sep 17Eric Clapton, SkyDome
1998 Oct 16The Corrs, The Hummingbird Centre
1998 Oct 16Natalie Merchant, The Hummingbird Centre
1998 Oct 27Bela Fleck & The Flecktones, The Opera House
1998 Oct 29Dave Alvin & The Guilty Men, Maple Leaf Gardens
1998 Oct 29Joni Mitchell, Maple Leaf Gardens
1998 Oct 29Bob Dylan & his band, Maple Leaf Gardens
1998 Nov 17Metallica, Warehouse
1998 Nov 17Dave Matthews Band, Maple Leaf Gardens
1998 Nov 27Colin Linden & Friends, The Reverb
1998 Dec 2KISS, SkyDome
1998 Dec 5The Offspring, Guvernment
1998 Dec 5Noodle House, Oasis
1999 Jan 28Queens of the Stone Age, Lee's Palace
1999 Feb 9Black Sabbath/Pantera, SkyDome
1999 Feb 9Black Sabbath , SkyDome
1999 Feb 22The Tragically Hip, Air Canada Centre
1999 Feb 25The Rolling Stones, Air Canada Centre
1999 Mar 22Steve Earle & The Del McCoury Band, Guvernment
1999 Mar 24Jeff Beck, Massey Hall
1999 Mar 26Merl Saunders, Comfort Zone
1999 Apr 8String Cheese Incident, Lee's Palace
1999 May 16Blondie, Massey Hall
1999 May 22Natalie Merchant, Molson Amphitheatre
1999 May 22Jesse Cook, Molson Amphitheatre
1999 Jun 9Santana, Molson Amphitheatre
1999 Jun 29Whitney Houston, Molson Amphitheatre
1999 Jul 6Lucinda Williams, Molson Amphitheatre
1999 Jul 6Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Molson Amphitheatre
1999 Jul 20Phish, Molson Amphitheatre
1999 Jul 21Blackie & The Rodeo Kings, Horseshoe Tavern
1999 Aug 22Sheryl Crow, Molson Amphitheatre, Lilith Fair
1999 Aug 22Indigo Girls, Molson Amphitheatre, Lilith Fair
1999 Aug 22Sarah McLachlan, Molson Amphitheatre, Lilith Fair
1999 Aug 22The Dixie Chicks, Molson Amphitheatre, Lilith Fair
1999 Aug 23Tom Waits, The Hummingbird Centre
1999 Sep 23Red Hot Chili Peppers, Much Video Awards
1999 Sep 29Alice Cooper, Massey Hall
1999 Oct 5Gov't Mule, The Opera House
1999 Oct 23Natalie Merchant, Convocational Hall, University of Toronto
1999 Nov 7Primus, Warehouse
1999 Nov 7Buckethead, Warehouse
1999 Nov 7Incubus, Warehouse
1999 Nov 29Rage Against the Machine, Maple Leaf Gardens
1999 Dec 4Yes, Massey Hall
1999 Dec 10Various Canadian artists - list in description, Air Canada Centre, Farm Aid
1999 Dec 10Blackie & The Rodeo Kinds, Horseshoe Tavern
1999 Dec 31The Tragically Hip, Air Canada Centre
2000 Mar 4Tony Trischka Band, The Comfort Zone
2000 Mar 7David Bowie, SkyDome
2000 Mar 8Bela Fleck & The Flecktones, Warehouse
2000 Mar 24Jorma Kaukonen w/Michael Falzarano, The Comfort Zone
2000 Mar 30Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young, Air Canada Centre
2000 Mar 31Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young, Air Canada Centre
2000 Apr 13moe, The Opera House
2000 Apr 16String Cheese Incident, Guvernment
2000 Apr 25Joe Satriani, Massey Hall
2000 May 3Bruce Springsteen, Air Canada Centre
2000 May 4Bruce Springsteen, Air Canada Centre
2000 May 13Michelle Shocked & Her Mood Swingers, Phoenix Concert Theatre
2000 Jun 16Sarah Harmer, Molson Amphitheatre
2000 Jun 16Indigo Girls, Molson Amphitheatre
2000 Jun 23KISS, Air Canada Centre
2000 Jun 27Steely Dan, Molson Amphitheatre
2000 Jun 28Me'shell Ndegeocello, The Opera House
2000 Jul 6Phish, Molson Amphitheatre
2000 Jul 7Sting, Molson Amphitheatre
2000 Jul 7Great Big Sea, Molson Amphitheatre
2000 Jul 18Phil Lesh & Friends, Molson Amphitheatre
2000 Jul 18Bob Dylan, Molson Amphitheatre
2000 Jul 30The Allman Brothers Band, Molson Amphitheatre
2000 Aug 11AC/DC, Air Canada Centre
2000 Aug 15Megadeth, Molson Amphitheatre
2000 Aug 15Motley Crue, Molson Amphitheatre
2000 Aug 16Red Hot Chili Peppers, Molson Amphitheatre
2000 Aug 31Tegan & Sara, Molson Amphitheatre
2000 Aug 31Neil Young w/Family & Friends, Molson Amphitheatre
2000 Aug 31The Pretenders, Molson Amphitheatre
2000 Oct 1Queens of the Stone Age, The Opera House
2000 Oct 5Pearl Jam, Air Canada Centre
2000 Oct 5Supergrass, Air Canada Centre
2000 Dec 4Emmylou Harris, Bruce Cockburn, John Prine, Steve Earle, Nanci Griffith & Mary Chapin Carpenter, Massey Hall, Concert For A Landmine Free World
2000 Dec 15Blackie & The Rodeo Kings, Horseshoe Tavern
2000 Dec 23The Tragically Hip, Air Canada Centre
2000 Dec 29Bambie & The Deerhunters - aka Bruce Cockburn, Colin Linden, John Diamond, Richard Bell, Gary Craig, Tom Wilson, Stephen Fearing......., Horseshoe Tavern
2001 May 22Oasis, Molson Amphitheatre
2001 May 25U2, Air Canada Centre
2001 Jun 9Eric Clapton, Air Canada Centre
2001 Jun 19Lynyrd Skynyrd/Deep Purple, Molson Amphitheatre
2001 Jul 2Aerosmith, Molson Amphitheatre
2001 Jul 16Roxy Music, Air Canada Centre
2001 Aug 1Rod Stewart, Air Canada Centre
2001 Aug 10Dave Matthews Band, Molson Amphitheatre
2001 Aug 22Lyle Lovett & His Large Band, Molson Amphitheatre, Renegade Troubadours Tour
2001 Aug 22Mary Chapin Carpenter, Molson Amphitheatre, Renegade Troubadours Tour
2001 Aug 22John Prine, Molson Amphitheatre, Renegade Troubadours Tour
2001 Aug 30Joe Cocker, Molson Amphitheatre
2001 Aug 30The Guess Who, Molson Amphitheatre
2001 Sep 30Guy Clark & Verlon Thomson, Hugh's Room
2001 Oct 10The Waterboys, Phoenix Concert Theatre
2001 Oct 20They Might Be Giants, Guvernment
2001 Oct 21Bruce Cockburn, Air Canada Centre, Music Without Borders
2001 Oct 21Barenaked Ladies, Air Canada Centre, Music Without Borders
2001 Oct 21The Tragically Hip, Air Canada Centre, Music Without Borders
2001 Oct 21Alanis Morissette, Air Canada Centre, Music Without Borders
2001 Oct 21Choclair, Air Canada Centre, Music Without Borders
2001 Oct 21Our Lady Peace, Air Canada Centre, Music Without Borders
2001 Oct 23String Cheese Incident, Phoenix Concert Theatre
2001 Oct 29Aerosmith, Air Canada Centre
2002 Feb 12Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young, Air Canada Centre
2002 Feb 13Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young, Air Canada Centre
2002 Mar 5Pat Metheny Group, The Hummingbird Centre
2002 Apr 13Paul McCartney , Air Canada Centre
2002 May 10Bruce Cockburn - Solo, Convocational Hall, University of Toronto
2002 Jun 21Dr. John, Nathan Philips Square - Jazz Festival
2002 Jun 28Poison , Molson Amphitheatre
2002 Jul 9Moe., Molson Amphitheatre
2002 Jul 9Phil Lesh & Friends, Molson Amphitheatre
2002 Jul 16The Guess Who, Molson Amphitheatre
2002 Jul 17Rush, Molson Amphitheatre
2002 Aug 2The Tragically Hip, Molson Amphitheatre
2002 Aug 4Lenny Kravitz, Molson Amphitheatre
2002 Aug 5David Bowie, Molson Amphitheatre
2002 Aug 7Red Hot Chili Peppers, Edge 102 Studios
2002 Aug 8Red Hot Chili Peppers
2002 Aug 14Rusted Root, Molson Amphitheatre
2002 Aug 14Santana, Molson Amphitheatre
2002 Aug 16Bob Dylan & his band, Molson Amphitheatre
2002 Aug 16The Rolling Stones, Palais Royale
2002 Aug 17Oasis, Molson Amphitheatre
2002 Aug 22Jethro Tull, Molson Amphitheatre
2002 Aug 23They Might Be Giants, Lee's Palace
2002 Aug 29Supertramp, Molson Amphitheatre
2002 Sep 3Run DMC, Molson Amphitheatre
2002 Sep 3Aerosmith, Molson Amphitheatre
2002 Sep 3Kid Rock, Molson Amphitheatre
2002 Sep 28The Who
2002 Sep 28The Who, Air Canada Centre
2002 Oct 10Alice Cooper, Massey Hall
2002 Oct 16The Tragically Hip, The Hummingbird Centre
2002 Oct 16The Rolling Stones, Air Canada Centre
2002 Oct 18The Rolling Stones, SkyDome
2002 Oct 22Rush, Air Canada Centre
2002 Oct 24Cher, Air Canada Centre
2002 Nov 29Guns N' Roses, Air Canada Centre
2002 Dec 5Bruce Springsteen, Air Canada Centre
2003 Mar 15Scorpions/Whitesnake, Air Canada Centre
2003 Mar 25Mountain, Club 279
2003 May 13Red Hot Chili Peppers, Air Canada Centre
2003 May 16Steve Earle & The Dukes, Kool Haus
2003 May 20The Slip, El Mocambo
2003 Jun 3Poison, Molson Amphitheatre
2003 Jun 11Ozzy Osbourne, Air Canada Centre
2003 Jun 28Pearl Jam, Molson Amphitheatre
2003 Jul 5Metallica, SkyDome, Summer Sanitarium Tour
2003 Jul 9The Allman Brothers Band, Molson Amphitheatre
2003 Jul 26David Lindley & Wally Ingram, CNE Bandshell, Toronto Star Bluesfest
2003 Jul 26Bela Fleck & The Flecktones, CNE Bandshell, Toronto Star Bluesfest
2003 Jul 28Roxy Music, Molson Amphitheatre
2003 Jul 30Sass Jordan, Downsview Park, SARSstock
2003 Jul 30Rush, Downsview Park, SARSstock
2003 Jul 30Kathleen Edwards, Downsview Park, SARSstock
2003 Jul 30The Tea Party, Downsview Park, SARSstock
2003 Jul 30Justin Timberlake, Downsview Park, SARSstock
2003 Jul 30The Rolling Stones, Downsview Park, SARSstock
2003 Jul 30Sam Roberts, Downsview Park, SARSstock
2003 Jul 30La Chicane, Downsview Park, SARSstock
2003 Jul 30The Isley Brothers, Downsview Park, SARSstock
2003 Jul 30The Blues Brothers (Dan Aykroyd & James Belushi), Downsview Park, SARSstock
2003 Jul 30The Guess Who, Downsview Park, SARSstock
2003 Jul 30Blue Rodeo, Downsview Park, SARSstock
2003 Jul 30AC/DC, Downsview Park
2003 Jul 30The Flaming Lips, Downsview Park, SARSstock
2003 Aug 3Iron Maiden, Molson Amphitheatre
2003 Aug 6Grandaddy, The Opera House
2003 Aug 12Def Leppard, Molson Amphitheatre
2003 Aug 25The Reverend Horton Heat, Molson Amphitheatre
2003 Aug 25Dropkick Murphys, Molson Amphitheatre
2003 Aug 25Sex Pistols, Molson Amphitheatre
2003 Sep 4Neil Young, Air Canada Centre
2003 Sep 4Emmylou Harris, Air Canada Centre
2003 Sep 10Bruce Springsteen, SkyDome
2003 Oct 5John McLaughlin and Shakti, Roy Thomson Hall
2003 Oct 9The Eagles, Air Canada Centre
2003 Oct 13String Cheese Incident, Kool Haus
2003 Oct 18Gov't Mule, Danforth Music Hall
2003 Oct 30Alice Cooper, Massey Hall
2003 Nov 1Tim O'Brien - Solo, Hugh's Room
2003 Nov 6Joe Satriani/Steve Vai/Yngwie Malmsteen, Massey Hall
2003 Nov 29Bruce Cockburn, Convocational Hall, University of Toronto
2003 Dec 1The Offspring, The Opera House
2003 Dec 12David Bowie, Air Canada Centre
2004 Feb 12David Gogo and the Chris Murphy Band, Phoenix Concert Theatre
2004 Feb 12Johnny Winter, Phoenix Concert Theatre
2004 Feb 26Deep Purple, Massey Hall
2004 Apr 1David Bowie, Air Canada Centre
2004 May 26The Offspring, Kool Haus
2004 Jun 18Steve Kimock Band, The Opera House
2004 Jun 30Bela Fleck & The Flecktones, Nathan Philips Square - Jazz Festival
2004 Jul 3Van Halen, Air Canada Centre
2004 Jul 7Eric Clapton, Air Canada Centre
2004 Jul 22Alice Cooper, Molson Amphitheatre
2004 Aug 6The Doors, Molson Amphitheatre
2004 Aug 18Judas Priest/Queensryche, Molson Amphitheatre
2004 Aug 21Deep Purple, Molson Amphitheatre
2004 Aug 22Rush, Molson Amphitheatre
2004 Aug 23Elvin Bishop, Molson Amphitheatre
2004 Aug 23B.B. King, Molson Amphitheatre
2004 Aug 23Dr. John & The 911 Band, Molson Amphitheatre
2004 Aug 23Shemeika Cpoeland, Molson Amphitheatre
2004 Aug 26Kris Kristofferson, Molson Amphitheatre
2004 Aug 26Blue Rodeo, Molson Amphitheatre
2004 Aug 26Blackie & The Rodeo Kings, Molson Amphitheatre
2004 Aug 27Norah Jones, Molson Amphitheatre
2004 Aug 27Amos Lee, Molson Amphitheatre
2004 Sep 3Martha Wainwright, Molson Amphitheatre
2004 Sep 3Van Morrison, Molson Amphitheatre
2004 Sep 11Kid Rock, Molson Amphitheatre
2004 Oct 6Metallica, Air Canada Centre
2004 Oct 24Gov't Mule, Palais Royale
2004 Nov 24Barenaked Ladies, Air Canada Centre
2005 Feb 18Pat Metheny Group, The Hummingbird Centre
2005 Feb 23Motley Crue, Air Canada Centre
2005 Mar 9Dickey Betts, The Opera House
2005 Mar 19Comfortably Numb, The Opera House
2005 Mar 27Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, SkyDome
2005 Apr 25Motorhead, Polson Pier
2005 Apr 27Lenny Kravitz, Massey Hall
2005 Jun 5Judas Priest, Molson Amphitheatre
2005 Jun 24Santana, Molson Amphitheatre
2005 Jul 6Robert Plant, Ricoh Coliseum
2005 Jul 12Xavier Rudd, Polson Pier, Big Summer Classic Tour
2005 Jul 12Michael Franti & Spearhead, Polson Pier, Big Summer Classic Tour
2005 Jul 12String Cheese Incident, Polson Pier, Big Summer Classic Tour
2005 Jul 12Keller Williams, Polson Pier, Big Summer Classic Tour
2005 Jul 12Umphrey's McGee, Polson Pier, Big Summer Classic Tour
2005 Jul 12John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers, Phoenix Concert Theatre
2005 Jul 14Bruce Springsteen, Air Canada Centre
2005 Aug 1Vanilla Fudge, Polson Pier
2005 Aug 1Pat Travers, Polson Pier
2005 Aug 1Doors of the 21 Century (D21C), Polson Pier
2005 Aug 3Iron Maiden/Dio/Motorhead, Molson Amphitheatre
2005 Aug 15Def Leppard, Molson Amphitheatre
2005 Aug 16The Allman Brothers Band, Molson Amphitheatre
2005 Aug 18Jesse Cook, Toronto Zoo, Animal Trax Concert Series
2005 Aug 26Blue Rodeo, Molson Amphitheatre
2005 Aug 27Dave Mason, The Opera House
2005 Aug 30Billy Idol, Molson Amphitheatre
2005 Sep 14U2, Air Canada Centre
2005 Sep 19Pearl Jam, Air Canada Centre
2005 Sep 19Sleater-Kinney, Air Canada Centre
2005 Sep 26Beck, SkyDome
2005 Sep 26The Rolling Stones, SkyDome
2005 Oct 3Lucinda Williams, Massey Hall
2005 Oct 4Jethro Tull, Massey Hall
2005 Oct 6Porcupine Tree, Phoenix Concert Theatre
2005 Oct 7Audioslave, Air Canada Centre
2005 Oct 730 Seconds to Mars, Air Canada Centre
2005 Oct 7Seether, Air Canada Centre
2005 Oct 25Slipknot, Air Canada Centre
2005 Oct 31Bob Wedir & Ratdog, Polson Pier
2005 Nov 18Aerosmith, Air Canada Centre
2005 Nov 18Lenny Kravitz, Air Canada Centre
2005 Dec 1Gov't Mule, Kool Haus
2006 Jan 24Bon Jovi, Air Canada Centre
2006 Jan 27The Breakfast, Gypsy Co-op
2006 Feb 7INXS, Massey Hall
2006 Mar 8Violent Femmes, Massey Hall
2006 Mar 16Queen & Paul Rodgers, Air Canada Centre
2006 Mar 24High Plains Drifter, El Mocambo
2006 Mar 24Tea Leaf Green, El Mocambo
2006 Mar 26The Cult, Molson Amphitheatre
2006 Apr 9David Gilmour, Massey Hall
2006 Apr 10David Gilmour, Massey Hall
2006 Apr 12Joe Satriani, Massey Hall
2006 May 9Pearl Jam, Air Canada Centre
2006 May 10Pearl Jam, Air Canada Centre
2006 May 10My Morning Jacket, Air Canada Centre
2006 May 15Serena Ryder, Phoenix Concert Theatre
2006 May 15Xavier Rudd, Phoenix Concert Theatre
2006 May 16Wolfmother, The Opera House
2006 May 26Pat Travers, Healey's
2006 Jun 23Randy Bachman & Burton Cummings, Molson Amphitheatre
2006 Jul 10Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young, Air Canada Centre
2006 Jul 18Trey Anastatio & Mike Gordon w/Benevento & Russo Duo, The Hummingbird Centre
2006 Jul 18Benevento & Russo Duo, The Hummingbird Centre
2006 Aug 1Poison , Molson Amphitheatre
2006 Aug 23Foo Fighters, The Hummingbird Centre
2006 Sep 25Red Hot Chili Peppers, Air Canada Centre
2006 Sep 26Red Hot Chili Peppers, Air Canada Centre
2006 Oct 2Motley Crue, Air Canada Centre
2006 Oct 2Aerosmith, Air Canada Centre
2006 Oct 16Iron Maiden, Air Canada Centre
2006 Oct 18Paul Simon, The Hummingbird Centre
2006 Oct 18Drive-By Truckers, Phoenix Concert Theatre
2006 Oct 18The Drams, Phoenix Concert Theatre
2006 Oct 18Jerry Douglas Band, The Hummingbird Centre
2006 Dec 1Gov't Mule, Kool Haus
2006 Dec 2The Musical Box, Massey Hall
2006 Dec 4The Who, Air Canada Centre
2006 Dec 4The Who & Pretenders, Air Canada Centre
2007 Mar 6Wolfmother, Kool Haus
2007 Mar 6Uncle Earl, Horseshoe Tavern
2007 Mar 22Heaven & Hell, Air Canada Centre
2007 Apr 17Lucinda Williams, Massey Hall
2007 Apr 17Carrie Rodrigez, Massey Hall
2007 May 11Norah Jones, Massey Hall
2007 May 11M Ward, Massey Hall
2007 Jul 14Roger Waters, Rogers Centre
2007 Jul 16Def Leppard, Molson Amphitheatre
2007 Jul 22The Police, Air Canada Centre
2007 Jul 23The Police, Air Canada Centre
2007 Jul 25HippieFest, Molson Amphitheatre
2007 Aug 2Yonder Mountain String Band, Horseshoe Tavern
2007 Aug 22Blue Rodeo, Molson Amphitheatre
2007 Aug 30Poison , Molson Amphitheatre
2007 Sep 18Aerosmith, Molson Amphitheatre
2007 Sep 18Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, Molson Amphitheatre
2007 Sep 19Rush, Air Canada Centre
2007 Sep 22Rush, Air Canada Centre
2007 Sep 29Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals, Massey Hall
2007 Oct 3Gov't Mule, Kool Haus
2007 Oct 7Van Halen, Air Canada Centre
2007 Oct 12Van Halen, Air Canada Centre
2007 Oct 13Kid Rock, Kool Haus
2007 Oct 15Bruce Springsteen, Air Canada Centre
2007 Oct 16Porcupine Tree, Phoenix Concert Theatre
2007 Nov 8The Police, Air Canada Centre
2007 Nov 9The Police, Air Canada Centre
2007 Dec 2Joshua James, Massey Hall
2007 Dec 2Norah Jones, Massey Hall
2007 Dec 11Michelle Shocked, Hugh's Room
2008 Feb 21kd Lang, The Courthouse
2008 Feb 28Blue Rodeo, Massey Hall
2008 Mar 5Ace Frehley, Guvernment
2008 Mar 16Iron Maiden, Air Canada Centre
2008 Mar 19Drive By Truckers, The Opera House
2008 Apr 5Airbourne, Mod Club
2008 May 3Various Artists, Polson Pier, Jeff Healey: A Celebration
2008 May 13Great Lake Swimmers, Sony Centre for the Performing Arts
2008 May 13Feist, Sony Centre for the Performing Arts
2008 May 27Eric Clapton, Molson Amphitheatre
2008 Jun 19Bachman Cummings, Molson Amphitheatre
2008 Jul 5Widespread Panic, Polson Pier
2008 Jul 8James Taylor, Molson Amphitheatre
2008 Jul 9Rush, Molson Amphitheatre
2008 Jul 13Yes, Molson Amphitheatre
2008 Jul 19Robert Plant / Alison Krauss featuring T Bone Burnett/ Sharon Little, CNE Bandshell
2008 Jul 25HippieFest, Molson Amphitheatre
2008 Aug 6Iggy & the Stooges, Massey Hall
2008 Aug 13Judas Priest/Heaven & Hell, Molson Amphitheatre
2008 Aug 21Blue Rodeo, Molson Amphitheatre
2008 Aug 24ZZ Top, Molson Amphitheatre
2008 Aug 25Kid Rock/Lynyrd Skynyrd, Molson Amphitheatre
2008 Aug 28Motley Crue, Molson Amphitheatre, Cruefest
2008 Aug 28Papa Roach, Molson Amphitheatre, Cruefest
2008 Aug 28Sixx AM, Molson Amphitheatre, Cruefest
2008 Aug 28Trapt, Molson Amphitheatre, Cruefest
2008 Sep 13The Dandy Warhols, Kool Haus
2008 Oct 5Beck, Polson Pier
2008 Oct 11Buick 6, Massey Hall
2008 Oct 11Lucinda Williams, Massey Hall
2008 Oct 19Tim O'Brien - Solo, Hugh's Room
2008 Oct 20Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Massey Hall
2008 Oct 22Lenny Kravitz, Air Canada Centre
2008 Oct 25Odetta, Hugh's Room
2008 Nov 7AC/DC, Rogers Centre
2008 Nov 13Tina Turner, Air Canada Centre
2008 Dec 4Neil Young, Air Canada Centre
2009 Jan 9AC/DC, Rogers Centre
2009 Mar 12Hinder, Polson Pier
2009 Mar 17Fleetwood Mac, Air Canada Centre
2009 Mar 26Fleetwood Mac, Air Canada Centre
2009 May 7Bruce Springsteen, Air Canada Centre
2009 May 26Elton John, Air Canada Centre
2009 May 30Elton John, Air Canada Centre
2009 Jun 2Nine Inch Nails, Molson Amphitheatre
2009 Jun 19Lady Gaga, Kool Haus
2009 Jun 23Cracker, Lee's Palace
2009 Jul 2The Offspring, Molson Amphitheatre
2009 Jul 4Cheap Trick, Molson Amphitheatre
2009 Jul 4Poison, Molson Amphitheatre
2009 Jul 4Def Leppard, Molson Amphitheatre
2009 Aug 4Chickenfoot, Polson Pier
2009 Aug 14Bryan Adams, Roy Thomson Hall
2009 Aug 21Pearl Jam, Molson Amphitheatre
2009 Aug 23Blink-182, Molson Amphitheatre
2009 Sep 2Motorhead/Nashville Pussy, Polson Pier
2009 Sep 3Aerosmith, Air Canada Centre
2009 Sep 3ZZ Top, Air Canada Centre
2009 Sep 14The Cult, Massey Hall, Love Live Tour
2009 Sep 15Alice in Chains, The Opera House
2009 Sep 17Snow Patrol, Rogers Centre
2009 Sep 17U2, Rogers Centre
2009 Sep 17Marilyn Manson, Air Canada Centre
2009 Oct 2KISS, Air Canada Centre
2009 Oct 9Them Crooked Vultures, Polson Pier
2009 Oct 26Metallica, Air Canada Centre
2009 Oct 27Gov't Mule, Queen Elizabeth Theatre, An evening with Gov't Mule
2009 Nov 6Aretha Franklin, Roy Thomson Hall
2009 Nov 11Wolfmother, Kool Haus
2009 Nov 13Megadeth, Air Canada Centre
2009 Nov 13Slayer, Air Canada Centre
2009 Nov 21John Mayall, Phoenix Concert Theatre
2009 Nov 25Steely Dan, Massey Hall
2009 Nov 26Steely Dan, Massey Hall
2010 Jan 26Colin James, Massey Hall
2010 Jan 28Guns N' Roses, Air Canada Centre, CHINESE DEMOCRACY WORLD TOUR
2010 Feb 4Motley Crue/Joe Perry/Airbourne, Air Canada Centre
2010 Feb 21Jeff Beck, Air Canada Centre
2010 Feb 21Eric Clapton, Air Canada Centre
2010 Mar 14Dillinger Escape Plan, The Opera House
2010 Mar 17Alice in Chains, Polson Pier
2010 Mar 18SNFU, Legendary Red Rooster
2010 Mar 19SNFU, Sneaky Dee's
2010 Apr 7Drive By Truckers, Lee's Palace
2010 Apr 9Buddy Guy, Massey Hall
2010 Apr 19The Specials, Polson Pier
2010 May 15Them Crooked Vultures, Air Canada Centre
2010 May 18The English Beat, Lee's Palace
2010 May 21Rob Zombie & Alice Cooper, Molson Amphitheatre, Grusome Twosome Tour
2010 May 28George Thorogood & The Destroyers, Massey Hall
2010 Jun 1Dave Matthews Band, Molson Amphitheatre
2010 Jun 30The Steve Miller Band, Molson Amphitheatre
2010 Jul 3Iron Maiden, Molson Amphitheatre
2010 Jul 3U2, Rogers Centre
2010 Jul 3Dream Theater, Molson Amphitheatre
2010 Jul 11Santana, Molson Amphitheatre
2010 Jul 13Rush, Molson Amphitheatre
2010 Jul 17Rush, Air Canada Centre
2010 Jul 20Bon Jovi, Rogers Centre
2010 Jul 30ARNEL PINEDA of Journey, Loves to Rock concert to benefit of the street kids in the Philippines
2010 Aug 4Airbourne, Phoenix Concert Theatre
2010 Aug 8Paul McCartney , Air Canada Centre
2010 Aug 17Aerosmith, Air Canada Centre
2010 Aug 25Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Air Canada Centre
2010 Sep 10KISS, Molson Amphitheatre
2010 Sep 10Envy, Molson Amphitheatre
2010 Sep 10The Academy Is..., Molson Amphitheatre
2010 Oct 23Social Distortion, Kool Haus
2010 Nov 1The Dandy Warhols, Phoenix Concert Theatre
2010 Nov 27Rob Halford, Air Canada Centre
2010 Nov 27Ozzy Osbourne, Air Canada Centre
2011 Jan 22Robert Plant & The Band Of Joy, Sony Centre for the Performing Arts
2011 Jan 23Robert Plant & The Band Of Joy, Sony Centre for the Performing Arts
2011 Feb 9John Mellencamp, Massey Hall
2011 Feb 11Heart, Massey Hall
2011 Feb 26Motorhead, Kool Haus
2011 Apr 2Joe Bonamassa, Massey Hall
2011 Apr 5Jackson Browne , Massey Hall
2011 Apr 12Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band, Air Canada Centre
2011 Apr 20Sabaton, Mod Club
2011 Apr 20Accept, Mod Club
2011 May 1Tame Impala, Phoenix Concert Theatre
2011 May 1Yuck, Phoenix Concert Theatre
2011 May 14Jason Bonham, Polson Pier
2011 Jun 15Drive-By Truckers, Phoenix Concert Theatre
2011 Jun 28New York Dolls, Molson Amphitheatre
2011 Jun 28Poison, Molson Amphitheatre
2011 Jun 28Motley Crue, Molson Amphitheatre
2011 Jul 2Soundgarden, Molson Amphitheatre
2011 Jul 11U2 / Red Rockers, Rogers Centre
2011 Aug 9Journey, Molson Amphitheatre
2011 Aug 9Night Ranger, Molson Amphitheatre
2011 Aug 9Foreigner, Molson Amphitheatre
2011 Sep 14The Warren Haynes Band, Queen Elizabeth Theatre
2011 Sep 30Roger Daltrey, Sony Centre for the Performing Arts
2011 Oct 11Saxon, Phoenix Concert Theatre
2011 Nov 22Judas Priest/BLS/Thin Lizzy, Air Canada Centre
2012 Jan 25Tool, Air Canada Centre
2012 Feb 27Jane's Addiction, Massey Hall
2012 Feb 28The Punch Brothers, Lee's Palace
2012 Feb 28Aoife O'Donovan, Lee's Palace
2012 Mar 17Van Halen, Air Canada Centre
2012 Apr 15Trampled By Turtles, Lee's Palace
2012 Apr 15These United States, Lee's Palace
2012 Apr 20Colin James, Massey Hall
2012 May 26Bonnie Raitt, Massey Hall
2012 May 26Marc Cohn, Massey Hall
2012 May 26Sinead O'Connor, Danforth Music Hall
2012 Jun 2George Thorogood, Massey Hall
2012 Jun 3The Dandy Warhols, Phoenix Concert Theatre
2012 Jun 15Love Over and Over: The Songs of Kate McGarrigle - featuring Bruce Cockburn, Emmylou Harris, Jane Siberry, Rufus & Martha Wainwright, Ron Sexsmith, etc., Massey Hall
2012 Jun 19Beach Boys, The, Molson Amphitheatre
2012 Jun 23Roger Waters "The Wall Tour", Rogers Centre
2012 Aug 24bruce springsteen& the e street band, Rogers Centre
2012 Sep 13Motley Crue /KISS, Molson Amphitheatre, 38 year reunion with my buddy Glenn
2012 Sep 19Peter Gabriel, Air Canada Centre
2012 Sep 22Jann Arden, Massey Hall
2012 Sep 23Slash/Myles Kennedy, Polson Pier
2012 Oct 14Rush, Air Canada Centre
2012 Oct 16Rush, Air Canada Centre
2012 Nov 17Joe Bonamassa, Roy Thomson Hall
2012 Nov 23The Who, Air Canada Centre
2013 Feb 5Blackberry Smoke, Mod Club
2013 May 16Airbourne, Lee's Palace
2013 Aug 13Black Sabbath , Air Canada Centre
2013 Aug 14Black Sabbath, Air Canada Centre
2013 Aug 14John Mayer, Molson Amphitheatre
2013 Aug 27Sammy Hagar, Molson Amphitheatre
2013 Sep 15Saxon, Phoenix Concert Theatre
2013 Oct 4KILLER DWARFS, The Rock Pile
2013 Oct 12UFO, The Rock Pile
2013 Oct 26Anvil, The Rock Pile
2013 Nov 3Kreator, The Opera House
2013 Nov 3Warbringer, The Opera House
2013 Nov 3Overkill, The Opera House
2013 Nov 16Molly Hatchet, The Rock Pile
2014 Jan 18Michael Schenker Group, The Rock Pile
2014 Feb 26Elton John, Air Canada Centre
2014 Jun 13Jackyl, Phoenix Concert Theatre
2014 Aug 10Motley Crue, Molson Amphitheatre
2014 Aug 10Alice Cooper, Molson Amphitheatre
2014 Aug 12Def Leppard, Molson Amphitheatre
2014 Aug 12KISS, Molson Amphitheatre
2014 Aug 16Pat Travers, The Rock Pile
2014 Oct 18Fleetwood Mac, Air Canada Centre
2014 Oct 24Sinead O'Connor, Massey Hall
2015 Jun 17Rush, Air Canada Centre
2015 Jun 19Rush, Air Canada Centre
2015 Sep 10AC/DC, Downsview Park
2015 Oct 19The Who, Air Canada Centre
2015 Oct 21The Who, Air Canada Centre

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